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A Beautiful Beginning . . . And a Few Other Thoughts


I’m starting a new life.  I never imagined this, but my real self has been wanting this.  I’ve gone from a girl who followed the crowd to a girl who is making some waves.  I always felt like I was meant for something “bigger.”  I’ve finally found it.  The universe brought me to it (with a little help from family)!  2 years ago I started my first business (Early Education Enrichment with Cindy Venckus).  At this time next week I will have launched my second business” a Life Mastery Consultant with Mary Morrissey.

It’s funny how things turn out, work out.  Being a teacher and tutor — besides having some wonderfully fulfilling moments — has prepared me for this.  Becoming a student of the School of Metaphysics has prepared me for this.  These days I’m noticing that I sometimes have trouble seeing the whole big picture.  I have trouble imagining what can be.  I have an inkling, and then the universe fills in the rest.  Would things be even bigger, grander if I could imagine them first?  Perhaps.  Or maybe the universe knows best?

I don’t know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. My friend Jorge says: “Welcome to the life of an entrepreneur!”  If that’s the case, I welcome it!  I am done with safe and stable.  I welcome change (within reason, be patient!)  I am bursting out of my shell, and I’m going to take as many people as I can with me (who are willing!).  I’m becoming a believer. I also want others to also know the truth.

In other news, I have a lot of attention on the Law of Prosperity.  I’ve been experimenting with tithing (time, money, and talent), and so far it has been going pretty well.  And I’m also finding that I’m being given more and more chances to give!  “That’s great, universe!” I say.  “How about I receive some, too?”  And I am.  Part of it is timing.  Part of it is visualization.  Part of it is attention.  It has started coming, and I see more flowing soon.

I’m also facing my old kharma — insecurity and a dependence on feedback for others.  (Funny how that spiral circles back. . .)  I think something opened up for me in class last night.  My teacher said something like he says: “I don’t give a care” as an example for me to follow.  “But I do care!” I exclaimed.  However, I was tired of where I was.  I was tired of feeling insecure and also like a tantrumy child.  There is no love there.  How can I elevate others in that way?  So, I tried it on.  I imaged release.  I imaged disconnection.  I did think: “I don’t give a care.” And it worked.  I felt a release.  I felt a relaxation.  I felt some freedom.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love everyone very much.  I just don’t care want to care about what others think about me anymore.  And I love myself very much, too.  I want to grow up.  (But still be young-at-heart, of course!)  It’s time to mature, and it’s time to do my work here and let go of these energy sappers like doubt and worry.

It’s working.  I’m changing. I’m believing.  I’m growing.

Last thought: Some people are so nice.  I don’t understand it, and I want to.  It completely overwhelms me how absolutely giving and loving people can be.  I want to be that for others.  I intend to accomplish that this lifetime.  My latest example is one of my tutoring parents.  She hasn’t needed me for a while, but she called me again today.  She welcomed me into her house last minute.  (Today was the only day I could fit the lesson in!)  She gave me some slippers for my feet.  She shared some of her very expensive tea with me (a gift from her brother!)  And then she walked ahead of me from her door to my car to make sure I didn’t slip.  (I’m getting choked up just reading this last one!)  I can’t understand such kindness, such consideration.  The ease in selflessness boggles my mind.  But I want to understand.  My intuitive report says that my creative mind opens through emulating others.  I want to be just like her.

Here’s to growth!  Here’s to the new me!  ❤  I’ll see you again when I get back. 🙂  Much love and blessings to you all now and always. ❤


Elevate Your Thoughts!


I have been told that I am powerful.  I know it to be true.  There is a power within all of us — and we are the creators of our lives!  Sometimes it’s easier to see the power of our negativity than our positive influence.  I’ve had some dark thoughts circulating recently, and I can actually feel the heaviness of them.  I feel them weighing me down.  Sometimes I can feel them darkening a space.  I resolved today to create the perpetual intention of love.  No matter what I’m doing, taking activity, speaking, teaching — whatever! — everything will have love behind it.  One of our activities during the workshop this past weekend was setting a goal of something to give that day, that week, that month, that year, etc.  For each spot, I put: LIGHT!  I’ve been projecting light.  Today I did it a few times throughout the day, to my students, to the world, and to those I knew I’d be interacting with.  It really does work.  It was a beautiful, connected day.

I have some pretty deeply entrenched “negative” thought patterns that I don’t want anymore.  I’m beginning to see the possibilities with optimism, excitement, and expectation. Wonderful things really do come to those who believe!  So, I’m going to catch those worries, those doubts, those FEARS and replace them with trust, faith, and love.

What are you giving this week? ❤

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Metaphysics Monday: People Who Love People

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

My recent intuitive reports made a few things clear: #1  I need to stay in the physical (get out of my head and into my  body) and #2: I need to be with people.  In particular, I need to care about others more than myself.  Yeah. . .  The akashic records are straight-up honest like that!

So, I’ve been trying more to put others first.  I’ve tried to give from the heart.  However, I’ve noticed that I often have to force myself.  And this has frustrated me.  I’ve seen how others give so selflessly, so easily.  I want to be one of those people.

Today I realized an area of my life where I am beginning to give in that way.  Being a metaphysics teacher.  My heart opens every time I am with my students.  I always experience such a great love for them, a joy in teaching them.  Today I called them to see how their week had been.  And I loved that, too — and I’ve learned so much from them!  So, I know that at least in this area, I know what I am doing.  Despite my confusion along my life’s path — this is part of my life’s purpose.  I am grateful.

The best part of this is that now I know how it feels.  I have tasted selfless love.  (I’ve received it plenty, but it feels good to be on the other side!)  Opening my arms, I allow myself to step into the loving arms of the universe. . . Wishing all of you love, and the joy of giving and receiving.

10 Daily Affirmations

Image courtesy of Idea go /

Image courtesy of Idea go /

These are affirmations that I now read every morning.  I created them last week in Healing Class to meet my ideal of unconditional love:

I am unconditionally loving.

1. I will look for opportunities to forgive, allow, and give thanks.

2. I radiate unconditional love.

3. The spirit of the Mother flows through me.

4. I will complete the Pranic DNA Transfiguration for 16 days.

5. I will tell myself I love myself every hour I’m awake and send love to everyone within the environment.

6. I will receive; I am ready.

7. I will speak truth to myself and others with love.

8. I will give something to somebody every day.

9. I will recognize the spirit within and believe in myself and believe in others and in our potential for growth.

10. I will commit to myself, especially my creative self.

Can’t . . . Let. . . Go . . . . . .

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  “Business Team Carrying Books”” courtesy of ddpavumba/

Ok, seriously.  I have a hang-up sometimes when it comes to giving things away.  Why do I have these issues? Things that I have forgotten even existed suddenly become very important to me when it’s time to give stuff away.

The worst is my teaching books.  I have books upon books of teaching books of everything from reading inventories to math games to science experiments to differentiated instruction to gifted education to Project Wet to classroom management to you name it, and I cannot give them up.  And worse . . . I don’t read them.

So, I finally convinced myself to move most of them to the basement.  (That was an important Step 1.)  I appeased myself, telling myself that I wasn’t really giving them away — they were still there. . .  in the basement, in case I got the unlikely, unlikely urge to ever look at any of them.  Step one completed:  out of the office, into the basement.  Then, I got the idea to give those books to the tutoring center where I work.  They are so generous with sharing all of their materials, and they seem to actually read their books!    So, I knew the books would get a good home.  Step 2: Pack up the car; move the books out.  But. . .  that step was much harder.  I sifted through them 3 times before finally parting with those books, and I still have books left in the basement that I may not ever look at, but I can’t bare to part with them just yet.

Part of me feels terribly guilty about not sharing those and wants to run to the basement and pack up the rest of the books and be FREE!  . . .  But part of me knows that sometimes it takes baby steps, and things can’t always be done all at once.

So, here’s the plan: look through one of the leftover books each week.  If I plan to use it — keep it.  If I can’t use it — pack it up and drop it off.  At least my office is already clearer, and I feel a lot less overwhelmed.  Baby steps now.   Baby steps.

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