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Connecting with the Angels: A Little Encouragement


This blog is much like me,  “morphing”! (I love that word I just heard from Tonya Dawn Recla!)

I dabbled in many topics today, as I prepared what to share with you today.  I settled on another angel conversation.

Dear Source/ Angels/ Inner Self:

It feels very hard right now. I am retreating from the onslaught of activity I have involved myself in, especially networking groups. I feel like I may be isolating myself. And I am working through a surprise financial disappointment from yesterday. Also . . . I think the combination of gray skies and semi-cold and my pulled shoulder muscle are all getting to me. I could use some encouragement. Please help.

My dear one. You are loved. We are here to protect you. You have been here before. You know this. We are always with you to protect you and love you. Do not lose hope. Stay with yourself. Believe in yourself and be confident. You don’t have to seek confidence from outside yourself. Those tools are useful, but you have it always within you. You are loved very, very much. That is enough. Remember that you are loved very, very much. Don’t be afraid. We go before you always.

I am worried about my loved one. I love him very much. This transition is a challenge. Can you offer any wisdom/advice in this?

Let go. This is his journey. Love him, send him light.

Angels, do you have any messages you would like to share today?

Yes. You are blessed.

Much love and many blessings to you all! ❤

Thankfulness: Heavenly Angels and Earthly Angels


I feel so incredibly blessed this morning.  My goal is to feel this way at all times — so centered within myself that I exist in a constant state of bliss. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

The morning started with some dark clouds and the threat of rain.  I hoped for rain, actually; I anticipated the cleansing effects, physically, spiritually, mentally.  Now the sun creeps through the clouds — just as welcome a sight!

I know that I have all that I could ever need, and that my needs are always provided for.  Going forward, I wish to focus on these three ideas/affirmations:

  1.  I am abundant; there is always a silver lining; things always work out for me.
  2.  Emotional discomfort is as much a blessing as emotional peace — it signals an opportunity to push myself, to grow.
  3. I am growing and accomplishing wonderful new things every day!

Today I am particularly grateful to my heavenly angels and to my earthly ones (too many to count!).

To my earthly angels:

Thank you for all the “big” and “little” things you’ve done to support and encourage me.  Though I seek to be self-empowered, I know we are interconnected beings, and I see how much I have benefited from your open and loving hearts.  Don’t underestimate the power of your smile, your touch, that positive phrase, that helping hand, and that effort to reach out.  You are making a difference in my life and in the lives of others every day.  I am so grateful for you.  I want to learn to love and serve as you do.

To my heavenly angels:

Thank you for your continuous messages of guidance and comfort.  My most frequent combinations are 1’s/2’s and 4’s/1’s and 1’s/7’s these days.  As always, I turn to my favorite angel site: ANGEL NUMBERS — Joanne Sacred Scribes.

Messages of faith:

1’s and 2’s indicates that your thoughts are like seeds about to sprout. You are asked to ensure that the seeds you sow are of a positive and uplifting nature. 1’s and 2’s combined are a sign that things will go in your desired direction when you stay on a positive path. The message is to live with faith and trust.

Guidance on my choices:

1’s and 4’s indicate that the angels are emphasizing strongly that you remain aware of your thoughts and intentions at the moment. The angels counsel you to make a special wish as you are now in a position where you are able to manifest your thoughts. You are asked to ensure that your desires are for the highest good, as the old adage ‘careful what you wish for as you just may get it’ is relevant here.


The 1 and 7 combination is a message that you are doing a great job and are to be commended for your efforts. You are on the right path in your life, so keep going along in this vain. The number combination of 1 and 7 is a sign that you have chosen your thoughts and actions well. You are reminded also that the emotion and attitude of ‘gratitude’ will speed the process of your manifestations, so remember to be thankful for all that the Universe provides.

Creation begins with gratitude!  I’ll remember to be grateful today and every day!  Thank you!!



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Tribute Tuesday: On Divine Friendship

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic/

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic/

One of my classmates asked the students at break/announcements if we had anything to share about divine friendship, as relating to our experiences through the School of Metaphysics.  I was focused on the rest of the lesson plan for the evening and did not contribute at the time.

However, I have definitely experienced divine friendship, along with every other student.  I cherish my classmates, my teacher, the director, and all of the students/teachers of the School of Metaphysics.   We ALL love each other.  Just because we are. And that is the key to the community.  We recognize every individual as a soul, as a spirit, and we honor every existence.  And we honor truth, allowing us to be every bit of who we are: the beautiful stuff about us, the stuff we don’t want to face and/or don’t know how to change, and the ideal Self that we will someday be.  And the best part is our friends will accept this, accept us, every bit of us.  That doesn’t mean we are accepted as just what we are.  It means also seeing what we intend to become and not letting us stagnate.  And neither does that mean everything is all roses and butterflies; on the contrary, some of the most uncomfortable exchanges have brought about the most growth!

As an example, today the director asked me how I was doing, and I said “Ok.”  Of course, she probed further, and I expressed my displeasure with my job.  She talked with me about the importance of having a goal and purpose for every day at work, and she told me she didn’t leave one of her jobs until she loved it.  I didn’t want to hear any of this.  My ego was negatively motivating me on this one.  I wanted to be miserable.  I was afraid of being stuck and stagnant.  But I saw the wisdom in her advice.  I knew the damage negative thinking could do — I am an expert negative thinker and visualizer! — and the angels like to warn me about it, and I knew the power of gratitude. (My sister read that when you give thanks the angels dance about you!).  Later that evening my teacher stopped by, and I shared my earlier conversation.  She liked what the director had to say and added the importance of staying focused on the image of my ideal position.  She said she’d like to check in about it once a week and assured me that what I wanted would happen.

I am grateful for all of my friends this life time.  They have loved me, encouraged me, and supported me.  Some have helped me learn my value.  Others have helped me take a deeper look at myself and what I need to change.  I believe everything happens for a reason, and I thank God for the wonderful people I’ve attracted into this lifetime.

Terrific Tuesday: 3 Lovely Ladies

Image courtesy of Daniel St.Pierre /

Image courtesy of Daniel St.Pierre /

I’m just now playing around with “Terrific Tuesdays” and “Thankful Thursdays.”  Maybe “Fun Fridays”?  But, I digress.

Today I am grateful for 3 ladies who have popped into my life who have really opened my heart and brightened my day.  (And I am grateful for MANY, MANY lovely ladies, but these are 3 featured tonight.)

The first is Beth, known to me as “ksbeth” on wordpress.  I understand that we’re supposed to write for the sake of writing, and I’m working on that, but I can’t help getting a little thrill from that little star notification in the upper right corner of my wordpress dashboard that lets me know someone has “like”d my latest post.  And most often that person is “ksbeth.”  🙂  My heart warms every time I see her little icon.  So, “ksbeth,” if you’re reading this, please know how grateful I am for your encouragement.  And to all of you reading this, her site “I didn’t have my glasses on. . .” is pretty interesting and inspirational, too, so you might want to “Like” some of her posts, too! (I just did!)

Second, is the cleaning woman at the warehouse where I work during the week.  I haven’t seen her in some time now, but I happened to see her again today, walking down the aisle with a big cart, and I swear she must be one of my angels.  She greeted me in Spanish as we passed, and we hugged and commented on how we hadn’t seen each other in a while.  We both had to get back to work, but as she was leaving she said in rapid succession that she was happy to see me, wished God’s blessing (Que Dios te bendiga), and told me I was looking “linda” (beautiful/lovely).  Flabbergasted and flattered, I called “Igualmente a todo!”  (Same to you on all of that!) as she departed.

Finally, I would like to speak about a fellow metaphysics student; I barely knew her before this past weekend, but I now believe she is another soul friend.  Magic happens on the car rides to and from weekends down at the National Headquarters for the School of Metaphysics, as any student will tell you! (That’s where some of the best learning happens!)  This woman gave me so much as we carpooled down and back home this weekend. Besides learning about her amazing life (which she humbly brushed off, saying that everyone has their own challenging experiences), I experienced the presence of a great teacher.  I told her that I felt like I was Mary — sister of Martha, from one of my favorite Bible stories — who sits at the feet of Jesus and soaks in all of his teachings.  I kept thinking:”This is amazing, what she is telling me.  All of this is exactly what I need to hear.  God must have sent her to me.”  The funny part was she kept saying she was thinking: “I’m talking too much. I should stop.”  I said: “Are you kidding!!? I love everything you’ve have to say!”

So, I thank you, wonderful ladies.  You have really added some sparkle to my week.  I hope someone does the same for you. ❤

Just Do It — Be Happy!

I am inspired to write this post based on experiences this week, most recently, reading the blog post Get Happy by Amy Keast.  If you get the chance, check out the video she posted, too.  It was different and really interesting.

So, basically, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ve gathered that I’ve been struggling a lot.  A lot of what’s happening around me frustrates me, and I feel afraid and powerless.  My life is at a cross-roads, and sometimes I don’t know where to turn with my frustration and anxiety.  Often I’ve turned to addictions like bad food and beverages, which is presently wreaking havoc on my digestive system.

What I have found interesting, though, is the people and experiences that I have found attracted to me (or perhaps I am attracted to them?)  Although I feel that my thoughts are dark and my perceptions are dismal, I keep finding myself surrounded by happy, hopeful people.  I don’t know if this means I actually do want to be happy and have hope, or if the spiritual force here in our universe is nudging me in that direction.  I think it’s both.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

1) The people who respond to and like my posts are happy people.  Many of them seem enlightened and/or really creative, and some have recently gotten through a struggle of their own.

2) I’ve been getting some good kicks in the pants from my friend and coworkers, that really make me squirmy inside.  One of my great friends, who somehow always manages to look on the bright side had this phone conversation with me:

Me: “I’m so miserable.  I had an awful day.  I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Her: “What do you think about in the morning?”

Me: “I hate ___________; I hate _______________; I hate _______________”

Her: “Ah, so you’re attracting negative energy to yourself every day.”

Me: “Yep”

Let me say, I believe what has been happening to me has been good.  It has been necessary for my growth process.  And I believe dissatisfaction is necessary for change; it can be the necessary push to get out of a static position and move to the next phase in your life.  However. . .  I also believe I have become one of those people.  I’m one of those who complains all of the time to those I’m close to and drags myself out of bed and through each day.  I remember when I used to be on the other side, observing grouchy people and thinking: “If they only knew that they were drawing this to themselves.”  Because negativity breeds negativity.  In this case, opposites do not attract.   But negativity can also be like a drug.  It is powerful and can give a false feeling of strength, which can become another bad addiction.  I’m not sure I’m ready to give it up yet.  But I know I need to.  I do.

3) Yesterday’s conversation with another co-worker really put me at peace.  This woman has faith, too.  I could feel it flow from her during our conversation.  She told me that I was a great person and that I would be ok.  We would all be ok.  And I could feel she believed it.  She told me that she had always had faith in her God and that God had never let her down.  I realized, as I listened to her, that I had experienced the same.  Though I am no longer religious, I do believe in a spiritual power or energy that encompasses everything in the universe — I feel it would be foolish to deny it because I have felt it and known it.   I don’t know exactly what it is, or how it works, but I know that when I’ve been at the end of my rope, and  I’ve let go, turning myself over to faith, I’ve felt comforted.  I have always come out ok.  But then, the next time I face a challenge, I often forget my previous success and feel the world is falling around me, all over again.

I could write pages on this.  For now, I end with this:  I am inspired by people who have lost their innocence, who have discovered the evils of the world, and who still persevere in faith.  I get choked up, even typing these words.  I feel I walked blindly through most of my life, and I survived that way.  Now that my eyes are open, I must rediscover faith.

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