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53 Days ‘Til el Camino: Inspiration


Look at my awesome hiking shoes!  I’ve decided to wear them anytime I leave the house, even for work!  That’s the beauty of creating my own dress code: if anyone asks, it’s an excuse to explain that I’m walking el Camino!

Today and Tuesday I wore them the whole day, and it was great!  Yesterday I made the mistake of walking too far into the lake (recently the walking path near my house), and I SOAKED my shoes.  They were still wet this afternoon, so I sicked a blow dryer on them for quite some time to wear them to work this evening.  I REALLY, really love these shoes.  My feet feel so loved in them.  Just getting the shoes makes the whole Camino trip worth it!  I can’t wait to see what they look like when I’m done walking 500 miles!  I have a feeling we’ll develop quite a bond. . .

Today I was blessed by two people sharing how I’ve inspired them.  One was grateful that I once insisted on paying her for what she had given me; it connected her to the Law of Prosperity and shifted her perspective on giving for free.  The other was inspired that I was “going for it” — jumping into this trip of el Camino!  She’s inspired to go after one of her bucket list trips!  I feel so fulfilled!

Overall a wonderful day today.  I had some great lessons with my students, I’m glad to have my shoes back, I’m amazed at how much energy I had today, I can tell I’m shifting and my confidence is building, and I’m anxious but excited about some changes I’m anticipating in how I go about my work.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

A Beautiful Beginning . . . And a Few Other Thoughts


I’m starting a new life.  I never imagined this, but my real self has been wanting this.  I’ve gone from a girl who followed the crowd to a girl who is making some waves.  I always felt like I was meant for something “bigger.”  I’ve finally found it.  The universe brought me to it (with a little help from family)!  2 years ago I started my first business (Early Education Enrichment with Cindy Venckus).  At this time next week I will have launched my second business” a Life Mastery Consultant with Mary Morrissey.

It’s funny how things turn out, work out.  Being a teacher and tutor — besides having some wonderfully fulfilling moments — has prepared me for this.  Becoming a student of the School of Metaphysics has prepared me for this.  These days I’m noticing that I sometimes have trouble seeing the whole big picture.  I have trouble imagining what can be.  I have an inkling, and then the universe fills in the rest.  Would things be even bigger, grander if I could imagine them first?  Perhaps.  Or maybe the universe knows best?

I don’t know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. My friend Jorge says: “Welcome to the life of an entrepreneur!”  If that’s the case, I welcome it!  I am done with safe and stable.  I welcome change (within reason, be patient!)  I am bursting out of my shell, and I’m going to take as many people as I can with me (who are willing!).  I’m becoming a believer. I also want others to also know the truth.

In other news, I have a lot of attention on the Law of Prosperity.  I’ve been experimenting with tithing (time, money, and talent), and so far it has been going pretty well.  And I’m also finding that I’m being given more and more chances to give!  “That’s great, universe!” I say.  “How about I receive some, too?”  And I am.  Part of it is timing.  Part of it is visualization.  Part of it is attention.  It has started coming, and I see more flowing soon.

I’m also facing my old kharma — insecurity and a dependence on feedback for others.  (Funny how that spiral circles back. . .)  I think something opened up for me in class last night.  My teacher said something like he says: “I don’t give a care” as an example for me to follow.  “But I do care!” I exclaimed.  However, I was tired of where I was.  I was tired of feeling insecure and also like a tantrumy child.  There is no love there.  How can I elevate others in that way?  So, I tried it on.  I imaged release.  I imaged disconnection.  I did think: “I don’t give a care.” And it worked.  I felt a release.  I felt a relaxation.  I felt some freedom.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love everyone very much.  I just don’t care want to care about what others think about me anymore.  And I love myself very much, too.  I want to grow up.  (But still be young-at-heart, of course!)  It’s time to mature, and it’s time to do my work here and let go of these energy sappers like doubt and worry.

It’s working.  I’m changing. I’m believing.  I’m growing.

Last thought: Some people are so nice.  I don’t understand it, and I want to.  It completely overwhelms me how absolutely giving and loving people can be.  I want to be that for others.  I intend to accomplish that this lifetime.  My latest example is one of my tutoring parents.  She hasn’t needed me for a while, but she called me again today.  She welcomed me into her house last minute.  (Today was the only day I could fit the lesson in!)  She gave me some slippers for my feet.  She shared some of her very expensive tea with me (a gift from her brother!)  And then she walked ahead of me from her door to my car to make sure I didn’t slip.  (I’m getting choked up just reading this last one!)  I can’t understand such kindness, such consideration.  The ease in selflessness boggles my mind.  But I want to understand.  My intuitive report says that my creative mind opens through emulating others.  I want to be just like her.

Here’s to growth!  Here’s to the new me!  ❤  I’ll see you again when I get back. 🙂  Much love and blessings to you all now and always. ❤


It’s 11:31pm, and I Miss You

Hello, everyone!  I’m writing because it’s been a long time.  And I miss it.  I miss you.  So, it’s late, and I still have to do the litterbox and most of my metaphysics exercises, but I just want to quickly look back on this week.


  1. The “Understanding Your Dreams” Lecture at the Oak Forest Rotary was fabulous.  I realized how confident I am on this topic and how much I enjoy sharing with others.  I would like to make this my Plan B lecture, since I’ve already given it many times.   I plan to lecture monthly and to write new lectures, but I can give this one to anyone who wants to hear it!
  2. I had a wonderful DreamCatchers tonight.  It was one of those events that seemed like it could be too much after a long day, but I had a wonderful experience with a lot of new faces and lots of questions and sharing.  I’m definitely glad I went (and they want us back!)
  3. My office is now fabulously clean and organized, thanks to my student and the company she works for.  It is a pleasure to be in now — and I can find things!  This is a long-needed manifestation that I am incredibly grateful for.
  4. I am putting my attention on concentration and mindfulness.  Redundant?  Ah well. 🙂  I am tired of leaving things behind.  I am tired of feeling so spacey!  I’ve gotta get grounded, and now.   I am getting better at concentrating. I’m starting exercising again.  I’m going to dance around the house. (Great for grounding!) I’m going to make sure I take my vitamins.  Any other suggestions for grounding?
  5. I’ve been seeing 1’s and 2’s everywhere.  It’s actually become a comfort, much as 1’s and 4’s once was.  Apparently I’ve got lots of seed ideas ready to sprout.  And I can see some things finally manifesting for me.  My networking group is growing.  My business/jobs are beginning to increase.   My office is organized.  My identity is changing inside and out. . . I have many more things on my 10 Most Wanted list, so  let’s go manifesting!  Let’s manifest them all! ❤
  6. I’ve been focusing a lot on money.  I’ve been listening to Carol Tuttle’s audio series “Manifesting More Money.”  I realize a lot of my blockages with money and abundance in general are mental.  I’ve known this for some time, and I’m working on shifting my consciousness so that I can be more receptive.  I’ve also been finding that as I stretch myself and give more, I open space to receive more.  (Gotta love that Law of Prosperity!) 🙂

Joy and love to you all. (High vibrational frequencies!) 🙂

Going Deeper (Thoughts & Karma)

ID-100134370I realized I’m starting to work with the suggestions from my  dharma report: I’m starting to follow the path of karma.  I’m following chains of thoughts a little further.  In the past few days I had a few interactions with one of my metaphysics students that really opened my eyes and helped me grow.  I had the chance to meet with her today and share it with her.  First, I had a situation where I needed to take immediate action, and I needed to meet with her immediately before going out of town this weekend.  I was worried she would feel inconvenienced and wouldn’t want to help.  I didn’t even want to talk with her.  But I realized from what we’d just been talking about in class that I needed to change my frame of mind. I needed to find a way to be comfortable with my request and to have faith that we could work it out. And she was perfectly fine and gracious and had no problem with my last-minute request.

Then today I had a situation where I had a last-minute potential job for the day, and it conflicted with this same meeting I’d planned with my student.  I stressed about it for hours in between my errands and tutoring appointments.  It was interesting to observe the paths of my thoughts: the frenzy and the anxiety, the repetitive thoughts, the blaming of other people for the circumstances that had necessitated this meeting, the blaming of myself, the belief that I could somehow, somehow make both work, resigning myself to limited sleep and extra driving, attachment to the potential for extra income, the nail-biting waiting for a returned call, and finally the resolution of sticking with the original plan and letting the job go.  It ended up working out great, and I am grateful for the precious time I had with my student.  And I realized that it was probably better that the job hadn’t worked out.  There was learning in that situation for all of us involved.

There is a lot I have left to learn about money and about the Laws of Prosperity and Abundance.  (My angel numbers messages continue to warn me to keep me thoughts out of the physical realm and focus on my life purpose.  Leave your needs up to us!) And there is a lot to learn about Karma.  But I feel like I’m on the brink of some big realizations.  I’m beginning to see how my frame of mind is preventing me from receiving and how I can begin to shift this.  I pray to God and the angels and Masters to help me with my next steps (because I’m not making it on my own yet!), and I look forward to the awesome things that are coming!

Love and blessings to you all. ❤

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