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Date Night Tanka


Cookie dough ice cream

Comedian Dimitri

Loved the beginning

But sleeping by the ending

Quick end to our date!


Funny Friday: Favorite Clips

I don’t know why, but I laugh every time I watch this.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jim Gaffigan!  He’s the only comedian I’ve seen live! (So far.)

“I’m le tired.”  I’m not sure why this came up again today, but I’m glad it did. (Warning, though: naughty language and crazy stereotypes!)

Much love, many blessings! ❤

Wins & Weaknesses Wednesday: Celebrate Yourself


Mary Morrissey says: “We can never out-perform our self-esteem; but the good news is, we CAN change it.”

I went to a Reiki share today, and one of the participants randomly decided to draw cards between healing sessions.   The card for me was “Celebrate Yourself.”  And he told me to make sure I celebrate everything, even the small things.  It was a great reminder.

I received a wonderful outpouring of support for my first Toastmasters speech.  Part of me thought everyone was being overly generous in their comments, but another part said: “Yes!  I really did do a good job!”  All that really matters is what we think, right?  It’s amazing what a difference perspective can make.

I think about that a lot when I think of abundance and my current life situation.  It would be very easy to look at my life either way, as lacking abundance or as very abundant.  And really both can seem true.  It depends on which reality I choose.  I can look at my life as unstable and insecure or as free and bursting with opportunity.  I’ll choose the 2nd, thank you!

Everything seems to come down to having faith, being willing to take risks, and believing in oneself.  With the steps I’m taking, I’m beginning to see some results.  Since completing my first Toastmasters speech, I now really believe I’m a speaker.  Since taking the new improv class, I really believe that I’m a comedian.  Since the event Saturday, I really believe that I can share about my business and that it’s appealing to strangers. I’m also still eating fairly healthy foods, getting in some exercise each week, and blogging on schedule!

I also realized that I’m actually doing quite a lot of traveling — a very consistent dream of mine!  I traveled to Los Angeles for DreamBuilder Live in January, to the College of Metaphysics for Dream Awareness Weekend in February, to Los Angeles for Life Mastery Consultant training in March, to the College of Metaphysics for National Teacher’s Training in April, to DreamBuilder Live in Baltimore in June, and I’ll be traveling to Florida for the Shaklee conference in August, Los Angeles for followup training in September, South Carolina for a wedding in Fall, and Dallas for DreamBuilder Live in Fall, and Vegas in February with family friends.

Yippee! Celebrate!  Let’s lift ourselves up!  Remember how it goes: when we shine, we allow others to do the same!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Funny Friday: “I Know!” (Are you sure?)


Do you think you know everything? Good. Because I certainly do. No, seriously, I just heard this a few nights ago, and I’ve heard it before: the most dangerous two words out there are “I know.”

But we like to think we know it all, don’t we? I’m certainly guilty of this myself. We read a great book, and suddenly we’re experts on the topic. As parents we go to parent/teacher conferences to tell the teachers how to teach. We yell at our TV screens, telling football coaches how to coach. We get married and have children, which now makes us the experts on marriage and having children. We tell people what shoe colors to wear, what their weight should be, what they shouldn’t eat – until the latest study tells us it’s ok to eat it again, what kind of education they should get, which jobs are good jobs, whether or not people should have children, when and wear to get married, even what to believe.

Often the intentions are even good. Parents “don’t want you to make the same mistakes.” Friends want to “save you the trouble.” Right?

But what if you like making mistakes? What if you want to be the “Queen of Mistake- Making”? Can you imagine? Maybe that should be my new title.  I’ll bet I would have no competition. And I did tell my mom once (or twice)  in my angsty teenage years: “Let me make my own mistakes! You don’t need to protect me.” I think I was well on my way to my inauguration as “The Contented Mess-up Queen”.

But it’s hard. I know it is. We may make a “mistake,” and then we want to fix it — and sometimes we can’t. We have regrets that we don’t know how to resolve. So, we think we’ve found some redemption through the wonderful idea:   “I know! I’ll ‘fix it’ for others!” But let me reiterate, folks, that can be a great disservice.

Especially, if we don’t really know. When I look back on my life, my only regrets are for those times when I didn’t follow my desires When I didn’t give it a try. Maybe I’d listened to somebody else. Or maybe I’d wanted to protect myself. And I missed out. It all worked out fine – I’m still happy and healthy. But I missed out.   I missed out when I didn’t face my fear and try out for the high school softball team. I missed out not taking writing in college because I didn’t believe writing was a good job or didn’t believe that I could be any good at it. I missed out by playing it “safe.”

So, thank goodness for those times I did take a risk. I went all alone and studied in Mexico for a semester – which — after the first week of shock and crying my eyes out — was one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve traveled to Europe alone. I’ve tried out for musicals, I’ve taken improv class, I’ve quit multiple jobs and started new businesses, I’ve navigated the online dating and speed-dating worlds, I’ve studied metaphysics, I’ve biked 100 miles through the Rockies, I’ve performed solo concerts. I’ve risked, and I’ve lived.

So, I’m here to tell you. Maybe you do know. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you know, but I’m just not ready to hear it yet. I appreciate you caring enough to give the advice. . . But please don’t force feed it down my throat like mushy carrots from an infant’s momma on a mission. Maybe you do know, but I just might want to know it for myself. ❤

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Happy Thoughts

Image courtesy of zirconicusso /

Image courtesy of zirconicusso /

5 “Happy Thoughts of the Day”, starting with the most recent:

5. Pumpkin Ice Cream (Non-Dairy!)  Brian made it with frozen pumpkin puree, frozen bananas, Shaklee 180 (vanilla), almond milk, pumpkin spice, and vanilla extract.  (Lovely 10pm snack! :-))

4. Reading Bossypants on the couch.  I have renewed this book (as well as 2 others) 3 times!  Which means I’ve had it for over a month and a half.  And before tonight I had about 5 pages read to show for it.  FINALLY, I got to it today, and I’m really enjoying it.  I was having a bit of a love/hate relationship with it for a while:  “Fey is the funniest ever!. . .  Ooo. . .  that one was mean; maybe not my sense of humor. . .”  But then I jumped around in the book and realized it was indeed pretty funny overall, starting up again.  I can totally see why my improv teacher recommended it.  Fey makes some very good improv points.  Besides the enjoyability of this particular book, it is also so nice to just be sitting here, reading, for fun.  I’m finally allowing time for it.  (Gotta finish this post so that I can get back to it!)

3. Got some important things accomplished today, simple things: post office, buying toilet paper, and getting the litterbox completely cleaned out (TMI?), but I am celebrating the small things!

2. Animal love.  Got some bonding time in with the animales today.  Chased Link around a bit when he was in his crazy mood and cuddled with all 3 of my lovies at some point or another throughout the day.

1. Did some exploring and decided I want to be a dance therapist!   I’m afraid to get too excited about it —  because I have the tendency to get super excited about something and have second thoughts soon after — but I read up on the profession, and it sounds right up my alley, combining something I enjoy (physicality/dance!) with helping others (therapy).  I’m going to talk with Cindy about it during our next phonecall.

What are your “happy thoughts” today?

Make ’em Laugh

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

I had my first improv class tonight at the Comedy Shrine, and I loved it, as I knew I would. I was a little nervous, sure, but I knew this is what I wanted to do. I thought I’d be a little better at it than I was, but I did pretty well for a newbie, and I had an absolute blast. I wish I could do this every day! I think the teacher summed it up best when he said: “This is your chance to play.” (I get to play!!)

I’ve always known that I was a performer — from my wonderfully nasty imitation of Cinderella’s stepmother in grade school to clarinet and vocal solos and musical theater as an adult — but I never pursued it.  Part of it was not being able to find my niche, but part of it was believing what I’d always heard: artists are broke, they have to sell their soul to get anywhere, they are naturally gifted/super beautiful (a lot more talented than I could ever be),  etc etc

But I am meant to be involved in something creative, and I’m pretty sure performing is part of it.  I love being on that stage.  I love those lights.  I love the audience.  I love forgetting about the rest of the world and getting lost in that moment.  I want all of those things.

I’m already looking forward to next week.  I’m already working on my character development homework — right now I’m working on cheerleader, an over-emotional child, an under-emotional teen, and nerd or hippie girl — and I just spent a whole 10 minutes gabbing excitedly to Brian about everything from the awkward story game to my favorites: the  hitchhiker and freeze tag games.  And we have a fantastic group,  We still are a bit awkward, but we are already starting to gel.  I really like how our teacher described improv as a team.  We build on each other’s strengths and we bail each other out in time’s of weakness.

The happiness and fulfillment I’m feeling this evening make me think I may want to stick with my Coursera guitar class afterall. (I was feeling over-committed — as usual.)   Should I be crazy and fill every weekday evening with organized fun?  Classes up the wazoo?  Right now it sounds like an awesome idea. . . . but maybe I want to sleep on it first . . .   Sweet dreams!

8 Spanish-Related Videos That’ll Make You Giggle

"Child Is Laughing" courtesy of Stuart Miles/

“Child Is Laughing” courtesy of Stuart Miles/

My 5th grade Spanish class has earned enough stickers for their end-of-the-year fiesta AND THEN SOME.  So, as an extra reward, they will get bonus movie minutes at the end of class.   Last week I showed them a favorite that I’d seen at a workshop (#1 below), and then today I scrounged around Youtube looking for more.   I’ve linked to some of my favorites here, some that I plan on showing tomorrow, and some that did not make the kid-friendly cut.  Here they are in David Letterman “Top 10” style from Least to Most Favorite.

#8 Ser — to be (Funny Spanish Song)

Not my favorite, but catchy!  Useful to help with conjugating a common Spanish verb, too.

#7 Como Eres? Rap

A little more advanced, but still repetitive and catchy.  May be a useful introduction or conclusion to a descriptive adjective lesson.

#6: How to Learn Spanish (Funny Videos)

A cute comedian clip.   Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Dora, so the references were lost on me.  But the kids should get it. . . Also, there’s one alcoholic reference, but hopefully they won’t get that. . .

#5: Learning Spanish

A cute, short, kid-friendly comedian clip.  I was disappointed by the derogatory/suggestive/obscene language that popped up with other comedians.  I was like “Oh!  This is funny!  Wait. . . .  darn it.”

#4: Learn to Speak Spanish Quickly with Funny Videos on Youtube

Such a clever idea!  Some of our favorite crazy youtube videos (like the talking and fighting cats) combines with learning Spanish!  (passes the kid-friendly test just barely due to the dancing girl).

#3: One Semester of Spanish Love Song

Remember those beginning phrases you learned in Spanish? Here they are put to the tune of a love song.   There’s also the 2nd Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love Song, but that one didn’t make the kid-friendly cut. Also, I had to look up who Erik Estrada was . . .

#2: Que Hora Es?

This movie is HILARIOUS.  This is like #2 but in telenovela (Spanish soap opera) form. I wish I could show it to my students, but it’s more for adults.  Part 2 is just as hilarious, if not more so!

#1: I Love Lucy: English Pronunciation

This movie passed the kid-friendly cut.  I first saw it in one of the SIOP workshops I attended last year, and I loved it.  The reference to Spanish reference doesn’t come until the end, but it’s great for the kids to see their language from another perspective (as Ricky struggles with the many different pronunciations for the same English vowels).  Here are some other great I Love Lucy episodes that focus on Lucy learning Spanish that didn’t quite pass the cut: Lucy Tries to Speak Spanish and I Love Lucy- Ricky Translates for Lucy .

I hope you enjoyed these!  Which was your favorite?

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