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Truth Tuesday: You Are Not Alone

What would you have me share today?


“Don’t be quiet. Be loud. Share everything you need to share. The world is waiting. It wants to hear you. Do whatever you want.   See what you can see. Be what you can be. Try what you can try. Don’t be afraid. I go before you always. It’s ok. Just be. Just listen. Just wait. Enjoy the beauty around you.  You are not alone. You are not alone. I go before you always. Come follow me.

You are blessed beyond measure. Do you not see all that you have? Do you not see that you are blessed to open your eyes again today? Not everyone has this blessing. Not everyone goes this far.

Do not destroy the destructor. Come before me. Bow before me. Know me. Be with me. Stay by me. Stand with me. You are mine. You are always mine. You are always one with me. We are always together. You are not alone. You are chosen. You have a mission.  You have a choice if you will fulfill it. You can change the world. Every day by being you, you change the world. Just you. You yourself. There is no one like you. You are important. You are an important piece to the puzzle, an important link in the chain. Without you there is a missing connection.

Do not be afraid. Be strong. Do not be afraid. Fear undoes everything. Fear destroys everything. It does not become you, daughter (child). You are a child of God. You create great things. You are capable of a great many things. You can live to your potential. You must live to your potential. Remember I go with you. I am always by your side. Do not stop seeking me. Do not cease from calling for me, because I will always come to you. I am already by you. I am with you. I am you.

Where are you going? Why do you go that way, do those things? You can have whatever you want. Why would you choose those things? Be all that you can be. You can be faster. You can be stronger.   You can get done and do what you need. You needn’t be afraid. You are cleansed. You are clear.

Seek ye first the kingdom and all its righteousness. Remember: whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me.

I am with you.”

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Truth Tuesday: Divine Guidance

DivineGuidanceThis is the book I am currently reading to help me receive deeper guidance.  What’s interesting is that I’m still not making a point to really read it and finish it.  When I finally get myself to do it, I really enjoy it!  It’s exactly what I need right now.

The fact that I still have resistance tells me that something else getting in the way of reading this.  It’s most likely my ego.  The ego doesn’t like me to expand.  It employs distraction through telling me either that I have more important things to accomplish or that I’ll never be able to receive/interpret information from the inner levels or that maybe it won’t actually help me, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I’ve noticed that I’m having the same resistance to typing up my vision statement, creating my vision board, and doing spontaneous, fun things.  It is time to put my ego in check!

Here are a few things you can learn from Divine Guidance:

  • The source of divine guidance
  • The 4 clairs: what they are, how you experience them, and which you tend to use most
  • How to distinguish between true and false guidance
  • How to open/clear the channels of guidance
  • Co-creating with God

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Truth Tuesday: One Way or Another

The messages from the inner self, God, angels, and other beings of light are all of a positive nature.  We know it is from them when the messages are supportive and loving.  Sometimes it’s still hard to receive the answers we are seeking.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to be still.  When we are stubborn or not listening, our messengers find another way!   They want us to know that they are always with us.

Today was one of my darker days.  I had a very pleasant outer day, but my insides were churning with thoughts that did not align with my vision for myself.  Those destructive thoughts began to take over.  I cried out for help, but I barely listened for a response.  I tried scrambling for what I knew best — reflecting back on my past, thinking about action steps, looking at my environment. (This didn’t help.)

Thankfully, I had FIVE very important calls today.  The first was my Rockstar phonecall with my accountability partner.  She reminded me to keep my attention on my vision and live as that future self.  Later in the day I had my Accelerator call for coaching training, where one of the discussions was about the importance of belief in what is the true reality.  Then I had a brief conversation with a friend, which reminded me of why I do what I do.  THEN, I had the Quantum Leap class call with Mary which again talked about the importance of vision and about the steps to visualization.  Finally, I had my regular Partners in Believing phonecall, where I actually shared my vision aloud with the others, so I could affirm the life that I love.

And I did get some messages when I actually did some spiritual writing today.  What is my conscious mind, what is my inner self, and what is God or angels I’m still not sure.  But really, we are all made of energy, right?  And that energy is born of love.  I hope any part of this has been helpful for you today.

7/12 Spiritual Writing

“You are love.

I’ll be with you.  I am with you.

Don’t doubt this.  You are never alone.  I am with you.  Don’t cry.   Be with me.  Stay with me.  I am here.  With you.  Always.  I am at your feet.  I sleep with you.  I stand by you.  I am by you, holding you, arms on your shoulder, hugging you.  Listen for me.  Hear me. “

I asked: “What would you like the world to know, beautiful beings?”

“You are loved.  Always this.  You are loved, beyond anything you can imagine.  It makes us weep when you do not realize this.  We are with you always, always, and we know how beautiful you are.  We see it always.  We wish you would see.  The fears, the anxiety — you have created them. 

It is ok to be happy.  It is ok to have “free time” and fun.  You do not have to work yourself so hard.

You do have a mission, but it involves taking care of yourself first.  Self-care.  Ride the ups and downs.  You will balance out.  But be gentle with yourself always.  Care for yourself.  Love yourself.

How can you love and care for others if you do not love and care for yourself?”

Much love to you all and many blessings! ❤

Hold Fast to Faith


I often emphasize and reiterate positivity, and then I hit a bout of depression and cynicism and feel like a complete hypocrite.  I’m ready for change.  Are you ready?

I see more and more that the key to my happiness is faith.  Faith in a higher power.  Faith that the Universal Laws do work.  Faith that I am in control of my own destiny.

There are forces in motion, and this is a time of energetic shifts this month.  This December is an important doorway into the new year.  It’s important that we are aware of our thoughts and lovingly, but firmly, direct them toward the state we want, to the life we want to live.  So, spend some time getting to know yourself this month.  Allow yourself some time to fully embrace the meditative state.

Yesterday I found myself sinking into an awful funk.  I had some extra time between events and meditated for 30 minutes in the car right outside a fast food joint, sinking inward to the sounds of the syncopated, steady rain falling against my car.  It was the best part of my day.  (And it was actually a pretty awesome day!)

So, I reaffirm.  I am ready.  I AM READY!  Are you also ready for change?  Let’s go do this. 🙂

I love you all very much and wish you well! ❤

P.S.  I’m seeing 1’s and 2’s and 1’s and 3’s and 1’s and 7’s left and right!  More on this next time. . .

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Angel Numbers 1’s and 5’s and Blissful Meditation

Angel Numbers

I noticed the 1’s and 5’s combination recently, and today I noticed it, and then I realized today’s date had lots of 1’s and 5’s.  I didn’t give it too much attention, but then I noticed that the address of the tutoring center where I work is 1510.  I figured. . .  this probably means something, even though I come here all of the time, and the date happens to match — I’ll look it up later.  Then, as I drove to my next tutoring lesson, I happened to look down, and the license plate in front of me had 1515.  Time to look it up now!  If something feels different, synchronistic, look into it!  Look into it!  Your attention is drawn to that something from either your inner you or a higher being.  You can brush it off and ignore it or you can take a closer look and learn something new!

Here is the message from 1’s and 5’s:

The combination of 1’s and 5’s is a message from your angels that your thoughts and ideas are creating and bringing about much needed changes in your life. The combination of the energies of 1 and 5 tells of finding new and different ways to do new things and a new-found sense of personal freedom. The angels support you in your endeavours.

1’s and 5’s is a message from your angels to focus and work towards the results you desire as they will come to fruition in due course. There may some changes necessary to ensure that all goes according to plan, but your angels will see to it that these changes are made.

You are advised to continue steering your thoughts towards your desired direction or pathway. If the changes you see forthcoming are not what you want, be aware that you are able to stop or alter them by modifying your thoughts and focal point.

Pretty awesome! Better than the double and triple sixes that I’ve tended to get, although they do still pop up sometimes. . .

Today’s Meditation

Today when I meditated, I prayed for the spiritual growth of all of our Bolingbrook School of Metaphysics students.  After this, I brought the image of each face to my mind, and I noticed that as I did this, my vision started to go darker and I was already sinking deeper.  I made sure I finished imaging each student, and even the future student’s of Sherwin’s new class on Tuesday, but then I quickly allowed myself to fall into wherever I was going.  I’m not really sure what I experienced, but I was in blissful peace by the time I was done, and my mind was a lot stiller than it normally had been during meditation.

It is becoming more and more clear to me that I have a duty to do.  I am not here for myself.  I am here for others.  Yes, I need to work on myself and advance myself, but the universe seems to be overly supportive and accommodating when I am more focused on others.  Even in one of my intuitive reports, my response to the question:  “How can I increase my self-value?” was “Through valuable acts.”

I can be very, very hard on myself.  I know this.  I need to change.  And I hope the health analysis that I get in the next day or two has some insight for this.  At the same time, I think my inner urge is strong.  My higher self has work that needs to be done and is pushing me to get on board, to get to it.  The more I focus on God/the source and on the highest good — the better the quality of my life.  I will do the best I can.

Love, joy, and blessings to you all. ❤

I Am the Creator of My Own Destiny

ID-100281596I experienced some interesting reactions and emotions in Metaphysics class this past week: withdrawal and sadness.  My conscious mind was withdrawing from some of the instruction I was receiving, and my soul was sad.  I knew I needed to understand it better.  Why was I withdrawing?   My teacher knew something was up.  I was ecstatic when she told me afterward that she had some insight for me.  Maybe she had the key.

I was disappointed.  Because I knew what I wanted to hear.  And I will continue to be disappointed as long as I mistrust myself and look to others for the answers to my life.  My teacher is insightful and loving.  My angels are helpful and caring.  God/Goddess is benevolent, all-knowing, and all-loving.  But the individual answers must come from the individual.   The answer must come from me.  From my soul.  As long as we think someone or something else has the key to our existence, to our happiness, our soul will continue to cry out.  Our soul has the answers.  Our soul wants to be heard.  We are here to learn to become creators.  We are here to create our own destinies, to take responsibility for our own lives.

I knew what my soul wanted.  I just wanted someone else to give me permission.  I wanted someone else to tell me what I really wanted!  It sounds so silly when I write it!

It’s time to trust myself.  It’s time to listen. And it’s time for change.

Your soul is calling to you, too!  What is it saying?


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Wednesday: Dreams and Angels


I received this message yesterday: (looked it up on Joanne Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers site)

Angel Number 1414 is a message from the angels that your thoughts and feelings are being elevated to a more positive state.  Give any fears or concerns of any kind to the angels for healing and transmutation, and have faith and trust that you are being supported, encouraged and guided by the angels along your path.  You are safe and protected  –  always.

Angel Number 1414 is a reminder to maintain a positive attitude  mind-set and optimistic outlook to attract positive energies and auspicious circumstances into your life.  Practice positive affirmations and prayers to maintain a strong connection to the angelic and spiritual realms.  Be mindful of the Law of Attraction as the energy you send out comes back to you.

Angel Number 1414 is a message to be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it.  Stay positive, optimistic and practical to ensure that you manifest what you want, rather than what you don’t.  Building strong foundations from well-laid plans ensures future stability, progress and success.  Put your efforts and focus towards your long-term goals and aspirations and work with purpose, passion and drive.  Courageously step forward in the direction of your true life purpose  and trust that the things you require will manifest when needed in your life.

At each new phase in our lives we are somewhere we have never been before.  Have faith and trust that you have the skills, talents and abilities to face all that lay ahead of you.  You are where you are meant to be at this time.

We do best what we enjoy and feel passionate about.

That’s exactly what I needed to hear.


I was able to make sense of my dreams this morning!  The key really is to know what is going on with myself the day before.  If I KNOW the struggles and learnings I’m going through, if I’m aware — then my dreams make so much more sense!

Dreams and Interpretations:

Going up and down hills (snow or something on hills?)  Indoors?  Brian opts to take the route on the ground level.   I stay above.  Way is treacherous.  I’m creating unnecessary challenges for myself, and this relates to being stuck.

I’m looking at the cats and I see Misty!  I ask Brian why Misty is with us.  Something about trouble with Tigger maybe.  Old, familiar habit that doesn’t belong.  I’m giving it safe haven.  (Could be my return to a lack of attentiveness? Or the increased running of the mouth?)

Need to put on (music?)  My cousin is to help.  Is she doing a performance, maybe?  Lots of people around in unknown building.  (And my Aunt there?)  An assured, business-like aspect of myself desiring harmony.  I believe this is relating to my struggles with how to be the best teacher I can be.

Dancing on my parents’ balcony with Dad but a little awkward for some reason. Not an easy flow and not an ease with closeness, though it is pleasant and sweet!  Song unexplainedly stops, so I go back in to house and forget about dancing, though Dad wants to go on.  I am in a place hovering between conciousness and subconsciousness (balcony), and I am harmonizing with superconscious.  It is not as seamless as I would like, but it’s good!  I believe this related to my meditation yesterday, which was wonderful.  However, I cut it a little short, a few minutes short of the whole meditation, thinking I was complete.  I believe this dream is telling me I should have done at least the full 30 minutes.

Scene between woman and Hugh Grant.  I notice her roots are showing.  They are in bed.  Affectionate, but no hanky panky.  Imagination — imagined connection between conscious and subconscious, not complete or clear; and the thoughts have not been refreshed.  They need to be updated.  (Perhaps relating to my understanding of metaphysics and subconscious and conscious mind in general.)

Some comment to someone — between guy and girl of disinterest, not offended, just nonexistent. The need/desire for further connection between the conscious and subconscious minds.

Summary:  A lot of male/female here.  Subconscious presence and superconscious presence.  There are not complete connections, but attempts — making progress.  Follow the subconscious — take the way of lease resistance!  Stick with the superconscious today.  Keep your mind focused on your life’s plan, on the good of all concerned — and meditate for the full 30 minutes!  (Or more!)

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