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32 Days ’til el Camino: 1 month left!


Well, it’s pretty much one month left now!  It’s been another wild week, including some funky dreams and great content from Andy Shaw.

I walked a few times in the past week, between 45 minutes and 2 hours with the backpack on. Today I added some new items when I walked, the new orders that I mentioned in the last post.  Something that is noticeably missing from my backpack is a guidebook I ordered a month ago that never arrived.  I looked up tracking and discovered it had been delivered to Cincinnati, Ohio.  No help to me there!  Amazon is checking into it, and thankfully, my mom gifted me another guide book that I may just be able to use in its place.

I’m starting to redevelop some good daily habits.  I’ve been exercising more, taking my vitamins more regularly, eating fairly healthily, got back into the yoga challenge, am journaling, and have started writing my vision out daily.  I’m also indulging and reading more, which is such a pleasure!

I’m looking forward to my dreams tomorrow morning!  This morning I had a few dreams  in auditoriums.  This could have to do with imagination or literally me and auditoriums.  Either way, it’s fantastic!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

49 Days ‘Til El Camino: Are We There Yet?


Why does 49 seem like so much less than 50??

Today I walked 3 hours, as planned.  And nearly died.  That’s not true.  I did very well but was very tuckered out by the end.  I actually walked 2.75 hours, and then took the dogs out for their mile walk, and they were dragging me along for the first half.  I’m really glad I decided to up my game.  I plan to walk at least 1 3-hour walk per week, and my next walk will be with a full backpack.  (Today I walked with my empty backpack, except for a water bottle.)

I’m so, so grateful that I walked twice this past weekend.  I can see now how valuable physical preparation can be!  And my wonderful friend read my blog and offered to go for a walk with me!  She’s a yoga instructor, too, and offered to teach me some good foot stretches!  The universe is very good to me! ❤

I need to make sure I get my last orders in by the end of this week or next week at the latest.  There will be plenty of stores in Spain, but I don’t want to mess around with things like trying to find an adapter.  I need my phone to work!

In the past few weeks I’ve started talking aloud to myself.  I find it very therapeutic.  It’s very amusing to me because that’s the supposed to be the definition of “crazy”, right?  Well, I already knew I was crazy.  I guess this just confirms it. . .  I found myself talking to myself often during the walk today.  It was nice.  At one point I actually got tired of hearing myself talk and was quiet for a bit, but soon I picked it up again!

I’ve really come to see how I’m already walking “el Camino”.  I started walking it the day I decided to go.  That’s what we are all called to do: walk our own “Caminos”.  There is a dream inside of each of us, and only we can decide for it because it is ours, and ours alone.  Once we do decide for it . . .  we are on our way!  The journey has begun; the lessons and learnings commence.

Today I felt so grateful.  So incredibly, incredibly grateful.  Because things feel right again.  I laugh at myself when I see how blind I was, even a few weeks ago!  I’ve known since college how important travel is to me, ever since I took off and lived a semester in Mexico.  But I shoved down my dream and decided it wasn’t important.  Why?  There are plenty of excuses I could use to explain it away.  And often many of us do.  But not anymore. Not me.  What about you?

I’m back on track, and it’s an exhilarating (and sometimes scary!) ride.  Here’s to the journey.  Here’s to our lives!

Much love and many blessings. ❤

60 Days ‘Til El Camino: What?? Crazy Dreams


I like having a countdown!

Bizarre dreams this morning.  Sorry for the mish-mosh.  In one I was in a very open area that was kind of like a girl’s locker room or bathroom with a reception desk (I think there was a woman there), and I had stepped into the shower. Soon after my dad stepped in!  I was very uncomfortable.  I didn’t want him in there, and I didn’t think that he would be allowed in the woman’s area, but he insisted they would be fine with us sharing the shower.

My other dreams kind of morphed together.  One started with a murderess that we were trying to prepare for.  We knew she was going to try to kill us, and the time was getting closer, and we were trying to think on what to do to prepare for her. I think we may have killed her first in the end (but it’s unclear).  There are other fragments that may or may-not have connected to that one.  But in one there were many of us in a room and we heard something that may have come from that murderess.  It may have been an ominous spoken message.

In another part I was in my parents’ old backroom bedroom, and my sister and Mom were lying on a bed.  I think I thought my sister had died and was surprised to see her back.  At one point I think she may have been missing a hand or part of her hand had decayed or something.  And then there was a separate, whole hand (hers?), and I was freaked out and trying to figure out what to do with it, and I think Mom and sis were telling me to get rid of it.  There was a whole in the floor, and I think I dropped it in there.  There was a zombie-like feel to this dream, but I can’t remember exactly.  Like maybe my sister had regenerated or parts of her.  Or maybe the murderess?  Or maybe they were the same person?

Then there was a mosh of other dreams.  I was at the tutoring center, and the boss was presenting, and he had a Powerpoint that we all had on our devices.  I was reading along with his presentation, and he told me to stop and pay attention, like he thought I was goofing around on the computer? — But I was paying attention!

I was at an event, there was a pre part.  I think there was some presenting going on by ladies, maybe by teachers from my old district.  They did ok but weren’t completely organized.  Then, everyone moved out of the room across the way to the big event.  There were many, many tables, and they were filled with people.  I knew I had decided not to be a part of this, and I was ok with this and deciding to be happy for their success (maybe a tinge of regret).  I set down my walkie into the charger and made my way to the door.

There was also a part with maybe an old friend(female) or an aunt, and we were walking about where there was this indoor display of shoes hanging from a small wire box enclosure, kind of like an open cage.  The person with me was taking shoes off the hanging hooks and looking at them.  A woman came by and warned us to be more gentle.  The shoes looked like they were for smaller feet, maybe size 5, and I think they were labeled as Jacqueline Kennedy.

I haven’t had such vivid dreams in a while.  I guess they stuck with me because of some of the extreme emotions (fear).  When I last received a report I was told to relax into my dreams, not over-analyze them, but me more intuitive with them– and the meanings would come.  I’m going to sit with them a while and see what comes up.

Dreams tend to be a re-play of the last 24-48 hours, though sometimes it may be a longer period, and sometimes dreams are precognitive, problem-solving, visitation dreams, or even other worldly!

My alma mater, the School of Metaphysics is having it’s 29th National Dream Hotline® this weekend.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Check out for more information or go directly to the hotline numbers.

More to come on el Camino. And I may have a follow up on the dreams!

Much love and many blessings. ❤


5 Wisdom Cards, Claircognizance, and Learning Obedience and Trust

I am experimenting with my claircognizance.  For now I am only intentionally using it to pick the correct wisdom deck and appropriate cards, but I’d like to expand that to events throughout that day.

I’ve mentioned before that there are 4 clairs, different psychic abilities — at least there are 4 that I’ve heard of.  They are clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.  Doreen Virtue tells us that we have the potential for all 4, but there are some that we’ve either developed more or tapped more than others.

I always thought clairsentience was my strongest and the one that I should depend on the most.  I am a very sensitive person and have very strong feelings and emotions.  However, I have found that my feelings can be very misleading.  I sometimes misinterpret my emotions, and this leads to poor decision-making.  So, in the past week I’ve looked into “just knowing” things.  I know I’ve used this almost unconsciously in teaching and coaching, and I’m thrilled at the resonance I’ve found with using it for readings from the angels, Ascended Masters, etc, and my inner self.



This is the card that began last week’s journey: “The Dreamer.”  It is so beautiful that the last card I’d picked before this for myself was “Dreams” (mentioned in my previous blog post).  Clearly there is a common theme here!  I picked this card in answer to the question: “What guidance do you have for me today?”  Very open-ended, right?  Dreams have been a theme in my life, before I even realized it, and I was thrilled to receive this card.

#2 The second time I drew this past week I asked for guidance on the first card: How can I achieve my dream? Advice on this, please!  And this time, I received this fantastic card:

focused-intention-cardIt makes perfect sense!  Clarity, focused intention.  Keep your attention on your dream, and make it happen!  I have begun to be more intentional in my life in general.  Today in the coaching call with my coach, Jacque, this same thought came up again.

#3 This card threw me off at first:


The card is “Fertility!”  (I am not planning on having children anytime soon!)  However, I knew there was likely a deeper meaning.  I received this card in response to a question about a piece of my dream.  During my first training as a Life Mastery Consultant I had received a very high (for me!) amount in my head for a yearly salary.  I was so out of vibration with the amount that I began to feel mildly ill, in my mind and even in my body!  I didn’t understand why this amount had come to me, and so I asked about it.  I knew from reading the card’s description (in the deck booklet) that the message was to allow myself the plentitude (abundance!) to create my dream and to live out my purpose.  A scary thought, but a lovely one.

#4 and #5


These two cards were very painful.  (Sometimes I don’t like to wait!)  I was drawn to 2 different decks and was awed that I received the same message from both decks.  My question was about a new branch of coaching that has not yet come to fruition.  I had been receiving positive signs from the angels about it, but I wanted to check in again to be sure.  The message is clear.  Divine timing is at play here.  Maybe I am not ready.  Maybe the organization is not quite ready.  (or both!) But stick with it, be patient and wait.

I received a similar message this morning when working with my coach.  I wanted to learn more about receiving and why it was sometimes a challenge for me.  She asked me to check in with my inner self, and the answer I got was that it was not time to explore this yet.  This was very frustrating to me!  Tears came to my eyes, and I instantly felt like a petulant child.  How could this not be in my best interest? Wouldn’t this help me be successful?  She then actually used the analogy of a child for me.  I could even see it.  There are things that we — not omniscient and not omnipresent souls, young beings limited by our senses on the physical plane — may not understand yet.  We can do damage to ourselves by messing with things outside their timing, just as children can harm themselves when exploring things that they cannot yet understand.

So, this is the beginning of my obedience, obedience to my inner self.  This week has been a challenging one for me, every day my ego sneaking in and wreaking havoc with my emotions until I realize it was ego all along and surrendering it all once again!  I encourage you to surround yourself with supportive teachers (spirit, people, and also recordings of great people!)  They have encouraged me and straightened me out when I feel “lost”!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Is Something Keeping You From Your Dream?


I’m trying something different with this blog.  I’m diving deep into my training and future projects, and I want to share insights I’ve gleaned for you to ponder and enjoy as well.

Over the summer I invested in Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy.  I am currently immersed in 4 different trainings (yikes!), but I’ve found some time to get back to Brendon.

In the lesson I watched today, Brendon talks about 10 factors that predict your success, and he encourages us to rate ourselves from 1-10 on how strong we are with each of them. These 5 really made me think:

  • Identity.  This reminds me a lot of what we referred to in the School of Metaphysics as our “ideal self.”   (Do you see yourself as the person you intend to be when you have accomplished your dream?)
  • Intrinsic Value.  Do you love your dream so much that you would go after your dream no matter what?  (Like a hobby?)
  • Utility Value.  Does this dream bring something tangible into your life? (Money?) (Skill set?)
  • Opportunity Cost.   This is particularly a big one for me, a person who likes to be involved in many different things: Does your attention to one goal affect any of your other goals?
  • Delay Time. Do you hear yourself say: “It will take too long?”  Does there seem like too much of a gap before the pay off?  (Do you have smaller goals in place throughout the journey?)

Are you following your dream?  Let’s all make it happen!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Story Saturday/Sunday/Movie Monday!


I will not lose my blog.  I will not!  I may falter, but I will continue!  I will return!  Seriously, I’ve been hitting some challenging points lately with keeping up with this, but it’s all good.

This wonderful man has an incredible life story.  He just tickles me and is so magical!  I’m so grateful for my friend to have shared this with me, and  I love it so much that I’ve added it to my ongoing Vision Workshops.  Dreams can come true despite our age — despite any circumstances.  I love the persistence and consistency of this man.  Inspiring!


Much love, many blessings. ❤

Think About It Thursday: Your Head, Your Actions, and Your Environment

I’d like to encourage you to make an assessment of your day.  What happened, internally and externally?

What were the thoughts that ran through your head in that continuous monologue?  What actions did you take?  What actions didn’t you take?  Did you celebrate?  Did you condemn yourself?

What appointments did you have today?  Who came across your path?  How were they feeling today?

How were you feeling today?

Thoughts are things.  They connect with feelings.  And they can be shared.  Have you ever noticed that you’d been thinking the exact same thing as someone else?  Or you thought of someone, and then they called you?

It may sound crazy, but not all of your thoughts are your own, particularly if you are a very receptive person to begin with!  And if you believe in angels, the Divine, and/or beings from other dimensions — you might consider that they are talking to you, too!

The point of all this?  Know thyself. That is why we are here this lifetime, to know, to learn, and to grow.  Be aware of what and who is in your environment so you can study the effects on yourself.  Most importantly, discover the answer to “Who am I?”  You are truly unique with your own special soul print.    You are a luminous, light being with a magnificent mind and beautiful soul.  You have only to believe and you can accomplish many, many Wonderful things.  Believe.  Go make it happen. (Right now!)

Much love and many blessings! ❤

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