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Summary Sunday: Quickening of Soul Progression (An Introduction)

How does one blog and complete one’s homework?  By blogging about one’s homework, of course!

“How has the study and application of metaphysics quickened my soul’s progression?”

Our class was instructed to go deep with this one.  How do we know our soul’s progression?  I think — as in the case of dream interpretation — it is something we intuit.  We know this; it’s about trusting that we know it.

Today I was thinking about death because I’ve heard about 3 funerals in the last few days.  Then I had my “Ah ha”! moment: if I were to die tomorrow, how much closer would I have gotten to my life’s purpose than yesterday?  What would this last year have meant to my growth?

Growth means change.  Before change comes awareness.  I am now aware of these things about my soul:

  1. I am the Illuminator.  I am to share my wisdom with others and help them in their soul growth.
  2. I have developed a karmic pattern of giving with resentment.  I am to understand and alter this.
  3. My purpose is self-empowerment.  This is my main lesson for this lifetime.
  4. Our ideal self is the best self we can imagine for ourselves.  My ideal self is unconditionally loving.  This includes being loving toward myself.
  5. My goal is to be still and present-minded.  I can accomplish this best through the practice of concentration and meditation.

. . .  Elaboration to follow in Part II tomorrow. . . .

Collage Project: Me


Weeks ago I started an art class.  I got into it a week late, so I combined the first two projects into one.  The first was supposed to be about me.  The second was supposed to be surrealist in nature. So, this is both.

This is me, mostly my sleeping me, but some images are from my consciousness.  The mask in the middle is meant to be my face. The mystery behind my face was inspired by the mirror exercises I was completing for the School of Metaphysics.  Through my experiences and learning I came to realize that I didn’t know who I really was.   The eyes are blank because I do not know the true self that lies behind them.

Much of the rest is my dreams.  My school dreams, especially the nightmares that I’m late for class, lost, can’t find my locker, etc.  The cat dreams: the lions of my childhood and the cats of my adult life.  There are 3 because I’d seen three cats lined up in a row together in one of my recent dreams.  I’d recently had many dreams about parking lots and had sometimes been driving, often struggling for control of my car.  And I’ve had many, many house dreams, especially of moving or of being in my childhood home.  I’d also had a few moon dreams spread out over my lifetime.  Most recently I’d dreamt that I was in a museum, studying a moon exhibit.

Behind the eyes of the mask are symbols from waking life and the dream world. Blood drips from behind my mask onto the scene of a beach from one of my dreams. A shadowy figure lies across the beach — a murdered female — who symbolizes a changed aspect of my conscious self.  The shadowy people spread throughout the collage symbolize strangers in my dream.  (I’ve had many lately!)  They represent unknown aspects of myself; males — subconscious elements, females — conscious elements.   Then, through the other eye we see  an egret, a beautiful animal symbol of my waking life that I believe is a spirit guide, reminding me to have hope in the future, faith in myself, and to watch for opportunity. (One just flew alongside my car today as I was just minutes from my house!).  Another of my frequent messengers and a relative of the egret — the blue heron — can be seen in the top right corner near the menacing funnel cloud, another symbol of change.  Finally, the girl in the upper left-hand corner is me, symbolized by the mask across her face.  She is topless — as I am in my dreams —  symbolizing taking risks and feeling vulnerable.  The journal behind her is my actual dream journal where I have recorded narratives for the many images from this picture.

The rest are symbols and messages from my waking life.  The “66” and “11” are numbers from messages I’ve received in the real world from my angels/spirit guides.  The 11 also is my birthdate numerology number, a master number that means “Illuminator,” which is also symbolized by the lantern just above it.  Light has been a constant in my life, an interest as a child “See?  Ight!”, part of a prayer I learned from my mother, and the first thing that popped into my head when prompted to state my life purpose during a life purpose workshop: “light. . .  bringer of light? I bring the light?”

There is one image that I did not explain.  Did anyone catch it?

I hope I didn’t spoil the fun of analyzing this piece yourselves. 🙂  I thoroughly enjoyed making this collage — it is one of the few moments in my life lately when I’ve effortlessly given my direct attention (without even having that intention!).  Now that I’ve finally posted this, I intent to continue my creations.

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