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Answered Gift: A Beautiful Dream of Flying


Yesterday right before bed I said in a loud, semi-demanding voice: “I would really like a very easy dream!  One, so straight-forward there is no way I couldn’t interpret it.  So blatantly obvious. . .”  blah blah blah, you get the picture.

I got a beautiful gift:  another flying dream.

I dreamt that people were out walking, at various points along a walk, and I wanted to show them I could fly.  I had a way of taking off to get momentum, and I used my arms, as a bird might use wings.  I made sure I did it in front of them so they could see it — I could fly!  I soared all around these rooms, one with a high ceiling, kind of looking like a converted barn with many comfortable sofas/big cushiony chairs.  One seat in particular had a wicker composition with a high, rounded back and a hugely wide cushiony seat, and it was tucked away a bit, facing the wall.  A friend joked that that was my seat, my special place.  As I was flying I remember my arms tiring a bit, and I realized it was because I hadn’t been flying much.  I needed to work those muscles back up.

Flying  tends to be a symbol for freedom (nothing holding you down/back).  I was particularly struck by the part where I was aware that I had to build my muscles back up.  That is the message I take away from my dream:  I need to work those muscles.  The “muscles” could refer to one of 3 things for me: my intuition/psychic ability, my spiritual composure, or my imagination.  All are pretty related and can be developed through each other.

This may connect to my recent search for answers regarding my psychic abilities, but I think it’s more likely connected to the experience I had last night.

Last night I was at work, and a situation came up where a client was unhappy, and I wasn’t sure how to make the client happy while also preserving the regulations of the workplace (which were there for good reason!)  I became very stressed and disoriented and expressed this to another person at work.  Her response altered my perspective and helped me find a positive way to view the situation.

Soon after our interaction, a client walked in.  We worked out some scheduling and then she mentioned my recent trip to Spain and started to talk about her trip to Ireland and Scotland.  I told her that I’d never been to Ireland but that my grandparents in-law had been giving my fiancee and I some flack, since I’d traveled quite a bit to other places, and Brian is half-Irish!  I said that maybe she could convince me to go, and she did an excellent job!  The way she described her experience (an off-the-beaten-path one) took me right there, walking up the Cliffs of Moher and hearing about all of the generations of families living along the cliff and also taking a bus tour through Glasgow and seeing where the royals got crowned!  She said she’d love to hear more about my trip to Spain.  I could see the glow about her face after sharing her experiences with me.  I’m sure it was a mirror reflection of my own.

I realized a great sense of peace and contentment had settled upon me.  Something, I didn’t experience too often but that surpassed my normal states of being.  Soon after, I checked my mail, and I had a message from Brenda Large from the Joliet Junior College Continuing Education Department.  She wrote that she had just met a gentleman who had written about his experiences on the Appalachian trail who did presentations on his experience. “This made me think of you.  I believe you had quite a journey this summer.  Is this something you would be interested in as a seminar?  I would think you could fill a two hour seminar with tales from the trek and photos.”  She asked me if I would be interested.  “Yes!  Definitely interested!  Great idea!” I responded.

Interesting timing, no?

Much love and many blessings. ❤


Think About It Thursday: Losing Your Mind?


I was traumatized by my dream this morning.  It put me in a funk that completely threw off my morning routine.  I actually talked with my sister about it before I posted it here because it involved her.

I dreamt that my sister was killed by a train.  I saw her from above, out a 2-story window.  She looked to be a little out of it and was walking along the tracks, sometimes on the tracks, then to the side and above the tracks, and back.  I wanted to warn her, but I think I was afraid she wouldn’t hear me.  A train came by and  somehow missed her.  But then another train came by, and after it passed I saw splattering on the track and knew she was dead.

I remember feeling completely devastated in the dream, that my life had might as well be over. I no longer wanted to live.  I thought I had to tell my dad, and I remember going to talk to him.  I asked him if he was sitting down for this (though I could see him in front of me), and then I told him.  I figured he’d be very upset, but he seemed to take it in stride, even telling me that one of Brian’s aunts had predicted that my sister would be killed by a train!

The translation:

I’ve often thought of my sister as my conscious mind.  In the School of Metaphysics we say that our fiancee/husband is representative of our entire subconscious mind, so since my sister is the very closest female in my life, I’ve seen her as my entire conscious mind.  Death = change.  So, I believe my dream is telling me that my entire conscious mind is changing, and an organization (symbolized by the train) is affecting that change (perhaps the Coop or my DreamBuilder/Life Mastery training).

This makes sense to me.  I’ve been making some major shifts, particularly in my relationship with a higher power and in spiritual writing.  I’m also overcoming perfectionism and putting more attention on being positive.  These are major changes.   That a very religious/spiritual aspect of myself was the one who predicted this change makes a lot of sense.

Have you ever dreamt of the death of someone extremely close to you?  Occasionally that is a precognitive dream, but often it symbolizes a major change happening within a part of yourself.  What internal changes have you been making recently? (If there was a death in your dream, what would that signify for you right now?)

Much love and many blessings. ❤

It’s 11:31pm, and I Miss You

Hello, everyone!  I’m writing because it’s been a long time.  And I miss it.  I miss you.  So, it’s late, and I still have to do the litterbox and most of my metaphysics exercises, but I just want to quickly look back on this week.


  1. The “Understanding Your Dreams” Lecture at the Oak Forest Rotary was fabulous.  I realized how confident I am on this topic and how much I enjoy sharing with others.  I would like to make this my Plan B lecture, since I’ve already given it many times.   I plan to lecture monthly and to write new lectures, but I can give this one to anyone who wants to hear it!
  2. I had a wonderful DreamCatchers tonight.  It was one of those events that seemed like it could be too much after a long day, but I had a wonderful experience with a lot of new faces and lots of questions and sharing.  I’m definitely glad I went (and they want us back!)
  3. My office is now fabulously clean and organized, thanks to my student and the company she works for.  It is a pleasure to be in now — and I can find things!  This is a long-needed manifestation that I am incredibly grateful for.
  4. I am putting my attention on concentration and mindfulness.  Redundant?  Ah well. 🙂  I am tired of leaving things behind.  I am tired of feeling so spacey!  I’ve gotta get grounded, and now.   I am getting better at concentrating. I’m starting exercising again.  I’m going to dance around the house. (Great for grounding!) I’m going to make sure I take my vitamins.  Any other suggestions for grounding?
  5. I’ve been seeing 1’s and 2’s everywhere.  It’s actually become a comfort, much as 1’s and 4’s once was.  Apparently I’ve got lots of seed ideas ready to sprout.  And I can see some things finally manifesting for me.  My networking group is growing.  My business/jobs are beginning to increase.   My office is organized.  My identity is changing inside and out. . . I have many more things on my 10 Most Wanted list, so  let’s go manifesting!  Let’s manifest them all! ❤
  6. I’ve been focusing a lot on money.  I’ve been listening to Carol Tuttle’s audio series “Manifesting More Money.”  I realize a lot of my blockages with money and abundance in general are mental.  I’ve known this for some time, and I’m working on shifting my consciousness so that I can be more receptive.  I’ve also been finding that as I stretch myself and give more, I open space to receive more.  (Gotta love that Law of Prosperity!) 🙂

Joy and love to you all. (High vibrational frequencies!) 🙂

Health Analysis and Metaphysical Sharing

I got a sneak peek at my health analysis today.  We’ve gotta burn a copy of it before I can take it home for good.  It’s thrilling to see that I’ve made progress since my last health analysis 2 years ago.  New mental, emotional, and physical issues!  But I can sense the maturity with the new report.  I’ve unpeeled another layer — or from another perspective — I’ve upped my awareness a notch or two.

I had quite a metaphysical evening.  Brian helped me better understand some of my attachments and stubborness to my ideas (as mentioned in my report).  My sister, mom, and I also swapped angel number and synchronicity stories.  And then the evening ended with a very pleasant Dream Catchers Meetup with a whopping 11 people, including 5 people from the community.  At this meetup we shared and interpreted a bunch of dreams, and some people shared about precognitive dreams, visitation dreams, shared dreams, and being an empath!  There is so much out there beyond what I’ve experienced with these 5 senses.  How many people are out there who have had experiences like these?  I feel I’ve only scratched the surface. . .

Love, light, and joy to you all! ❤

Dreamy Wednesday: on Love

I was very frustrated with this dream experience because we were supposed to be focusing on “Love” that day, and I couldn’t figure out where love came in.  I shared some of the dreams with my class tonight, and they helped me understand them a bit better.

Dream #1

Dreamt about a nanny position I’ve been waiting to hear back on.  Seemed like the mom might go with me  Some person was telling me that they had turned down the job because the mom was too _____________(paranoid?  double-check-y?)  I then figured I was to be chosen by default.  The mom asked me a question about my car.  She talked about how I stopped and started abruptly while driving.  The back of my car had some damage to it, too.  And asked me about my driving.  I described how I drove (poorly) but said that I wouldn’t drive like that with others in the car with me (thinking of the children).

Dream #2

At work.  They were laying people off.  I was outside of building.  and asked manager-like-person if I was laid off, too.  He said not yet (or something).  (I may have been thinking I would go job hunting when I got laid off.)

Dream #3

Blonde Dancing with the Stars singing kid is looking into store that has clothes identical to what he’s wearing (in store window).  He is talking to himself about wanting to buy stuff.  Clothes are old-time stuff like the 50’s.

The first dream is about the importance of valuing myself, of self-love.  I don’t believe I have earned the position, and I am not taking care of myself, more concerned about others.  I need to love and value myself.

The second dream is about needing to look at my indecisiveness in taking direction with my productivity.  I am hoping my superconsciousness will take care of my decisions for me.  This could really apply to anything.  I often avoid making decisions for fear of making the wrong one.  Instead I want someone else to decide my fate.  Better to make the decision and learn and grow!

The third dream is about needing to look at how I view my self-expression (the clothes) in my imagined self.  My expression may be outdated, and I am seeking expression that I already have.  I need to go shopping in a new store, seek new ways of expressing myself.

Tonight I talked with my teacher about my frustration in not understanding my dreams.  She told me to focus on the main symbols/the main focus of the dream and really work with those.  Though the smaller details can be helpful, it’s good to start with the main chunk of the dream.  I can’t wait for my dreams tonight!  Sweet dreams!


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