Truth Tuesday: One Way or Another

The messages from the inner self, God, angels, and other beings of light are all of a positive nature.  We know it is from them when the messages are supportive and loving.  Sometimes it's still hard to receive the answers we are seeking.  Sometimes it's hard for us to be still.  When we are stubborn... Continue Reading →


Think About it Thursday: Afraid of Infancy?

When I studied in the School of Metaphysics, we learned about the four stages of growth: infancy, adolescence, adulthood, and wisdom.  All of us go through all of the stages, and we are ideally in many different stages in different areas throughout our lives.  But sometimes we can get stuck in adulthood or wisdom.  Because... Continue Reading →

Focus on the “What”, and Stay Awake for the “How”

The 2nd habit of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is begin with the end in mind.  I read this years ago, but today I finally made the metaphysical connection.  The "end" that Covey speaks of is the same "what" that Mary Morrissey speaks of in her DreamBuilder and Morning Mentor programs.  As... Continue Reading →

Into the Bigger Fishbowl: Why to Make the Leap

This image has been clear in my head this past week. So, why have I made the leap? It increases the capacity for growth. My perspective becomes more expansive. I am trusting and loving myself. My life is more fulfilling. (I love my life!) Jealousy, frustration, and stagnation disappear. The angels are telling me I'm... Continue Reading →

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