Story Saturday/Sunday: What Lies Within Part II

The continuation of What Lies Within by Teri Karl, Illustrated by Christopher Walker Evelyn was surprised to see a faint glow coming from below. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she was even more astounded that a set of steep steps were now visible, swirling downward into the abyss.   She closed her eyes for... Continue Reading →

Summary Saturday/Sunday: It’s the Weekend! — End of an Era, Cleanliness, What Do I Eat?, Where Do I Go from Here?, Control Freak?, and Why I Received This

It's the Weekend! -- End of an Era I've sometimes wondered if anyone gets annoyed when radio stations announcers get excited about the "weekend"?  It makes me wonder who the listeners are for that station.  What about the waiter/waitresses, retail workers, computer programers, bank tellers, car dealers, customer service representatives, etc who don't have a... Continue Reading →

It’s a Grand, Connected World

I love connecting with people in other parts of the world:  Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, New Zealand, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Singapore, Armenia, South Africa, Ireland, the Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Brazil, Thailand, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, the Bahamas, France, Moldova, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Croatia, Russia,... Continue Reading →

Is Your Life “For Rent”? (Today’s Inspiration by Dido.)

An interesting progression today led me to Dido's "For Rent" and the tears that are now streaming down my cheeks.  I was thinking about jobs again,  jotting some things about work that I enjoy and that are meaningful to me.  Somewhere along my Facebook perusals, checking my mail, reading a bit about the law of... Continue Reading →

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