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A Joyedian’s Tale: Dreams and Plans


Dear angels, God, ascended masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Earth . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

I’ve had some interesting dreams the last 2 days.  Yesterday I had a beautiful dream that I was back finishing the Camino (a hike in Spain).  I just had a little bit left, and I would be going straight to the wedding when I finished.  I realized I didn’t even have a backpack on.  I guess I didn’t need it!

In this morning’s dream I was in a play with a girl role similar to the role I played in Back to the 80’s.  During the first performance I nearly forgot a line and also forgot to put a microphone pack on, so I was yelling out my lines.  At the end, one of my student’s from the School of Metaphysics came up to me asking me about translations of some of the words into Spanish.  I didn’t understand why they were doing a Spanish version.

The first dream seems to show the transition between the Camino and my upcoming marriage — from one adventure to the next!  The second dream has something to do with the field of imagination, communication, and forgetting the tools needed to voice my dreams.

I have recognized that for some time I’ve been in an unproductive state of mind.  I’ve needed a mindset shift.  I’ve been dancing along the edge but haven’t made the leap.  Perhaps this is what my dream is about.

I am reading Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz and Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan.  They complement each other well.  My sister says this is the time of study for my astrological sign.  This fits in perfectly.  I’ve been itching to immerse myself in something.  I love the concept of healing a person from a soul level, re-connecting them with their soul plan.  Both of these books speak on this.

I still experience darkness.  I am facing some of my “demons.”  A big one right now is envy.  I see commercials and Facebook posts of people doing something similar to what I want to be doing (like traveling and living in RVs).   “Freedom” has been coming up for me quite frequently. I feel like I get restless so much more quickly lately.

What I’m reading tells me that the darkness is a good thing.  You need to experience darkness to better understand the light, right?  If this is what I need to realize my dreams, then I embrace it.  This is what it looks like while it’s all coming together.

Much love and many blessings to you all. ❤

The Light At the End



New Learning

I’ve made it through something.  Yesterday I experienced a huge dip.  It started with a crazy dream (analyzed in Dreamtime! Episode 7) and ended with processing some unpleasant emotional experiences at work.  In between I felt myself become despondent and wanting to throw in the towel for the day.  Thankfully, my sense of obligation and pride in my attendance track record kept me from letting myself spiral completely downward.

Today I was a little more separated from the events of the previous day and did some more processing.  I found some usefulness to my dream and appreciated the message.

I added 2 useful tools to my tool belt:

  1. Identifying with a strong reed plant — roots are firm, but the plant itself bends (but does not break).
  2. Affirmation: “I do not expect others to change.” AND “I excitedly anticipate change within myself.” — Thus releasing attachment to the free will choices of others while energetically, lovingly supporting my own free will choices.


In other news, I have temporarily given up the Japanese language and have switched my attention to Esperanto, a universal language created in the late 1800’s by a gentleman in Poland.  I have already been navigating the language much more successfully that Japanese — finding it somewhat similar to Spanish — and now anticipate become trilingual much more quickly.


The major wedding plans are done.  I am now waiting for some final decisions on pet care and on lunch reservations for after the wedding.

Past Life Crossing

I’m super excited to be getting a past life crossing with Brian this Saturday at 8:30pm!  I will definitely have a lot to share then.  We got the last one 3 years ago and were brother and sister  (practically mother and son) — WEIRD! And we were to work on taking responsibility for our emotions.  I’m hoping to see some progress there!


The most challenging part of my vision (up until now!) has been the time&money freedom and financial quadrants.  I continue to be satisfied with my health, and I’ve made some great improvements in relationships.

My coach is working with me on visualization and strengthening myself in different areas of manifestation.  Some clarity came to me today.  In my vision I am on-line in the evenings (Monday through Thursday).  I am making videos and hosting webinars, DreamBuilder™ classes, etc. During the day I work on content (including this blog), complete self-care, and enjoy activities like language-learning, reading, collaging, walking, etc.  On weekends I’m retreating into nature or otherwise playing and rejuvenating (including my Brian date!) and/or I’m traveling for fun and business, sight-seeing, attending classes, giving classes/workshops, healing, etc.

I’ve been toying a lot with the idea of being completely mobile, but I feel it would present some challenges that I don’t want to deal with: i.e. not having a clear personal or business address,not having a home base for my pets, not having a place to store some things I’m not ready to part with yet (i.e. my photo frames from trips I’ve taken), etc.  So, I’m not discounting it, but I’m not putting it in right now either.

I would also still like to be on Dancing with the Stars.  That would be so awesome.  And I’m definitely still up for the Kumano Kodo 2019.

How goes your dreamwork??  Much love and many blessings! ❤


I had a dream this morning that I was in some kind of videogame (more like live action play), and I was aware that I was now on the zombie level.  The zombies would be waking up soon, and I needed a gun.  Then I had a gun and needed to figure out how to work it.  I ran out of the house, hoping to buy myself some time.  Then they were coming at me.  I was shooting at them but missing, almost as if something inside me was making me miss.  I ended up waking myself up from the dream.

I know what the dream was about.  It’s about those monsters inside me, those aspects that should really be dead but that I’m keeping alive.  In class today we shared our inner monsters.  We’re now working on imagining how we actually do want to see ourselves.  I’ve been receiving “imagination” and “visualization” quite a bit from the universe lately.

And apparently the universe really wants my attention on this zombie thing because I had three references to zombies today after I’d had my dream: I noticed a paintball billboard for shooting zombies, I saw a sign outside a classroom that said “Zombies Ahead,” and one of my tutoring students talked about Plants vs. Zombies. I guess this is important. . .

Peace, love, and zombie-less-ness to you all. ❤

All Is One, Monitoring Energy, and A Little About Dreams

On Oneness . . .

A lot of synchronicities lately.  I think that’s a good sign.  Yesterday I mentioned that some of the things on my 10 Most Wanted List came up.  Today it was songs and prayers.  Last week an old protection prayer popped into my head.  My mom had given it to me on a small laminated card:

The Light of God Surrounds Me

The Love of God Enfolds Me

The Power of God Protects Me

The Presence of God Watches Over Me

Wherever I am, God Is.

I shared this prayer with my students in class Tuesday night.  5 days later this is the prayer said at the Dupage Spiritual Center service that I came to from Meetup.  In this same service we sang the peace song “Let There Be Peace On Earth,” which one of my students tonight that she wants to include in the Spiritual Ethics course that she will be teaching.

Energy Ups and Downs

I’m fascinated lately by the progression of my energy level.  My energy seems to be affected by the foods that I eat.  Heavy amounts of sugar, bread, and meat can have debilitating effects on me.  I can become completely unmotivated, lethargic, and ornery.  I’ve also noticed my thoughts and environment have a huge effect on my energy.  At this moment it is 11:30pm, and I am beginning to feel a little tired.  Earlier today I felt the need to take a 15-minute nap on the floor.  One hour after this I was up and running.   I am motivated by purpose.  I am motivated by fulfilling a need.  I am motivated by places of love, devotion, and service.  I can’t wait to get my intuitive health analysis report.  We’re bringing it in this weekend, and I will hopefully have it back in the next few weeks.

Dream A Little Dream

I don’t remember much about my dreams this morning.  But I do remember one part: I was hugging two different men.  The first hug wasn’t a big deal.  But during the second hug I said to the guy: “Why do you have to be so hot?”  I had some kind of inkling in the back of my mind that I couldn’t be with this guy (maybe that I was attached to someone else?)  I’m not quite sure what part of me he represents.  Something subconscious and attractive — but seemingly out of my reach!  I think this means I need to continue to try to know myself better.  I still have a lot of unconscious thoughts that I need to bring to the surface.

I just want to add to this that I was reminded today that I am really happy with my life.  I feel really, truly blessed.  And the more that I focus on the things that really matter in this life, the even happier and fulfilled I know I’ll become.

I send you light and love. ❤

Angels? Ghosts? And Some Dream Analysis

It’s been a very interesting day.  I woke and wrote down my dreams, and I felt on top of the world for some reason, very happy and at peace.  I thought I heard the sound of rushing water downstairs, and I couldn’t identify it.  Was it raining outside?  Was it the dishwasher?  I settled on it being the fan and took my shower and got ready.

When I finally came downstairs I was shocked to find the kitchen sink running.  Was Brian declogging a drain?  I then saw that one of our Shaklee All-Purpose cleaner bottles was lodged under the handle of the faucet.  I removed it and stopped the water.  “Must have been the cats,” I thought.  But I was upset that we had wasted so much water (How much?) and I wondered at the bizareness of the scenario.  The bottle was knocked down AND perfectly lodged under the handle? . . .  Was  some entity messing with me?  Has anyone had something similar happen to them? Or maybe I could look at it symbolically — a flow of perfectly good conscious life experiences going unnoticed, wasted . . .

I’m amused with how my mind works.  I set a monetary goal for the week (put it on my 10 Most Wanted) and made it — and I felt odd about it.  My friend — who also happens to be a fellow Virgo — says it may be related to the Virgo mindset that everything earned must come from hard work; life doesn’t come easy.  She asked if I could let myself just be happy.  And I listened and thought: “Yes!  I think I can.”  I am definitely making some progress.

And I think it’s funny that I purposely wore my “Ask Me About Your Dreams” shirt to the party I went to tonight, and was then completely thrown off when people actually asked me about it!  I’m beginning to see how my mind is not as aligned and receptive as I would like it to be! I had some really great interactions with people today, though.  I was really helpful during my sub position today with the high school students with learning challenges.  I was able to socialize with many people at the party tonight with almost complete concentration, attention, and care and without feeling bored or drained.

I would like to end the evening with an analysis of this morning’s dreams in preparation for the dreams I will receive tonight:

1) Trying to make an appointment to get together with a friend (estranged in real life).  She’s been incapacitated and now is close to fully recovered.  We are texting through the computer.  I have a little of a respiratory thing going on.  When I record my message there is a lot of crazy static-y noise, like garbled words.  We are looking at times and events in October.  She doesn’t want to do as early as soon as next weekend because she isn’t fully recovered.  We think about times and maybe Sunday morning is best.

2) Talking with the director of the Bolingbrook School of Metaphysics and maybe other SOM people.  He mentions on how Sunday mornings he likes to visit different churches, etc.  That’s where he was, what he’s been doing.  I want to say I’ve been busy.  But I realize I’ve been having fun, taking walks. 

3) At a wedding reception.  I am sitting next to one of my uncles.  He puts down some sort of pad, notebook.  Its weight is bothering me for some reason, so I try to put something around it.  He asks what I’m doing.  I try to kind of explain.  He says he’s leaving.  He abruptly gets up.  I say “Don’t go.”  It is explained to me that he’s feeling uncomfortable.  This event reminds him of his divorce.  They have not been talking about it as a family but it’s necessary to do so, to get it out.  I don’t feel so bad that he’s left now; it wasn’t about me; but I realize I went to the event to connect with someone, help someone, and I didn’t realize the person to do this with was sitting right next to me.  I need to expand my perception.

4)I am led to a room.  My uncle’s things are are on shelving like the Bolingbrook director’s, but a little less permanent.  Something is mentioned about how all of the furniture was taken away.  Maybe something about technology.  Something about the uncles outside.  In the room are porcelain figurines all around.  I suddenly brush one of them, and I back away slowly so I don’t destroy any. 

5)Something with a tornado or potential tornado.  We are looking to the sky.  Maybe disagreement about what will form.   (Into the house for protection?)

I see from these dreams a need to be aware of what I’m holding in my mind and how I’m using my mind.  In the first segment I am reconnecting with a part of myself that has been closed out and misunderstood.  There’s a lot of “brainy” attempts at communication, and this part of me is still slow to move forward, perhaps related to my work with procrastination and allowing myself to be “sloppy” — which is going GREAT, by the way! 🙂 2) Part 2 seems to be related to how I’m trying to understand the Law of Proper Perspective and what’s in the best interest of my true self and the world. In the third, I have the duality of the wedding reception and the mention of divorce.  I think this must be related to my desire to be more committed to my inner self and my need to acknowledge the struggles I’ve gone through in the process (and how far I’ve come!) What strikes me about the 4th is the temporary, less stable shelves with the very delicate porcelain figurines.  The shelving suggests temporary storage to me, and I see porcelain items as fairly useless — something you can’t really use or play with.  Perhaps I am temporarily storing pretty baubles (mind thoughts) that have no use for me! Finally, the 5th suggests I’m pretty aware of  the potential of my mind’s inner turmoil.

I believe I was fairly focused today.  We’ll see how that turns out in my dreams.  By the way, subconscious mind. . .  I’m not going to incubate this, but — if you can give me some insight in my dreams about the weird kitchen faucet incident this morning. . .  that would be fantastic.  Thanks. 🙂

I send you light and love.

Teacher, Teacher

Image courtesy of photostock /

Image courtesy of photostock /

I am having MAJOR procrastination issues tonight.  I had some time to do some prep for a 10-minute talk that I’m going to give Wednesday, and I completely stalled.  I was even aware of the stalling as I was doing it — and I did it anyway.  So, in an effort to get a blog post done and do some thinking about my lesson (we’re supposed to present it as if we’re teaching it), I present to you some of the points of my assigned metaphysics lesson on friendship:

  • Give your full attention when you are interacting with another.  The more attention you give, the clearer the images will be that you present to the other, and the more easily you will be able to image what you are receiving.
  • “Begin identifying as a wise person.”  I have heard something similar said by Jeff Goins about being a writer:   Don’t fantasize about being a writer.  You are a writer!  Live like it!  The same can be said about being a wise person.  Live as if you are already enlightened, as if you are already living moment-t0-moment, as if you are already manifesting abundance and giving and receiving unconditional love.
  • Keys to friendship are honesty and openness.  They help us understand who we are, and we can share about the deeper meaning of life.
  • Expand your friendships by sharing what your discoveries about yourself and the world around you.
  • The more you share love, the more your capacity for love grows.
  • Do not let seemingly unpleasant experiences of friendship in the past ruin your opportunities and experiences of friendship in the present and future.
  • Keep your eyes open for friends of past lives!  Do not judge a book by its cover; follow your heart and stay attentive in every new interaction.  You may meet someone who you are attracted to or who you know you’ve known before/   You may also see the light of spirit in someone who is looking to grow, as you are.
  • Don’t forget the importance of developing friendship with yourself!  Dream analysis, willed concentration, and meditation are important means of connecting your conscious to your subconsious.  Take advantage!  Let your inner relationship grow!
  • Trust yourself.  (And love yourself.)
  • Be clear on your ideal and always keep it in the forefront of your mind.
  • Let your light shine — on everything!   (Don’t “keep it under a basket”, right? :-))  Make every moment count!
  • Love unconditionally, without reservation.  Love those who you feel you cannot love, especially them! They are in your life for a reason: perhaps to help you increase in your own compassion of others. . . or even of yourself!
  • Give and receive freely.  Keep the circle flowing.  And have a personal ideal and  purpose in your giving, to avoid the creation of resentment.  Resentment is poison.  (Boy, do I know this!)
  • Develop your ability to visualize.  And friendships can help with this.  (See the first note.)
  • What are your favorite affirmations?  (Which ones have you used this week?)  Be still and become aware of your thoughts.  Which ones are running your life?  Do not suppress those “negative” feelings; give yourself a healthy/safe outlet; and then objectively decide whether or not you want to continue in that direction.  When we do decide to make a change, “it produces ten times the results”!
  • Feeling uncomfortable inside?  That’s a good thing!  It’s your cue that you’re itching to do some learnin’ and growin’!
  • Thought is cause.  Prayer heals.
  • Seek first the truth and the light, seek a connection with the Source of creation, and then all will be given.  But don’t focus only on the second part of that!  We’ve all seen what happens to those who do.  Build your foundation, and the rest will come to you.

We give thanks for friendship!

Welcome to the School of Metaphysics

"Nice Sun Ray In Cave" courtesy of wiangya /

“Nice Sun Ray In Cave” courtesy of wiangya /

So, who is the one who decided to try to stay away from weekly commitments and to try to leave her schedule open for her next job, and then proceeded to register for a Wednesday night weekly class that may last for the rest of the year or longer?  (Who??? This girl!)

I’m talking about classes for the School of Metaphysics.  I hesitated to get involved at first, but I quickly realized that this class was possibly exactly what I was looking for because:

#1 I had just told my spiritual guides: “Hey!  I’m told you want us to ask you for help.  So — I’m asking you for help!  HERE IT IS!  HELP! Oh, and, please also help me to understand at the time that you’re trying to help me that you are indeed at that moment trying to help me; i.e. help me to recognize the signs for that . . . make it obvious. . .  please. . .  I’m a beginner. . . Thank you. . .”

#2 This class was covering topics I was already very interested in and had already begun studying, such as dream analysis, concentration, meditation, and intuition.  (Check! . . .Mmmhmm. . . Check . . . check! :-))

#3 The class promised to help me learn to use the power of attraction and hone in my concentration so that I could identify my desires and goals and bring them to me (i.e. attract my future job, right? — Bingo!)

#4 The class was in a convenient location: 20-25 minutes from my house, and it was a non-profit organization, so the cost each week would just be $20 (to cover rent and maintenance for the building, otherwise it’s all volunteer).

And my first class was great!  I’ve started my mirror exercises and daily dream analysis.  I’ve already bonded with our small group of students, and we all know that the universe meant us to be there in that class.  It’s gonna be an awesome ride.  More to follow. . .

If you live in the area and you’re interested in these topics, too, join me for the next class!  This coming Wednesday night is the official start of this round of classes, and they told us to invite you! So, please message me for more info.  (Or for a list of locations near you and their contact information, click here.)


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