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Dreamy Wednesday (Belated)

I don’t know if I have permission to share about my sister’s dream that she recently shared with me.  So, I’ll just say that it was unique and cool. 🙂 My dreams this week progressed from being an adult in an elementary school classroom to a substitute teacher in an elementary school classroom to getting the house ready to have people over.

Translation: Needing to learn an overdue lesson –> Experimenting with getting back my inner authority –> cleaning up my state of mind in preparation for interaction with different aspects of myself.

This morning I had a dream smorgasbord.  So, maybe it’s good I’m running behind this week; I’m looking forward to working with these.

Here they are (not necessarily in this order):

Dream #1: I’m driving.  There’s a dogwalker (female) in the left turn lane where I intend to turn.  Sh has TONS of dogs.  One gets away and is running across the street.  I watch it with concern.  It doesn’t get hit.  I make a VERY slow stop and slow left turn to avoid the dogs and walker.  Conditions are bad, too.  It’s snowing and slushy.  When I turn to go up the street it’s a hill, and there are HUGE vehicles in the road that are attempting to pass each other, driving in my direction.  They look like the hockey rink machines that put down ice; HUGE.  I swerve around to avoid them. 

Dream #2: Something with me and Golbahar.  Someone in the bathroom.  She knocks on the door and sends them off to do something (answer the phone?)  because maybe there’s no one downstairs to do it.

Dream #3: I am looking through textbooks, and I find one that is from one of my tutoring students.  (A boy or his sister.)  I try to figure out which one it was.  It is the boy because it is a 5th grade math book.  The reason I’m interested is because there is a $55 bill sticking out of it alike a bookmark.  I think that is a weird denomination.  I check it, and it is indeed real American money.  I now say (to whoever I’m with)  that I have a dilemma.  But I decide the best thing to do is mail it back to him.  I am happy I will be reconnecting with him.  I see lots of writing in the front cover when I check it.  Some swear words.  This is a huge stack of bank slips that I could send with the money (maybe belonging to his parents?), but I decide not to.  They will require extra postage.  I’m sure the mom/dad can get more.  Slips seem to have lesson notes on the bottom; blue pages with lines and comments.  I see a note about snacks.  I write a letter but then decide against sending it.  It turns out the money actually is yuan.  I’m not sure how much it is worth, but in the dream I have now assumed that it will be useless to the boy.  It is two-sided.  One side is green, which could be a mistaken for dollars.  The other side is yellow.

Golbahar finds my original letter (one I had started but not finished, maybe crumpled).  She asks me what my purpose is, like the letter is unclear.   I go to get the actual letter to show her (in envelope?)

Dream #4: Something about a girl created a show and she realized that only one of the actors could actually sing.  She wondered why she did this.  A singing/dancing sequence follows, and the individuals mostly lip sync, and they are terrible at it.

Dream #5: Something else with a play . . .  learning part?

Dream #6: A picture is being taken.  Group shot(s).  I try to kind of hide.  Photographer is annoyed with me.  (male?)

Group shots with lots of people.  Trying to fit in with group shot.  Different gatherings.  I’m not sure when to smile.  My smile is goofy.

Dream #7: Teeny tiny “badger.” in house.  Bowser checks it out.  (I think he wants to eat it, but he stops.)  I wonder if the badger got him.  Clear long quill has gotten stuck in Bowser’s nose.  (Badger sting!)  I try to carefully and quickly pull it out and get part of it off, not all.  Now I feel I need to get the badger out.  Increasing in size?

Wow. . .  I forgot how much I had here.  Let’s see.  Dream #1: I’m headed in a particular direction, but I’m facing difficult conditions.  I’m slowed down by many habits and huge. . .  somethings!  Since the dream seems to be about challenges (the hill, the slush, etc, the snow suggests being stuck.)  So, I think it’s about trying to take a positive, decisive direction in my life but finding myself slowed down — and even stuck — amidst habits, challenges, and environmental circumstances.  Makes sense.

Dream #2.  I’ve got a subconscious aspect, a place for cleansing, and some unknown aspects that may be dealing with communication and different levels of mind (downstairs).   I would guess that it’s telling me I need to be available to receive communication between levels of mind.

Dream #3.  Yikes.  Well, what really sticks out to me is the 55.  I’m really into numbers.  Money has to do with value and “5” is “reasoning” in a dream.  Last night we focused a lot on reasoning in class, so that only makes sense.  A summary of the dream seems to be that I receive a tool for information /information — at a lower level — that includes something to do with value and reasoning.  I’m not sure what it really is, and I’m confused about the value.  I eventually recognize that it is not as much value as I thought and not as useful (since it is the wrong currency).  I am also originally intent on doing the “right thing” and returning it to a developing subconscious aspect of myself.  I’m excited about connecting with this aspect because our connection was severed.  I would describe this part as impulsive/impatient and brilliantly creative.  I have even prepared communication with it.  I later don’t go through with the communication when I decide the bill is useless.  There is something about communication and value again with the bank notes, which also ties into productivity and taking in knowledge.  But I do not see that as important. Finally, my superconscious gets involved, wanting to know about my purpose in the communication.  But she has grabbed the wrong communication, so I update her.   Most importantly, I can’t identify “reasoning”, and I’m confused about its value.  My impulsive/impatient, brilliantly creative side may be the connection.

Dream #4: I am attempting to create harmony within myself, but I have not chosen the correct aspects to do it, so it is not working out perfectly. . .   That may have to do with understanding myself part and getting aligned within.

Dream #5: I am preparing for some sort of creativity, imaginative work.

Dream #6: The use of memory.  I’m involving many aspects of myself in this, but I am not putting my whole self enough in the picture.  (Maybe related to our class conversation or our visualization exercise.)

Dream #7:  These animal-on-animal dreams are confusing to me.  I should ask about those in the next Dream Webinar.  I have two habits here.  One is one that I love and am very comfortable with.  The other is unknown.  I can’t even recognize the animal for sure, it doesn’t look like a real life badger at all, and the size keeps fluctuating.  I think there’s something significant in the stinger/quill and the nose.    The nose is part of the face.  It may be part of a human’s expression, but for a dog it is a main means of receiving information.  The quill is a protective/aggressive measure  Perhaps I was using one habit to explore a new/unknown habit, and there was some resistance.  However, after I saw the damage done, I wanted to get rid of the habit.

Dogs showed up twice in my dreams.  The main unproductive habits I’ve been facing lately are lack of confidence/insecurity; bossiness, worry, lack of purpose, and stubbornness.  These have impeded my journey . . .  but I’m not sure which one is the badger.

Happy dreaming tonight!

Dream Crasher

"Old Car After Bricks Fallen On It" courtesy of Stuart Miles/

“Old Car After Bricks Fallen On It” courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Ok, I had to share another dream today because the one I had this morning was so bizarre.

Brian and I wanted a new house, but we weren’t sure we could get it.  Brian told me to ram into the house and bang it up a bit so that the owner would want to sell it to us.  So, I went over to the house and rammed into the garage with my car once or twice, and I think I rammed into a side of the house, too.

Then, I went in the house and crept around to look around. (Don’t ask me how I got in.)  I heard a male voice call to me from within one of the rooms, and I thought: “Oops! He knows I’m here!”  I walked over to talk to him, and these four small dogs came out one-by-one as we were talking.  I remember comparing their size to my Bowser.  One dog was a little bigger than Bowser, but the rest were pretty small dogs (but not puppy-looking).  They were each different patterns and colors.

That’s as much as I remember.

I looked at again, and this is what I found:

For “dog”:

“To see a dog in your dream symbolizes intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. The dream suggests that your strong values and good intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and bring you success. The dream dog may also represent someone in your life who exhibits these qualities. Alternatively, to see a dog in your dream indicates a skill that you may have ignored or forgotten.”

For “new” under “house”:

“To see a new house in your dream indicates that you are taking on a new identity and developing new strengths. You are becoming more emotionally mature.”

Also under “house”

To dream that you are inside a stranger’s house indicates that there is something that you have yet to discover about yourself. It may mean that there are repressed memories, fears or emotions that you are not confronting.”

Well, a lot of this ties into what I’ve been going through: changes, trying to find my dream and follow it, needing to believe in myself and find myself, etc.

But, I’m still perplexed by the overall feeling of the dream.  If I was interested in this house, why was I trying to wreck it?  Maybe I wanted to be able to get it from this other person, but then I would have a wrecked house!  (Beyond the obvious question of why anyone would give up his house to someone who had purposely destroyed part of it, rather than turning the destroyer into the police!)  And who was this other person, this male figure? And why was he so welcoming of me — I was an intruder!  And didn’t he know that I had damaged his house?  And the dogs accepted me readily, too!  I wish I could remember what he talked to me about.

I feel like this dream is telling me that I need to break through some walls, create a little damage and chaos for myself to finally be able to take a risk and see what could be in store for me.  This is me, trying to explore my possible future.  Perhaps the man is a part of me?  Or a spiritual guide?  I’d like to have another conversation, but I don’t want to go back to sleep!

Lovin’ Truly, Madly, Deeply

"The Wall Eyed Cat"  courtesy of njaj/

“The Wall Eyed Cat” courtesy of njaj/
Ok, this is exactly how my cat looks. Not looks appearance-wise! The adoring look. And yes, that’s what it is.

If you need to feel loved, truly loved.  Spend some time with your pet.  I wish I could procure a camera and capture the absolute adoring expression Link gives me as he leans over my lap and gazes worshipfully up at me.  Seriously.  Where else can you find unconditional love, if not for your animals?  Ok sure, sometimes it is conditional —  on food, on water, on a clean litterbox or being taken out. . .  But if you provide for all of those things and don’t kick and/or yell at your pet every time you pass – AND if your pet did not come to you with some crazy psychological baggage already, there’s a good chance you’ve found a loyal friend.

All you have to do is be there, and the pet will be with you and love you.  It doesn’t care how fat you’ve gotten or that you forgot to put make up on, or worse, that you haven’t showered or forgot your deodorant.  If your pets are creepy like my cats, they’ll even love the stinky you all the more!  (Seriously.  My cats, especially Zelda, are particularly partial to shoes, sweaty socks, and work out clothes.)

My pets won’t look down on me for leaving my previous position, and they have no judgment on how my live my life.  They don’t have any idea why I’m gone so long each day and pounce on me when I finally get back.  All my pets come to me when I call them and they are ready to snuggle at any time of day.

So, if you’re really feeling stinky, don’t grab a person – grab a quadruped!  (The more the stinky, the more the love!)

Cats vs. Dogs

I truly am a cat person and my partner is a dog person. I try to love our year-and-a-half year old puppy to the best of my ability, but inevitably he will do something stupid that will completely drive me nuts.

We have two cats and a dog. Our dog Bowser will chew – no – DESTROY anything that is left in his path. This mainly means paper. He will also eat anything, EXCEPT for his pills. (Now, I don’t blame him for not wanting to eat his pills, but he’ll eat every other fricken’ thing, including throwup and rabbit poop, so why can’t he eat the thing we most need him to eat??) Our cats, Link and Zelda, are no angels either. They go up on the kitchen counter, coffee table, and kitchen table when we aren’t around. Sometimes they knock things off shelves. We find evidence of it the next morning. But they rarely destroy anything.

The worst is when the cats and dogs gang up as co-conspirators. For example, today we came home from yoga to a mess of pieces of mint lifesavers and foil. Brian threw the yoga mat after one of the cats. “What are you throwing at him for?” I asked.

This is where we split. I don’t see the cat’s behavior as a problem. Brian isn’t bothered by what the dog does.

(He held the leftover packaging in my face.) “Do you see this? This was on the counter. The cats must have knocked it off.”

(Me:) “Oh. (Pause.) But are you at least going to say or do something with Bowser? I mean, he’s the one who chewed it to pieces!”

And it’s pretty clear how we’re split, even to the animals. Bowser goes ballistic when Brian gets home. Not so much for me. . . The cats are upstairs, ignoring Brian during the day, but they suddenly appear out of nowhere when I get home. Bowser will cry when Brian leaves, even if I’m still in the room. Zelda and I nuzzle each other, Link lets me hold him like a baby, and Bowser will curl up with Brian on the couch and on the bed.

But despite our differences, I know we both love all of our animals very much. The cats will snuggle up with Brian on the couch, too, and I know I miss Bowser because the house seems empty when he’s gone to the vet or to Brian’s parents’ for a visit.

Will I ever be a “dog person”, though? Somehow I doubt it.

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