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Last night I asked the Akashic Records what to write about for this post.  This was the message:


The struggle is real.

We’re with you.  We support you. We love you. 

I’m not sure who this message is for.  But, much love and many blessings to you and all. ❤


“The Eyes to See”


I once asked in an intuitive report about connecting with the angels.  The response was that these energies were already available to me. I just needed the “eyes to see”.  This puzzled me a bit, and I came away from my first listen thinking that I was just not trained enough, maybe just not metaphysical enough yet.

But today the message popped up for me again (as messages often do), and I realized that wasn’t it at all.  It means that the angels already were communicating with me all of the time.  I just couldn’t see it.

They were whispering in my ear to pick up guitar again and play for the patients at the nursing home.  They were the voice of the volunteer coordinator who told me it was a great idea.  They were the kick in the butt that finally got me out the door and to the home for that beautiful experience with a patient and his family as he was getting nearer to transitioning.

They were the nudge to pick up The Vortex from the used book store, the voice of my coach telling me to read it, and in the voices of the patients who inspired me to leave the book in the waiting room after it had been sitting in my back untouched.  They were also in the voice of the waiting patient who days later read a passage from the book that I needed to hear as much as she did.

They are in the coincidences, the messages I receive from songs, words from friends and strangers, angel numbers, and feelings of inspiration and joy.

In another text I listened to or read recently, it said angels are always there.  It doesn’t matter whether you believe in them or not, they will continue to be there for you, loving you and helping you.

What a beautiful thing. ❤  Much love and many blessings. ❤

Connecting with the Angels: A Little Encouragement


This blog is much like me,  “morphing”! (I love that word I just heard from Tonya Dawn Recla!)

I dabbled in many topics today, as I prepared what to share with you today.  I settled on another angel conversation.

Dear Source/ Angels/ Inner Self:

It feels very hard right now. I am retreating from the onslaught of activity I have involved myself in, especially networking groups. I feel like I may be isolating myself. And I am working through a surprise financial disappointment from yesterday. Also . . . I think the combination of gray skies and semi-cold and my pulled shoulder muscle are all getting to me. I could use some encouragement. Please help.

My dear one. You are loved. We are here to protect you. You have been here before. You know this. We are always with you to protect you and love you. Do not lose hope. Stay with yourself. Believe in yourself and be confident. You don’t have to seek confidence from outside yourself. Those tools are useful, but you have it always within you. You are loved very, very much. That is enough. Remember that you are loved very, very much. Don’t be afraid. We go before you always.

I am worried about my loved one. I love him very much. This transition is a challenge. Can you offer any wisdom/advice in this?

Let go. This is his journey. Love him, send him light.

Angels, do you have any messages you would like to share today?

Yes. You are blessed.

Much love and many blessings to you all! ❤

Connecting with the Angels: First Conversation


I’ve been meaning to start this for some time.  Finally doing it!  I am creating a space for angelic messages.  I am new to this.  Some of this may be coming more from me, some of this may be more from the angels — or perhaps it is both of us simultaneously.  Either way, I wish to be a conduit of love and light.

Last week I received the kick I needed to get started on this.  I received an intuitive health analysis, and in my last question I finally got up the gumption to ask about angels.  This is the transcription:

Conductor: This one asks for any suggestions in connecting with angels.

Receiver: We see this one does have a good rapport and is able to connect with them.  We see that there is communications occurring.  Most of which — these communications are apparent is when there are coincidences that appear for this one or when there are times when this one has to take a second look or stop the self, as there is something more to pay attention to.  Most of the time that is when the angels are present, when experiences occur that are coincidental, as this one would see it, or where there are clear signs, whether they are physical signs or someone saying something that seems different.  These are most of the times that the angels are communicating with this one. We see for this one, in order to continue the rapport, this one can write to the angels.  This one can easily just speak with them, and they will immediately respond.  The response feels as if this one is talking to the self.  It is mainly because this one has built such a strong connection with them that this one’s vibration and their vibration are immersed, and therefore at times this one confuses their vibration with hers, and this is where this one may not always know this one is communicating with the angels. However, this one is.

Here is our first official conversation in this series!  Enjoy. 🙂

Dear Angels:

Me: What would you like me to share today?

Angels: We are with you, and now you know. We rejoice at this. Let your mind go still. Take in what’s around you and what we have to say. We have waited a long time for this. Now you see that your thoughts are not bad things. Just notice. Just notice them. Soon you will know the difference between what is us and what is your identity “you.”

We are here. We are here with you always. Spread the word about us. We are here to help. We want to help you. We want to help humanity. Do not be afraid of what you might say here, what is you and what isn’t you. Your intentions are pure. Your message will serve.

Me: I feel my head buzzing!

Angels: We are here with you! What would you like us to talk about?

Me: Karma? About how there is no “right” and “wrong.” How can we better understand this?

Angels: You are not fully paying attention right now. You are thinking about the title of this series.

Me: Sorry.

Angels: Tell them what you know, Teri. Start there.

Me: I have learned that “right” and “wrong” comes from perception. We must look to our intentions and what is in our heart and do our part. The rest we must respect. Everyone has her own journey to fulfill.

Angels: Very good. That is all for today.

Much love, and many blessings. ❤

How Is Your Love Thermostat?


“Love is a many splendored thing.”– Paul Francis Webster

There are 3 types of love I mention in the “Matters of the Heart” workshop and webinar: self-love, love of others, and the love search.  If you took a good look, how would you measure up in these areas?

How is your self-love?  

This is the foundation of all love.  If we do not have self-love, how can we love others?  If our own love bucket is empty, we have nothing to give.  We could all use a little more self-love!  Here are some tips to get you back on your feet:

  1. Make a list of things that bring you joy (and do one daily!)
  2. Love your mind and spirit: journal/meditate/pray/be still/practice mindfulness/use affirmations
  3. Love your body — nutrition and exercise
  4. Give yourself some supportive “mirror time” (Take a good look and like what you see!)
  5. The Artist’s Date — Take yourself out on a creative date!
  6. Surround yourself with loving people
  7. Discover and implement your love language on yourself (from the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman)

How is your relationship love bank?

Gary Chapman, relationship counselor, tells us that there are 5 Love Languages:

1.Words of Affirmation

2.Receiving Gifts

3.Acts of Service

4.Quality Time

5.Physical Touch

Which resonates with you?  (Be honest!)  In every successful relationship — whether conscious of it or not — each partner is communicating love through his/her partner’s love language.  To show your partner/child/friend how much you care, identify his/her love language. Take the assessment at the link above, or think about the times when your partner seemed to glow the most.  Or when they seemed to complain the most!

Irene Schreiner of says that a relationship is made up of 3 parts: partner #1, partner #2, and the relationship.  A healthy relationship takes work and must be treated like a job  — or a new puppy!   We only have control of ourselves, and when making decisions and requests, we must always consider the relationship.

Looking for Love?

For those looking for new love, these 4 tips are for you

  1. Decide for love. Your dream partner is a part of your vision for you life!  Decide you will have love (and strongly!) and the universe will respond in kind.
  2. Create a vision of your partner (including “This or something better”!)    The Law of Specificity tells us to feed our inner mind very specific pictures!  The clearer our description, the easier it is to find what we are looking for.  Just be open to something even better than you were able to imagine on your own!
  3. BE your ideal partner.  Opposites attract, but like also attracts like.  Work on yourself to be the best you can be.  You will find someone who resonates with that frequency.
  4. Start living the life you’d live with your partner. Why wait to go out and have fun until you have that special someone by your side?  Make ready for your partner by living the life you’d love to be sharing with him/her.  Plus, you just might end up bumping into each other!

No one is perfect at love — so which area is calling to you for some extra attention?  Pick an action step today, and let’s turn up the heat on that thermostat of love!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

That Moment When You Realize How Much of You Has Been Ego . . .


This morning was week 2 of my renewed coaching sessions with Jacque Alderete!  It was another wonderful session again, and I focused on being present and connecting to spirit and my spiritual purpose.

What’s becoming pretty clear to me is that most of who “I am” has been “ego.”  Just today I heard myself thinking: “Oh!  There’s the ego again!  . . . There again! . . . Again!”  The ego is all about identification, too.  Once you “identify” it, this means separating it — “you” — from other things.  So, the ego survives and thrives by separation, disconnection, and competition.

However, there is certainly a value to ego.  If we are here to learn and grow in this schoolroom of Earth, it’s helpful to be able to measure.  As a part of a collective, details can become hazy.  Once we have some separation, we are better able to measure, to analyze, to set goals and dreams and to improve ourselves.  We just must watch that we don’t let the ego get out of control . . .  and it can happen quite easily!

Measurement can lead down the path of judgement.  Suddenly we are questioning if we are ok, if we are “enough.”  We turn this on others as well, deciding if they “measure up.”  The truth is that all of creation can be seen as a gift.  Every moment is an opportunity for learning.  Every creation is “enough.”

Today I had a breakthrough with Jacque in finding my self beyond the ego.  This “self” is deeply rooted in love, is the image of my chest opening up and a glowing red haze-like energy flowing out and loving on all who will receive it.   It’s powerful and beautiful — and after today — not so scary. 🙂

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Truth Tuesday: Live As a Child, with Enthusiasm and an Open Heart

Fantastic Reading from Doreen Virtue for this week. She drew from the Mary Queen of Angels deck, and that’s the one I happen to have.  Here are the three that she drew today:


3 Possible Meanings of the Children Card

  1. Focus on your children or the potential of children.
  2. Life Purpose — Something for Children (or volunteering/charitable work/prayer for children).
  3. Your own inner child needs some playtime!


Be enthusiastic in your work.  Be enthusiastic for your dream!  Emotion fuels manifestation, so keep your energy up as high as possible.  The angels say that they are trying to help us!  They are answering our prayers.  Open up your arms to receive, and aid them by keeping your energy up.  Take care of yourself, particularly your physical self.  Get fresh air and sunshine, avoid chemicals, keep active, and consider your diet.


Doreen says: “The more you open your heart to love, the more you’re a portal for God’s love, the more you’re on your life purpose, and all of your needs are met.”  And she emphasizes the importance of gratitude for opening the heart.  Be grateful for every little thing, and watch for the miracles!

I’ve actually listened to this particular recording 3 times because it resonated so much with me this week.  It’s a fresh week this week!  Make it a good one!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

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