Tribute Tuesday: Banana Moon

This is a suggestion from my mom, inspired by my grandpa's comment from last night, and modeled after my dad's amazing shape poems. Here's to you all!   ******************Banana *********************moon. Just ********************** a sliver.  Barely ************************enough light for *************************anything, really. Not *************************chewy, yellow taffy. Gentle **************************white hue.  Not enough light ************************** from the sun! Banana... Continue Reading →

Conscious Connection Conference: Auras, Moon Signs, Rising Signs, Channeling, and Healing

I feel really fortunate to have shared the Conscious Connection Conference experience with my mom yesterday.   I'd been planning to go for weeks or more, but it just occurred to me the day before that my mom and my sister might be interested in coming, too.  (My sister might check it out with us next... Continue Reading →

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