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Truth Tuesday: One Way or Another

The messages from the inner self, God, angels, and other beings of light are all of a positive nature.  We know it is from them when the messages are supportive and loving.  Sometimes it’s still hard to receive the answers we are seeking.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to be still.  When we are stubborn or not listening, our messengers find another way!   They want us to know that they are always with us.

Today was one of my darker days.  I had a very pleasant outer day, but my insides were churning with thoughts that did not align with my vision for myself.  Those destructive thoughts began to take over.  I cried out for help, but I barely listened for a response.  I tried scrambling for what I knew best — reflecting back on my past, thinking about action steps, looking at my environment. (This didn’t help.)

Thankfully, I had FIVE very important calls today.  The first was my Rockstar phonecall with my accountability partner.  She reminded me to keep my attention on my vision and live as that future self.  Later in the day I had my Accelerator call for coaching training, where one of the discussions was about the importance of belief in what is the true reality.  Then I had a brief conversation with a friend, which reminded me of why I do what I do.  THEN, I had the Quantum Leap class call with Mary which again talked about the importance of vision and about the steps to visualization.  Finally, I had my regular Partners in Believing phonecall, where I actually shared my vision aloud with the others, so I could affirm the life that I love.

And I did get some messages when I actually did some spiritual writing today.  What is my conscious mind, what is my inner self, and what is God or angels I’m still not sure.  But really, we are all made of energy, right?  And that energy is born of love.  I hope any part of this has been helpful for you today.

7/12 Spiritual Writing

“You are love.

I’ll be with you.  I am with you.

Don’t doubt this.  You are never alone.  I am with you.  Don’t cry.   Be with me.  Stay with me.  I am here.  With you.  Always.  I am at your feet.  I sleep with you.  I stand by you.  I am by you, holding you, arms on your shoulder, hugging you.  Listen for me.  Hear me. “

I asked: “What would you like the world to know, beautiful beings?”

“You are loved.  Always this.  You are loved, beyond anything you can imagine.  It makes us weep when you do not realize this.  We are with you always, always, and we know how beautiful you are.  We see it always.  We wish you would see.  The fears, the anxiety — you have created them. 

It is ok to be happy.  It is ok to have “free time” and fun.  You do not have to work yourself so hard.

You do have a mission, but it involves taking care of yourself first.  Self-care.  Ride the ups and downs.  You will balance out.  But be gentle with yourself always.  Care for yourself.  Love yourself.

How can you love and care for others if you do not love and care for yourself?”

Much love to you all and many blessings! ❤

Think About it Thursday: Afraid of Infancy?


When I studied in the School of Metaphysics, we learned about the four stages of growth: infancy, adolescence, adulthood, and wisdom.  All of us go through all of the stages, and we are ideally in many different stages in different areas throughout our lives.  But sometimes we can get stuck in adulthood or wisdom.  Because we like it there.  It’s oh, so comfortable.  I had a classmate tell me once: “I think I’m afraid of infancy.  Because I really like being in wisdom!”

I totally get that.  If I procrastinate, it’s usually because I’m facing the state of infancy.  Perfectionism is really a desire to be in wisdom and a fear of infancy.  Infants are naive.  Infants make mistakes.

I love the analogy that Mary Morrissey makes about infancy; my coach, Jacque Alderete, just reminded me of it in our last coaching session.  Think of a baby.  How does a baby learn to walk?  Can you imagine a baby going for that first step, falling, and then saying to himself/herself.  “Well. . .  I guess I’m just not meant to walk!”  Of course not!  Babies have a hunger, a need to move.  They have no reason to believe they wouldn’t be able to, and they get a a lot of encouragement from their parents!

What if we could get that kind of encouragement from ourselves?  “You can do it!” “Keep trying!”  “You fell again today? Let’s try that again!”  “Hold my hand.”  “Take it slow.”  “Don’t give up!”  “Good job!”

Infancy is so uncomfortable.  But that’s where the magic happens!  Have you experienced the excitement when a baby finally walks!  In reality, all of us test our new legs when we face those new areas of our lives.  Sometimes we choose it.  Or sometimes we feel forced to.

Where are you in infancy today?  Take some time to look at where you are starting fresh and stretching in your life.  And if you can’t find anything, maybe it’s time for something new!  The world is your oyster!  Let’s run with it! Let’s grow!

Much love, many blessings, and much, much GROWTH to you all!

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A Beautiful Beginning . . . And a Few Other Thoughts


I’m starting a new life.  I never imagined this, but my real self has been wanting this.  I’ve gone from a girl who followed the crowd to a girl who is making some waves.  I always felt like I was meant for something “bigger.”  I’ve finally found it.  The universe brought me to it (with a little help from family)!  2 years ago I started my first business (Early Education Enrichment with Cindy Venckus).  At this time next week I will have launched my second business” a Life Mastery Consultant with Mary Morrissey.

It’s funny how things turn out, work out.  Being a teacher and tutor — besides having some wonderfully fulfilling moments — has prepared me for this.  Becoming a student of the School of Metaphysics has prepared me for this.  These days I’m noticing that I sometimes have trouble seeing the whole big picture.  I have trouble imagining what can be.  I have an inkling, and then the universe fills in the rest.  Would things be even bigger, grander if I could imagine them first?  Perhaps.  Or maybe the universe knows best?

I don’t know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. My friend Jorge says: “Welcome to the life of an entrepreneur!”  If that’s the case, I welcome it!  I am done with safe and stable.  I welcome change (within reason, be patient!)  I am bursting out of my shell, and I’m going to take as many people as I can with me (who are willing!).  I’m becoming a believer. I also want others to also know the truth.

In other news, I have a lot of attention on the Law of Prosperity.  I’ve been experimenting with tithing (time, money, and talent), and so far it has been going pretty well.  And I’m also finding that I’m being given more and more chances to give!  “That’s great, universe!” I say.  “How about I receive some, too?”  And I am.  Part of it is timing.  Part of it is visualization.  Part of it is attention.  It has started coming, and I see more flowing soon.

I’m also facing my old kharma — insecurity and a dependence on feedback for others.  (Funny how that spiral circles back. . .)  I think something opened up for me in class last night.  My teacher said something like he says: “I don’t give a care” as an example for me to follow.  “But I do care!” I exclaimed.  However, I was tired of where I was.  I was tired of feeling insecure and also like a tantrumy child.  There is no love there.  How can I elevate others in that way?  So, I tried it on.  I imaged release.  I imaged disconnection.  I did think: “I don’t give a care.” And it worked.  I felt a release.  I felt a relaxation.  I felt some freedom.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love everyone very much.  I just don’t care want to care about what others think about me anymore.  And I love myself very much, too.  I want to grow up.  (But still be young-at-heart, of course!)  It’s time to mature, and it’s time to do my work here and let go of these energy sappers like doubt and worry.

It’s working.  I’m changing. I’m believing.  I’m growing.

Last thought: Some people are so nice.  I don’t understand it, and I want to.  It completely overwhelms me how absolutely giving and loving people can be.  I want to be that for others.  I intend to accomplish that this lifetime.  My latest example is one of my tutoring parents.  She hasn’t needed me for a while, but she called me again today.  She welcomed me into her house last minute.  (Today was the only day I could fit the lesson in!)  She gave me some slippers for my feet.  She shared some of her very expensive tea with me (a gift from her brother!)  And then she walked ahead of me from her door to my car to make sure I didn’t slip.  (I’m getting choked up just reading this last one!)  I can’t understand such kindness, such consideration.  The ease in selflessness boggles my mind.  But I want to understand.  My intuitive report says that my creative mind opens through emulating others.  I want to be just like her.

Here’s to growth!  Here’s to the new me!  ❤  I’ll see you again when I get back. 🙂  Much love and blessings to you all now and always. ❤


Focus on the “What”, and Stay Awake for the “How”

ID-100144737The 2nd habit of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is begin with the end in mind.  I read this years ago, but today I finally made the metaphysical connection.  The “end” that Covey speaks of is the same “what” that Mary Morrissey speaks of in her DreamBuilder and Morning Mentor programs.  As Mary says, our inner mind understands pictures, and the more clearly we can image our goals, purposes, and ideals, the more the universe can bring together the “how”s to make our “what”s happen.

What does this mean?  We get clear on what we want, what we really want.  What are our dream?  We see these dreams as clearly as if we are living those dreams today, as I’m learning in DreamBuilder.  We step into those dreams.  And then we shine the light of our attention on those dreams, just as I’ve been learning in the School of Metaphysics in the visualization lessons. (I love how everything I’ve been learning is coming together!)  Meanwhile, we don’t worry about how it’s going to happen.  We focus on clearly presenting what our dream is to the universe, so that our subconscious mind (inner mind) can do what it does best.

As we clarify our dream, we keep ourselves open and receptive to what the subconscious mind has brought for us.  (It may come in unexpected ways!)  I love the story of the man praying to be saved from the flood:  As the waters began to rise, he prayed to be saved.  A neighbor in a canoe came by, but he said “No thanks, God will save me.”  Police came by in a motorboat, but again, he waved them on.  Finally, the waters were so high that he was forced onto the roof, and a helicopter dropped down a rope.  The man insisted that he was trusting in God and stayed put.  So, the man drowned.  When he got to heaven he questioned God about this, and God replied, “I gave you the canoe, the motorboat, and the helicopter!”  We may have a goal or dream and put our attention on it and pray and pray and pray for it to happen, but if we don’t keep our mind open to the possibilities — the subconscious mind is full of infinitely amazing possibilities — we stay blindly stuck in our limitations and miss wonderful, fulfilling opportunities.

In today’s Morning Mentor, Mary encouraged her listeners to focus on 3 times in our lives when everything really came together for us.  I’m going to list my 3 now, and I encourage you to do the same and then to reflect on this throughout the day:

  1. Studying abroad in Mexico.  I could feel it.  I knew I was going.  I was scared; I didn’t know how all of the details were going to work out (and some I figured out after I got there!), but I knew I was going.  I just knew it.  And it was one of the best experiences of my life.
  2. Getting a 2nd dog.  Brian planted the thought of getting a new dog in my head, and I ran with it.  It was so firmly entrenched that I picked up “Leia” a few weeks later from the local animal control, and we all adore her.  Though she was not the dog we’d originally imagined, and she turned out to be quite a handful, she fits in perfectly in our household.
  3. My fiancee Brian.  A few months before Brian and I started dating I became entrenched in the idea that I was going to have an intimate relationship that year.  I got what I’d wanted and more, a relationship that has lasted 7 years and that continues to blossom and grow.

What are your 3? (I would love it if you would share your stories in the comments below!) I wish you all wonder, blessings, and the fulfillment of your dreams.

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Into the Bigger Fishbowl: Why to Make the Leap

ID-10044830 (1)

This image has been clear in my head this past week.

So, why have I made the leap?

  1. It increases the capacity for growth.
  2. My perspective becomes more expansive.
  3. I am trusting and loving myself.
  4. My life is more fulfilling. (I love my life!)
  5. Jealousy, frustration, and stagnation disappear.
  6. The angels are telling me I’m on the right path.
  7. I expect miracles!



  1. Wake up at 5:30am.  Was so bummed.  Alarm never went off.  Tomorrow’s another day!
  2. Try new contacts —Hmm. . . nope.
  3. Two-hand point at myself and tell myself “I love you, Self!”  and “Teri, you are larger than life!” every time I pass a mirror. — Still . . . not remembering this.  Tomorrow’s another day!
  4. Swim — Didn’t wake up in time. 
  5. Blog (even if it’s just a sentence) — Check!
  6. Continue my new spiritual exercise. — Check!
  7. Have an awesome networking meeting. Check!
  8. Have an awesome financial meeting. — Yep!  Pretty awesome.
  9. Have an awesome Metaphysics class and leadership meeting. Yes!
  10. Have 7 kick-butt lessons with students! I did!
  11. Watch 3 minutes of a travel video (Hawaii). Hmm. . .  Nope.  Forgot.  Did have some travel conversation today, though.
  12. Gather games for Metaphysical Game Night Hmm. . . Tomorrow.  Did choose them, though!
  13. E-mail DreamBuilder friends Soon!

For Tomorrow:(Same 1st 6)8. Take care of bidness. 9. Have an awesome one-to-one from my Facebook business group.   10. Have a kick-butt time with my sister’s class.  11. Have a kick-butt game night.  12. Watch 3 minutes of a travel video (California). 13. Complete 1/3 of Dream Tabulation.

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I Fully Intend to Live My Life

How do you fully intend to live your life?  In today’s “Morning Mentor” by Mary Morrissey, she directs us to write an intention for our lives.

“I fully intend to live my life as a person who _______________________.”

(My answer) Elevates myself so that I may elevate others.

I had a dip in vibration yesterday.  I called it my “Tuesday Dip,” but this Tuesday was my last one.  I talked with a good friend and classmate yesterday, and he told me that I just can’t be negative anymore.  I can’t choose it anymore.  It serves no purpose.  And it thwarts the good work that I’m trying to do.  This is the message that I have been receiving from my angels, as well.  “Be warned!  You are creating your future with your current thoughts!”

Like the 1’s and 8’s I’ve been seeing: (from Doreen Virtue’s: Angel Numbers 101)


Your thoughts are the valve that opens and shuts your financial flow.  As you stay positive, all the material resources you need come to you easily. However, worry can stop this flow, so ask your angels to help you stay upbeat, especially where it concerns money.”

I think it’s time to get all Pollyanna up in this joint.


Here’s my progress on my 10 things to accomplish:

  1. Wake up at 5:30am.  (Naps acceptable). — Yesterday — Check!
  2. Take my new contacts out of packaging and locate the solution and case. — Found my contacts!  I try them tomorrow.
  3. Two-hand point at myself and tell myself “I love you, Self!”  and “Teri, you are larger than life!” every time I pass a mirror. — Totally forgot this one!  I start today.
  4. Swim — Yesterday — Check!
  5. Blog (even if it’s just a sentence) — Check and check!
  6. Continue my new spiritual exercise. — Check and check!
  7. Have an awesome interview. CHECK!
  8. Have 3 kick-butt classes with my students. CHECK!
  9. Connect with my friend. CHECK!
  10. Continue to be awesome. ❤  CHECK!

For today and tomorrow, numbers 7-11:

7. Have an awesome networking meeting.

8. Have an awesome financial meeting.

9. Have an awesome Metaphysics class and leadership meeting.

9. Have 7 kick-butt lessons with students!

10. Watch 3 minutes of a travel video (Hawaii).

11. Gather games for Metaphysical Game Night

12. E-mail DreamBuilder friends

Possible topic for tomorrow: Into the Bigger Fishbowl: Why to Make the Leap

Love and blessings to you all. ❤

Are You Ready for the Rest of Your Life? (THINK BIG!)

This past weekend I had an amazing experience, and I made a bold move, a decision that would facilitate big changes for myself.  (More to follow)

Why did I do it?

Because I couldn’t imagine not doing it.

I couldn’t continue to live life the way I’ve always lived.  I knew where I was headed, and I didn’t like it.  Stability.  Monotony.  Small changes.  Small life. . . and a small ME.

I AM the change I wish to see in the world, and I am a living example.  I dream big.  I live big, and I believe in myself.  And I know that by being my biggest, best me — by letting my light shine and going after my dreams — I will give others permission to do the same. “We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. . .  as we are liberated from our own fear, Our presence automatically liberates others.” — Marianne Williamson

What are you going to do with the most important day of your life? (TODAY!)

Tomorrow I (besides my other awesomeness will):

  1. Wake up at 5:30am.  (Naps acceptable).
  2. Take my new contacts out of packaging and locate the solution and case.
  3. Two-hand point at myself and tell myself “I love you, Self!”  and “Teri, you are larger than life!” every time I pass a mirror.
  4. Swim
  5. Blog (even if it’s just a sentence)
  6. Continue my new spiritual exercise.
  7. Have an awesome interview.
  8. Have 3 kick-butt classes with my students.
  9. Connect with my friend.
  10. Continue to be awesome. ❤

Bless you all.  Welcome to rest of your life! 😀

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