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Dreamy Wednesday: Cruise, Cats, Old Crush, Windows Open, Teacher

I wrote these dreams down on an empty envelope that I had grabbed from the counter when I walked in late Sunday night after my weekend away.  I wish I’d taken the time to grab my journal. . .

From Monday morning, but not necessarily in this order:

#1 English class.  I’m teaching.  Adolescent students in there (some).  I remember husband of my metaphysics classmate and some unknown young male.  It’s an English lesson.  It’s based on a movie I’ve shown them, but it’s also in their English textbook.  The adolescent gets frustrated and crumples up his page.  At some point the video slows down, slow mo, as if a glitch.  There is a male dipping and spinning another male.

I look at lesson.  Frustrated adolescent boy has question.  I’m not sure of the answer.  I refer back to text.  I say we’re checking our own papers.  I say it looks like we’re not doing the work, then I’ll collect and grade them, and of course, there will be quizzes.  As I’ve walked around, looking at students’ work, I notice that even the directions need DOL (Daily Oral Language ) correction.

At some point I leave the classroom, forgetting the door was locked (from the inside), when I close it.  The students let me back in, though.

#2?  (Still #1?) Students see a man who has flown into a tree, and is chilling on a branch (sitting), wearing a robe.

#3 On a cruise ship.  Walking back and forth to look out the windows.  I watch as we pass the border of NYC.

#4 I’ve been letting Link and Zelda outside during the day. I go out to retrieve them.  Zelda tries to sneak out again. I lock her in a room.

#5 Old high school crush.  I come back from somewhere, and I kiss him and tell him I love him.  He tells me he needs to tell me something.  Seems ominous.

#6 Golbahar is telling me I left things unlocked and all the windows open in the house. We go around to check all of the rooms and make sure there are no intruders.

#7 The house where we are is huge.  At some point I think it’s too big.  There are many, many rooms.  We got it from a family.  There are still things left over in the house from them (like toys?)  and items for baby and care of a baby.

As you can see, I had quite a night!  I still need to look at these more, and I may ask about one of them in the  dream webinar tonight at 6:30.  #3 Is most likely referring to my movement from 1st cycle into the new unknown of the 2nd cycle (since I’m on a huge ship, which would symbolize an organization).

#6 seems to be about my superconscious making me aware of what I’m leaving my my open to.  Making sure I’m aware of what I’m letting in.

I really don’t know about #4 and #5.  Something about letting my habits out to play and then reigning them back in for #4 .  And #5 has to do with some outdated desired relationship and expression with a subconscious aspect.

#7 has to do with the newly acquired expansiveness of my mind.  I’m confused about the bit about getting it from another family, though.  I don’t see them, only remnants of them, memories of them.  Perhaps they prepared the way for me?

I love #2.  Such a fun image.  I remember the guy being white haired, wearing a robe similar to my graduation robe. His back was to us, and he was just chilling there.  I guess a very developed subconscious aspect is defying limitations and is at home in intuition!

For #1 I’m intrigued that I’m solidly the teacher in this one.  In dreams I’ve had recently I’ve been a guest teacher or have considered going back to teaching or am observing.  In this one I am confidently the teacher.  Perhaps this is a sign that I am taking responsibility of teaching myself and my different aspects (apparently subconscious, in this case.)  Not sure if I’ll go into the details at some point.

That’s it for Dreamy Wednesday.  Feel free to share your own dreams below!



Zombie Dream

Image courtesy of smarnad /

Image courtesy of smarnad /

Zombies.  They were everywhere.  A group of us were trying to stay away from them.  We were worried they might get in the house.     Male leader.  At one point there were zombies in the house.  Sleeping!  I wanted to make sure they didn’t wake.  Don’t make eye contact with the zombies.   Sleeping woman zombie on the couch. Looked similar to the parent of one of my tutoring students.  I think at one point one was trying to bite me.

The images from this dream were rather scattered, since I hit the snooze quite a few times that morning (Monday morning) and didn’t write the dream down immediately when I woke.  However, the focal point was zombies, and I was terrified of them getting house in the first half and then terrified of waking them up in the second half.

This is not my first zombie dream.  Zombies are aspects of yourself (since they are human), but they are aspects that haven’t quite changed.  (If they were dead they would have changed, but they’re not . . .  quite. . .  dead . . .)  In the first part of the dream I am afraid they will enter my state of mind (the house), and later I am hoping they will remain sleeping (unaware, or dormant, perhaps).

I had some emotional surges the 24-hours before, so I think they must be connected to the zombies.   One was old resentments/issues about money.  The other was panic over a lack of control (over time, in this case.)  I’m not sure which the dream was referring to exactly.  However, in both cases  I was displeased with these parts of myself and hoped to prevent them from taking over me — so, I suppose either can apply.

So, then, how can I use this for learning?  I think I need to go back to both emotions and identify the thoughts behind them.  In the case of the money resentments, I recognized a karmic pattern that I had built and made some resolutions to help break the pattern.  This one is not finished, however.  As far as the semi-panic, I’m not sure what to think.  The emotional reaction took me by surprise.  I’m not sure if I need to learn to be more flexible or if I need to set more boundaries.  I’m sure the universe will help me figure that out by bringing it back to me again!

Melting. . .

"Deck Chairs And Sun" courtesy of Victor Habbick /

“Deck Chairs And Sun” courtesy of Victor Habbick /

An experience from last night, just before 6:

It’s so hot, even in my skivvies! I refuse to turn on the air conditioning just yet, even though the thermostat says it’s 82 degrees in the house.  (It’s supposed to be in the 70’s tomorrow!)  I feel a bit bad for the poor animals, though they seem to be tolerating it better than I am.  If it gets up to 85 degrees, I guess I’ll break.  Crazy up-and-down Chicagoland weather!

Dreams: Answering Machine, Valentine, Job, Houses, Houses, Houses, and More!

"Blue House" courtesy of dan/

“Blue House” courtesy of dan/

More dreams this past week.  2 days in particular really stood out.  This is what I copied in my journal from a few days ago:

  • Houses — was with my sister and kept returning to “my house” for some reason.  Lots of houses around.  Measurements being made by real estate agents.  Houses had popped up everywhere.  Zelda got out one time while I was walking around to look at houses with my sister.  She dutifully followed me back home when I called to her.
  • Mom and Dad were over.  Dad had just gotten back from a trip?  They were on the phone.  Talking with each other but at the same house.  Dad became annoyed and told Mom to hang up.I had an answering machine.  It had picked up 4 SPAM messages.  I wondered why I even kept the home number.  Clearly I didn’t need it.  Or was it connected to my cell?
  • Dad was trying to show me that authors borrow stuff from other stories, that Dr. Seuss had taken his book from someone else’s ideas, which explained why the cover made references to parts of the book that weren’t even there anymore.  I felt like the world had opened up to me.

And then my memory of last night’s dreams:

I was at the dining table of my parents’ house, I’m pretty sure, and I was sitting around the table with some friends to celebrate something (birthday?), and I had brought a card, but I had brought the wrong card accidentally.  It was a Valentine to me from a woman I knew.  The Valentine seemed odd to me, and I was embarrassed and couldn’t believe that I had brought it to this gathering and almost given it to the birthday girl.

I was looking for a new house, and the one we were considering looked rather small.  A small but adequate sized kitchen and dining room, but that was about it.  But then I looked more closely and saw that there was another room behind the kitchen, half-obstructed and hidden from view level.  So, we ducked down and continued on to a bedroom (a master bedroom).  The house seemed a little more appealing with the bedroom, and then I noticed another room hidden behind that room.  We continued on and found a guest bedroom (better and better!)  Beyond that we found a living room.  At some point I remember commenting to my dad (who was suddenly in the picture) that one of the beds had a large built-in urinal to the side of it, which could be convenient for needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Overall, the house seemed a little more complete and doable, though a bit cramped and oddly constructed.

I was contemplating returning to my old job.  The position had opened, and I was debating whether to apply for it.

Corresponding interpretations from

Answering Machine

To see an answering machine in your dream suggests that you are not listening to a message that someone around you is trying to convey. Perhaps you are experiencing difficulties and frustration in understanding some idea or viewpoint.

To dream that you are in the bedroom signifies aspects of yourself that you keep private. It is also indicative of your sexual nature and intimate relations.

To see a cat in your dream symbolizes an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power.To dream that you cannot find your cat highlights your independent spirit.  You need to allow yourself to be free and not let anyone or anything hold you back.

Dining Room
To dream that you are in a dining room represents your quest for knowledge and understanding. You may be reaching an important decision in your life.

To see your father in your dream symbolizes authority and protection. It suggests that you need to be more self-reliant. Consider also your waking relationship with your father and how aspects of his character may be incorporated within yourself.

To see a house in your dream represents your own soul and self. Specific rooms in the house indicate a specific aspect of your psyche. If the house is shifting, then it suggests that you are going through some personal changes and changing your belief system.


If you dream that you are still working at your old job, then it suggests that there is an old lesson that you need to learn and apply to a current situation.

To see a kitchen in your dream signifies your need for warmth, spiritual nourishment and healing. It may also be symbolic of the nurturing mother or the way that you are for your loved ones. Alternatively the kitchen represents a transformation. Something new or life altering is about to occur. The dream could also be telling you that if “you can’t stand the heat, then you need to get out of the kitchen”. You need to abort your plans.

To see a new house in your dream indicates that you are taking on a new identity and developing new strengths. You are becoming more emotionally mature.

In general, dreaming of new things and new places corresponds to what is new in your waking life. It refers to something that is different or unfamiliar.

To see your parents in your dream symbolizes both power, shelter, and love. You may be expressing your concerns and worries about your own parents. Alternatively, it represents the merging of the female and male aspects of your character.


To dream that you find or discover a new room suggests that you are developing new strengths and taking on new roles. You may be growing emotionally. Alternatively, such rooms are symbolic of neglected skills or rejected potential.

To see your sister in your dream symbolizes some aspect of your relationship with her, whether it one of sibling rivalry, nurturance, protectiveness, etc

To see a urinal in your dream signifies disorder in your personal relationships.


To dream that you are receiving a valentine represents your likeability, compassion and good-hearted nature.

Wandering Thoughts

"Porsche Panamera Diesel" courtesy of M - Pics/

“Porsche Panamera Diesel” courtesy of M – Pics/

I’m afraid I’m of no mind to stick to one topic today.  I’ve decided to accept my need to be random and carry through.  Some of these thoughts may turn into a blog post.  Or not.  But this is what is today.

A sticky-note with my name on it in the bathroom waste basket.

One-eyed vehicle behind me.  Does it know it’s half-blind?

Dark eyes in front of me.  I blink once.  Eyes flash open. I’m relieved.

WordPress work center is the “dashboard.”

My house is completely organized now.  I don’t recognize it anymore.  But it feels good.  I can actually feel the difference in my chakras/aura.

I’m looking forward to that picture of me playing basketball with a person whose life I’ve touched.

I smile and wave and greet everyone in the car line with a “Good morning” or “Buenos días.”   I love when they smile and wave back.  I’m ecstatic when they respond back.

For some reason the morning drive in my car with my energy tea and smoothie — just me and the early morning — is still my favorite time of day.

Dream Crasher

"Old Car After Bricks Fallen On It" courtesy of Stuart Miles/

“Old Car After Bricks Fallen On It” courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Ok, I had to share another dream today because the one I had this morning was so bizarre.

Brian and I wanted a new house, but we weren’t sure we could get it.  Brian told me to ram into the house and bang it up a bit so that the owner would want to sell it to us.  So, I went over to the house and rammed into the garage with my car once or twice, and I think I rammed into a side of the house, too.

Then, I went in the house and crept around to look around. (Don’t ask me how I got in.)  I heard a male voice call to me from within one of the rooms, and I thought: “Oops! He knows I’m here!”  I walked over to talk to him, and these four small dogs came out one-by-one as we were talking.  I remember comparing their size to my Bowser.  One dog was a little bigger than Bowser, but the rest were pretty small dogs (but not puppy-looking).  They were each different patterns and colors.

That’s as much as I remember.

I looked at again, and this is what I found:

For “dog”:

“To see a dog in your dream symbolizes intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. The dream suggests that your strong values and good intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and bring you success. The dream dog may also represent someone in your life who exhibits these qualities. Alternatively, to see a dog in your dream indicates a skill that you may have ignored or forgotten.”

For “new” under “house”:

“To see a new house in your dream indicates that you are taking on a new identity and developing new strengths. You are becoming more emotionally mature.”

Also under “house”

To dream that you are inside a stranger’s house indicates that there is something that you have yet to discover about yourself. It may mean that there are repressed memories, fears or emotions that you are not confronting.”

Well, a lot of this ties into what I’ve been going through: changes, trying to find my dream and follow it, needing to believe in myself and find myself, etc.

But, I’m still perplexed by the overall feeling of the dream.  If I was interested in this house, why was I trying to wreck it?  Maybe I wanted to be able to get it from this other person, but then I would have a wrecked house!  (Beyond the obvious question of why anyone would give up his house to someone who had purposely destroyed part of it, rather than turning the destroyer into the police!)  And who was this other person, this male figure? And why was he so welcoming of me — I was an intruder!  And didn’t he know that I had damaged his house?  And the dogs accepted me readily, too!  I wish I could remember what he talked to me about.

I feel like this dream is telling me that I need to break through some walls, create a little damage and chaos for myself to finally be able to take a risk and see what could be in store for me.  This is me, trying to explore my possible future.  Perhaps the man is a part of me?  Or a spiritual guide?  I’d like to have another conversation, but I don’t want to go back to sleep!

Me and House: A Conversation


“Autumn House” courtesy of porbital /

House: Wow, I’m all cleaned up.
Me: Mmmhmmm.
House: All fancy.
Me: Mmmhmmm. (typing)
House: Furniture has been de-furred, floor has been vacuumed, surfaces have been cleared . . .
Me: Yep.
House: Bathroom has been cleaned. . .
Me: Mmm. (reading something)
House: So, where are the people?
Me: Excuse me?
House: Are they late?
Me: What?
House: Come on. We’ve been together – what – 6 years now?
Me: Is it that many? How old am I?
House: 31
Me: No. . . Really? I’m not that old, am I?
House: You are.
Me: Wow.
House: So . . .
Me: What?
House: The people. . .
Me: Oh. They’re not coming.
House: Ah ha! Wait . . . Why not?
Me: I don’t know. Too cold maybe.
House: Oh.
Me: Or too busy.
House: Oh.
Me: You know. People have all sorts of reasons.
House: I see.
Me: Yep, so I guess it’s just you and me.
House: Ok. (pause) Fine by me!
Me: Ok. Me too.
House: I look great!
Me: (smile) I know.

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