Summary Saturday/Sunday: It’s the Weekend! — End of an Era, Cleanliness, What Do I Eat?, Where Do I Go from Here?, Control Freak?, and Why I Received This

It's the Weekend! -- End of an Era I've sometimes wondered if anyone gets annoyed when radio stations announcers get excited about the "weekend"?  It makes me wonder who the listeners are for that station.  What about the waiter/waitresses, retail workers, computer programers, bank tellers, car dealers, customer service representatives, etc who don't have a... Continue Reading →

A Book Look: Ruby the Copycat & Penny and Her Marble

Why should an adult read a children's book? Well, first of all it's FUN.  They can bring back childhood memories.  And lately I'm realizing that there are some great lessons in there for us, too. Take Ruby the Copycat, for instance.  I chose this book for one of my tutoring students because it was recommended... Continue Reading →

Your Speck! Your Log!: A Lesson In “You Know It’s About You, Right?”

I think the words that hurt the most -- when they are said with honesty and positive intention -- are the ones that help us grow the most. Years ago I had a friend tell me straight out: "Teri, you're a bad listener."  I never forgot it.  And I now check-in during every conversation to... Continue Reading →

Are We Uncomfortable Yet?

I grew up avoiding anything uncomfortable. As a sensitive person, I shied from conflict, from activities that seemed way too difficult. They were scary! When I became an adult, I learned that being uncomfortable was sometimes unavoidable, and when I became a student of Metaphysics, I learned that being uncomfortable meant a learning opportunity. So... Continue Reading →

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