Tribute Tuesday: Spiritual Focus Sessions

I've just come back from back-to-back Spiritual Focus Sessions through the School of Metaphysics: Spirit of the Healer and Powers of 10.  They were amazing from start to finish.  Besides the highlight of the sessions -- the in-person intuitive reports -- the lessons, activities, meals, reflections, and personal interactions were eye-opening and life-changing.  I left... Continue Reading →

Summary Saturday/Sunday: It’s the Weekend! — End of an Era, Cleanliness, What Do I Eat?, Where Do I Go from Here?, Control Freak?, and Why I Received This

It's the Weekend! -- End of an Era I've sometimes wondered if anyone gets annoyed when radio stations announcers get excited about the "weekend"?  It makes me wonder who the listeners are for that station.  What about the waiter/waitresses, retail workers, computer programers, bank tellers, car dealers, customer service representatives, etc who don't have a... Continue Reading →

National Dream Hotline® — Now through 11:59pm this Sunday

Finally!  The School of Metaphysics National Dream Hotline® is here.  A follow-up post will follow. . .  Call any time at any hour this weekend to participate and get your free dream interpretation and learn what your inner self is communicating to you while you sleep.   (630)739-1329 (And after you call, please comment about it... Continue Reading →

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