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Mind-Blowing Perspectives


It’s a year of the tweaks — tweaking strategies, media, patterns, and thoughts.

I’m going to keep “A Moment In Life.”  My goal is still to post every day, and I will build that up.  My favorite posts will be copied to my new website:  Every day of my life I look at what I have learned, what the universe has been teaching me.  And this is what I want to share with all of you.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about perspectives.  I recently received an intuitive report on Prosperity and Abundance, and I’ve been listening to it again the last few days.  In that report, it talks about a past lifetime that I am currently resonating with, and what has struck me most is that I chose the challenging conditions of that lifetime.   And because of those challenging conditions, I made a major breakthrough shift that allowed me to step into a new level of authority and healing.

So, all of these struggles I’m feeling right now with perfectionism, with feeling a need for stability, with feeling stuck and wanting to move faster, to manifest more quickly. . . Maybe I chose this.  Because I need it.

It brings a whole new level to gratitude and appreciating what we have, doesn’t it?  I’m certainly looking at my past in a whole new way!  What if all of these things we complain about . . .  are actually for our greater good.  And are maybe even something we chose for ourselves before we were even born?

Mind blown.

Have a joyful, mind-blowing day, everyone!

Much love, and many blessings. ❤




Welcome to the School of Metaphysics

"Nice Sun Ray In Cave" courtesy of wiangya /

“Nice Sun Ray In Cave” courtesy of wiangya /

So, who is the one who decided to try to stay away from weekly commitments and to try to leave her schedule open for her next job, and then proceeded to register for a Wednesday night weekly class that may last for the rest of the year or longer?  (Who??? This girl!)

I’m talking about classes for the School of Metaphysics.  I hesitated to get involved at first, but I quickly realized that this class was possibly exactly what I was looking for because:

#1 I had just told my spiritual guides: “Hey!  I’m told you want us to ask you for help.  So — I’m asking you for help!  HERE IT IS!  HELP! Oh, and, please also help me to understand at the time that you’re trying to help me that you are indeed at that moment trying to help me; i.e. help me to recognize the signs for that . . . make it obvious. . .  please. . .  I’m a beginner. . . Thank you. . .”

#2 This class was covering topics I was already very interested in and had already begun studying, such as dream analysis, concentration, meditation, and intuition.  (Check! . . .Mmmhmm. . . Check . . . check! :-))

#3 The class promised to help me learn to use the power of attraction and hone in my concentration so that I could identify my desires and goals and bring them to me (i.e. attract my future job, right? — Bingo!)

#4 The class was in a convenient location: 20-25 minutes from my house, and it was a non-profit organization, so the cost each week would just be $20 (to cover rent and maintenance for the building, otherwise it’s all volunteer).

And my first class was great!  I’ve started my mirror exercises and daily dream analysis.  I’ve already bonded with our small group of students, and we all know that the universe meant us to be there in that class.  It’s gonna be an awesome ride.  More to follow. . .

If you live in the area and you’re interested in these topics, too, join me for the next class!  This coming Wednesday night is the official start of this round of classes, and they told us to invite you! So, please message me for more info.  (Or for a list of locations near you and their contact information, click here.)


Smorgasbord: “My poor baby!” x 2; More Angel Numbers; Raw Emotions; Animal Visits; and Pupil Jealousy?

"Multicolor Paint" courtesy of Idea go /

“Multicolor Paint” courtesy of Idea go /

“My Poor Baby!” x 2

  • #1: I hurt one of my babies today.  I was clipping Link’s claw with the clippers, and I must have been really careless because I cut into his paw. 😦  He cried out in pain, but he’s shown no other sign of pain since; he’s been walking fine and no complaints.  But he was bleeding for a while, and I freaked out for quite a bit.  Of course it was an accident, but I felt like a terrible Mom, and I didn’t know what to do.  I knew what I would do if it were me, so I got some tissue, and held it to his paw.  Then I actually put a band-aid over it, but he didn’t like that too much and took care of it pretty quickly.  Then I just monitored him, feeling sorry for him and awful that I had been the one to do such a thing.  I realized that cats get cuts sometimes from the silly things they do, and animals get injured out in the wild, and they make do, so this was not the end of the world.  Since he wasn’t bleeding profusely, he’d survive.  But I still feel like I need to make it up to him somehow (as I presently let him continue sitting on my lap, even though I desperately want to get up for some water and some chocolate).
  • #2: My other baby is my car, and I guess I’m responsible for part of its pain, too.  But mostly it’s just old and quirky.  When I start up my baby, the “CHG OIL” light goes on and my digital clock creates its own new language.  When I turn left, my turn signal blinks frenetically, signaling that my brake light is out AGAIN or my electrical system is still a bit wacko.  And then there’s the rapping noise of some strappy, window-related thing that I don’t even hear anymore because I somehow willed it not to be there anymore. . .  And I know it’s time to take the girl in.  I’m usually pretty good about taking her in every 3-4 months.  This time I’m up to 5, but part of that is because I just passed the 100,000 mile mark (Yay!) which means I’m due for a bit of a maintenance overhaul (Not so yay :-().  But I knew this was coming, and I already have a maintenance appointment scheduled for Friday.  Hopefully nothing else will go wrong with my car before then.  ::Foreshadowing alert::  No, really. Everything will be fine.

More Angel Numbers

So, I’ve heard that our angels/spirit guides like it when you ask them for help.  So, I’VE BEEN ASKING.  But I realize that a) I may not be noticing the signs or b) I may be noticing the signs, but I may be in denial.  Anyway, here are 2 other number combinations that I realized have popped up within the last year:

  • 49.  It applies to the $49,000 chunk of part of my mortgage debt, and it struck me because my dad mentioned that his mortgage had also been $49,000. So, I thought I’d take a peek. According to Joanne Sacred Scribes:

“49 is a message from your angels that a project or cycle is ending and you are asked to look to your achievements and successes. Take the lessons from the experiences and use them to your future advantage.  Finish off anything left undone.  Repeating Angel Number 49 is a message that your angels are with you as you step through a new door of opportunity.  As with all endings, it is the beginning of something new and as one door closes, another opens. Your angels ask that you focus on your goals, aspirations and life purpose, and remember to ask your angels for assistance along the way.”  The term “lightworking” also popped up with the number combination.

  • 27. I was timing my student on some touch multiplication facts, and she got 3 back-t0-back 27’s (seconds), which — is just unlikely.  So, here’s what Joanne Sacred Scribes has for 27:

“Angel Number 27 is a message from your angels that new information or news of a positive nature is on its’ way, so listen to your intuition and heed its guidance for your highest good.  Angel Number 27 is a message to believe in yourself, your intuitive messages and your inner-promptings.  You have been receiving messages about your divine life purpose, and your angels encourage you to follow the guidance and directions accordingly.  Trust that your angels support you in your spiritual endeavors.”

So, I guess I’ve gotta keep the faith.  It’s tough for a worry-wart like me, but I’m listening, angels!  Please keep trying to guide me!

Raw Emotions

I’ve decided that I have been put on this Earth to deal with intense emotions.  I cannot believe how completely blissful I can feel during one part of the day, and how absolutely terrified or angry I can feel later that same day.  Most of today I was nervous about my sessions with my tutoring students — especially my ACT tutoring session — and I was worried about my pending performance at the school talent show.  (I sang “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack.)  The talent show went just fine, the ACT session was pretty good — I’m still stressing about it a bit — and life has gone on.  I feel that I’m making this job/life transition so that I can be more relaxed and get back in touch with my true self and my spiritual guides — but I’m afraid that I’ll find something that will be just as stressful or just as awkward a fit as what I have now.  I mean, what if it’s just me?

Animal Visits

I like to notice special things — they may seem like random coincidences to most other people — like the number combinations and animal sightings.  I think it’s a little odd that one morning I had a rabbit run out in front of my car, and a minute later, a crow landed in front of my car.  I looked up both of those animals, and the impression I got was that I was supposed to be jumping on some opportunity.  I have no idea what that opportunity was, so I hope I took it!  And today it was spiders.  The second one was not a big deal.  It was a little black spider walking across the floor of the gym in front of the bleachers where I sat.  But it was the second spider I’d seen in one hour.  The first spider was much more interesting.  It was a medium-sized/largish green spider that camouflaged perfectly with our Shaklee water pitcher.  I was surprised because 1) I’d never seen a spider in the kitchen before.  2) It happened to be the exact same green as the water pitcher.  3) It happened to be on the water pitcher as I was filling it up!  (I’m just pleased I had enough composure to quickly place it on the counter, rather than drop the poor pitcher again — I have some sort of problem involving dropping water pitchers: I’ve already broken 2!I had some trouble researching and figuring out what the spider could be trying to tell me, but I found a LOT of green spider images on Google.

Pupil Jealousy?

Yes, I am jealous of my students.  Because what I’m trying so hard to find, comes so naturally to them — creativity.  One of my students is an amazingly creative writer.  I don’t think he realizes how ingenuous his ideas are.  I want to write like that!  And another makes magic with his highlighter art.  Seriously.  Where do those images come from?  Why can’t I get myself to draw like that? This year I’ve become aware of how truly, and frighteningly powerful my critical side is, and it’s starting to make me mad.  I’ve even started talking to it: You are holding me back.  Do you know what you are doing?  Why?  Why are you doing this to me?!  I’m not sure this one-way conversation is getting me anywhere, but at least I’m becoming more aware of it.  Somehow I’ve got to get myself to play more.  I need to unlearn what “life” has taught me and become a child again.  Sigh.  I wish there was an easy step-by-step program for that one. . .

And. . . that’s it for today!  I’m hoping Brian will get home soon so that we can watch Castle, my new watch-while-I-grade TV series.  We just started season 1, and I can’t believe how quickly I got addicted.  But really, it has Nathan Fillion from Firefly in it.  Of course I like it! Oh, dang it.  I over boiled the mushroom ravioli, and there are now mushroom bits everywhere.  Gotta go.

Angel Communication

"Fairy Girl" courtesy of digitalart/

“Fairy Girl” courtesy of digitalart/

I have a couple of number combinations that have frequently popped up for me in the last year/few years.  And I believe it’s the universe’s way of communicating with me.  Some time ago my numbers were “911”.  Lately they’ve been “66” or “666”.  Since I’ve been looking into the meaning of numbers lately, I decided to do a little research on those particular combinations.  This is what I found from Joanne Scared Scribes on “Angel Numbers”:

On 911:

“The number 911 carries the vibrations of the numbers 9, 1 and the Master Number 11.  [That’s me, 11!] Number 9 resonates with the attributes of Universal Spiritual Laws, compassion, benevolence and generosity, living life as a positive example, leadership, service to humanity and lightworking. [Me, again!]  Number 9 also relates to endings and conclusions.  Number 1 resonates with self-reliance, new beginnings and progress, activity and energy, inspiration, attainment and fulfilment.  The double 1 resonates with the Karmic Master Number 11, which brings its attributes of illumination and enlightenment, inspiration, symbols, alternate consciousness, mysticism, catalyst, sensitivity, enthusiasm, creative/creativity. This makes the number 911 a powerfully spiritual vibration.”

“The Angel Number 911 indicates that the angels are telling you that a new door has opened up for you as a product of your positive thoughts, intentions and actions.  Make the most of this opportunity and walk forward with confidence and surety, knowing that you are fulfilling your karmic destiny.”

On 66 and 666:

“The repeating Angel Number 66 is a message to trust the Universe and your angels with supporting and assisting you in achieving and manifesting your desires in regards to your home, family, social and personal life. Repeating 66 tells you to keep your thoughts and feelings focused on achieving your goals, and you will attain your desires with the help and guidance from your angels.”

“The repeating number sequence 666 tells us that it is time to focus on your personal spirituality in order to balance and heal any issues in your life.  Tell the angels about any fears you may have concerning your material supply or lack thereof.  They are listening and wanting to help you feel prosperous and abundant.  Angel Number 666 asks you to be open to receiving help, love and support from both humans and the angels as it is there for the offing. You need to be receptive in order to receive and accept the help you need. ”

“The Angel Number 666 may also be indicating that your thoughts are out of balance at this time and you are asked to look to all aspects of your life making sure that all is as you feel it should be.  Look to service and humanitarian aspects including volunteering your time, donating money to charity, doing conscious random acts of kindness and/or being of service to those in need in some way. The angels and Universe will reward you accordingly and your needs will always be met.” [This is all exactly what I need to hear!]

Have you noticed any special number combinations popping up in your life?  If you have, search your own angel numbers and please share! 

Day 5 on the Road to Happiness

Portrait Of A An "Excited Young Woman Celebrating Success Over Wh" courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Portrait Of A An “Excited Young Woman Celebrating Success Over Wh” courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

I’ve been staying out, so I think I’m just going to post about my day the following morning. . . sometimes . . .

1. Health – Almost didn’t exercise yesterday, but I got in a nice walk with a friend before the day was over (and froze my butt off a bit, darn weather!)  Didn’t start off the day right with eating.  Ate very little during the day.  Was saved again by my friend who gave me a snack of peanut butter and carrots – which I devoured – and treated me to tasty vegetarian Chinese food: the best-tasting tofu, various veggies, brown rice, dynamite Thai sauce, a spring roll, and a fortune cookie with a fortune that was either very sweet or kinda creepy.

2. Creative Time/ Me Time — I did meditate a bit yesterday.  Did the bonus meditation from Deepak and Oprah’s 21-Day Meditation (22nd day).  Also opted for a light nap instead of exercise in the afternoon, which felt great.  Took my time getting ready and showering, which almost resulted in me being late for my tutoring appointment.  Can’t be thaaat relaxed, I guess. . . Didn’t get too much creative time in.

3. People — It was good to see my tutoring student and good to see my friend yesterday.  I’m still reluctant to leave the house sometimes to go places and leave my comfort zone (I swear sometimes my house is like a black hole!), but once I’m with people, I remember that I need and like being with people.

4. Being in the Moment – I’m still working on being in the moment.  I think I’m going to have to be satisfied with moments here and there instead of continuous moments.  And that is fine.  I had an experience that shook me up a bit yesterday, and I’m still working through my feelings today.  But I think I’ve made progress.  Yesterday I observed myself as I went through the feelings.  Today I am working on letting my feelings be and not trying to squelch them.  I’ve been reading about how repressed feelings are still there, and they only come back stronger when they are activated again.  So, I feel pretty good about how I’m developing.

5. Life Purpose — My intuitive experience with Amy was great yesterday.  I learned a little about my spiritual guides.  I have a group who are near me, but one in particular is hovering around me lately.  A very protective, mothering type.  That freaked me out a bit when I heard it.  I have a second very protective, mother?  (My independent, rebellious side may have begun to hyperventilate a bit.)   But I am going through a difficult time right now trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life, and I’m grateful for her presence; I know I am a very sensitive person, and I can use her protection.  I should have asked Amy which guide was sending me the number signs.  I guess it doesn’t really matter; I was imagining some scholarly, mathematician-type.  Maybe I’ll meet that guide sometime in the future!

She also talked about what she saw from my past lives and how that can tie into our present.  She saw me doing something like a court reporter and also being part of a spiritual council somehow.  She tied that into my teaching in this life.  (And I thought, what?  A teacher?  Oh no!)  But she explained that a “teacher” does not necessarily mean “teacher” in the classroom teacher sense.  I may be “teaching” others in something I am passionate about.

And she talked about following my passion.  She said that others will become interested in my work because I’m passionate about it, because of the emotion I bring into it.  I told her about my passion for equal rights and for natural health, and she said to explore those.  She said that I might be called on to speak about topics, and I told her that I enjoy public speaking – I just don’t know what to speak about! She mentioned that I might use my blog as an outlet for my passions or even start another blog.  I may even want to do a video blog, since I don’t mind being in front of people.  That is something I’d like to try.  Finally, I mentioned my interest in healing work (energy healing).  My guide said that everyone has the potential to work with healing energy; Amy said that she hadn’t received any information about that, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t a part of my future, and that anything that has entered my mind like that has popped up for a reason, so to pursue that.

Coincidence? I Think Not!

"Doing Meditation" courtesy of pixtawan/

“Doing Meditation” courtesy of pixtawan/

I’m very interested in “The Secret”, though I don’t quite know how it works.  I’m also very interested in my spiritual guides — though I don’t exactly know how they work.  And because of my interest and belief in these two things (among others), I don’t really believe in coincidences.  Though I can’t always explain what happens to me —  or why things stick out in my mind — I do believe there is some purpose or message.

Recent examples:

1)  666  I’m still seeing it quite often.  Sometimes it’s just “66” or “606”, but I’ve been seeing 3 of them back-to-back, too.

2) Cardinals.  Red cardinals everywhere.  I know it’s probably related to the season and how they can stand the winter, but I am seeing them and hearing them EVERYWHERE.  I think they may be my bird for the year.  (Although I’ve seen a few hawks already, too, and huge random swarms of birds flying overhead.)

3) 10 likes. I was just thinking this past week that it would be great if I could get to 10 “like”s on WordPress, and that very same day I got 10, and then more!

4) Weird connection that requires a backstory:  (Ahem!  Here goes.)  Last week I re-organized the entire house during my snow day, and this included the area under our small entertainment center.  I found a video that I knew wasn’t mine and that I thought probably belonged to one of my teacher friends: Nim’s Island.  I thought I remembered my friend calling me to ask about it a few months ago, and at the time I had no idea what she was talking about.  So, Brian and I watched it together over the weekend, so that we could see it before we returned it to her.  (I believe I posted about it briefly earlier.)  And . . . this past Saturday I tutored a student who was drawing pictures of crocodiles and was talking about the crocodile hunter (Steve).  I hadn’t heard him mentioned in quite a while (since his death, I think), so it seemed rather random to me.  Today I saw a news article on Steve Irwin’s daughter on yahoo, and I remembered my student’s interest, and I checked it out.  It turns out that his daughter is now a child actress and is appearing on the sequel to — you guessed it — Nim’s Island.

I absolutely love this sort of thing.  So, I’m keeping my eye out for more!  Hey, what “coincidences” have you experienced lately?

Cross Communication: Trying to Find and Accept the Universe’s Plan for Me

"Advice Help Signpost" courtesy of Stuart Miles /

“Advice Help Signpost” courtesy of Stuart Miles /

I’ve been asking for guidance a lot lately from my spiritual guide(s).  I haven’t figured out how to communicate with them yet, though I still sometimes see them in my number combinations and hear them in the songs lyrics on the radio.

I feel like my heart and my mind are not lined up in what I want to do with my life, and I’m not sure exactly what to listen to.  Or how to listen, either.

Lately I’ve been losing tutoring students.  I was overwhelmed with students — freaking out and wanting a break — and now that I’ve gotten the break, I’m not taking it well.  I’m taking it as rejection or a sign of failure or a need to worry about money more.  I feel my spiritual guides must be frustrated with me. (Can they get frustrated?)  Here they are, giving me what I want, and I’m rejecting it!

Why am I here in the first place?   Why am I in this place at this time?  It is because I wasn’t happy.  Am I happy now?  Happier, yes.  But I think I’ve forgotten how to be happy lately.  I’ve forgotten how to just be.  To enjoy life.  To not become my job.  I am NOT my job.

It’s time to remember.

P.S. Spiritual guides; I’m sorry.  I do trust you.  Please continue to guide me.  I’ll try to listen better.

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