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THIS is What Morning Looks Like


Dear Source, Mother Gaia (Earth) . . .  and any and all Entities of Light — those for the good of all concerned — thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

Thanks to my work schedule opening up a bit — AND SOME SUN (Spring IS here, whether it looks like it or not) — I think I’m actually experiencing how a perfect morning can look!

This morning I woke up with Brian at 6am, took the dogs out (who pooped immediately — yay!), and made a breakfast smoothie.  The following 2-2.5 hours were spent on the following: pet care and feed, sitting on the floor and petting the fur babies, drinking straight hot water (Does anyone else do this, or am I crazy?), watching random inspirational videos on Facebook and youtube and crying my eyes out — in a very cleansing way, starting a load and accidentally Chrome-casting Abraham Hick’s “Everything is Always Working Out for Me” on the TV — and THEN getting super inspired to blast “Aum/Om chanting on the TV” and open all of the shutters to let in the GLORIOUS SUN! (Let’s raise this house’s vibration, y’all!).

Next I’ll probably add in some of the my other favorite activities/self-care choices/to dos for the day: multiple walks (with and without pets), a bath, meditation with candles, hanging out in the library (9 books on hold for me — yeep!), trying out some Akashic record/intuitive questioning, experimenting with ideas for my business card, reminding myself how to play “If I Had a Hammer” and “Seek Ye First” on the guitar for the nursing home this Friday, some correspondence, saging the house (It still feels sad!), Zumba Fitness Rush on the Xbox 360, reading my vision, random dancing around the house, making an on-line video, yoga, journaling, and planting some seeds indoors (weather is still unpredictable here in Chicagoland!).  In the past I’ve been asked questions like: “What do you do for play?” or “How do you fill your bucket?”  — And I couldn’t answer!  I’ve re-connected with my inner child and my inner joy! (WOOHOO!)

*Now that I’ve finished typing this out I see that is QUITE a bit to play with in one day. BUT — I now have a great “play”list to come back to! :-D*

And speaking of play. . .  the one area that I have been neglecting for some time is art play.  I may dabble in that today . . .  or this week.  Yes, I consider some of the things I already do a form or art — like journaling, blogging, and creating videos  — BUT, I think there’s something special to me about playing with color, could involve coloring, maybe designing, maybe collaging.  Whatever.  IT’S TIME TO PLAY!

Are you having a great morning?  What are some ways that you play?

Much love and many blessings. ❤

On A Mission of Joy: 10 Ways to a Wonderful Day!


“You are the world’s light – it is impossible to hide a town built on the top of a hill. Men do not light a lamp and put it under a bucket. They put it on a lamp stand and it gives light for everybody in the house.” – Mathew 5:15

We have to choose our mood daily.   Here are some ways to help set us up to be successful.

Joy Tip #1: A Morning Routine

Start your day off right! (NOT with electronics!)

Here are some suggestions for a morning routine:  —Review your vision, particularly your vision for the day.  —Spend time in prayer or contemplation/meditation.  —Journal.  —Do some type of movement/exercise.  Read or listen to affirmations/music.  Drink plenty of fluids (water!). Eat a healthy breakfast. Start a gratitude practice.

Joy Tip #2: A Vision

—Be clear on your vision and mission.

What’s your What? — What would you love?  Think about health, relationships, time & money freedom, and vocation/creativity.  —Take a step every day!

What’s your Why? — What can you give today?

Joy Tip #3: Awareness

Press the “PAUSE” Button!  What are you thinking? (Do you know?)  What is your attention on?  —Are you in a story?  —What kind of story do you want to tell?

Joy Tip #4: Remember Gratitude

—Ask yourself: What am I grateful for RIGHT NOW?  —Start a gratitude journal/collage/list.  Spend 10 minutes with memories of gratitude.  Make it a practice to be grateful throughout the day.  —Volunteer

Joy Tip #5: Take Care of Yourself

—Are you getting enough sleep? Brendon Burchard recommends that you ADD an extra hour of sleep every day.  Are you getting 3 meals a day? (And snacks?) Are you sitting down to eat?  Are you aware of your dietary needs? Not enough food, too much food, and problematic foods can all affect your mood! And every body is different.  Are you getting enough water? Don’t like the taste of water? Try adding fruit to your water, like limes, lemons, or strawberries!

Joy Tip #6: Fill Your Bucket

Are you getting enough play? You need to fill your “joy bucket” to help you get through those rough patches!  What do you do to fill your joy bucket? Some examples include: karaoke,   eating favorite foods, long, hot showers,  sitting in the sun; swimming,  dancing around the house; reading a favorite book, going out with friends/family, watching a favorite movie, and collaging.

Joy Tip #7: Put It “On a Shelf”

Is something bothering you? Do you need to do some further reflecting on it later? (Or never??) Put in on a “shelf.”  Some other images include: putting it in a “bubble,” in a “basket” (down the river) or (for the angels to take away for you).

Joy Tip #8: Get Moving

—Simply stand up!  Or, if you’ve been standing all day — sit down!  Stretch your legs. Sit in a different place/different chair.  —Wiggle or do the Hokey Pokey.  —Move around.  Dance around.

Joy Tip #9: Pick From Your Joy Box

—Pick: gratitude; inspirational quotes, speeches, or music; pick out your personal theme song and play it or hum it; get some fresh air; surround yourself with lovely things; do the happy memory, spin activity; dance!

—And . . .

Joy Tip #10: Laugh!

—Get some favorite memories together! (Real life or movies!)  Hold the memory in your mind until you begin to giggle. (Or if needed, let it all loose!)  Need some inspiration?  There are great clips on youtube.  Here is one of my favorites:

—Are you the director of your life, or just one of the actors?  Everyone has days that test them, but we get to decide what we want to do with it!

Much love, many blessings! ❤

This is based on the presentation “On A Mission of Joy: 10 Ways to a Wonderful Day!” that I designed for a Teacher Institute Day at the FranCenter last week in Darien, IL.  If your group/team would benefit from this content, “The Vision Workshop” (Living a “Vision-Driven Life”), or similar, please contact me at for more details.

What Brings You Joy?

Hello!  It’s wonderful to see you again.  This is Teri Karl, Life Mastery Consultant, and today I’d like to talk about what brings you joy. I’ve heard this said in a couple of ways in the last couple of days.  You could also say: “What gives you life?” “What would you love?”  There are many different ways to say this, and there are a couple of ways that it came up in the last couple days that I’d like to share with you.

Starting with Friday, I’ve just been noticing lately, the energy level that I have and what’s happened to me that day that is related, or may be related.  And Friday I was feeling drained, and that evening I was at a SIR Meeting (Society for Intuitive Research Meeting), which is open to the public; it’s part of the School of Metaphysics, 501 (c)3, and I was listening to the report of a woman, and it was suggesting that — as far as organizing her house — that she take each object and ask herself: “Does this bring me joy?”  So, that’s one piece.  For example, with clothing: You know, you pick up a piece of clothing, you’re deciding whether to keep it or not — “Does this bring me joy?”  And what’s really neat — the sychronicities have been going like crazy lately — is yesterday I was at a smoothie workshop, and either my mom or my sister  —  I think it was my mom — mentioned this book that she was reading.  I wish I had the title.  And the woman suggested the exact same thing, using pretty much the exact same words.  So, we had the intuitive report, that’s from the inner levels of mind, subconscious mind — and we have this woman, who’s clearly very gifted in understanding as far as organization and life, and again, she was saying take objects and ask yourself: “Does this bring me joy?”

And so I took that back to what was happening to me on Friday, too, about my energy level, and I realized the way I had scheduled my day, I had not scheduled anything in that gave me joy. That does not mean I didn’t enjoy anything that happened that day. I had some very fulfilling experiences because I was at work and I was networking.  But I hadn’t scheduled anything that just tickles me pink and just lights me up like a firefly.  And the two most obvious things with that are swimming — just gives me tons of energy, makes me feel really good inside my body — and I just started a hip hop class.  Now, I actually even had to choose between a networking group event and a hip hop class that I hadn’t started yet, and I’d been waiting to take this class for months — and there will be more opportunities —  I chose the networking group, and I’m glad I did because it was a good experience for me.  It was actually the first time that I had mentioned that I’m a Life Mastery Consultant to the world.  It was like my coming out.  But I didn’t have anything to replace that missing hip hop class, and I felt it.

So, what I’ve come to realize — and something that someone also suggested at that same SIR meeting that Friday night was that it’s really, really important to schedule that joy for yourself.  Make some time for that joy because it’ll fuel the rest of your day, if you want to look at it just in a practical, logical sense.  You need it for the rest of what you’re doing, for all that “to do” stuff, all that stuff that has to be a part of your day.  This joy also needs to be a part of your day.

So, take stock.  Look at what you’re doing with your life.  And look at what lights you up inside like a firefly.   Where you’re just — Baaaah!  (Such joy!)  Is it dancing? Is it crafting?  Is it going for a walk?  Is it spending time with your grandchildren?  Whatever!  What is it that just makes your heart just expand and you’re just so full of life!?  And I encourage you to take some time — if not each day, which would be ideal, and I’m going to do this for myself — but throughout the week when you can, schedule those things that bring you joy and see what happens.

Much love to all of you.  Many blessings.  Take care. ❤

Choose Joy


This was the card I picked for myself yesterday.  It was so perfect and immediately resonated.  I think it may be my favorite card so far.  And then this morning I found an e-mail from Carol Tuttle with the subject “Remember to Choose Joy.”  It reads:

“In every moment, during every day of your life, you have choices. The choice to create more struggle or the choice to create more freedom and joy.  Choose thoughts that support you in feeling good more and more each day.”

And then on Facebook I got this from Louise Hay:

“I joyously let go of all the things that no longer serve me.”

I needed these badly.  Thank you, universe!  I have been struggling immensely with my judgements and my perfectionism:  my belief that things must be a certain way.  Today during Spiritual Ethics class a student said said “Don’t sweat it” is what his grandma used to say.  It felt great just hearing those words!  Yes!  Don’t sweat it.  Release anger.  Release worry.  Choose gratitude.  Choose joy!

Joy to all of you! ❤


I had an amazing National Teacher’s Conference weekend.  It lit my soul on fire!  I was inspired by so much of it, but particularly the lecture on Love.  I have a new ideal: to be joy and love.  I want to embody joy and love for myself and everyone I meet.  If you have not yet read Power vs. Force by David Hawkins, I highly recommend it.  He calibrates different aspects, and love is at 500, and joy is at 600.  Enlightenment is 700-1000!  Let’s raise our vibrations and that of the world with a continuous return to joy.  May we have gratitude for everything in our lives, including those challenging parts that help us grow the most.

Much love and joy to you all, always. ❤

Friday Fun: Poem — Duality

Image courtesy of digitalart /

Image courtesy of digitalart /


Darkness, Sadness

Confusion, Misunderstanding

Fear, Judgement

Negativity, Despair

–H U M I L I T Y —

Hope, Positivity

Acceptance, Faith

Compassion, Clarity

Joy, Light!







You’ve Got Me Feelin’ Emotions

"Image courtesy of hyena reality /".

Image courtesy of hyena reality /”.

Emotions of the Day: Fear/Paranoia and Anger

Disclaimer: These are not the only emotions I had today, thank goodness — they are just the ones that I would like to learn from!

I had a mini-epiphany today and experienced a bit of euphoria.  I’d like to get it back!  I was feeling paranoid and fearful again today at work.  And I said to myself: “Ok.  Why is this coming up over and over again?  If emotions are the subconscious trying to tell us something , what is the lesson here?  One of the metaphysics lessons I was reviewing talked about recognizing negative affirmations and then directing the mind in a positive direction.  So, what did I want, then?  I imagined myself having a “Whatever” reaction to people I interacted with, in situations that were normally uncomfortable.  I realized this did not resonate with me.  It felt like I would be closing off.  What about loving myself?  And being happy with myself?  Sure, sure.  That sounds great.

Then, something clicked.  I’m not sure what it was, but I got it.  Loving myself, and accepting myself, while at the same time projecting that love out to whoever I was interacting with.  A “Self, I love you, just because you are” at the same time as a “Wow, hey, and I really love you!” to whoever had approached me.  Suddenly I felt like the my vision had expanded and I could see more of my surroundings.  Everything looked brighter, as if someone had turned the lights up a notch.  I think I had a taste of what enlightenment would feel like.  Gradually, it faded, but it gave me hope.  Maybe my insecure feelings are actually leading me right to my ideal (unconditional love for self and others) and my purpose (self empowerment).  I am exactly where I need to be.

Would love to stop there, but we humans can experience a lot of emotions in one day!  It can be hard to digest it all sometimes.  On the very same day as my euphoria, I experienced a bout of anger.  (I was angry earlier this week and tried the ice  suggestions from my lesson — ice packs are all I  actually had — the cold on my temples and the back of the head by the medulla oblongata, and that really works!)  I don’t feel like I had a big epiphany with this one, but I did acknowledge my emotion and recognize it as a need to express myself, and then eventually express it.  Pobrecito, Brian, but he is an excellent teacher for me!  The important thing is not to let the anger carry me, to take a step back, cool down, and work with the thoughts behind the emotions.    Also, I’m still working on addressing my anger sooner, when it’s still a little pocket of anger, as opposed to my jumbo-size garbage bag of  anger, that stretches and then explodes.

A lot of learning again today. I look forward to some great dreams tonight!

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