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Truth Tuesday: Live As a Child, with Enthusiasm and an Open Heart

Fantastic Reading from Doreen Virtue for this week. She drew from the Mary Queen of Angels deck, and that’s the one I happen to have.  Here are the three that she drew today:


3 Possible Meanings of the Children Card

  1. Focus on your children or the potential of children.
  2. Life Purpose — Something for Children (or volunteering/charitable work/prayer for children).
  3. Your own inner child needs some playtime!


Be enthusiastic in your work.  Be enthusiastic for your dream!  Emotion fuels manifestation, so keep your energy up as high as possible.  The angels say that they are trying to help us!  They are answering our prayers.  Open up your arms to receive, and aid them by keeping your energy up.  Take care of yourself, particularly your physical self.  Get fresh air and sunshine, avoid chemicals, keep active, and consider your diet.


Doreen says: “The more you open your heart to love, the more you’re a portal for God’s love, the more you’re on your life purpose, and all of your needs are met.”  And she emphasizes the importance of gratitude for opening the heart.  Be grateful for every little thing, and watch for the miracles!

I’ve actually listened to this particular recording 3 times because it resonated so much with me this week.  It’s a fresh week this week!  Make it a good one!

Much love, many blessings. ❤


Wins and Weaknesses Wednesday: My Vision


Today I’m making my bold move. I’m sharing my vision statement with the world.

Mary Morrissey says to be careful who you share your dream with.  This makes sense.  It’s so easy to kill a dream; dreams are so fragile.  They require belief.  But it’s also important to claim our dreams.  I’ve reached a critical point in my life; I know it’s time to decide, really decide for my dream.  I’m not saying this is written in stone; as my coach and I say, this is a “living document.”  I may continue to tweak a few things, and I can certainly be more detailed in some areas.  But the core of this dream is true for me, and I’m going for it.  I’m not turning back.  I’m going to be the example, now and in all of my future interactions with clients and anyone that I touch.  I know that by believing in myself, I am able to believe in each and every one of you. Here we go, and here’s to dreaming!

Vision Statement July 2016

I am so happy and grateful now that I have time and money freedom. I feel so much peace, such serenity, knowing that not only are my credit cards clear and paid off every month and my investments paid back in full, but I have $12,000 in savings and am contributing healthily to my retirement fund and other investments.

I have a great schedule. I work Monday through Thursday coaching, and I speak/present on weekends, traveling twice a month and having the other two weekends off. Also, every three months I take at least a full week’s vacation to a destination of my choice, and I plan to see the whole world! I’ve been to many places. I’ve walked El Camino from France to Spain, I’ve visited Mallorca and Barcelona. I’ve been to Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Macchu Picchu. I’ve traveled to the 48 contiguous states, driven up the California coast with Brian, and traveled down the Mississippi with my mom. I also got married to my sweetheart, Brian, in Hawaii. I saw Doreen Virtue and visited with her there. When we came back, we had a huge reception outside our house, with grilling, shared food, and dancing.

My health is great. I enjoy exercise, and every day I spend some loving attention on my body. Sometimes I walk, other times swim, bike, dance, do weights, or do yoga. I eat very well, mostly vegetarian at home, and experiencing the local fair when I travel. (I love food!) My personal chef takes great care of me and helps me stay on track with a tasty, healthy diet.

I’m very connected with the angels. I meditate for at least 15 minutes daily, and I am constantly getting quiet and still, checking in with my inner self and the Divine. I am a clear channel and have been a vessel for healing, insight, and inspiration. I really do feel like the Divine’s eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet on Earth.

Brian and I are doing very well. He is a Master Coordinator for Shaklee and feeling very confident and successful.   I am a successful coach and “joyedian.” I speak, I dance, I sing, I heal, and I’m really funny! I am asked to speak all over the world and paid to travel and present. I have earned as much as 1 million dollars in all of this, and it symbolizes the millions I’ve touched through coaching, speaking, entertaining, and healing. I love being a partner in believing for my groups. I “turn the lights on” as individuals begin fulfilling their dreams and really believing in themselves. I’ve been interviewed on ABC, CBS, and WGN, and I’ve been on Dancing with the Stars! I’ve also written many books, some mythological and symbolic of the human journey, others are inspirational nonfiction, and still others are metaphysical stories for children. Some have even been New York Times best sellers!

I am grateful each and every morning that my eyes open once again, knowing I have more fun to experience and joy to share!

I am very grateful for this or something better. ❤

Much love, many blessings.  Remember to believe in yourself, and believe in your dreams! ❤

Focus on the “What”, and Stay Awake for the “How”

ID-100144737The 2nd habit of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is begin with the end in mind.  I read this years ago, but today I finally made the metaphysical connection.  The “end” that Covey speaks of is the same “what” that Mary Morrissey speaks of in her DreamBuilder and Morning Mentor programs.  As Mary says, our inner mind understands pictures, and the more clearly we can image our goals, purposes, and ideals, the more the universe can bring together the “how”s to make our “what”s happen.

What does this mean?  We get clear on what we want, what we really want.  What are our dream?  We see these dreams as clearly as if we are living those dreams today, as I’m learning in DreamBuilder.  We step into those dreams.  And then we shine the light of our attention on those dreams, just as I’ve been learning in the School of Metaphysics in the visualization lessons. (I love how everything I’ve been learning is coming together!)  Meanwhile, we don’t worry about how it’s going to happen.  We focus on clearly presenting what our dream is to the universe, so that our subconscious mind (inner mind) can do what it does best.

As we clarify our dream, we keep ourselves open and receptive to what the subconscious mind has brought for us.  (It may come in unexpected ways!)  I love the story of the man praying to be saved from the flood:  As the waters began to rise, he prayed to be saved.  A neighbor in a canoe came by, but he said “No thanks, God will save me.”  Police came by in a motorboat, but again, he waved them on.  Finally, the waters were so high that he was forced onto the roof, and a helicopter dropped down a rope.  The man insisted that he was trusting in God and stayed put.  So, the man drowned.  When he got to heaven he questioned God about this, and God replied, “I gave you the canoe, the motorboat, and the helicopter!”  We may have a goal or dream and put our attention on it and pray and pray and pray for it to happen, but if we don’t keep our mind open to the possibilities — the subconscious mind is full of infinitely amazing possibilities — we stay blindly stuck in our limitations and miss wonderful, fulfilling opportunities.

In today’s Morning Mentor, Mary encouraged her listeners to focus on 3 times in our lives when everything really came together for us.  I’m going to list my 3 now, and I encourage you to do the same and then to reflect on this throughout the day:

  1. Studying abroad in Mexico.  I could feel it.  I knew I was going.  I was scared; I didn’t know how all of the details were going to work out (and some I figured out after I got there!), but I knew I was going.  I just knew it.  And it was one of the best experiences of my life.
  2. Getting a 2nd dog.  Brian planted the thought of getting a new dog in my head, and I ran with it.  It was so firmly entrenched that I picked up “Leia” a few weeks later from the local animal control, and we all adore her.  Though she was not the dog we’d originally imagined, and she turned out to be quite a handful, she fits in perfectly in our household.
  3. My fiancee Brian.  A few months before Brian and I started dating I became entrenched in the idea that I was going to have an intimate relationship that year.  I got what I’d wanted and more, a relationship that has lasted 7 years and that continues to blossom and grow.

What are your 3? (I would love it if you would share your stories in the comments below!) I wish you all wonder, blessings, and the fulfillment of your dreams.

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It’s 11:31pm, and I Miss You

Hello, everyone!  I’m writing because it’s been a long time.  And I miss it.  I miss you.  So, it’s late, and I still have to do the litterbox and most of my metaphysics exercises, but I just want to quickly look back on this week.


  1. The “Understanding Your Dreams” Lecture at the Oak Forest Rotary was fabulous.  I realized how confident I am on this topic and how much I enjoy sharing with others.  I would like to make this my Plan B lecture, since I’ve already given it many times.   I plan to lecture monthly and to write new lectures, but I can give this one to anyone who wants to hear it!
  2. I had a wonderful DreamCatchers tonight.  It was one of those events that seemed like it could be too much after a long day, but I had a wonderful experience with a lot of new faces and lots of questions and sharing.  I’m definitely glad I went (and they want us back!)
  3. My office is now fabulously clean and organized, thanks to my student and the company she works for.  It is a pleasure to be in now — and I can find things!  This is a long-needed manifestation that I am incredibly grateful for.
  4. I am putting my attention on concentration and mindfulness.  Redundant?  Ah well. 🙂  I am tired of leaving things behind.  I am tired of feeling so spacey!  I’ve gotta get grounded, and now.   I am getting better at concentrating. I’m starting exercising again.  I’m going to dance around the house. (Great for grounding!) I’m going to make sure I take my vitamins.  Any other suggestions for grounding?
  5. I’ve been seeing 1’s and 2’s everywhere.  It’s actually become a comfort, much as 1’s and 4’s once was.  Apparently I’ve got lots of seed ideas ready to sprout.  And I can see some things finally manifesting for me.  My networking group is growing.  My business/jobs are beginning to increase.   My office is organized.  My identity is changing inside and out. . . I have many more things on my 10 Most Wanted list, so  let’s go manifesting!  Let’s manifest them all! ❤
  6. I’ve been focusing a lot on money.  I’ve been listening to Carol Tuttle’s audio series “Manifesting More Money.”  I realize a lot of my blockages with money and abundance in general are mental.  I’ve known this for some time, and I’m working on shifting my consciousness so that I can be more receptive.  I’ve also been finding that as I stretch myself and give more, I open space to receive more.  (Gotta love that Law of Prosperity!) 🙂

Joy and love to you all. (High vibrational frequencies!) 🙂

Angels and Darkness

ID-100100654On Angels. . .

I had the lovely thought today that the angels are actually in constant communication with me.  Why not?  If they are with me always, why do I feel I need to wait to hear from them?  Why always be connected?  A few posts ago I mentioned that I woke up one morning and the kitchen faucet was running.  A few days later my sister had the same experience in her downstairs bathroom.  I suspected angels were at play, and this was confirmed by a friend at this past weekend’s teacher’s conference in Missouri.  She said the first was my cats (as suspected), but the 2nd was an angel/past loved one letting me know that he/she was with me (and my sister!).  Then just last night I had a similar experience.  As I was leaving class and heading into the parking lot, the streetlamp went out.  “How inconvenient!” I thought, as I fished around in the darkness for my keys.  After parking my car in the garage, I decided to walk out to the mailboxes and get my mail before going in.  Just as I reached the mailbox, again, the streetlamp flickered out.  Again, I fiddled with keys in the darkness.  Coincidence?  I’m beginning to think coincidences are just our angels chatting with us.  Or maybe our inner self.  The higher parts of ourselves and higher beings around us communicate their love and support through patterns and through synchronicities.  Look for these.  Do you keep seeing the same number sequences?  Do the messages in the radio songs communicate exactly what you needed to hear?  Do words jump out at you from pages?  The true nature of reality is connectedness. So, these angel messages are a comforting reminder of this.  Check out my most recent angel patterns of repeated 3’s  and 1’s and 2’s.  (They are pretty sweet!)


On Darkness. . .

I discovered a new aspect of myself today, and I don’t like it.  I call it “The Self-Sabotager.”  And it frightens me.  I have received messages from angels and intuitives that the universe is ready to give — but I am not willing to receive.  Is this the work of the self-sabotager?  Is this why I have sometimes struggled to manifest?  My metaphysics teacher has given me the assignment to keep a record of my thoughts (particularly the negative ones) and to begin identifying different aspects of myself — and to draw pictures of each one.  I have lately identified “Fear”, “The Doubter”, “Ms. Failure”, and “The Perfectionist.”  But this most recent one has frightened me the most.  This morning Brian gave me a referral for my business, and I felt an emotional response akin to a firm resistance.  I was shocked.  Why was I responding this way?  Why wouldn’t I want the best for myself?  I realized then that I’d been noticing this in the presence of others, too — a subtle, undercurrent of satisfaction at others’ inability to succeed.  Where does this come from?  What does this mean?

It clearly has something to do with ego.  It is a sense of separateness that prevents my light from shining and that disconnects me from others.  I once told my previous metaphysics teacher that there was a part of me that was afraid of my superconscious.  I don’t think she believed me.   But, now, I’m convinced it’s true.  There is a part of me that does not want me to succeed.  There is a part of me that is comfortable with failure and even derives pleasure from it.  I still don’t understand why.  Maybe there is a fear that my ego will dissolve in the brilliance and connectedness of the universe.  But whatever the reason, I don’t want this part interfering anymore.  It’s time to change.  It’s time for alignment, entrainment.  It’s time to let my light shine and bring my dark parts into the spotlight, to see them for what they are and to call them out.  They will not longer direct me from the shadows.  Truly, the possibilities are endless.  I am wall-less.  I am imagination incarned.  I am freedom.  I am light.

Blessings and endless possibilities to all of you for the highest good. ❤


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I’ve been noticing some movement happening in my “wants” lately.  For one, I put off visiting a particular preschool for months, and I finally connected with the director this week and had a really positive interaction with her.  Also, I had “daily yoga” on my 10 Most Wanted list, and I just this week got the idea to see what I could find on youtube.  I found a fun and quirky yoga instructor who has 30 days of yoga!  I’m up to 3 day in a row of yoga, and my body has never felt better.

I change my 10 Most Wanted List quite a bit.  My Creative Mind report and Intuition Report both talk about how I lose site of the “source” or the purpose behind my desires.  Sometimes I lose interest.  Sometimes I lose hope.  I’ve been pleased to find some things manifesting that I thought I wasn’t giving enough attention.  Now I’d like to be a little more proactive.  I’d like to keep my eyes on the prize.

Below is my current 10 Most Wanted List.  Some things on this list include elements of what I’d had on there before.  I’ve made sure everything on this list is something I actually “want” this time.  (No should wants!)  I look forward to playing with this a bit.  I’d like to be a manifesting machine!

10 Most Wanted

  1. 8 added SOM students, and I have at least 1 student from each of the zodiac signs! (I already have 5 represented!)
  2. 4 guitar songs learned to memory
  3. 8 EEE students
  4. 3 new outfits for my new personal expression
  5. 1 art activity per week (or weekly Meetup art event)
  6. Organized Office
  7. Read 1 book/week
  8. A published book
  9. $10,000 in savings.
  10. Graduate the 2nd cycle

What are your 10 Most Wanteds?

Love and joy to each and every one of you. ❤

What are we living for? A light and dark perspective.

ID-10037307The Dark . . .

One of my tutoring students is reading I Am Legend for school.  It’s a story about a young man who seems to be the last sane human on earth, surrounded by masses of the undead.  We began discussing the book so I could get a feel for the elements of the story and what he has understood so far. One of my questions was: “What is he living for?”  He had no other humans to interact with.  What was his life’s purpose?  Was he trying to understand what happened?  Find a cure?  Or was he simply living from his survival instinct?  I frankly admitted that I would probably have killed myself if I were in his situation.

The Light. . .

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I am living for.  But I am not surrounded by zombies/vampires. And so, I honestly want to live!  I am grateful for every gift of a day that I have on this earth.  Why?  I have found a life that brings me joy.  I have a desire to continue my inner work and to help others do the same.  Today, as I was reading my weekly metaphysics lesson I came across these lines: “The power of the Subconscious Mind is available when you give service freely for as you give so you will receive.  The only way you can truly understand the power of the Subconscious Mind is through service. . .  giving and receiving evolves beyond ego motivation into the realm of desire.” I feel there is something important for me here.  I’ve thought a lot about desire and how important it is to creation.  I’ve noticed that when I truly desire something, I am able to manifest it easily.  But often I struggle!  Perhaps when I follow the complete law and “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven,” my manifestations will really take off!

There is a part of me (the ego) that is fearful of losing myself, of losing “my identity.”  There is another part of me that really wants to become one with God/Goddess/Source and to give myself completely to the good of all concerned. Here is a thought I have that I’d like to start with tomorrow: “God/Goddess, thank you for the gift of another day.  Please bless me with the wisdom of Solomon, that I may live every moment with the awareness and action toward the goodness of all concerned.”

Light and love to you all. ❤

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