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Angel Numbers/Numerology: 1’s and 2’s


I feel I’m following a path of 1’s and 2’s this month. (And the day of this post is 11-2!)  I’m experiencing an unprecedented level of synchronicity/connectedness, and it is amazing.  At this moment I am listening to the introduction of Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation (21!), and the total time of the audio 21:22.  I feel like Alice . . .  I’m sliding down (up?) the 2s and 1s rabbit hole!  Here’s the link to the 21-day meditation.  The focus is gratitude and grace.  If you choose to participate in this experience, please share about your experience in the comments below.

Here is the inspirational message from the angels for 1’s and 2’s from Joanne Sacred Scribes:

“The combination of 2’s and 1’s indicate that your thoughts are like seeds  about to sprout and are a sign that things will be going in your desired direction.  There may be some new directions or opportunities to take which will lead to fulfillment and personal happiness.  The message is to keep the faith, knowing that the Universe and your angels are behind you all the way.”

I am grateful for the love and connection I share with all of you. ❤

Yours in spirit,

Teri K. ❤

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Angel Numbers 1’s and 5’s and Blissful Meditation

Angel Numbers

I noticed the 1’s and 5’s combination recently, and today I noticed it, and then I realized today’s date had lots of 1’s and 5’s.  I didn’t give it too much attention, but then I noticed that the address of the tutoring center where I work is 1510.  I figured. . .  this probably means something, even though I come here all of the time, and the date happens to match — I’ll look it up later.  Then, as I drove to my next tutoring lesson, I happened to look down, and the license plate in front of me had 1515.  Time to look it up now!  If something feels different, synchronistic, look into it!  Look into it!  Your attention is drawn to that something from either your inner you or a higher being.  You can brush it off and ignore it or you can take a closer look and learn something new!

Here is the message from 1’s and 5’s:

The combination of 1’s and 5’s is a message from your angels that your thoughts and ideas are creating and bringing about much needed changes in your life. The combination of the energies of 1 and 5 tells of finding new and different ways to do new things and a new-found sense of personal freedom. The angels support you in your endeavours.

1’s and 5’s is a message from your angels to focus and work towards the results you desire as they will come to fruition in due course. There may some changes necessary to ensure that all goes according to plan, but your angels will see to it that these changes are made.

You are advised to continue steering your thoughts towards your desired direction or pathway. If the changes you see forthcoming are not what you want, be aware that you are able to stop or alter them by modifying your thoughts and focal point.

Pretty awesome! Better than the double and triple sixes that I’ve tended to get, although they do still pop up sometimes. . .

Today’s Meditation

Today when I meditated, I prayed for the spiritual growth of all of our Bolingbrook School of Metaphysics students.  After this, I brought the image of each face to my mind, and I noticed that as I did this, my vision started to go darker and I was already sinking deeper.  I made sure I finished imaging each student, and even the future student’s of Sherwin’s new class on Tuesday, but then I quickly allowed myself to fall into wherever I was going.  I’m not really sure what I experienced, but I was in blissful peace by the time I was done, and my mind was a lot stiller than it normally had been during meditation.

It is becoming more and more clear to me that I have a duty to do.  I am not here for myself.  I am here for others.  Yes, I need to work on myself and advance myself, but the universe seems to be overly supportive and accommodating when I am more focused on others.  Even in one of my intuitive reports, my response to the question:  “How can I increase my self-value?” was “Through valuable acts.”

I can be very, very hard on myself.  I know this.  I need to change.  And I hope the health analysis that I get in the next day or two has some insight for this.  At the same time, I think my inner urge is strong.  My higher self has work that needs to be done and is pushing me to get on board, to get to it.  The more I focus on God/the source and on the highest good — the better the quality of my life.  I will do the best I can.

Love, joy, and blessings to you all. ❤

Embracing the Creator Within

ID-100294264I experienced a great high this past weekend after attending the Genius Code Spiritual Focus Session.  I felt I finally could acknowledge that I was a creator, and a good one.  It gave me so much light, hope, and confidence.

5 days later I have not yet given myself rest.   I have more purpose, but I’ve lost my spark.  I haven’t meditated in days, and my concentration exercises have been sparse.  This is what I need — to experience what it is like without them.  It feels like how I used to be — insecure, disconnected, and scattered.

I start anew. And then I go to sleep!

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Wednesday: Dreams and Angels


I received this message yesterday: (looked it up on Joanne Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers site)

Angel Number 1414 is a message from the angels that your thoughts and feelings are being elevated to a more positive state.  Give any fears or concerns of any kind to the angels for healing and transmutation, and have faith and trust that you are being supported, encouraged and guided by the angels along your path.  You are safe and protected  –  always.

Angel Number 1414 is a reminder to maintain a positive attitude  mind-set and optimistic outlook to attract positive energies and auspicious circumstances into your life.  Practice positive affirmations and prayers to maintain a strong connection to the angelic and spiritual realms.  Be mindful of the Law of Attraction as the energy you send out comes back to you.

Angel Number 1414 is a message to be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it.  Stay positive, optimistic and practical to ensure that you manifest what you want, rather than what you don’t.  Building strong foundations from well-laid plans ensures future stability, progress and success.  Put your efforts and focus towards your long-term goals and aspirations and work with purpose, passion and drive.  Courageously step forward in the direction of your true life purpose  and trust that the things you require will manifest when needed in your life.

At each new phase in our lives we are somewhere we have never been before.  Have faith and trust that you have the skills, talents and abilities to face all that lay ahead of you.  You are where you are meant to be at this time.

We do best what we enjoy and feel passionate about.

That’s exactly what I needed to hear.


I was able to make sense of my dreams this morning!  The key really is to know what is going on with myself the day before.  If I KNOW the struggles and learnings I’m going through, if I’m aware — then my dreams make so much more sense!

Dreams and Interpretations:

Going up and down hills (snow or something on hills?)  Indoors?  Brian opts to take the route on the ground level.   I stay above.  Way is treacherous.  I’m creating unnecessary challenges for myself, and this relates to being stuck.

I’m looking at the cats and I see Misty!  I ask Brian why Misty is with us.  Something about trouble with Tigger maybe.  Old, familiar habit that doesn’t belong.  I’m giving it safe haven.  (Could be my return to a lack of attentiveness? Or the increased running of the mouth?)

Need to put on (music?)  My cousin is to help.  Is she doing a performance, maybe?  Lots of people around in unknown building.  (And my Aunt there?)  An assured, business-like aspect of myself desiring harmony.  I believe this is relating to my struggles with how to be the best teacher I can be.

Dancing on my parents’ balcony with Dad but a little awkward for some reason. Not an easy flow and not an ease with closeness, though it is pleasant and sweet!  Song unexplainedly stops, so I go back in to house and forget about dancing, though Dad wants to go on.  I am in a place hovering between conciousness and subconsciousness (balcony), and I am harmonizing with superconscious.  It is not as seamless as I would like, but it’s good!  I believe this related to my meditation yesterday, which was wonderful.  However, I cut it a little short, a few minutes short of the whole meditation, thinking I was complete.  I believe this dream is telling me I should have done at least the full 30 minutes.

Scene between woman and Hugh Grant.  I notice her roots are showing.  They are in bed.  Affectionate, but no hanky panky.  Imagination — imagined connection between conscious and subconscious, not complete or clear; and the thoughts have not been refreshed.  They need to be updated.  (Perhaps relating to my understanding of metaphysics and subconscious and conscious mind in general.)

Some comment to someone — between guy and girl of disinterest, not offended, just nonexistent. The need/desire for further connection between the conscious and subconscious minds.

Summary:  A lot of male/female here.  Subconscious presence and superconscious presence.  There are not complete connections, but attempts — making progress.  Follow the subconscious — take the way of lease resistance!  Stick with the superconscious today.  Keep your mind focused on your life’s plan, on the good of all concerned — and meditate for the full 30 minutes!  (Or more!)

Metaphysics Monday (Belated): Why Metaphysics

"Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius  /"

“Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius /”

This is a post to those who are currently studying metaphysics (through the School of Metaphysics).

Why do you study metaphysics?  Why do you keep coming to every week?

Do you remember where you were before you started classes, who you thought you were?  Were you looking for something, as I was?

I know who I thought I was.  I secretly didn’t like or value myself much.  I believed I was an insecure,  selfish, wish-washy, shy woman who was slow-to-warm up and had broken with her spiritual foundation.  I had an interest in the world beyond the physical, but I wasn’t sure how to explore it.  I liked talking about my dreams but didn’t know what they meant.  I wanted to meditate, but I couldn’t sit still.  I believed I had a terrible memory and maybe some form of ADD.

Now, a year later, I am still learning who I am — that is my life’s journey to discover it!  But I already know that I am something special and that I love people!  I have reconnected with my spirituality, and I have begun to explore the world beyond our consciousness.  I still struggle to be still, but I’ve meditated for a full half-hour now, and I don’t lose things as much — or else I find them pretty quickly.  I love intuitive reports, and I love studying dreams. I’m a better listener, I am more present, and I am more giving.

What if I’d never had this experience?  I lived in Bolingbrook most of my life and never knew of the school.  As it was, I didn’t find out about the school through a student.  My life coach — very intuitive herself — googled “metaphysics” and suggested the school to me.

There are others like me, like you, who’ve wanted to know.  There are others who are looking, too.  And they would rather hear about it from you, from someone who has experienced the course yourself.  Is this a pie-in-the-sky easy learning experience?  We know it’s not!  I’ve wanted to quit multiple times — as maybe you have, too.  But I wanted to grow; I wanted to learn; and I’ve grown stronger as I’ve surpassed each limitation.

I’m starting the next class in on Tuesday, July 22nd, and I’m looking for those who are searching as I was.  I’m looking for those who seek unconditional love and who want to be self-empowered — not dependent on any person, place, or thing for peace, contentment, and security.

Please hold the image of the lighthouse in your mind, remember what you were once searching for, and reflect on what you’ve found.  Stay open and radiate the love that is within you.  Let others know that we love them just as they are and that the doors are open to receive.

I love you all. ❤

Summary Sunday: Quickening of Soul Progression (An Introduction)

How does one blog and complete one’s homework?  By blogging about one’s homework, of course!

“How has the study and application of metaphysics quickened my soul’s progression?”

Our class was instructed to go deep with this one.  How do we know our soul’s progression?  I think — as in the case of dream interpretation — it is something we intuit.  We know this; it’s about trusting that we know it.

Today I was thinking about death because I’ve heard about 3 funerals in the last few days.  Then I had my “Ah ha”! moment: if I were to die tomorrow, how much closer would I have gotten to my life’s purpose than yesterday?  What would this last year have meant to my growth?

Growth means change.  Before change comes awareness.  I am now aware of these things about my soul:

  1. I am the Illuminator.  I am to share my wisdom with others and help them in their soul growth.
  2. I have developed a karmic pattern of giving with resentment.  I am to understand and alter this.
  3. My purpose is self-empowerment.  This is my main lesson for this lifetime.
  4. Our ideal self is the best self we can imagine for ourselves.  My ideal self is unconditionally loving.  This includes being loving toward myself.
  5. My goal is to be still and present-minded.  I can accomplish this best through the practice of concentration and meditation.

. . .  Elaboration to follow in Part II tomorrow. . . .

I’m Back!

Image courtesy of dan /

Image courtesy of dan /

I had a fantastic weekend at the School of Metaphysics (national headquarters).  I’m not sure I’ve really assimilated everything, but here are the highlights:

1. Lots of hugs!

2. Had a great car ride up and great car ride back with some fantastic people.  The weekend doesn’t start when you get there and doesn’t end when you leave!

3. Had a beautiful sing-a-long holiday concert.  I realized today that I feel like the holidays are completed early.  We did Christmas, yo!  It’s all good. 🙂

4. Got a lot of positive feedback about my singing.  (I know I have a great voice, but it’s so nice to hear someone else believe it, too!)

5. Had a great bird dream.  Grand white bird flew in right in front of me.  I petted its head.  We bonded.

6. Learned how to cut squash.  (Slide the huge knife.  Slliiiide forward.  Not chop!)

7. Enjoyed some sweeping, mopping, and drying.  (Yes, I’m serious.)

8. Learned about relaxing, being positive, breathing, and not comparing while making a huge batch of eggs.

9. Took a three hour nap Friday and later got to sleep in. (No explanation needed.)

10. Enjoyed showers with super lovely hot water. (No explanation needed.)

11.  Learned about self-worth and finding meaning in work — and other wonderful lessons  — while eavesdropping on conversations.  (Everyone is cool with being vulnerable and letting other people in on what they are going through.  It is awesome.)

12. Learned about being truthful and direct (but not unkind) when I witnessed the interactions between different students.

13. Talked a little bit about unconditional love and compassion and the value of using Mary as an ideal for receptivity.

14.  Meditated outside, sitting in a tree.  Another student and I sat on a large branch and relaxed in nature.  I didn’t even notice the rain starting to fall.  (Good thing I brought a change of pants!)

15. Got to experience a little of Windyville life when giving bread to neighbors and hearing one of the area directors talk about the land and his experiences as a student on campus. (Black bears, mountain lions, and elk, oh my!)  One older gentleman invited us in to his workplace, which used to be a mail room and was across the way from an old general store.  We saw his amazing wood carvings of ships and some beautiful acrylic work of the town, boats, and light houses.

16. Read the peace covenant in the peace dome at 5:45 in the morning, and then meditated with another student and my teacher right afterward.  (Group meditation rocks!)

17. Had the BEST bread and the most delicious raw butter and raw milk, right from the school. (Didn’t even notice we hadn’t had dessert.  The bread and butter combo was practically orgasmic!)

18. Perfect driving conditions!  (Thank you, winter weather!)

19. Shared chocolate, cheddar popcorn, Shaklee chips dipped in avocados, and chocolate covered raisins. (Oooo yum!)

20. Witnessed the winter wonderland of crystal forests, dressed in the frozen drippings.  Heard the crackling of ice, the droning of cows, and also the still silence of a space separated from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world.

21. Saw a wonderful slide show of the past year at SOM from a student living on campus.

22. Was happy to be heading home but a little disappointed that it was over.  I’m looking forward to the next weekend!

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