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5-Day Reversal

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/

I am not supposed to write this.  I am supposed to think this.  It builds my memory.  If I do it right, it can build my sense of understanding of the past and help me focus on the meaning of my life experiences.  Right now I just want to keep blogging, and I also have metaphysical exercises to complete, so I’m just doing my best here.  Here we go:


  • Blogged
  • Spent some time on Facebook
  • ESL Class
  • Food-shopped at Trader Joe’s
  • Drove back from Door County


  • Spent some time playing games and chatting with friends.
  • Did the dot exercise and meditated for 15 minutes
  • Had the spaghetti dinner (made it in time!)
  • Whooped at the finish line
  • Biked 100 miles!

Two Days Ago

  • Prepared for the next morning.
  • Watched The Princess and the Frog with Brian and a pretty neat girl, guessing at the plot because I couldn’t hear the words above the after-dinner conversation and random other background noises; bonded with a friend over our vegetarian/vegan diets.
  • Drove up with Brian to Door County, singing much of the way (and pleasantly surprised that Brian new some of my songs).
  • Stopped by the bike shop to make sure we had extra inner tubes, a mini-pump with cartridges, and the wedges to pry off the tires.
  • Had a mini-break down about having to plan and pack after a week of hard work.

Three Days Ago

  • Finished up my metaphysics exercises.
  • Had a great conversation with a friend from the School of Metaphysics.
  • Did random unmemorable things in avoidance of planning/packing/working.
  • Errands: bank stop, litter stop.
  • Warehouse clerk work.

Four Days Ago

  • Finished up Metaphysics Exercises.
  • ACT Student
  • Dinner on the run.
  • ESL class
  • Warehouse clerk work.

That’s it!  Ideally I would be looking at my ideal, purpose, goals, and activities in conjunction with these events.  But this is what I’ve got for today!

I Just Wanna Feel Bad For A While

I"Black Hole" courtesy of chrisroll /

I”Black Hole” courtesy of chrisroll /

Felt absolutely awful today.  Emotionally.  I got wrapped up in where I am right now and afraid that I would never have the strength to take a risk and make a change in where I’m headed.  I think I also was suffering from not nurturing my creativity enough in the last few weeks.  I’ve missed karaoke two weeks in a row.

Do you ever get depressed and down in the dumps and not want to get out?  Just want to feel crappy?  I mean, not REALLY want to feel that way, but you  actually kinda do?  Sometimes I just want to be miserable and stay miserable for a while.  I don’t feel like waving some magic wand and making everything perfectly fine again — or at least pretending like everything’s fine again, when I know it’s just a cover up for the hollowness inside.

But I was pretty miserable, and I couldn’t take it.  So, I figured I go with my fallback plan #1: nap.  As I laid in my bed, I did feel my head clear and my body relax, but when I woke, I still felt the remnants of the nastiness from before.  It hadn’t left me.

I had a party tonight that I had promised to go to long, long ago.  So, I prepared my happy face (basically my “everything’s fine” face), and Brian and I headed out — Brian a bit wary, and me trying not to betray my true feelings.  Thankfully, my act didn’t need to last long; I had a really good time.  I hung out with some really cool people and got to do one of my most favorite things in the world: play games.  I played “Cards Against Humanity” for the first time and actually really enjoyed it. (I wasn’t sure I would because it’s not the sort of humor that I normally jive with.)  At one point I was even doing the laughing-so-hard-I’m-crying, thing.

So, thankfully, plan #2 – Distraction – came through for me today.  But that doesn’t mean this is over.  I need to keep tabs on what’s going on inside and make sure I’m taking care of myself and taking the right path.  There’s a long journey ahead, and it’s time to get a head start.

Game Shoppe Newbie

"Golden Chinese Dragon" courtesy of anekoho /

“Golden Chinese Dragon” courtesy of anekoho /

I love games: board games, card games, roleplaying, etc.  But strategy board games have always freaked me out.  I’m not a huge fan of chess, though I’m intrigued.  I’ve never touched Risk, and I don’t like Monopoly (I stink).  And the games that are played at game shops seem to be written in another language (and I don’t just mean Elvish).

I had my first experience playing at a game shop yesterday at The Wandering Dragon.  Brian wanted to check out a Battlestar Galactica game session that would be happening that night.  I knew how long games can run, and I had a lot of grading to do, so I agreed to watch a little, but I didn’t want to play.  Just a quick one hour in, and then I needed to get home to do some more schoolwork.  Plus, I’m an introvert in life and in the game.  I like to observe and understand my surroundings, rather than dive right in.  And I HATE to look stupid or incompetent, so I prefer to know what I’m doing when I begin to play.

Unfortunately, the last two players were AWOL, so we got sucked into the game.  Fortunately, for Brian, that is, but unfortunately for me, who was worried I was going to spend the rest of the evening playing a drawn-out, complicated strategy game in a noisy, crowded room in which everyone’s table but ours was indulging in pizza or similar fast food, while my stomach rumbled and threatened to scream anarchy and gorge out on every food I’d promised myself I wouldn’t eat anymore.

But it was fine.  Because the game was somewhat fun for a strategy game  — maybe because I’m pretty familiar with the Galactica series – even though I couldn’t really hear any of the directions or any of the actions and had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  AND the two no-shows finally showed up to take our place, and Brian finally relinquished his place so we could leave.  (I, on the other hand, leapt up from my seat multiple times and practically pulled the latecomer into my chair.)

So, the players seemed nice, the shop looked fantastic – I hope it does well! – and the game had some potential.  Hopefully I can get accustomed to my new workschedule and actually come ready to play next time.  Maybe I’ll even try to be a Cylon!

Wee One’s Holiday Entertainment

"Christmas Tree Decorate By Colorful Beads On White Background" by Anusorn P nachol /

“Christmas Tree Decorate By Colorful Beads On White Background” by Anusorn P nachol /

I had two holiday parties this evening, and they had quite different feels. One was all faculty from my Spanish teaching position.  And one was mostly children from one of my tutoring companies.  In the first I engaged in some interesting conversation and got to know my coworkers a little better.  In the other I played some kiddie games and poured cocoa.

Though the second party was not quite as entertaining as the first, I thought my fellow tutor did a fantastic job with the whole thing, and I liked her ideas, so much so, that I thought I’d share them with you.

She started the evening with some activity stations.

  • The first was a Christmas stocking station, with a few ready stocking to choose from, decorative glitter glue, and various decorative baubles.
  • The second was an ornament station, consisting of large popsicle sticks, googly eyes, buttons, large lacy ribbon, felt, and other decorative baubles.
  • The third station was a coupon-book-making station, including felt rectangles for a cover and spongy pieces to make gingerbread and candycane decorations, glitter glue, and clever coupons like “I will clean up the pet,” “I will take out the garbage,” “I will put the dishes away etc.”  I almost made one for myself.
  • The final two stations were guessing stations.  One was your typical guess the number of items in a jar station, and the other was an “I Spy” station with beads in a jar and at least 50 other objects hidden among them that you had to name.  Each of those last two stations had a prize connected to them: a DVD and a small blanket.  (I really wanted the Wizard of Oz one because we’d just been talking about it.  I might have been able to get it if I’d spent even more time on it, but I was feeling guilty participating in the activity, as it was. . .)

Then there was a break for snacks: hot chocolate with marshmallows, green frosted cupcakes, oreos, and “mistletoe” — corn flakes mixed with marshmallow and green food coloring.

The rest of the evening was spent in games, in which the winner got to choose from the prize desk.

  • The most popular was Christmas Bingo because of the rapidity of the games and variety of winners.
  • The kids also enjoyed the around-the-room game in which students had to choose a place to stand (under the frosty, Rudolph, Christmas tree, or Santa picture), the caller picked one of those places from a hat, and whoever was standing under that pick would be out (and then they could rotate if they wished, for the next round, until there was only one winner).
  • And the first game of the evening was a Memory game, in which Christmas-related names like “Dasher”, “Dancer”, “Suzy Snowflake”, “The Grinch”, etc were written on the back of wrapping paper strips taped to the cupboard, and the kids had to make as many matching pairs as possible.

I am not a craftsy person by nature, and so I was triply impressed by the planning and presentation.  I enjoyed playing with the kids and felt like I got to be my regular, goofy self a little bit.  So, even though the kids’ party wasn’t quite the same enlightening and time-flying experience that my first party was, it was worth the drive home in the crazy winds and billowy snow.


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