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Story Saturday/Sunday/Monday . . .

I may need a new title for Monday, depending on how this Facebook Live thing goes.  How long has Facebook Live been in existence?

Anyway, I like it, and I intend to do it daily for at least a while.

It was hard for me to think of the best story for Story/Saturday Sunday.  Since today is my birthday, I’d really like to talk about my story.  Have I done that yet?  Well, anyway, here goes:

Start with the end in mind. . .

I am an infinite, divinely connected, highly successful joyedian and coach, enhancing the lives of millions, traveling the world, and generating $1,000,000 a year!

Steps on the journey:

  • wrote for Young Authors in elementary school and the yearbook and poetry contests in middle school
  • took a Creative Writing class in high school (favorite class!)
  • was in chorus, band, and theater (Godspell!) throughout school
  • spiritual upbringing
  • participated in various retreats
  • studied abroad in Mexico for 1 semester
  • B.A. in Elementary Ed. and Spanish; M.S. in Literacy
  • taught for 10 years; tutored for 3 years
  • created the blog “A Moment in Life”
  • began Early Education Enrichment business
  • joined networking groups, including BNI, the Chicagoland Coopvertising Network, and WESOS
  • participated in community theater (Back to the 80’s)
  • participated in a community band and the Joliet Symphony Orchestra
  • sang karaoke
  • traveled to Europe for a Rick Steve’s Tour
  • took a class in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • 5 bike trips in Canada (1 in Vancouver, and 4 along the Rockies)
  • traveled “Along the Silk Road” in China
  • took a few improv classes (The Comedy Shrine, and with Alison Henderson)
  • studied, taught, and lectured in the School of Metaphysics for 3 years (and was Dream Awareness Coordinator)
  • attended 2 DreamBuilder Live events
  • became a certified Life Mastery Consultant (and DreamBuilder coach)
  • created Teri Karl, Inc.
  • began swap coaching with another DreamBuilder coach
  • began weekly accountability sessions with fellow Life Mastery Consultant and “partner in believing”
  • took the coaching class “Masks Off”
  • began biweekly Mastermind group
  • enrolled in Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy
  • began training as a Life Enhancement Coach
  • joined Toastmasters
  • won 2nd place for Tall Tales at the District Level
  • began following Doreen Virtue
  • began monthly Vision Workshops
  • began speaking at different locations, including Tranquility Massage and the Romeoville Rotary
  • began individual DreamBuilder coaching
  • coached Standing Firm
  • began weekly coaching for MLMs “Before You Quit”
  • scheduled a group DreamBuilder class
  • scheduled a Life Mastery gr0up
  • met with BNI power team partner to discuss a trip for next year and future workshop cruises.

What is your story?  What is your dream?  What is your path?

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Wins & Weaknesses Wednesday: Looking Back and Forward

I had a great session today with my DreamBuilder coach, Jacque Alderete.  We are nearing the end of our first time through the DreamBuilder program, and we were looking back on the journey.  It’s funny, I know that I’ve changed, but sometimes it’s hard for me to put my finger on it.  Jacque helped me see it a little more clearly.  I came into the coaching wanting to focus on time and money freedom.  I have definitely made some headway in those areas and have also done a lot of internal work, which is where the change really starts!

I also had a really interesting experience last night.  My partners in believing and I continue to share our visions nightly with each other, and last night I felt the need to change mine.  I was feeling the pressure of the time crunch of my vision (3 years!), and so I tamed down my vision a bit to feel more “realistic.”   And it was awful.  I hated the new vision.  It didn’t feel right, and it didn’t feel natural.  After talking with my partners in believing and with my coach, I confirmed that I need to go back to my original dream.  It’s a great life!  And it’s one that I truly love.

Another thing that Jacque and I focused on was celebrating every success (no matter the size!)  So, here we go:

  • I completed a whole cycle of DreamBuilder as a participant
  • I have been coaching multiple clients through the DreamBuilder program
  • I continue to participate in networking groups, including BNI, Chicagoland Coopvertising, and WESOS
  • I am taking steps toward creating a multi-professional monthly newsletter
  • I have completed 6 Vision Workshops!
  • I listen to the power 4 chapters The Science of Getting Rich daily.
  • I listen to audio books daily.
  • I have a steady amount of tutoring clients.
  • I have 3 Early Education Enrichment classes at the Plainfield Library!
  • I have been blogging regularly
  • I have begun journaling more frequently
  • I am allowing myself to read for pleasure!
  • I have kept up with my training calls and Quantum Leap lessons
  • I am incorporated (Teri Karl, Inc)
  • The kitchen, living room, dining room, my bedroom, and the garage are now all fairly organized
  • I have organized my Early Education Enrichment binders
  • I have organized my receipts.
  • I am eating healthy, planned meals.
  • I am exercising a couple times a week.
  • I am occasionally waking at 4:30am (as part of my morning routine plan)
  • I am meditating and praying
  • I continue to push myself onward with the assistance of Marie Di Tullio, my rockstar accountability partner 🙂
  • I share my vision nightly with my partners in believing

Much love and many blessings to you all! ❤


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The title of this post is borrowed from Martha Beck, author of Steering by StarlightI am grateful for Cindy Dove of Purposed Lives, for her continued coaching, and for introducing me to the works of Martha Beck.  I am excited to find my Stargazer. . .

I am half-way through Beck’s book, and I’ve begun thinking about some “lizard” comments that are keeping me stuck in the past and fearing the future.  Here are some throw-away ideas that I would like to identify (First, recognition!), matched up with some new affirmations:


I am not good enough.   I am more than good enough — I’m amazing!

I have to be miserable.  I can be happy and at peace in the present moment.

Work has to be hard. Things don’t have to be — and aren’t — as hard as I make them out to be.

Work has to be unenjoyable.  I can find fun and enjoyment in anything I do.  Or I can trick myself into making it not so bad!


I have to do this because this is what may family wants (parents, sister, grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc). What I do is inspired by my true self, and whatever I choose to do is acting in the best interests of my life purpose/path.

He can’t handle ___________ (my fiance, my father, etc), so I should/shouldn’t _____________. I give credit to ____________ for how strong they are, and I will let the butterfly make its own way out of the cocoon.

If people don’t come to my parties, that means they don’t like me. I give myself permission to choose not to go to events, and I give other people permission to not go to events.  It is not a reflection on my person or theirs.

If people aren’t calling me, that means they don’t like me.  If I feel a need to connect with someone, I will make the effort.  When they are ready to connect with me, they will do the same.

I am too shy to talk to people.  I have been told that I am a friendly, outgoing person, and I know it!

I have to prove myself for people to like me. I have gotten smiles from passerbys and people I have just met.

If I _________________/don’t do ________________, people won’t like me. I do not have control over how people feel toward me.  When I am aligning with my true self, I am at peace with myself and my choices and actions.


I can’t handle money. I have been managing money just fine for years now.

I have to pay off this mortgage as quickly as possible, even if it makes me miserable trying to do it. I am willing to take longer to pay off my mortgage, if it means I can work jobs that I love and live a happier life.

I need to make enough money to afford things that my friends afford and do things that my friends do. I am a frugal person who can find enjoyment in simple things.

It is good to feel poor and without. Though the simple life can be a fulfilling life, I do not need to deprive myself of everything to feel that I am being my best self.


I have to do things a certain way./Things must be a certain way. The possibilities are endless!

I must be a bad person. I am exactly who I a meant to be.

I can’t be completely, blissfully happy because that would be heaven, and I’m not ready to go yet. I can be completely, blissfully happy, as others are around me!

I’ll bet you can imagine how hard it was to type the opposite, my affirmations!  Am I going to magically change overnight?  That would be lovely!  But, however long it takes, the journey has begun.

What are your throw-away ideas?  What are your new affirmations?

GPS & Life Coaching

Have you ever played Apples to Apples and dealt with those annoying double-subject cards: “death & taxes”, “salt& pepper”, “apples & oranges”. . .  etc?   I think I dumped most of those cards.  So, then “GPS & Life Coaching”?. . .  Yes, I’m really grateful for this particular double- subject.  It has given my life direction — map direction & life direction.

My GPS was one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Do you know how sometimes you don’t take action in your life until something — or you —  begins to fall apart?  Well, this was happening to me when trying to get somewhere for the first time.  I had a couple of incidences in a row where I was driving somewhere new and got completely lost.  When I became increasingly more frequently on the verge of nervous breakdowns, I knew something had to be done.  So, I got my GPS, and I’ve driven happily ever after, ever since.  Now, I do sometimes still get lost or lose direction, but. . .  then my wonderful, flexible GPS lady readjusts and gets me right back on track.

Cindy from “Purposed Lives”  has also gotten me on track.  She’s helped me begin to explore  myself , so I can find who I really am, what I want to do, and how to reopen that creative part of myself.  Do you ever get cranky and agitated when you haven’t eaten for a while?  Your body is telling you that you’re not getting what you need, right?  I’ve begun to realize that I’ve done the same with my creative side, and maybe even with my life purpose.  I’ve starved myself of the things I want to do and am meant to do, and thus, I’ve become a cranky, irritable person who feels empty and envies the happiness of others.  Working with Cindy has not only opened me up to ideas I’d never considered before, but our weekly check-ins have given me an accountability that helps me place importance on the things I didn’t really appreciate before.

After spending a lifetime being lost, it feels great to know where I’m going!


Grateful for Being Here

I’m grateful for getting excited about things.  I’m really trying to keep my attitude positive, and today I decided to look at this summer’s experience as an adventure.  It really is a new adventure.  And isn’t that really why we’re here on Earth?  To explore, to learn, and to support others as we all go about our journeys?

I am grateful that I am alive and healthy and able to be here to continue exploring.

Today I went to my first Joliet networking experience, and they happened to have a workshop today on interviews.  That’s exactly what I needed!  And when I was there, a fellow networker mentioned a local job fair  that I had seen on-line, but had forgotten about.  It listed some places that I’m interested in and have been meaning to contact.  Awesome!

I also finally got a text from the library that some books came in (Dr. Wayne Dyer books), so I have those now to work on my spiritual growth  (Yay!).  And I have a phone advisory appointment in a half hour with a woman from last week’s workshop, who I really connected with.  (So, hopefully I’ll be posting about that tomorrow!)

In closing, I am also grateful for my spinach, mixed cheese, avocado taco and the organic whole milk yogurt that I had for lunch today.  Hit the spot.

What are you grateful for today?


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