Metaphysics Monday: Rollercoaster Emotions

Lately our metaphysics teacher has been surprising us with her responses to our experiences during the week.  Feeling upset?  Great!  Resistant?  Fantastic!  Struggling with your exercises?  Good!  I imagine she will same something similar about the emotional roller coaster I've been on this past week.  I think her point was that sometimes we experience things... Continue Reading →

Your Speck! Your Log!: A Lesson In “You Know It’s About You, Right?”

I think the words that hurt the most -- when they are said with honesty and positive intention -- are the ones that help us grow the most. Years ago I had a friend tell me straight out: "Teri, you're a bad listener."  I never forgot it.  And I now check-in during every conversation to... Continue Reading →

On Relaxation, Being “Drama-Free”, Learning About Life Energy, and Sleeeep

Vacation Day? Today I am first grateful for not having any events planned.  I think this may be my first "real" vacation day.  However, I'm thinking this "vacation day" must be a frightening, impossible concept for me, because as I type this, I'm already trying to make plans to go to Starved Rock with some... Continue Reading →

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