Date Night Tanka

Cookie dough ice cream Comedian Dimitri Loved the beginning But sleeping by the ending Quick end to our date!  


Funny Friday: Favorite Clips

I don't know why, but I laugh every time I watch this.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jim Gaffigan!  He's the only comedian I've seen live! (So far.) "I'm le tired."  I'm not sure why this came up again today, but I'm glad it did. (Warning, though: naughty language and crazy stereotypes!) Much love, many... Continue Reading →

A “How to”: How to Have a Perfectly Terrible Morning

Prep Work The night before, be sure to delay bed time. Plan to go to bed on time, but find a worthwhile distraction. Some suggestions: spending excessive time on facebook, getting really engrossed in a new book, or having a rowdy, full-blown sex session. Also, neglect to print out the agenda for the day's workshop.... Continue Reading →

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