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Think About It Thursday: Losing Your Mind?


I was traumatized by my dream this morning.  It put me in a funk that completely threw off my morning routine.  I actually talked with my sister about it before I posted it here because it involved her.

I dreamt that my sister was killed by a train.  I saw her from above, out a 2-story window.  She looked to be a little out of it and was walking along the tracks, sometimes on the tracks, then to the side and above the tracks, and back.  I wanted to warn her, but I think I was afraid she wouldn’t hear me.  A train came by and  somehow missed her.  But then another train came by, and after it passed I saw splattering on the track and knew she was dead.

I remember feeling completely devastated in the dream, that my life had might as well be over. I no longer wanted to live.  I thought I had to tell my dad, and I remember going to talk to him.  I asked him if he was sitting down for this (though I could see him in front of me), and then I told him.  I figured he’d be very upset, but he seemed to take it in stride, even telling me that one of Brian’s aunts had predicted that my sister would be killed by a train!

The translation:

I’ve often thought of my sister as my conscious mind.  In the School of Metaphysics we say that our fiancee/husband is representative of our entire subconscious mind, so since my sister is the very closest female in my life, I’ve seen her as my entire conscious mind.  Death = change.  So, I believe my dream is telling me that my entire conscious mind is changing, and an organization (symbolized by the train) is affecting that change (perhaps the Coop or my DreamBuilder/Life Mastery training).

This makes sense to me.  I’ve been making some major shifts, particularly in my relationship with a higher power and in spiritual writing.  I’m also overcoming perfectionism and putting more attention on being positive.  These are major changes.   That a very religious/spiritual aspect of myself was the one who predicted this change makes a lot of sense.

Have you ever dreamt of the death of someone extremely close to you?  Occasionally that is a precognitive dream, but often it symbolizes a major change happening within a part of yourself.  What internal changes have you been making recently? (If there was a death in your dream, what would that signify for you right now?)

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Dreamy Wednesday: Death and Cats

Disclaimer: No cats were harmed in the making of this dream. . .

I’m super excited about this next week.  Tomorrow is our Dreamcatchers Meetup, and it looks like there will be some new attendees, some awesome regulars, and Brian! ❤ ❤ <3!

Also, my next Metaphysics lesson for 2nd cycle is all about dreams, which I’m thrilled about. One of our exercises is based on connecting our conscious life to our dream life, and I can’t wait to start tomorrow.   I put understanding and applying my dreams as one of my 10 Most Wanted, so it looks like it’s coming to fruition. 🙂  And this morning I was thinking about how frustrated I was that I couldn’t figure out a lot of my dreams.  So, I’m happy to be giving them some extra attention.

Now for my dreams from this morning.  I realize after sharing the “knight” dream that I don’t need to go all crazy trying to figure out my dreams.  Even focusing on one important symbol from the dream can be helpful.  We had the Dream Webinar today, and I asked what “knights” mean.  I figured they would be something like “police”, which is the symbol for discipline, and the dream coaches agreed with me.  She said to focus on how I’ve been feeling and perceiving discipline lately.  That made perfect sense.  I’ve been struggling and rebelling a bit with discipline these last few days.  Cats in my dream symbolize habitual ways of thinking.  Since I am afraid of them, they are habits that I find intimidating and wish to avoid (but I conquer some of them!)  There are elements of death (not seen, but talked of ) in the other dreams, which means that I am thinking about change.  Here we go. . .

Dream #1:A woman is sentenced to death.  (At one point is me?) She ascends the stairs to the place where she will be killed.  She is not surprised.  Awaiting execution, she and a close female are not sure what to do in her last moments.  I say something about touch, about being close to each  other.  They do touch (lie down next to each other? Cuddle?) And I join them.  Tears are shed.

Dream #2: Black knights, like the ones from Monty Python.  The kingish-type/lord? asks the man if they have all been killed.  The man shows all of the knights impaled in a line before them.  But then the real black knights are called forth to come kill the king.

Dream #3: Going down to the water place below.  To kill the man leading them?  There is something special about the water.  Maybe it can be set afire because of what he put in it.

There are huge cats at the entry to some place (same place?) Tigers.  I ask how you get past them.  A man tells me to embrace them head on.  I am afraid, but I do this.  I find the cats do want me.  We hug and cuddle together.  A man comes to check on me.  I say it worked, but show him that I have apparently only approached the medium-sized cats (like bobcat-size, but short-haired and pet-cat-ish).  The tigers are nearby.  He tells me that I can approach the tigers the same way.

Some Quick Dreams: Affirmations, Coffins, Parties, and Babies

I’ve been gone for quite some time as I’ve been involved in getting ready for graduation from the first cycle of the School of Metaphysics, and I’ve been preparing for Dream Awareness Weekend.  I miss posting.

Here is a quick summary of 3 dreams I’ve interpreted (with some advice) over the past month — though I’ve still been remembering my dreams pretty much every day!

Dream #1:

My friend is over.  She is sitting on the couch.  She mentions something about not being allergic.  I am surprised she’s not.  Room resembles parents’ basement.  I am sitting on the floor.  I think cats will probably come over.  Zelda does.


At first I had no idea what this dream meant.  I was trying to figure out what aspect of me this friend represented.  Then I went back over the day before, and I remembered that I had tried using affirmations that day.  I realized that this person was a very supportive, affirming person, and that she had represented this part of myself that I had just used.  She had felt comfortable in my mind, not repelled, she was sticking around.

Dream #2:

Burying a coffin.  We want to bury it in this grassy area, but we know there are other coffins there.  We can see their shape in the ground. 

Interpretation and Application:

I was really stumped on this dream and got a lot of interesting ideas from a lot of different people.  The main idea is that the focus is death, which is change.  There is a part of me that has changed, and I am seeing other parts of me that have also changed.  Since I never see any bodies, I am not fully aware of exactly what has changed within me.  Again, I need to be still and conscious of what I’m going through during the day.  Then I can identify the changes going on within me.

Dream #3:

There are parties.  We go to one.  There are more, and I want to go.  (Halloweeen?) Costume party.  I am debating which to go to and whether or not to go.  I see posts about it on Facebook.  I’m trying to think of what to wear.  I’m hoping someone will go with me (my fiancee or sister?  not sure which).  But they don’t want to go.  (Someone texting me about it?)


A part of me wants to get to know myself better, to try out new expressions of myself and to expand and to grow.  Another part of myself is ready to turn in, to rest and give myself time to withdraw and process.  I shared this dream in a dream workshop, and my teacher added that this is duality, and that it is a good thing.  There is a time for expanding and for contracting.  We need both.

Dream #4:

I knew I’d had twins (but I never saw them in the dream, in fact, by the end of the dream I realized I didn’t remember being pregnant, didn’t remember going into labor, etc).  Cindy asked me about the baby, and I was unable to give her much detail.  I thought one was a little chattier than the other.  It began to bother me that I knew nothing about the babies and that they weren’t even with me.  I wanted to get them.  I talked to my mom about breast feeding.  She was telling me not to worry, there were other options, and I was like “I haven’t even tried breastfeeding yet! Let me try and see if they even latch on!”

Interpretation and Application:

The focus of the dream is the babies.  I want to care for them, I want to nurture them, and feed them, but I have no idea where they are.  I asked Dr. Barbara about symbols that you never actually see in my dream and mentioned the babies.  The babies are ideas.  Since I don’t actually see them, they are ideas that are kind of floating around somewhere out there, but I’m not fully connected to them, aware of them.  I’m not able to nurture the ideas and help them to grow because they have not fully materialized in my mind yet.  I need to be still and receive the ideas fully so that I can fully visualize them and help them to mature.


Please be sure to check out The School of Metaphysics branches page  during April 25th-27th 6pm until the end of Sunday night to find the branch nearest you (although any of the schools will be fine!) and to get your dream interpreted for free.

Our ideal is that every individual be able to connect to his/her subconscious mind through remembering, interpreting, and applying the messages from dreams.  This is the first step!

Collage Project: Me


Weeks ago I started an art class.  I got into it a week late, so I combined the first two projects into one.  The first was supposed to be about me.  The second was supposed to be surrealist in nature. So, this is both.

This is me, mostly my sleeping me, but some images are from my consciousness.  The mask in the middle is meant to be my face. The mystery behind my face was inspired by the mirror exercises I was completing for the School of Metaphysics.  Through my experiences and learning I came to realize that I didn’t know who I really was.   The eyes are blank because I do not know the true self that lies behind them.

Much of the rest is my dreams.  My school dreams, especially the nightmares that I’m late for class, lost, can’t find my locker, etc.  The cat dreams: the lions of my childhood and the cats of my adult life.  There are 3 because I’d seen three cats lined up in a row together in one of my recent dreams.  I’d recently had many dreams about parking lots and had sometimes been driving, often struggling for control of my car.  And I’ve had many, many house dreams, especially of moving or of being in my childhood home.  I’d also had a few moon dreams spread out over my lifetime.  Most recently I’d dreamt that I was in a museum, studying a moon exhibit.

Behind the eyes of the mask are symbols from waking life and the dream world. Blood drips from behind my mask onto the scene of a beach from one of my dreams. A shadowy figure lies across the beach — a murdered female — who symbolizes a changed aspect of my conscious self.  The shadowy people spread throughout the collage symbolize strangers in my dream.  (I’ve had many lately!)  They represent unknown aspects of myself; males — subconscious elements, females — conscious elements.   Then, through the other eye we see  an egret, a beautiful animal symbol of my waking life that I believe is a spirit guide, reminding me to have hope in the future, faith in myself, and to watch for opportunity. (One just flew alongside my car today as I was just minutes from my house!).  Another of my frequent messengers and a relative of the egret — the blue heron — can be seen in the top right corner near the menacing funnel cloud, another symbol of change.  Finally, the girl in the upper left-hand corner is me, symbolized by the mask across her face.  She is topless — as I am in my dreams —  symbolizing taking risks and feeling vulnerable.  The journal behind her is my actual dream journal where I have recorded narratives for the many images from this picture.

The rest are symbols and messages from my waking life.  The “66” and “11” are numbers from messages I’ve received in the real world from my angels/spirit guides.  The 11 also is my birthdate numerology number, a master number that means “Illuminator,” which is also symbolized by the lantern just above it.  Light has been a constant in my life, an interest as a child “See?  Ight!”, part of a prayer I learned from my mother, and the first thing that popped into my head when prompted to state my life purpose during a life purpose workshop: “light. . .  bringer of light? I bring the light?”

There is one image that I did not explain.  Did anyone catch it?

I hope I didn’t spoil the fun of analyzing this piece yourselves. 🙂  I thoroughly enjoyed making this collage — it is one of the few moments in my life lately when I’ve effortlessly given my direct attention (without even having that intention!).  Now that I’ve finally posted this, I intent to continue my creations.

A Reminder


as my world was swirling round,

and I struggled with leaving my comfort zone,

fitfully worried about the future,

and the changes that are to come . . .

I found peace

in the oddest of places.


It is in death

that we can celebrate life,

in a reminder that our time is short

and each moment is precious.


Though we mourn the loss of one so young,

we learn to treat our own lives as gifts.


May every one of us find peace and keep it close.


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Yes, Vitamins Really Work

I woke up to an unpleasant sight this morning. It was an article entitled “Do Multivitamins Really Work?”, which proceeded to tell everyone that vitamins only work for a select deficient population; i.e. anorexics, older adults, vegans and vegetarians, people with darker skin or people with limited sun exposure, pregnant women, toddlers, and teen girls. I immediately forwarded the e-mail to my boyfriend, Brian, who is also interested in the world of nutrition and natural health. He told me he’d seen another negative article about vitamins in the same day. Well, if they will have their say, I have something to say, too.

First of all, I agree that supplements require regulation. Everything needs regulation. Look what happened to our economy when we deregulated. But, I digress. There are definitely low quality vitamins out there. Many low-quality vitamins. They may be synthetic, or they may lack high safety standards, and allow toxic substances to slip into the vitamins, including mercury, lead, herbicides, and pesticides. Some vitamins may not get absorbed before passing through your system. So, you need to do your research. But remember. . . , just because some restaurants have bad reviews, that doesn’t keep you from ever eating out.

Before I go into some of the points from the articles, I’d first like to speak personally. I have been taking a particular set of well-researched vitamins for a little over a year now, and I have experienced a difference. Examples:

  • Principally, when I don’t take them, I notice an energy difference. If I skip taking them with breakfast, I am more lethargic. In the classroom, I feel an actual difference in . . . the best I can describe it is. . . my overall being, or aura. My day starts to spiral downward. My energy is limited, I’m cranky and negative, and I lose classroom management. Once I take them at lunch, I feel revived. I’m on top of things, and I feel better about my day.
  • I have not been sick. Sure, I suffer the occasional sniffles, and come close during extremely high periods of stress, but I have yet to miss a day of work for sickness since I’ve been taking the vitamins. Now, I’m a pretty hardy person. I don’t get sick too often to begin with. But, I used to get particularly stuffed up around peak allergy seasons in late summer and early spring, but not anymore. And these last two years teaching have been extremely stressful, two of the most stressful in my nine years, and yet I have the best attendance record of my nine years.
  • My eye doctor complimented my eyes. He kept talking about how good they looked. Very healthy. To the point I started to think: “Is he hitting on me?” which seemed highly unlikely. And then I realized, maybe I just really have good-looking eyes! They say that your eyes are the window to your body. . .
  • My nails have been stronger, and my hair has looked healthier. Nuff said.

As to more of the two articles’ points:

1. “There is virtually no evidence that they make healthy people healthier.” Yes, there isn’t much readily available research out there, and much of the publicized research is done by pharmaceutical companies who would prefer that you continued to take their prescription drugs and avoided supplements, and it’s a shame that you really have to dig to find useful research. But, you will find the 2007 Landmark Study, which studied supplement users who took them for over 20 years(see visual).

2. Vitamin users are likely to get enough vitamins, just from the food they intake. This may have been the case in the past, but not anymore. With all of the damage that we’ve done to our now less nutrient-rich soil, the alterations we’ve made and the preservatives we’ve added to our food, and the extensive travel our food makes before it even gets to our supermarkets, there really isn’t much nutrition left in what you eat. The average travel time for food is one week, and food loses more nutritional value for each day it takes to get to your table.

3. It’s easy to overdose on vitamins with all of the fortified foods out there, and overdoses can have serious consequences, and “It rarely happens, but there have been case reports.”  Two points to note here. First, I would stay away from the “fortified foods”, cereals in particular. An experiment done on a particular “vitamin fortified” name brand led to the discovery that the iron fortification was actual iron shavings. Second, the “rarely happens, but there have been case reports” comment completely stunned me. Really. I suppose that it’s possible that some people have taken excessive amounts of vitamins and not felt well afterwards. I’m sure it has happened to some people. There are those rarely happening incidents. But how many people have died from vitamins? Zero. There are 2,000 deaths per year from unnecessary surgery, 7,000 deaths per year from medication errors in hospitals, 20,000 deaths per year from other errors in hospitals, 80,000 deaths per year from infections in hospitals, and 106,000 deaths per year from non-error adverse affects of medications. (The Journal of the American Medical Association, 2000) So, I like to look at it as, would you rather take measures to prevent future medical conditions or do you want to deal with treating a condition later, in the face of those statistics?

In closing, of course, you don’t have to take vitamins. I believe I really know what’s best for my own body, and you know what’s best for yours. As for me, I will continue taking vitamins, searching for organic and natural products and solutions, and shaking my head at the long list of side effects in prescription drug commercials and also at articles like today’s.

The Journal of the American Medical Association, vol. 284, no. 4, July 26, 2000.

Image: Maggie Smith /

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