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Today’s Inspiration

 "Double Yellow Sunflowers" courtesy of nuttakit/

“Double Yellow Sunflowers” courtesy of nuttakit/ 


“I place fewer and fewer demands upon others, and especially myself.  I am free to commune with nature, work, play, read, or just do nothing.” – from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s Living the Wisdom of the Tao (75th verse)

I badly need this today!

Grateful for Being Here

I’m grateful for getting excited about things.  I’m really trying to keep my attitude positive, and today I decided to look at this summer’s experience as an adventure.  It really is a new adventure.  And isn’t that really why we’re here on Earth?  To explore, to learn, and to support others as we all go about our journeys?

I am grateful that I am alive and healthy and able to be here to continue exploring.

Today I went to my first Joliet networking experience, and they happened to have a workshop today on interviews.  That’s exactly what I needed!  And when I was there, a fellow networker mentioned a local job fair  that I had seen on-line, but had forgotten about.  It listed some places that I’m interested in and have been meaning to contact.  Awesome!

I also finally got a text from the library that some books came in (Dr. Wayne Dyer books), so I have those now to work on my spiritual growth  (Yay!).  And I have a phone advisory appointment in a half hour with a woman from last week’s workshop, who I really connected with.  (So, hopefully I’ll be posting about that tomorrow!)

In closing, I am also grateful for my spinach, mixed cheese, avocado taco and the organic whole milk yogurt that I had for lunch today.  Hit the spot.

What are you grateful for today?


Morning’s Thankfulness

I figured since I was up this morning and already at my computer. . .  I had might as well write again.  Got to figure out a routine for this.  Today I am grateful for peace.   Different things I have read, like posts from Amy Keast (this one in particular), readings from Dr. Wayne Dyer (10 Secret for Success and Inner Peace; love the content AND the design; such a pleasing format), and Jason’s “Living in the Now” blog have given me inspiration this week.

I can’t believe it’s “summer vacation” and how completely stressed I’ve been!  I know it’s attributable to the job hunt/”new life” hunt that I’ve been on for months now.  Also, I haven’t closed a pretty big door yet, and it’s starting to gnaw at me.

::Random side note: I am ALSO grateful for spell-check: “‘Knaw’. . . Isn’t that the right spelling?”. . . .  “ohhh. . . ‘GNAW'”. . .  “Right. . .”:: (Crazy, wonderful English language!)

The last few days I’ve finely found some semblance of peace. Yes, there is a lot going on in my life.  Yes, there is plenty to worry about.  But why?  We were not put here to worry.  Remember the lilies of the field?  I don’t think we came to life with the purpose of worrying as much as possible.  That is not a life. Yesterday I visited a good friend who just had twins.  She is in a similar state in that she is making some major changes in her life, and she doesn’t know what’s going to happen next.  She said that it’s just going to work out; it has to. There was such peace in her house.  Her life is very simple right now, just her and her little ones.  She’ll pick one up and feed one.  Then, she’ll put her down and pick up her other little one and feed her.  One cries; she picks her up for a while.  Then, puts her down and picks up the other one.  She puts them down for a nap and now squeezes in time to pump.  She laughs that her food is often cold by the time she finally gets to it.  She says she still needs to work on her timing.  And it’s also so simple and beautiful . . . and peaceful.

I’m going to adopt a plan of peace in my life.  I’m going to continue with my 15 minute plan and continue to chug along, and I’m going to have some faith and enjoy what I have right here, right now.  It’s a gorgeous day today.  It would be a shame if I didn’t notice.


I’m a Writer! (and Believing in Oneself)

I just jumped onto Jeff Goin’s “15 Habits of Great Writers” Challenge” , and I’ve gotta catch up!  Day 1 is proclaiming to the world that I’m a writers, so there it is!  I also double-checked my social media profiles.  I added “writer” to Facebook and saw that my Twitter (TeriLari) already has that down.

Every day I think about how important believing in myself and being confident is.  I keep thinking “If I could just. . .”  But I think the important thing is just to give myself a break.  To just let go. . .  if I am riding myself all of the time, criticizing myself at every turn, how is THAT going to help anything?  I have 3  spiritual books that I keep in the bathroom, and one is 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  The last time I picked it up I flipped to the chapter: “You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have”.  (I always seem to open up to the right page.)   If I am full of self-criticism, that is all that I have away.  And that is NOT who I want to be.

Seriously, I had to laugh when I heard myself think this morning while walking Bowser: “Good God, Teri,  you can’t be in the moment, can you?  You can’t stay focused for a second!”  Geez!  Lighten up, self!  How can I possibly relax when I have my own ego breathing down my neck every second?  So, my goal is going to be to take a chill pill.  If I find myself off track,I’ll  just be aware of it, and refocus. . . even if it’s for a second!  That’s fine!

And back to writing: I think I want to write children’s stories.  I already have one that I wrote in high school that I like;  I just need to figure out how best to present it to a publisher and WHO to send it, too.  And then I want to keep writing. . . more and more and more.  And I’m going to start journaling every day.  Or at least having writing time, time where I just sit and let myself think, and then write what comes.  I think I have some crazy ideas that I’ve squelched because I thought they were nuts.  All this stifling has shut me off.  Time to open the floodgates!

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