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Welcome, September!


I have been looking forward to this month for some time — a big month ahead!

  1. It’s my birthday month!  I have some fun things planned for myself.  As one of my artist’s dates, I am taking myself to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood perform some improvisation.  I also finally signed up for an Akashic record training class. (I’ve been waiting over half a year for this!)
  2. This is a big workshop month (including the very beginning of October)!  I will be presenting on my trip to the Camino, 2 Meditation classes, and a Vision Workshop.
  3. I making my way into the second half of the Artist’s Way program.  It has already been a great ride — I’m excited for what’s still to come!

What are you looking forward to/celebrating this September?

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Movie Monday: Improv, Businesses, and Hilarity — Oh my!

My improv group leader, Alison Henderson, got the brilliant idea to take improv into our businesses.  Check out these goofy ads that we created — on the spot! (More to come next week!)

In need of some coaching?
(Teri Karl, Life Mastery Consultant)

Sales techniques needing some help?

(Alison Henderson, Moving Image Consulting)

Looking for that special gift?

(Passion Stones by Starla)

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Happy Thoughts

Image courtesy of zirconicusso /

Image courtesy of zirconicusso /

5 “Happy Thoughts of the Day”, starting with the most recent:

5. Pumpkin Ice Cream (Non-Dairy!)  Brian made it with frozen pumpkin puree, frozen bananas, Shaklee 180 (vanilla), almond milk, pumpkin spice, and vanilla extract.  (Lovely 10pm snack! :-))

4. Reading Bossypants on the couch.  I have renewed this book (as well as 2 others) 3 times!  Which means I’ve had it for over a month and a half.  And before tonight I had about 5 pages read to show for it.  FINALLY, I got to it today, and I’m really enjoying it.  I was having a bit of a love/hate relationship with it for a while:  “Fey is the funniest ever!. . .  Ooo. . .  that one was mean; maybe not my sense of humor. . .”  But then I jumped around in the book and realized it was indeed pretty funny overall, starting up again.  I can totally see why my improv teacher recommended it.  Fey makes some very good improv points.  Besides the enjoyability of this particular book, it is also so nice to just be sitting here, reading, for fun.  I’m finally allowing time for it.  (Gotta finish this post so that I can get back to it!)

3. Got some important things accomplished today, simple things: post office, buying toilet paper, and getting the litterbox completely cleaned out (TMI?), but I am celebrating the small things!

2. Animal love.  Got some bonding time in with the animales today.  Chased Link around a bit when he was in his crazy mood and cuddled with all 3 of my lovies at some point or another throughout the day.

1. Did some exploring and decided I want to be a dance therapist!   I’m afraid to get too excited about it —  because I have the tendency to get super excited about something and have second thoughts soon after — but I read up on the profession, and it sounds right up my alley, combining something I enjoy (physicality/dance!) with helping others (therapy).  I’m going to talk with Cindy about it during our next phonecall.

What are your “happy thoughts” today?

lasreveR yaD-5

Image courtesy of digitalart /"

Image courtesy of digitalart /

The 5-Day Reversal is one of my daily metaphysics exercises, and I’m in a typing mood, so I’m doing it on here again.  Here we go:


5. Half-watching Done the Impossible — anecdotes about Firefly from fans — and Healthy Shopping a useful food shopping “How to” from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. (And then proceeded to have half a pint of Culver’s ice cream. . .)

4. E-mail swap with a good friend.

3. Finally got my future-hippie-hair trimmed (basically just added some layers).

2. ACT tutoring (tying in metaphysics to self-motivation)

1. Lovely walk in the rare pleasant winter weather.


5. Printed out all of  the pictures for my inspirational collage.

4. Leaving the house: Culver’s pints fun, failed glassware purchase attempt (later rectified), and lovely Olive Garden linner/dunch.

3. House Cleaning!  Kitchen looks presentable, laundry mountain is diminished

2. Yummy pumpkin pancakes and spicy egg breakfast!

1. Ordered Rent Tickets! “There is not future. . .  there is no past. . .”


5. Reading Power vs. Force

4. Dessert with the Fam.

3. Thanksgiving with the Fam.

2. Meditation and Candle Activity

1. Morning Fun!


5. Metaphysics Class

4. Dream Webinar

3. Finishing up some metaphysics exercises

2. Chatting with Golbahar about the future

1.Thanksgiving Potluck


5. Convinced to continue with improv through an eloquent speech by a fellow-improver

4. Received one of my favorite-ist compliments.

3. Had a lovely last class for Improv Level 1

2. Finished work early and got to have a pleasant sit down meal with Brian (No munching on the run!)

1. Warehouse work and metaphysical exercises.

Make ’em Laugh

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

I had my first improv class tonight at the Comedy Shrine, and I loved it, as I knew I would. I was a little nervous, sure, but I knew this is what I wanted to do. I thought I’d be a little better at it than I was, but I did pretty well for a newbie, and I had an absolute blast. I wish I could do this every day! I think the teacher summed it up best when he said: “This is your chance to play.” (I get to play!!)

I’ve always known that I was a performer — from my wonderfully nasty imitation of Cinderella’s stepmother in grade school to clarinet and vocal solos and musical theater as an adult — but I never pursued it.  Part of it was not being able to find my niche, but part of it was believing what I’d always heard: artists are broke, they have to sell their soul to get anywhere, they are naturally gifted/super beautiful (a lot more talented than I could ever be),  etc etc

But I am meant to be involved in something creative, and I’m pretty sure performing is part of it.  I love being on that stage.  I love those lights.  I love the audience.  I love forgetting about the rest of the world and getting lost in that moment.  I want all of those things.

I’m already looking forward to next week.  I’m already working on my character development homework — right now I’m working on cheerleader, an over-emotional child, an under-emotional teen, and nerd or hippie girl — and I just spent a whole 10 minutes gabbing excitedly to Brian about everything from the awkward story game to my favorites: the  hitchhiker and freeze tag games.  And we have a fantastic group,  We still are a bit awkward, but we are already starting to gel.  I really like how our teacher described improv as a team.  We build on each other’s strengths and we bail each other out in time’s of weakness.

The happiness and fulfillment I’m feeling this evening make me think I may want to stick with my Coursera guitar class afterall. (I was feeling over-committed — as usual.)   Should I be crazy and fill every weekday evening with organized fun?  Classes up the wazoo?  Right now it sounds like an awesome idea. . . . but maybe I want to sleep on it first . . .   Sweet dreams!

Takes a Little Time

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti/

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti/

I’ve discovered lately that my cranky meter relates to how I’m taking care of myself.  Right now that mostly means free time/fun time/not-keeping-myself-busy time.  (Blogging is an appropriate example.)  If I have kept myself too busy, I get cranky.  I get myself worked up about everything and anything, and if Brian is around, I attempt to drag him in as an audience.

My intuitive health report told me that I need to examine the greater purpose for my actions so that I do not become resentful.  I am presently very upset and resentful, so I’m taking a look.  I thought I had my schedule set, going into last week, and then my full-time job switched my schedule on me and threw me into a tizzy.  Suddenly my huge chunks of evening time had disappeared.  Where did they go?  Let’s see:  I’m getting more sleep.  I have a little more time to get ready in the morning.  I have a little more time at night.  That’s good.  I still have no Wednesday evenings because of Metaphysics class, but I have chosen that class for my betterment.  I will have no Tuesday nights because of my improv class, but I have chosen that as one of my passions. So, that leaves me the rest of the week to monitor.

Gatherings with friends are tough right now because I love my friends and enjoy being with them, but then I end up choosing between them and myself.  The same goes for volunteer activities. I know it’s good for me, but right now it’s just not good for me.

So, right now I need to force myself to focus on me.  I know “force myself” is not the best way to look at it, but it’s 8:26 in the morning, and I need to take the dog out and allow for highway traffic on my way to work, so I can contemplate this further in the car.  Cindy talked with me this morning about shifting “my energy”, shifting my perspective when I look at things.  So, I’m going to add that to my purposes for this week.

When I get home from work, the first thing I’m going to do (besides Wednesdays) is do something fun.  Something fun that is not tied to work in any way.)  That is my assignment.  And during work — especially my weekday job — my purpose is to build my concentration.  My final goal for this week is to pursue Chicagoland area temp agencies for office positions and to look at for research into the types of jobs that fit my skills and interests, using key terms: “bilingual” and “creative ideas.”

Gotta go. But I’m feeling better already. 🙂

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