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THIS is What Morning Looks Like


Dear Source, Mother Gaia (Earth) . . .  and any and all Entities of Light — those for the good of all concerned — thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

Thanks to my work schedule opening up a bit — AND SOME SUN (Spring IS here, whether it looks like it or not) — I think I’m actually experiencing how a perfect morning can look!

This morning I woke up with Brian at 6am, took the dogs out (who pooped immediately — yay!), and made a breakfast smoothie.  The following 2-2.5 hours were spent on the following: pet care and feed, sitting on the floor and petting the fur babies, drinking straight hot water (Does anyone else do this, or am I crazy?), watching random inspirational videos on Facebook and youtube and crying my eyes out — in a very cleansing way, starting a load and accidentally Chrome-casting Abraham Hick’s “Everything is Always Working Out for Me” on the TV — and THEN getting super inspired to blast “Aum/Om chanting on the TV” and open all of the shutters to let in the GLORIOUS SUN! (Let’s raise this house’s vibration, y’all!).

Next I’ll probably add in some of the my other favorite activities/self-care choices/to dos for the day: multiple walks (with and without pets), a bath, meditation with candles, hanging out in the library (9 books on hold for me — yeep!), trying out some Akashic record/intuitive questioning, experimenting with ideas for my business card, reminding myself how to play “If I Had a Hammer” and “Seek Ye First” on the guitar for the nursing home this Friday, some correspondence, saging the house (It still feels sad!), Zumba Fitness Rush on the Xbox 360, reading my vision, random dancing around the house, making an on-line video, yoga, journaling, and planting some seeds indoors (weather is still unpredictable here in Chicagoland!).  In the past I’ve been asked questions like: “What do you do for play?” or “How do you fill your bucket?”  — And I couldn’t answer!  I’ve re-connected with my inner child and my inner joy! (WOOHOO!)

*Now that I’ve finished typing this out I see that is QUITE a bit to play with in one day. BUT — I now have a great “play”list to come back to! :-D*

And speaking of play. . .  the one area that I have been neglecting for some time is art play.  I may dabble in that today . . .  or this week.  Yes, I consider some of the things I already do a form or art — like journaling, blogging, and creating videos  — BUT, I think there’s something special to me about playing with color, could involve coloring, maybe designing, maybe collaging.  Whatever.  IT’S TIME TO PLAY!

Are you having a great morning?  What are some ways that you play?

Much love and many blessings. ❤

New Morning Routine

I’ve been thinking about saying “yes” with purpose and thinking about expansion, and I want to give another go at a planned morning routine.  I want a power-packed morning full of metaphysical exercises and the like to get each day off to a great start. I think I can do it if I move some things to the evening and go back to my 8 hours of sleep.  (I was trying to do 7, but I rebelled.)

First of all, these activities will be moved to the evening: the litterbox, showering, hair prep, food prep, and clothes prep.  Aside from the litterbox, prepping myself is a huge time-sapper.  Picking food and clothes out in the evening will make decision-making easier, especially when I’m more energetic and less half-asleep. Also, I’ve been guilty of longer showers now that it’s cold — and I linger in the heat of the hair dryer — so, now, if I wish to extend my time, I will do it at night.

Next on the agenda is monitoring my downtime.  Today I have already checked my mail three times (and this is pretty amazing for me, especially since I’ve kept the time short).  I want to limit that to twice a day, for 5-10 minutes (15 minutes max).  And Facebook is included in that time block,  a quick check to see if I have any messages or comments, and then I’m off.  This will unfortunately disconnect me a bit from some of my friends, but it may encourage me to see them out in the real world, and I can always pick 1 person a day to read up on.

In general, I just want to be purposeful in my actions, conscious of what I’m doing and the purpose behind it. Like this blog post, for example: It serves 3-fold purpose: clarifying my morning routine, sharing with others, and working toward my goal of 500 written words a day.

Finally, here’s my actual planned schedule:

6:00AM — Write down dreams in dream journal.

6:15AM — Take Bowser out.

6:30AM — Artist’s Way 3 page/Jeff Goins 500 Words and finish up lunch, breakfast, snack, and water bottle prep

7:05AM — 7:30 personal meditation

7:30 — 8:00 Mirror exercise and visualization exercise  (or phone-call with Cindy on Fridays)

8:00-8:10 Candle Exercise

8:10-8:45 Pranic DNA Tranfiguration

8:45AM grab lunch, folder, phone, check googlemaps, and go!

Ok, so time for bed now.  Let’s do this!

Wandering Thoughts

"Porsche Panamera Diesel" courtesy of M - Pics/

“Porsche Panamera Diesel” courtesy of M – Pics/

I’m afraid I’m of no mind to stick to one topic today.  I’ve decided to accept my need to be random and carry through.  Some of these thoughts may turn into a blog post.  Or not.  But this is what is today.

A sticky-note with my name on it in the bathroom waste basket.

One-eyed vehicle behind me.  Does it know it’s half-blind?

Dark eyes in front of me.  I blink once.  Eyes flash open. I’m relieved.

WordPress work center is the “dashboard.”

My house is completely organized now.  I don’t recognize it anymore.  But it feels good.  I can actually feel the difference in my chakras/aura.

I’m looking forward to that picture of me playing basketball with a person whose life I’ve touched.

I smile and wave and greet everyone in the car line with a “Good morning” or “Buenos días.”   I love when they smile and wave back.  I’m ecstatic when they respond back.

For some reason the morning drive in my car with my energy tea and smoothie — just me and the early morning — is still my favorite time of day.

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