Story Saturday/Sunday: What Lies Within Part II

The continuation of What Lies Within by Teri Karl, Illustrated by Christopher Walker Evelyn was surprised to see a faint glow coming from below. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she was even more astounded that a set of steep steps were now visible, swirling downward into the abyss.   She closed her eyes for... Continue Reading →

Story Saturday/Sunday: What Lies Within by Teri Karl, Illustrated by Christopher Walker

Announcing a new collaboration between me and Christopher Walker!  The start of many works!  Enjoy. . . Evelyn had never looked in the mirror. She never even noticed that she omitted this. But perhaps she was afraid of who she might see? Most considered her lovely, with her long, dark reddish-brown hair, dark brown eyes,... Continue Reading →

A School of Metaphysics Experience: Bible Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind

I am so pleased that I decided to go to the Bible lecture tonight.  It was a wonderful community event in which students from the schools in Bolingbrook, Palatine, and Chicago gathered together to share a potluck dinner -- every single dish was A-MAZING! -- and then participated in a fascinating lecture by Dr. Laurel... Continue Reading →

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