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I’ve been noticing some movement happening in my “wants” lately.  For one, I put off visiting a particular preschool for months, and I finally connected with the director this week and had a really positive interaction with her.  Also, I had “daily yoga” on my 10 Most Wanted list, and I just this week got the idea to see what I could find on youtube.  I found a fun and quirky yoga instructor who has 30 days of yoga!  I’m up to 3 day in a row of yoga, and my body has never felt better.

I change my 10 Most Wanted List quite a bit.  My Creative Mind report and Intuition Report both talk about how I lose site of the “source” or the purpose behind my desires.  Sometimes I lose interest.  Sometimes I lose hope.  I’ve been pleased to find some things manifesting that I thought I wasn’t giving enough attention.  Now I’d like to be a little more proactive.  I’d like to keep my eyes on the prize.

Below is my current 10 Most Wanted List.  Some things on this list include elements of what I’d had on there before.  I’ve made sure everything on this list is something I actually “want” this time.  (No should wants!)  I look forward to playing with this a bit.  I’d like to be a manifesting machine!

10 Most Wanted

  1. 8 added SOM students, and I have at least 1 student from each of the zodiac signs! (I already have 5 represented!)
  2. 4 guitar songs learned to memory
  3. 8 EEE students
  4. 3 new outfits for my new personal expression
  5. 1 art activity per week (or weekly Meetup art event)
  6. Organized Office
  7. Read 1 book/week
  8. A published book
  9. $10,000 in savings.
  10. Graduate the 2nd cycle

What are your 10 Most Wanteds?

Love and joy to each and every one of you. ❤

Abundance Mentality

ID-100150963A friend recently told me that money is an illusion.  It struck me funny.  What does that really mean? But I knew there was truth to it, and so I held onto it; I saved it for further contemplation.

I have discovered that the more I try to tightly control my finances, the more I get smacked by crazy expenses out of left field!  It is SO completely “coincidentally” connected sometimes, that I’m deciding to do something about it.  I’m going to release my attachment to control of money.  I’m going to trust in the Law of Abundance.

I am not going to suddenly entirely stop caring about money.  I’m going to continue to expect to be paid what I’m worth (and I still have much recognition to go!) And I do have “Pay the Bills” on my 10 Most Wanted list.  I’m going to live in the world, and I’m not going to become careless/lazy.  But I’m realizing — that’s all I really want and need with money — to pay the bills,  to continue to function, to meet my needs.  Anything else I desire at any time can be added to my 10 Most Wanted List as it arises.  I don’t need to have a certain amount of money in my checking or savings.  I need to know that I can continue to function and go on with my work in this world.  And the universe keeps affirming this OVER and OVER.  Angel number sightings and card readings repeatedly tell me: “Chill out!  You have everything you need. And we’ll help you.  We love you.  No worrying.  Keep following your plan. Keep doing the work.”

So, that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to keep doing the work.  I’m going to keep working on the connection with my inner Self, keep my physical self happy and healthy, embrace creation and the development of my passions, and serve for the good of all concerned.

May the universe continue to encourage and guide me and all of you! ❤

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Metaphysics Monday: Anchors

Image courtesy of cbenjasuwan /

Image courtesy of cbenjasuwan /

This morning I dreamt of being back in school. I was an adult studying in an elementary school classroom. I’ve done enough dream analysis to know what that means — There’s a lesson I’m overdue to learn.

I’ve been seeing TONS of 1’s and 4’s combinations lately. Joanne Sacred Scribes says:

1’s and 4’s indicate that the angels are emphasizing strongly that you remain aware of your thoughts and intentions at the moment. The angels counsel you to make a special wish as you are now in a position where you are able to manifest your thoughts. You are asked to ensure that your desires are for the highest good, as the old adage ‘careful what you wish for as you just may get it’ is relevant here.

I’ve rearranged my 10 Most Wanted. . . . I believe it’s geared more toward the highest good now . . .

My uncle and I had our monthly resolution check-in today.  We ended by talking about anchors.  My Past Life Crossing intuitive report said that I try to throw down anchors with everyone and everything to stabilize myself.  But I really need to stabilize within.  Is this the lesson I need to learn today? We both made some good connections about how we’ve been “throwing down anchors” lately. and we considered how we can approach situations differently, from a place of objectivity, peace, flexibility, and love.

It is 11:14.  A good time to end. 🙂

10 Most Wanted in Life and Employment

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Image courtesy of digitalart/

10 Most Wanted: Employment

I am tired of going back-and-forth about work and trying to figure out what to do with my life.  I do want to work toward my ideal job, but I feel tired.  I just wanted to focus on myself for a while and move on with the rest of my life for a bit.

1. I have weekends.

2. I have 6-hour or less work days with limited work outside of the workplace.

3. My work is meaningful; I am completing work for the good of all concerned; I am working with underdogs, those who are unappreciated, neglected, need someone to bring light.

4. My commute is the same as now (averaging 30 minutes) or less.

5. I am physically active in my work.

6. I have enough abundance to meet my needs and wants.

7.  My schedule is flexible (both hours and days).

8. My work allows me to utilize my creativity, and my work is interesting.

9. The environment is bright and joyful (white/light walls, sunshine, and friendly people).

10. I am confident and competent in my work and respected as such.

I release this to the universe.

Updated 10 Most Wanted: Life

1. Opportunities to promote “the good of all concerned”

2. Employment that fits my ideals (above)

3. A finished basement

4. A cleared out guest room and upstairs hallway

5. My own artist’s space

6. Finished and returned library books

7. Completed Artist’s Way Journal

8. A Sketchbook/Art Journal

9. Fitted pants.

10. A visit to my uncle in California.

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