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Vision Board Journal Cover

I discovered something awesome to do with my vision board — make it into my journal cover!  Then I can consciously look at it every day — AND it motivates me to write in my journal more.  Once the journal is done, it’s time to refresh my vision board.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Wins and Weaknesses Wednesday/Dreams?


Do you remember your dreams?  I realized today that I eliminated my “Dreams” day when I chose “Wins and Weaknesses.”  I’m not sure whether I want to have a blog just on dreams or not.  Maybe I can combine the two!  Here goes:

#1 Last weekend I dreamt Brian was driving. We approached a typical stoplight, but there was another stoplight just below it.  A single box with a single cord coming out of either side.  And it was red.  I could tell Brian probably didn’t see this other stoplight, and I tried to get his attention, but he rode through it.  A cop pulled us over, and I quickly spoke, explaining to the cop that Brian hadn’t seen the other light.  The cop decided to give us a warning.  Then Brian decided this was a great opportunity to try to tell the cop about something, perhaps Shaklee or BNI.  I couldn’t believe he was doing this and just wanted to get away from the cop as quickly as possible, grateful that he had just let us go!

#2 I was outside of a house and there were firecrackers going off nearby.  They must have been very close because the soot was falling towards us.  I and another were discussing how inconsiderate this was of our neighbors.  Then the wind began to blow and more and more smoke came at me.  I remember hunching down and coughing.

What sticks out to me most about the first dream is the smoke.  The wind is blowing it in, and according to The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron, the wind is symbolic of the movement of thoughts.  Smoke, as an effect of fire, brings our attention to the effects of our expansion.  The book directs us to think about the content of our thoughts. Where are we directing our attention?  This makes perfect sense to me.  I have been thinking a lot about my thoughts and how they are the root of my existence and world perspective.  This morning I flipped open the book Assertiveness for Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue and opened right up to the section on worry. Doreen says this about worry:

Worry arises when you try to control the future by figuring out what bad things might happen so that you can prevent them.

The trouble with worry as a control device is that the opposite of what you desire always occurs.  What you worry about tends to happen.  It’s an extremely low-vibrational energy that causes tension in your face, body, and mind. . .

So instead of helping you control the future, worry actually brings about everything you don’t want.  It’s probably one of the worst defense mechanisms that you can adopt.

I have heard this message repeatedly through many different means and sources.  I guess it’s time to give it up!

What’s neat about the first dream is that I found out the next day that Brian had a very similar dream.  He also dreamt that he had started talking with a cop about his business!  Also, later that day when I pulled up at Panera for my Vision Workshop, I found an empty spot right next to a cop car.  And when I went in to get my room, a group of cops were sitting in the meeting room.

Precognitive dream?  Perhaps. Shared dream?  Yes! Also, cops symbolize discipline.  This word has started coming up for me, and I don’t like it.  But there is joy in discipline, too, and I will find it.

Speaking of discipline, I’ve started some new habits.  It is not recommended that you begin a bunch of new habits at once, but I tried anyway!  I’m starting a new routine, and it’s had its ups and downs.  The plan is to get up at 4:30am, take care of the animals, go for a swim, at 7:05 journal/blog/write, and from 8:00-9:00 take care of some business and get ready for the day.

I started this last week. On Wednesday I exercised Wednesday through Friday and also twice on Sunday with a Zumba workout and 1-hour bike ride.  This was amazing!  I hadn’t biked in a year or more and actually ENJOYED it because I didn’t feel like it was an exercise “to do,” since I’d already done Zumba.  It was an excuse to be out and enjoy nature.  Also, I ROCKED Zumba.  I hadn’t done a full hour workout in probably a few years, and I got my first every 5 Star rating!  Needless to say, I was pretty thrilled, as evidence by the blog picture for the day. . .

Writing/Journaling last week was a little tougher.  I got a few minutes in on Thursday and had to force myself to stay seated on Friday to get in at least a half hour.  Every time I got up to work on dishes or check on the laundry I heard myself saying: “Sit down!”  “Just sit down!”It was quite confidence-building accomplish to actually complete that half-hour.

This week, as the initial spark petered out, became a little rocky.  I swam on Monday but didn’t journal much.  Tuesday I didn’t do much of either, preparing for a class later that day.  Today I am doing great with writing — hence this post — but I got minimal exercise this morning, since I went to bed late and woke up later than I’d wanted.

I’m finding, though, that the great part about making a variety of changes is that it’s easier to find something to celebrate.  Every day we take a step.  Every day we get a little closer.

What step will you take today?

Much love and many blessings always. ❤



Happy Friday, Everyone!

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

It’s the end of an interesting week of crazy weather, fluctuating emotions, and fun times.  I went from snow days and freezing-cold-day-off-days to going-crazy-with-all-my-activity days.  And I’m hoping I’ll settle in soon.

I have some celebrations for this week that I’d like to share today:

1. I completed Day 1 of my morning routine!  (See yesterday’s post.)

2. My Christmas orders are almost all in!  I got some money and gift cards from relatives at Christmas, and I spent it on a few skirts and dress shirts, boots (found some vegan, narrow, size 8s!), Autobiography of a Yogi, Life, Paint, and Passion and The Magic Path of Intuition.

3. I completed my first appointment in researching expressive arts therapy.  (1/2 hour every day this week except Wednesday, starting today).

4. We got one step closer to emptying the basement, in preparation for finishing it.  (Tomorrow should be the last step in the clean up.)

5. I felt the urge and boogied to the “work out” playlist that I put on to motivate me during the basement cleaning.  I felt like a dork, but I also felt fantastic!

6. I took some time to read for fun.  I found another book as fun as the Post Secret one I read a few weeks back.  It’s called Don’t Pigeonhole Me! by Mo Willems; two decades of the Mo Willems Sketchbook.  His sketched are cute, clever, and outside-the-box, kind of like Far Side, but lighter and with less words.  I’m already half-way through and contemplating buying it eventually.  I love this imaginative, world-changing work that these artists are creating!  It makes me think that I can create meaningful art, too.

7. I am getting one step closer to mastering my metaphysics exercises.  I have one that I have been really rebelling against, and the school just upped it a notch, and I’m handling it.  I’m not where I want to be with it yet, but I’m doing much, much better.  I’ve taken responsibility for it, and that has made a huge difference.  My next task is to figure out how to still my crazy mind!

8. I’ve been writing every day.  I’ve even met the 500 words (Jeff Goins)/3 pages (Artist’s Way) goal almost every day.  I can feel the effect it’s having on me.  I’m beginning to open up, and my inner artist is beginning to emerge.  The next step will be some art self-therapy.  (Ooo!  I’m excited just thinking about it!)

9. I’m taking more responsibility for my thoughts and actions, and I’m starting to act with personal purpose.  The more I can turn things back on myself, the more I can build self-empowerment, and the more happiness I will find. My life and destiny is in my own hands.

10. The polar cold spell is over.  (Nuff said!)

11. I am making my peace with God.  (Likely future post to come.)

12. A “666” on my odometer, a reminder that my angels are with me. 🙂

All-in-all, it’s been a wonderful week.

Blog About Blogging

I made a promise to myself as an emerging writer that I would post every day on this blog. So, today I’m blogging about my blogging.


This evening I spent a good half hour to an hour throwing ideas around in my journal and looking around my e-mail and social sites to see what others are thinking about. While scanning my e-mail, I was reminded about an interesting live broadcast happening tonight, so I had my first experience attending a webinar, and it was honestly pretty awesome. I took about 6 pages of notes, so I now have some good material for a future blog post.


I’ve also been thinking about a current event that’s been circulating for a few days and how I can tie it into my experience as an educator.


I’m reading Time to Write by Kelly L. Stone, and in the chapter The Bottomless Well of Inspiration and elsewhere in the book, she talks about how every writer brings his or her own unique position to any situation – so that any situation has an infinite possibility of perspectives. Therefore, every person has the potential to be a writer. (Her book is also my inspiration for this daily commitment to the blog.)


To conclude my blog about blogging: I actually feel like a writer now. It really does make a difference making a commitment to write every day, and I don’t just mean in a journal. Journaling is a fairly free-form and blab-easy activity. Actually knowing in my mind that I’m going to come home from work, sit down with my laptop, brainstorm, write, edit and revise, and POST something, really means something. At this point in time, if I were asked what I do, I could easily answer: “I’m a writer.”

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