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Still walking a mini-“Camino” back home!  Do you like my mini backpack?  (So much lighter!)

I’ve been giving myself time to “process” the Camino.  But now I’m pretty convinced I’m just procrastinating — and people have been asking about it — so it’s time to get writing again.

I’ve been reintegrating myself into “normal life,” but it’s been a little weird because most of my tutoring clients want to wait to start up again until after I return from next week’s Shaklee conference.  And as far as coaching, I haven’t started the ball back rolling yet.  I’m still looking at where I want to tweak things, as I continue to reinvent myself.

So, really, this week, I’ve mostly put “life” (work) on hold and have turned to my house and other parts of my life.  My sister has been a wonderful support this week.  I’ve continued to do my daily “Camino”, now with my sister for an hour or two in the mornings, which has been wonderful for mental processing.  We’ve also been reorganizing the whole house, a project she started with my fiancee, even before I’d returned!  The kitchen is now the most organized it’s ever been, the living room looks fantastic, and the office is becoming more inviting.  We moved a set of the bookshelves into the basement, and I replaced them with a wall of plants!


It’s a jungle in here!

Another blessing in this transition has been the connections I made through the Camino.  I decided I was going to “bare bones” it with technology and get a very minimalistic plan and rely on wifi.  (This was supposed to be a spiritual experience, right??)  This became a little tricky when I began to make friends and wanted to stay connected with people along the route who who had better internet access.


Camino friend: “Do you have “WhatsApp”?

Me: No.

Camino Friend:Well, you can download it from the App store.”

Me: Yeah, but I have no internet access anyway until I get to the next albergue with wifi. . .

So, FINALLY, on the last day of my trip I download the app, and have therefore been able to stay connected with one of the groups of friends I made along the way, vicariously walking on to Finisterre with them and also bonding over post-Camino transitions and issues.

Me: Weird random question: Did anyone else’s feet balloon up big time after you stopped walking?  I think mine are finally returning to normal . . .

Camino Friend 1: Yes, (Camino Friend 2) is having that happen now, lol

Camino Friend 3: It happened to me yesterday! A little today.

Camino Friend 2: I’m surprised it happened to me but yes, it helps to prop your feet up.  Usually it gets bad when I’ve been sitting for longer than an hour.

Me: Glad to know I’m not completely abnormal!  I’ll have to do that more.

Camino Friend 3: I went shoe shopping in Porto yesterday.  Was kind of embarrassing!

Camino Friend 4: The same Way happened to me as you, as we. . .  in fact.

Camino Friend 5: YES.  The 11 hr flight also didn’t help.  Everything was swelling and getting super stiff.

I’ve also kept contact with my  young French friend through Facebook messenger and also reconnected with a friend that I met my very first night!  I joined the Facebook group American Pilgrims on the Camino (APOC) ® before I left for the Camino, to get advice for the trip.   I was stunned this week to see a posted picture of an American pilgrim standing alongside my Beilari Scottish dinner mate and rose-tatooed Canadian friend! She wrote this beautiful message:

Camino good byes are so difficult! I’ve spent the past 36 days with Craig and Virginia. We met on June 28, our first day, each of us setting out on our own. I met Craig on the way up the mountain, while trying to catch my breath. Virginia and I met up shortly after, taking a small break. Who knew that that first day would set the tone for my Camino. It’s strange for pilgrims to walk together for so long, but we just clicked. These two made my Camino incredible. We’ve shared a unique experience that’s impossible for others to understand. They’re my family now. They will forever be a part of my life and forever be in my heart. I can’t thank them enough for everything. The Camino works in amazing ways. They came into my life when I needed it the most.

In the past when I’ve gone on trips, we’ve tended to quickly lose connection as the memories of the trip fade into the background, and our lives come back to the foreground.  Here’s to hoping this time will be different — especially since I plan to continue on other “Camino”s!

Sharing this with you has been wonderful.  I plan to schedule a post for every day this week, even while I’m away at conference.  (Keep an eye out!)

Love, light, and blessings. ❤


Someone told me today that she wanted to love me more.  I was surprised because I felt she loved me plenty!  But I also experienced a stirring within my heart.  It felt like a kind of hope and eagerness, and I immediately suppressed it.  I talked with one of my classmates about it afterward and said that I think it related to my heart being broken in the past.  I had deeply loved a friend but had not felt my attention was being reciprocated.  (Our long distance friendship was a one-way street.)  My classmate said I needed to simply love.  (“And not have any expectations?” Yes.)

What would that be like?  To just love everyone like that, like I’d loved that individual?  To love everyone completely, with a soulmate type connection and affection?  Without expectation?

I don’t know.  It sounds both wonderful and terrifying at the same time.

And I’m going to try.

I love you all very, very much. ❤

Tribute Tuesday: On Divine Friendship

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic/

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic/

One of my classmates asked the students at break/announcements if we had anything to share about divine friendship, as relating to our experiences through the School of Metaphysics.  I was focused on the rest of the lesson plan for the evening and did not contribute at the time.

However, I have definitely experienced divine friendship, along with every other student.  I cherish my classmates, my teacher, the director, and all of the students/teachers of the School of Metaphysics.   We ALL love each other.  Just because we are. And that is the key to the community.  We recognize every individual as a soul, as a spirit, and we honor every existence.  And we honor truth, allowing us to be every bit of who we are: the beautiful stuff about us, the stuff we don’t want to face and/or don’t know how to change, and the ideal Self that we will someday be.  And the best part is our friends will accept this, accept us, every bit of us.  That doesn’t mean we are accepted as just what we are.  It means also seeing what we intend to become and not letting us stagnate.  And neither does that mean everything is all roses and butterflies; on the contrary, some of the most uncomfortable exchanges have brought about the most growth!

As an example, today the director asked me how I was doing, and I said “Ok.”  Of course, she probed further, and I expressed my displeasure with my job.  She talked with me about the importance of having a goal and purpose for every day at work, and she told me she didn’t leave one of her jobs until she loved it.  I didn’t want to hear any of this.  My ego was negatively motivating me on this one.  I wanted to be miserable.  I was afraid of being stuck and stagnant.  But I saw the wisdom in her advice.  I knew the damage negative thinking could do — I am an expert negative thinker and visualizer! — and the angels like to warn me about it, and I knew the power of gratitude. (My sister read that when you give thanks the angels dance about you!).  Later that evening my teacher stopped by, and I shared my earlier conversation.  She liked what the director had to say and added the importance of staying focused on the image of my ideal position.  She said she’d like to check in about it once a week and assured me that what I wanted would happen.

I am grateful for all of my friends this life time.  They have loved me, encouraged me, and supported me.  Some have helped me learn my value.  Others have helped me take a deeper look at myself and what I need to change.  I believe everything happens for a reason, and I thank God for the wonderful people I’ve attracted into this lifetime.

Teacher, Teacher

Image courtesy of photostock /

Image courtesy of photostock /

I am having MAJOR procrastination issues tonight.  I had some time to do some prep for a 10-minute talk that I’m going to give Wednesday, and I completely stalled.  I was even aware of the stalling as I was doing it — and I did it anyway.  So, in an effort to get a blog post done and do some thinking about my lesson (we’re supposed to present it as if we’re teaching it), I present to you some of the points of my assigned metaphysics lesson on friendship:

  • Give your full attention when you are interacting with another.  The more attention you give, the clearer the images will be that you present to the other, and the more easily you will be able to image what you are receiving.
  • “Begin identifying as a wise person.”  I have heard something similar said by Jeff Goins about being a writer:   Don’t fantasize about being a writer.  You are a writer!  Live like it!  The same can be said about being a wise person.  Live as if you are already enlightened, as if you are already living moment-t0-moment, as if you are already manifesting abundance and giving and receiving unconditional love.
  • Keys to friendship are honesty and openness.  They help us understand who we are, and we can share about the deeper meaning of life.
  • Expand your friendships by sharing what your discoveries about yourself and the world around you.
  • The more you share love, the more your capacity for love grows.
  • Do not let seemingly unpleasant experiences of friendship in the past ruin your opportunities and experiences of friendship in the present and future.
  • Keep your eyes open for friends of past lives!  Do not judge a book by its cover; follow your heart and stay attentive in every new interaction.  You may meet someone who you are attracted to or who you know you’ve known before/   You may also see the light of spirit in someone who is looking to grow, as you are.
  • Don’t forget the importance of developing friendship with yourself!  Dream analysis, willed concentration, and meditation are important means of connecting your conscious to your subconsious.  Take advantage!  Let your inner relationship grow!
  • Trust yourself.  (And love yourself.)
  • Be clear on your ideal and always keep it in the forefront of your mind.
  • Let your light shine — on everything!   (Don’t “keep it under a basket”, right? :-))  Make every moment count!
  • Love unconditionally, without reservation.  Love those who you feel you cannot love, especially them! They are in your life for a reason: perhaps to help you increase in your own compassion of others. . . or even of yourself!
  • Give and receive freely.  Keep the circle flowing.  And have a personal ideal and  purpose in your giving, to avoid the creation of resentment.  Resentment is poison.  (Boy, do I know this!)
  • Develop your ability to visualize.  And friendships can help with this.  (See the first note.)
  • What are your favorite affirmations?  (Which ones have you used this week?)  Be still and become aware of your thoughts.  Which ones are running your life?  Do not suppress those “negative” feelings; give yourself a healthy/safe outlet; and then objectively decide whether or not you want to continue in that direction.  When we do decide to make a change, “it produces ten times the results”!
  • Feeling uncomfortable inside?  That’s a good thing!  It’s your cue that you’re itching to do some learnin’ and growin’!
  • Thought is cause.  Prayer heals.
  • Seek first the truth and the light, seek a connection with the Source of creation, and then all will be given.  But don’t focus only on the second part of that!  We’ve all seen what happens to those who do.  Build your foundation, and the rest will come to you.

We give thanks for friendship!

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