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Communications Log Entry 4: 222

I continue to seek a deeper connection with my inner self and what lies beyond.

Angel Numbers

Days are starting to blend together now, but the angel numbers are consistent.  The most prominent one has been 222:

“Trust that everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to, with Divine blessings for everyone involved.  Let go and have faith.

I’ve seen it almost every day this week.  Besides 222, I’ve continued to see combinations of 3’s and 1’s and 3’s, as well as 7’s, and occasionally 8 combinations.

I’ve received a great sense of peace from reading the book My View from Heaven by Sarina Baptista.  It confirmed that I am indeed receiving messages, and technology is very much a likely conduit for me!

I continue to seek a clearer connection and a clearer vision for my future.  I know I have a mission, but it still feels fuzzy!  When reconnecting with an old friend, she told me about a wonderful psychic/medium who she knows and whose “every breath is from spirit.”  I immediately gave the woman a call, and I can’t wait to meet her!


Maddeningly, it still seems easier for me to help others in deciphering their dreams than it is for me to understand my own.  Maybe dreams are meant to be shared?  I’ve had some interesting ones.  In some I am in a foreign place.  Many of them have involved animals lately, particularly cats.  Last night in particular I remember that I was renting an apartment, and my two cats were staying with me.  I was worried that it wasn’t enough space for them and also that they might have a new life style of partly living outside.

Animal Sightings

I just remembered that the sightings have been up lately.  I’ve had some interesting new ones in the past week: a skunk walking on the sidewalk outside a couple’s shower, a raccoon in the garbage bins at work, a katydid hanging out right in front of our door. (I’ve never seen one before!)  I’ve also continued to see my favorite birds flying overhead: egrets and blue herons.


Sometimes my hands tingle.  I’ve noticed now that sometimes my feet do as well.  I know there are chakras on our hands and feet.  It does feels like energy is moving through them.  Sometimes it feels like healing energy moving out to those who need it.  Sometimes it feels like I’m releasing something I don’t need anymore.


I’ve been eating better but not exercising as much.  Starting today I will restart at least making sure I get a daily one mile walk in again.  At my night job if I don’t have something packed to snack on or “dinner” on, I have some of the peppermints/hershey kisses.  My body was really unhappy with me after last week.  That’s what happens when you start clearing out your body from eating better — it becomes more sensitive and less likely to accept garbage!

Spiritual Practice

I have not kept up a consistent spiritual practice.  This may be why I’m struggling for clarity.  I’ve used the Crystal Healing Bed twice in the last month, and that’s the best meditation I’ve had.  Beyond that I’ve had a few minutes here and there, and I’ve felt the benefit.  I’ve started working with my coach again, but I’m feeling restless and a little lost.


I love that I work with some people who are as wacky as I am. ❤  We’ve been sharing some of our experiences and observations, and it has carried into my dreams a bit.  I’m ready for more messages!  Now I would just like to have a deeper understanding of what they mean. . .

That’s all for now.  Much love and many blessings. ❤


Truth Tuesday: Heavenly Connections

raphael and mother mary

I’m looking to connect with the angels.  I’m taking the action steps!  I’ve improved my diet, and I’m starting to exercise more.  I now need to work on my mind through stillness, concentration, and active listening.  I also need to be more grateful, believe, acknowledge, and breathe.  A few months ago I took out as many angel books by Doreen Virtue as I could find at the library.  I just finished the one on Archangel Michael and am currently reading the book on Archangel  Raphael.

When I learned that Archangel Raphael is associated with the color green, I thought of the image my friend Lori sent me almost 2 years ago that you see above.  She said she saw me engulfed in green and also sensed the mother energy (Mary).  I spoke with a Reiki master a few months ago who confirmed that she also saw Archangel Raphael with me (as well as Archangel Uriel!)  This — coupled with the Healer’s Portrait report that I received 2 years ago — confirms that there is healing in my future!  I’ve been asking the angels what that means; I think I still don’t know how to listen. . .  up until now!  Soon after my exchange with Lori, I renewed my interest in Mother Mary.  My sister bought me the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  I was a little disappointed when I received them in the mail; they weren’t as bright and ethereal as the Angel Tarot Cards.  But one particular use made them worth having.

Some months ago to a year ago a good family friend discovered she had cancer.  We were all stunned and started the prayer wheel turning.  She came to visit one day, and I asked her if she’d like an angel card reading, showing her my Mary cards. She was game, so I shuffled and looked for a card to stand out.  The card below popped up for her, and she told me later that she never forgot that card throughout her experience.  I believe it might have helped in her healing process; she is now recovered and back to her old self.  I read the card again today and marveled at how absolutely beautiful the message was.  I was meant to share it with all of us today:

I am filled with the same beauty, poise, and Divine perfection as all of God’s other creations. . .  You received this card because Mother Mary sees your graceful beauty, and she wants to help you to see this in yourself, too.  This is a message about increasing your self-confidence and sense of self-worth.  As you feel better about yourself, your actions will shift in positive ways, which will create a healthier climate for you and your loved ones.  Today envision how Mother Mary would handle each situation you face.  Emulate her composure as you gracefully embrace everything that comes your way.  Your grace will naturally exude a magnetism that draws wonderful people and experiences to you.

Much love and angel kisses. ❤


Be an Angel

Image courtesy of mistermong at

Image courtesy of mistermong at

That is the image I received today, just now —  that I can be an angel for others, as well as for myself.  That is how I best can image how to serve: to love, to be compassionate, to guide, and to encourage others; to facilitate healing and lead others to their inner selves.  I will be an angel for others.

I’ve spent the last few hours learning about chakras, watching random videos on signs and listening to your guides, and watching Doreen Virtue’s Angel Card Reading Instructions (I have a deck that I bought in the summer of 2013, and I just used is and got wonderful encouragement!).  I’ve finally given myself the time to explore these things that interest me.  I feel so full, so happy, and so light.

I’ve been focusing a lot on my heart in the last few days, on opening the doors of my heart, and on sending love to others, particularly those who I am out of harmony with or not as close to as I’d like to be.  I’ve been experiencing wonderful things.

I want to speak on Mother Mary.  I did not realize she was an Ascended Master; I have always been drawn to her.  I have a beautiful ceramic that I bought of her and the infant Jesus in Mexico.  I’ve also been drawn to la Virgen de Guadalupe and to Mary of Medjugorje, as my mother is.  I also love the Mists of Avalon for the connection between Mary and the feminine, the mother goddess.  Mother Mary was reintroduced to me just recently when I had a tapping/energy session with my good friend Lori.  After the session Lori told me that she saw the Mother Mary behind me.  I was dumbfounded and filled with emotion — great joy and relief.  Suddenly my attraction made so much sense to me —  I must intuitively know that she is with me.   Lori also mentioned that she saw the color green with her, and I read about emerald being connected with Mary — it is the color of the healing arts, and I am on the path to healing, with “tangibility” as my healing quality.  Finally, in a previous intuitive reading that I had with Amy Keast, Amy had told me that she saw a very protective, mothering angel hovering over me.  Now I believe that it was Mother Mary behind me, protecting me!

I am full of gratitude for God, for the angels, and for my spirit guides. I want you to know that I have received your encouragement through your angel numbers and through the hawks that I’ve been seeing everywhere.  You are telling me to be strong and to be my true self.  I honor you and love you.  And I love all of you out there. ~ ❤ ~

Tribute Tuesday: Spiritual Focus Sessions

I’ve just come back from back-to-back Spiritual Focus Sessions through the School of Metaphysics: Spirit of the Healer and Powers of 10.  They were amazing from start to finish.  Besides the highlight of the sessions — the in-person intuitive reports — the lessons, activities, meals, reflections, and personal interactions were eye-opening and life-changing.  I left with an open heart and a stirred soul (and a lot to process!)

Please check out the upcoming sessions, and maybe I’ll see you there 🙂 :

Spiritual Focus Sessions through the School of Metaphysics.



Dreams (and Angels) Say: Be POSITIVE!

"Image courtesy of Idea go /".

Image courtesy of Idea go /

I’m very into numbers, and I’ve consistently been seeing the numbers “666” for a few years now.  It’s only recently that I interpreted that combo using Doreen Virtue’s angel numbers book: “Your thoughts are too focused on material illusions.  Raise your thoughts spiritually to get your thoughts back on track.”  This is the message that I keep getting from my angels.  Think positively.  Think positively.  THINK POSITIVELY!  I still haven’t gotten the lesson.  And yesterday my thoughts were particularly tumultuous.  So my subconscious responded in kind:

I dreamt a lot about work. . . At one point we were pouring oil over our heads.  I put some on gingerly, and then someone poured it over my head as if I’d needed it.

I knew head was related to thoughts.  The oil seemed to be related to purification.  “Ointment” happens to be right above “oil” in The Dreamer’s Dictionary.  Both terms had explanations that make sense to my life right now.  (Coincidentally, “office” is all on the same page, so I will use that, as well.)

An excerpt from “Oil“:  “Oil represents energy.  Become more sensitive to the energy expended in thought and action. . . It requires less energy to think positively, directing the mind toward something that is desirable, than to think negatively, trying to avoid or escape something feared or unwanted.”

Ointment: “Ointment represents potential healing. . . .  When thoughts are productive for self and others, healing can take place.”  (What’s the part that is healed in my dream?  My head!  My thoughts.)

Workplace: “Office indicates a place in mind where learning and growth can occur.  . .  .  Do I view life for the learning it brings or as a series of burdensome crises to be solved?”

I have become more and more aware of my negative thoughts lately (especially since it’s being brought to my attention!)  I’ve even noticed how I’m drawing more of what I don’t want to myself as I’m having these unproductive ideas.

Application: I want to be more positive.  I feel the negative thinking patterns are ingrained within me, and I’m not being attentive to myself and building my self image.

These are my goals for this:

1. Give myself time for me to do whatever.  (Goal: 1 hour a day)

2. Find employment that fits more in-line with my desires and allows more time for me to pursue my interests.

2. Monitor my thoughts.  Reframe negative, unproductive thoughts by finding purpose.  Forgive myself and others.

This is important for me and may be an ongoing project.

10 Daily Affirmations

Image courtesy of Idea go /

Image courtesy of Idea go /

These are affirmations that I now read every morning.  I created them last week in Healing Class to meet my ideal of unconditional love:

I am unconditionally loving.

1. I will look for opportunities to forgive, allow, and give thanks.

2. I radiate unconditional love.

3. The spirit of the Mother flows through me.

4. I will complete the Pranic DNA Transfiguration for 16 days.

5. I will tell myself I love myself every hour I’m awake and send love to everyone within the environment.

6. I will receive; I am ready.

7. I will speak truth to myself and others with love.

8. I will give something to somebody every day.

9. I will recognize the spirit within and believe in myself and believe in others and in our potential for growth.

10. I will commit to myself, especially my creative self.

New Morning Routine

I’ve been thinking about saying “yes” with purpose and thinking about expansion, and I want to give another go at a planned morning routine.  I want a power-packed morning full of metaphysical exercises and the like to get each day off to a great start. I think I can do it if I move some things to the evening and go back to my 8 hours of sleep.  (I was trying to do 7, but I rebelled.)

First of all, these activities will be moved to the evening: the litterbox, showering, hair prep, food prep, and clothes prep.  Aside from the litterbox, prepping myself is a huge time-sapper.  Picking food and clothes out in the evening will make decision-making easier, especially when I’m more energetic and less half-asleep. Also, I’ve been guilty of longer showers now that it’s cold — and I linger in the heat of the hair dryer — so, now, if I wish to extend my time, I will do it at night.

Next on the agenda is monitoring my downtime.  Today I have already checked my mail three times (and this is pretty amazing for me, especially since I’ve kept the time short).  I want to limit that to twice a day, for 5-10 minutes (15 minutes max).  And Facebook is included in that time block,  a quick check to see if I have any messages or comments, and then I’m off.  This will unfortunately disconnect me a bit from some of my friends, but it may encourage me to see them out in the real world, and I can always pick 1 person a day to read up on.

In general, I just want to be purposeful in my actions, conscious of what I’m doing and the purpose behind it. Like this blog post, for example: It serves 3-fold purpose: clarifying my morning routine, sharing with others, and working toward my goal of 500 written words a day.

Finally, here’s my actual planned schedule:

6:00AM — Write down dreams in dream journal.

6:15AM — Take Bowser out.

6:30AM — Artist’s Way 3 page/Jeff Goins 500 Words and finish up lunch, breakfast, snack, and water bottle prep

7:05AM — 7:30 personal meditation

7:30 — 8:00 Mirror exercise and visualization exercise  (or phone-call with Cindy on Fridays)

8:00-8:10 Candle Exercise

8:10-8:45 Pranic DNA Tranfiguration

8:45AM grab lunch, folder, phone, check googlemaps, and go!

Ok, so time for bed now.  Let’s do this!

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