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A Beautiful Beginning . . . And a Few Other Thoughts


I’m starting a new life.  I never imagined this, but my real self has been wanting this.  I’ve gone from a girl who followed the crowd to a girl who is making some waves.  I always felt like I was meant for something “bigger.”  I’ve finally found it.  The universe brought me to it (with a little help from family)!  2 years ago I started my first business (Early Education Enrichment with Cindy Venckus).  At this time next week I will have launched my second business” a Life Mastery Consultant with Mary Morrissey.

It’s funny how things turn out, work out.  Being a teacher and tutor — besides having some wonderfully fulfilling moments — has prepared me for this.  Becoming a student of the School of Metaphysics has prepared me for this.  These days I’m noticing that I sometimes have trouble seeing the whole big picture.  I have trouble imagining what can be.  I have an inkling, and then the universe fills in the rest.  Would things be even bigger, grander if I could imagine them first?  Perhaps.  Or maybe the universe knows best?

I don’t know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. My friend Jorge says: “Welcome to the life of an entrepreneur!”  If that’s the case, I welcome it!  I am done with safe and stable.  I welcome change (within reason, be patient!)  I am bursting out of my shell, and I’m going to take as many people as I can with me (who are willing!).  I’m becoming a believer. I also want others to also know the truth.

In other news, I have a lot of attention on the Law of Prosperity.  I’ve been experimenting with tithing (time, money, and talent), and so far it has been going pretty well.  And I’m also finding that I’m being given more and more chances to give!  “That’s great, universe!” I say.  “How about I receive some, too?”  And I am.  Part of it is timing.  Part of it is visualization.  Part of it is attention.  It has started coming, and I see more flowing soon.

I’m also facing my old kharma — insecurity and a dependence on feedback for others.  (Funny how that spiral circles back. . .)  I think something opened up for me in class last night.  My teacher said something like he says: “I don’t give a care” as an example for me to follow.  “But I do care!” I exclaimed.  However, I was tired of where I was.  I was tired of feeling insecure and also like a tantrumy child.  There is no love there.  How can I elevate others in that way?  So, I tried it on.  I imaged release.  I imaged disconnection.  I did think: “I don’t give a care.” And it worked.  I felt a release.  I felt a relaxation.  I felt some freedom.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love everyone very much.  I just don’t care want to care about what others think about me anymore.  And I love myself very much, too.  I want to grow up.  (But still be young-at-heart, of course!)  It’s time to mature, and it’s time to do my work here and let go of these energy sappers like doubt and worry.

It’s working.  I’m changing. I’m believing.  I’m growing.

Last thought: Some people are so nice.  I don’t understand it, and I want to.  It completely overwhelms me how absolutely giving and loving people can be.  I want to be that for others.  I intend to accomplish that this lifetime.  My latest example is one of my tutoring parents.  She hasn’t needed me for a while, but she called me again today.  She welcomed me into her house last minute.  (Today was the only day I could fit the lesson in!)  She gave me some slippers for my feet.  She shared some of her very expensive tea with me (a gift from her brother!)  And then she walked ahead of me from her door to my car to make sure I didn’t slip.  (I’m getting choked up just reading this last one!)  I can’t understand such kindness, such consideration.  The ease in selflessness boggles my mind.  But I want to understand.  My intuitive report says that my creative mind opens through emulating others.  I want to be just like her.

Here’s to growth!  Here’s to the new me!  ❤  I’ll see you again when I get back. 🙂  Much love and blessings to you all now and always. ❤


Still Weekend

I just came back from the Still Mind Weekend in Windyville, Missouri.  It was fantastic.  I didn’t want to come back. . . mostly because I didn’t want to deal with the odds and ends that were waiting for me back at home.  But I realized 2 things with that thought: 1. I need to honor my entire existence, including the physical (Can’t avoid it!).  2. All this stuff is really not a big deal in the whole picture of existence, anyway (so no point in freaking out about it).

I got my 4th intuitive report in the last 5 months.  I really did not intend to get that many reports this year (and at once!).  I just wanted the Creative Mind report and the Dharma report this year.  Buuuut I jumped on the Meditation report when it moved weekends — I’d really been wanting that one.  And I really wanted to get another Health Analysis report in solidarity with my metaphysics students who were getting theirs. (Great decision.)  I’m glad it worked out this way because all 4 have been connected and have helped me understand myself better and my purpose this lifetime.

So, in a nutshell, I need to be with people, and I need to help people.  This idea was cemented for me when I listened to all 11 of my intuitive reports back-to-back on the ride back from WindyvilleMy first past life profile from my earlier lessons says: “This one needs to aid others in the way that this one has been aided.” And all 4 of my recent intuitive reports mention people.  My Creative Mind report says that I open my creative mind when I emulate others.  My Dharma report says that I need to understand, respect, and appreciate others’ kharma — what they are working on in this lifetime.  My health analysis says that I need to share my imaginative visions with others while having a healthy respect for others’ thoughts, ideas, and gifts.  And my Meditation report says that I need to better understand influence — how it affects me and others — and to use it in leadership and for understanding, for the good of all concerned.

It is then no wonder that I get out of my mental slumps when I get out of the house and am around people.  It is no wonder that I LOVE teaching metaphysics and enjoy helping my tutoring students.  When I get wrapped up in my own thoughts I am in ego and conscious mind.  When I am with others I reconnect with subconscious and superconscious mind.   I suspect that the plan tucked away in my superconscious mind is basically about serving others to the benefit of humanity.  My last report says I’ve already been putting things in place for the work I’m to do.  I am in a service field: tutoring and teaching.  I have expanded my volunteer work in the School of Metaphysics (teaching, lecturing, attending events, becoming the director-in-training).  And I intend to serve through media, too, by continuing to blog and to start writing inspirational children’s stories.

A lot of what we talk about in the school comes down to purpose.  Why are we doing what we’re doing?  My answer: serving others for the good of all concerned.

Sending you all love, joy, and renewed insight into your purpose for this lifetime! ❤

Image of the World Headquarters in Windyville, Missouri (, location of the Still Mind Weekend.

A Couple’s Dharmas

ID-100259109Dr. Barbara asked me to write up what I’d shared during the conclusion of the Dharma Spiritual Focus Session I attended with Brian two weeks ago.  She’s thinking about using part of it in one of her future books, and I am excited to offer you a preview. . .

A few weeks ago Brian and I both got our dharma reports. This was an incredible blessing for me. I’d been waiting a year to receive my report, and even more than this, I was thrilled that Brian had agreed to visit the college to get his. Whatever happened, I was just glad that he had come, that he would get to see what I see and experience what I experience when I go on a weekend. From now on, when I talk to him about my weekends, he’ll have a better picture.

I was even more amazed and grateful when I actually heard Brian’s report. Tears flowed down my face from the moment Dr. Barbara started reporting. It’s a beautiful report and a beautiful dharma. But not only that, it fits perfectly with mine.

My report says that I need to evolve my dharma. My dharma is described as “justice”, and in my past lives, I’ve been a champion for others, defending the accused and rescuing others from tyranny. I carried into this lifetime a desire to “right wrongs” and “fix” things. My report says that I need to focus on understanding kharma this lifetime. I’m good at identifying effects, but I need to stop judging them, stop looking for what’s “wrong.”. Instead, I need to respect and allow the law of cause and effect, observe and understand the ebb and flow of the results of the choices that are made.  From there I am to envision what choices can be made, what can be created, so that I can create productive changes in my life and help others do the same.

What I need is a change of perspective . . .

And that’s Brian’s dharma: “evolving into perspective.” It is activated through the triad of sustainability, attentiveness, and a sense of humor. Brian’s dharma is also about change and helping others grow:

“The ability for change to occur lies in this one’s Dharma. The ability to see things differently, to have a sense of respect, a sense of dignity personally in terms of the individual, and then to develop this into a perceptiveness in the thinking that allows for different outcomes, different possibilities, for different choices then to be made that can cause improvement, growth, sustainability, humor, and the attentiveness necessary for something to come about.” (9-12-15-BGC-DRC-10)

I have now listened to our reports many times and continue to understand them on a deeper level. At first I recognized how his expanded perceptiveness was a key to the evolution of my judgementalism. Then I was struck by how his “sustainability” and expanded “perceptiveness” had been pivotal in the survival of our own relationship. Finally, I recognized that both of our dharmas are in a state of flux and share a common ideal. Together we can be instruments of awareness, understanding, and growth for the world.

Love, light, and many blessings to you all!


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