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Still Weekend

I just came back from the Still Mind Weekend in Windyville, Missouri.  It was fantastic.  I didn’t want to come back. . . mostly because I didn’t want to deal with the odds and ends that were waiting for me back at home.  But I realized 2 things with that thought: 1. I need to honor my entire existence, including the physical (Can’t avoid it!).  2. All this stuff is really not a big deal in the whole picture of existence, anyway (so no point in freaking out about it).

I got my 4th intuitive report in the last 5 months.  I really did not intend to get that many reports this year (and at once!).  I just wanted the Creative Mind report and the Dharma report this year.  Buuuut I jumped on the Meditation report when it moved weekends — I’d really been wanting that one.  And I really wanted to get another Health Analysis report in solidarity with my metaphysics students who were getting theirs. (Great decision.)  I’m glad it worked out this way because all 4 have been connected and have helped me understand myself better and my purpose this lifetime.

So, in a nutshell, I need to be with people, and I need to help people.  This idea was cemented for me when I listened to all 11 of my intuitive reports back-to-back on the ride back from WindyvilleMy first past life profile from my earlier lessons says: “This one needs to aid others in the way that this one has been aided.” And all 4 of my recent intuitive reports mention people.  My Creative Mind report says that I open my creative mind when I emulate others.  My Dharma report says that I need to understand, respect, and appreciate others’ kharma — what they are working on in this lifetime.  My health analysis says that I need to share my imaginative visions with others while having a healthy respect for others’ thoughts, ideas, and gifts.  And my Meditation report says that I need to better understand influence — how it affects me and others — and to use it in leadership and for understanding, for the good of all concerned.

It is then no wonder that I get out of my mental slumps when I get out of the house and am around people.  It is no wonder that I LOVE teaching metaphysics and enjoy helping my tutoring students.  When I get wrapped up in my own thoughts I am in ego and conscious mind.  When I am with others I reconnect with subconscious and superconscious mind.   I suspect that the plan tucked away in my superconscious mind is basically about serving others to the benefit of humanity.  My last report says I’ve already been putting things in place for the work I’m to do.  I am in a service field: tutoring and teaching.  I have expanded my volunteer work in the School of Metaphysics (teaching, lecturing, attending events, becoming the director-in-training).  And I intend to serve through media, too, by continuing to blog and to start writing inspirational children’s stories.

A lot of what we talk about in the school comes down to purpose.  Why are we doing what we’re doing?  My answer: serving others for the good of all concerned.

Sending you all love, joy, and renewed insight into your purpose for this lifetime! ❤

Image of the World Headquarters in Windyville, Missouri (, location of the Still Mind Weekend.

A Couple’s Dharmas

ID-100259109Dr. Barbara asked me to write up what I’d shared during the conclusion of the Dharma Spiritual Focus Session I attended with Brian two weeks ago.  She’s thinking about using part of it in one of her future books, and I am excited to offer you a preview. . .

A few weeks ago Brian and I both got our dharma reports. This was an incredible blessing for me. I’d been waiting a year to receive my report, and even more than this, I was thrilled that Brian had agreed to visit the college to get his. Whatever happened, I was just glad that he had come, that he would get to see what I see and experience what I experience when I go on a weekend. From now on, when I talk to him about my weekends, he’ll have a better picture.

I was even more amazed and grateful when I actually heard Brian’s report. Tears flowed down my face from the moment Dr. Barbara started reporting. It’s a beautiful report and a beautiful dharma. But not only that, it fits perfectly with mine.

My report says that I need to evolve my dharma. My dharma is described as “justice”, and in my past lives, I’ve been a champion for others, defending the accused and rescuing others from tyranny. I carried into this lifetime a desire to “right wrongs” and “fix” things. My report says that I need to focus on understanding kharma this lifetime. I’m good at identifying effects, but I need to stop judging them, stop looking for what’s “wrong.”. Instead, I need to respect and allow the law of cause and effect, observe and understand the ebb and flow of the results of the choices that are made.  From there I am to envision what choices can be made, what can be created, so that I can create productive changes in my life and help others do the same.

What I need is a change of perspective . . .

And that’s Brian’s dharma: “evolving into perspective.” It is activated through the triad of sustainability, attentiveness, and a sense of humor. Brian’s dharma is also about change and helping others grow:

“The ability for change to occur lies in this one’s Dharma. The ability to see things differently, to have a sense of respect, a sense of dignity personally in terms of the individual, and then to develop this into a perceptiveness in the thinking that allows for different outcomes, different possibilities, for different choices then to be made that can cause improvement, growth, sustainability, humor, and the attentiveness necessary for something to come about.” (9-12-15-BGC-DRC-10)

I have now listened to our reports many times and continue to understand them on a deeper level. At first I recognized how his expanded perceptiveness was a key to the evolution of my judgementalism. Then I was struck by how his “sustainability” and expanded “perceptiveness” had been pivotal in the survival of our own relationship. Finally, I recognized that both of our dharmas are in a state of flux and share a common ideal. Together we can be instruments of awareness, understanding, and growth for the world.

Love, light, and many blessings to you all!


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What are we living for? A light and dark perspective.

ID-10037307The Dark . . .

One of my tutoring students is reading I Am Legend for school.  It’s a story about a young man who seems to be the last sane human on earth, surrounded by masses of the undead.  We began discussing the book so I could get a feel for the elements of the story and what he has understood so far. One of my questions was: “What is he living for?”  He had no other humans to interact with.  What was his life’s purpose?  Was he trying to understand what happened?  Find a cure?  Or was he simply living from his survival instinct?  I frankly admitted that I would probably have killed myself if I were in his situation.

The Light. . .

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I am living for.  But I am not surrounded by zombies/vampires. And so, I honestly want to live!  I am grateful for every gift of a day that I have on this earth.  Why?  I have found a life that brings me joy.  I have a desire to continue my inner work and to help others do the same.  Today, as I was reading my weekly metaphysics lesson I came across these lines: “The power of the Subconscious Mind is available when you give service freely for as you give so you will receive.  The only way you can truly understand the power of the Subconscious Mind is through service. . .  giving and receiving evolves beyond ego motivation into the realm of desire.” I feel there is something important for me here.  I’ve thought a lot about desire and how important it is to creation.  I’ve noticed that when I truly desire something, I am able to manifest it easily.  But often I struggle!  Perhaps when I follow the complete law and “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven,” my manifestations will really take off!

There is a part of me (the ego) that is fearful of losing myself, of losing “my identity.”  There is another part of me that really wants to become one with God/Goddess/Source and to give myself completely to the good of all concerned. Here is a thought I have that I’d like to start with tomorrow: “God/Goddess, thank you for the gift of another day.  Please bless me with the wisdom of Solomon, that I may live every moment with the awareness and action toward the goodness of all concerned.”

Light and love to you all. ❤

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Thankful Thursday: Job Thankfulness

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

When I was young my mom used to tell me that instead of asking God for something, you thank God for it, as if it has already been given to you.  My sister recently seconded that concept, applying it to angels, based on her studies of Kyle Gray, the angel communicator.  So, here is my most recent job version of my 10 Most Wanted, dedicated to thankfulness:

God and angels,

1. I thank you for my job (s) that allow me to pay my bills, pay my mortgage, give to charity, pay for school, and take care of my needs and wants.

2. I thank you for my job(s) that allow me free weekends and time for activities and writing.  (Ideally within the hours of 9am-4pm so that I can get my exercises done in the morning and have dinner with Brian before my nightly activities.)

3. I thank you for the fulfillment , fun, and excitement I have with my job.  I thank you for the opportunities for learning, service, and following my life purpose.

4. I thank you for the ideas I’m free to share and that are accepted and my opportunities to create.

5. I thank you for a job that’s close to home.

6. I thank you for wonderful, supportive coworkers.

7. I thank you for a job that has a lot of flexibility, variety, mobility (physical), and access to sunlight.

8. I thank you for a a job that allows me to interact with and assist others, also allowing me to use my Spanish.

9. I thank you for a job that gives me an excuse to travel.

10. I thank you for a job that makes a difference in an organization  (or with individuals) with integrity.

I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity and experience that you have helped me to create! ❤

Precious Moments

"My Family" courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS/

“My Family” courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS/

I’ve been going through a transition and have struggled with feeling stuck and lost without a purpose.  Some of the speakers talked about how the universe is shifting and how what I’m going through is normal.  That’s a relief.  The whole thing has been very difficult for a sensitive, emotional person like me.  I can’t compare myself to anyone else, because I don’t have the ability to climb into their brains, but the rolling emotions, especially the low lows have been hard for me.  Sometimes I don’t know why I feel as I do and don’t know what to do with my depressed emotions.  I do what I can: I improve my diet, I exercise, I distract myself, I look on the bright side, and I have special moments like last night when I take notice of how completely happy I am.

Last night I played dominoes with my grandma, Mom, Dad, my sister, and Brian, and I was all happiness.  No sadness or worry.  Some of you may be thinking: “Dominoes?  People even play that anymore?  That makes you happy?”  I don’t know what to tell you; I used to think the same way.  But I have the best time playing with this group, and I won’t forget it.  Those are moments to remember and live for.  People have told me that you can’t be happy all of the time.  I think you can. Or you can much of the time, depending on how enlightened you are, how at peace you are with yourself and within yourself.  But I think it’s true that for most people it is very difficult.  And I think I will add to my toolbox (a term I got from my psychotherapist long ago) the “This Too Shall Pass” wisdom saying.  All of the other stuff and techniques are  good, too –like the sacred place in our minds (mine’s by the ocean) — but sometimes you’re just wallowing in the muck and feeling stuck there, and you just got to make it through, knowing it won’t last forever.  Sad times pass, just as the happy ones do.  The cycle continues.  Lessons are learned.  Life moves on.

Day 3 on the Road to Happiness

"Silhouette" courtesy of arztsamui/

“Silhouette” courtesy of arztsamui/ 

1. Health No exercise today.  Gotta get back on the horse tomorrow.  Eating was good until tonight, but still did ok.  Splurged a bit on dessert for Easter tonight: a brownie, 2 chocolate-covered strawberries, an almond butter chocolate ball.  Had some Merlot and Pinot Noir, as well.

2. Creative Time/ Me Time — My head has been awhirl with ideas, but I haven’t written them down.  I still have this major mindblock when it comes to writing.  I feel like I could create great things if I could just get over what ever needs getting over.  I think it’s a matter of just doing it.  Just putting pen to paper over and over.  Watching some King of Thrones.  It’s a bit violent and full of drama for my tastes, but other than that, I’m enjoying it.

3. People — I got to see Brian much of today and spent Easter with my dad’s side of the family (and my mom and sister).  I’m a bit awkward with my relatives, but I enjoyed some brief conversation.  My aunt has a beautiful sun room with many windows and a sunroof, looking out onto her deck and her backyard.  I could imagine myself writing in a room like that.

4. Being in the Moment — Did some meditating, finishing up 21 Day Meditation challenge and also focusing on the moment while moving about.  I’m also more aware of my emotions and reactions to things.

5. Life Purpose — Didn’t do too much work with my life purpose today.  I had a a rough tutoring session today.  We got some good things accomplished, but my student wasn’t too motivated today.  I suppose it doesn’t help that it was Easter today and the very end of his spring break.

Dreamt of the Terminator last night.  I left my small group of people to go find him to come help save us.  One found me, but I thought a second one might be all the more helpful.  But I couldn’t remember his name.  I kept calling and calling various names, and in my search, I lost the first one, too. . .

I have no idea what that dream means. . .

5 Pieces of Happiness

"Young woman walking in meadow" courtesy of adamr/

“Young woman walking in meadow” courtesy of adamr/

I’m on spring break this week (but I still have tutoring), so I thought I would use this brief breather to try to set some habits.  Since my New Year’s resolution is to “be happy”, I’m going to focus on the 5 things that I have determined will most likely make me happy:

1. Health

2. Creative time/me time

3. People

4. Being in the Moment

5. Life Purpose

I plan on posting about my daily successes in those areas for this week —  beginning with posting about today and yesterday tonight — and any other posts I will schedule for afterwards.

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