Last night I asked the Akashic Records what to write about for this post.  This was the message: Cancer.   The struggle is real. We're with you.  We support you. We love you.  I'm not sure who this message is for.  But, much love and many blessings to you and all. ❤  


That Moment When You Realize How Much of You Has Been Ego . . .

This morning was week 2 of my renewed coaching sessions with Jacque Alderete!  It was another wonderful session again, and I focused on being present and connecting to spirit and my spiritual purpose. What's becoming pretty clear to me is that most of who "I am" has been "ego."  Just today I heard myself thinking:... Continue Reading →

Truth Tuesday: Live As a Child, with Enthusiasm and an Open Heart

Fantastic Reading from Doreen Virtue for this week. She drew from the Mary Queen of Angels deck, and that's the one I happen to have.  Here are the three that she drew today: 3 Possible Meanings of the Children Card Focus on your children or the potential of children. Life Purpose -- Something for Children... Continue Reading →

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