Flat, Narrow Feet; Sloping Shoulders — And I’m “Perfect”!

Here's my full title: Flat, Narrow Feet; Sloping Shoulders; Long Torso and Short Legs; Far-Sighted and Astigmatism -- And I'm "Perfect!"  (And those are just things that I was born with!) I picked up Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing again by Barbara Ann Brennan, and it's fascinating.  I love how she separates us... Continue Reading →

Metaphysical Monday: Frustrations = Misunderstandings

I've noticed a change in myself.  I'm becoming more aware of my judgements and more aware of my frustrations with situations and people's reactions that don't go as I imagine they will (or should). At first I thought these reactions meant I was coming more into my own, that I was becoming more self-empowered.  But... Continue Reading →

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