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Today’s “Yay”s

Well, “Today’s Yays” are actually yesterday’s yays because today was really yesterday because I’m scheduling this post ahead of time, so ya know.  Anyway. . .

Zumba was fantastic.  I made myself try the full hour, and it felt great.  Yes, I was exhausted by the end, but I felt refreshed and like I worked some muscles that hadn’t been worked in a while.

The weather is beautiful.  I don’t know why I’m not sitting outside enjoying it right now.  Maybe I will after I finish this.

Freebie time.  I had a cancellation in my tutoring.  Not great money-wise, I know, but I always appreciate surprise free time.  It’s like the universe gave me a bonus to have a little more fun.

Fabulous backwards walk.  Got some great sun time in my cutoff shorts and sun top.

Breaded fake chicken.  I have decided I could probably eat most anything as long as it has breading on it.  (Except for those fried peppers I had that one time  . . .)

Sweet things.  I asked Brian to pick me (us . . . ?) up something on his way back from yoga.  Probably ice cream.  🙂  I don’t really need any more dairy and sugar, as my poor skin has broken out like crazy.  But, yes, I DO need more!  It is decided.  Can’t wait. 😀

Finally, I read a post with essays by unemployed people and watched a video on a homeless person, and while these posts were depressing and made me feel I need to be more involved in helping these people, it also reaffirmed that I am truly blessed in what I have.  I will end with this tidbit from a post on Facebook by “The Idealist.” (Yes, sometimes Facebook actually does cheer me up, too.):

(I need to be more like this guy.)

Ode to Technology

I’ve been quite frustrated with technology lately  — including issues with my iPod voice recorder that I was going to use for this post. . . However, I am also trying to be more positive.

So, I’ve decided to use my gratitude resolution to appreciate the technology in my life.

I’m grateful for. . .


the alarm clock that wakes me up in the morning. (Truly!)

the water heater that heats my shower water.

the blow dryer that keeps my hair from looking awful.


the oven that heats my eggs and the microwave that heats my hashbrowns.

the blender that mixes my soy milk, yogurt, strawberries, and Cinch into a yummy smoothie.

the refrigerator that keeps all that food cool before I eat it.


the garage door opener that lifts that heavy double-door.

the computer that lets me check the traffic before I even leave the house.

the car that gets me to work.

the traffic lights that keep me accident-free.


the electronic key that gets me in the building.

the work computer that keeps me connected.

the Elmo and projector that help me model for my students.

the Smart Board that makes the lessons more fun.


the phone that I use to check in with Brian after another yet another afterschool meeting.

the iPod that I use to record my musings in the car.


and this computer I use to share this writing with you.


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Today I am grateful for. . .

  • remembering some basic guitar (just like getting back on a bike!) and having a great lesson with my Dad
  • having self-control and not overeating at Easter (maybe only slightly this time)
  • a nice little nap after an Easter meal
  •  lying on the couch, meditating on a perfect view of a vibrant yellow green tree, peeking through the window
  • time with family
  • awkward questions about my religious status that keep me on my toes
  • great food!
  • friends who are looking out for me during my time of change
  • new friends and old friends and GAMES!  (I LOVE games.)
  • Easter chocolate. . .
  • a great boyfriend
  • hope
  • crazy dreams about tornadoes and houses (yes, again!) that remind me to look inward and keep onward — change is coming!
  • gorgeous weather
  • doing weights for the first time in weeks and not losing a lot of ground!
  • yoga tonight (need it badly!)
  • monthly conversations and spiritual discussions with my favorite uncle
  • music — itunes has changed my world and taken me back down memory lane oh, so many times.
  • plans for getting some great fresh air and sunshine with some good people at one of the most beautiful parks in Illinois — Starved Rock

Have a wonderful day, everyone.

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What I’m Thankful For

Believe it or not, one of my New Year’s Resolutions has been to be grateful. I feel like I’ve been a very negative person lately, so I’m glad to take the time to do this.

Things I am grateful for (and NOT in order of value):

hot water

beautiful music

a TV

Big Bang Theory


my computer



my cats

my pup

my wonderful boyfriend/almost fiance

my parents and sister

other family

my friends


political unrest and absolution



seeing an old friend and reconnecting as if we’d never parted



ice cream!

fast food

healthy food

clothing that lasts for years!

my beautiful body

my health





the earth beneath my feet








lack of murderous solar flares

people who smile

people who want to make a difference


Brian’s business


water (drinking)

parties and partyers



a home

a bed


spiritual guides


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