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A Joyedian’s Tale: Life in Winterland


Dear angels, God, Ascended Masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Gaia (Earth) . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

It’s very cold.  It’s 6 degrees and lightly snowing as I’m typing this.  I don’t like avoiding the outdoors.  But I am extremely grateful for the organization of the state and suburbs in making sure the roads are cleared and salted.  And the drivers are being pretty safe, too.

I watched a beautiful video this morning that a friend posted on Facebook.  It’s called If MLK Sneezed.  I cried almost immediately while watching, but the most powerful words for me were: “I just want to do God’s will.”

I feel like I am getting closer to something.  A sense of peace, in the face of anything.  I’m not there, but I’m getting closer.  I’m on the edge.  Not attached, not detached.  Somewhere in the middle.  And sometimes when I wake in the morning, I can feel energy pouring through my hands and feet.

I want to see the world.  I want to take a cruise around the world.  I also want to walk all of the “Walks” of the world.  I’ve walked the Camino, and I want to walk the Kumano Kodo next.  But I want to walk a walk in every country that has one.  What if I could bring others with me?  Some to walk with me, some to virtually walk with me?  I have this vision of a camera strapped to my head.

I’m more aware of my intuition.  I’ve had 2 hints about cancelations in the past few days.  I’m back in the groove with media postings.  I need to get back to reviewing my 2017 finances, and I need to make some moves with my web-site.  I still lack vision on exactly who I am and where I’m going.  But the angel messages tell me to keep doing what I’m doing, so I’m here.  I’m on Facebook, I’m on Youtube.  I have workshops scheduled.  I’m open to healing.  I’m open to guidance.  And I dream of travels.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Wins and Weaknesses Wednesday: My Vision


Today I’m making my bold move. I’m sharing my vision statement with the world.

Mary Morrissey says to be careful who you share your dream with.  This makes sense.  It’s so easy to kill a dream; dreams are so fragile.  They require belief.  But it’s also important to claim our dreams.  I’ve reached a critical point in my life; I know it’s time to decide, really decide for my dream.  I’m not saying this is written in stone; as my coach and I say, this is a “living document.”  I may continue to tweak a few things, and I can certainly be more detailed in some areas.  But the core of this dream is true for me, and I’m going for it.  I’m not turning back.  I’m going to be the example, now and in all of my future interactions with clients and anyone that I touch.  I know that by believing in myself, I am able to believe in each and every one of you. Here we go, and here’s to dreaming!

Vision Statement July 2016

I am so happy and grateful now that I have time and money freedom. I feel so much peace, such serenity, knowing that not only are my credit cards clear and paid off every month and my investments paid back in full, but I have $12,000 in savings and am contributing healthily to my retirement fund and other investments.

I have a great schedule. I work Monday through Thursday coaching, and I speak/present on weekends, traveling twice a month and having the other two weekends off. Also, every three months I take at least a full week’s vacation to a destination of my choice, and I plan to see the whole world! I’ve been to many places. I’ve walked El Camino from France to Spain, I’ve visited Mallorca and Barcelona. I’ve been to Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Macchu Picchu. I’ve traveled to the 48 contiguous states, driven up the California coast with Brian, and traveled down the Mississippi with my mom. I also got married to my sweetheart, Brian, in Hawaii. I saw Doreen Virtue and visited with her there. When we came back, we had a huge reception outside our house, with grilling, shared food, and dancing.

My health is great. I enjoy exercise, and every day I spend some loving attention on my body. Sometimes I walk, other times swim, bike, dance, do weights, or do yoga. I eat very well, mostly vegetarian at home, and experiencing the local fair when I travel. (I love food!) My personal chef takes great care of me and helps me stay on track with a tasty, healthy diet.

I’m very connected with the angels. I meditate for at least 15 minutes daily, and I am constantly getting quiet and still, checking in with my inner self and the Divine. I am a clear channel and have been a vessel for healing, insight, and inspiration. I really do feel like the Divine’s eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet on Earth.

Brian and I are doing very well. He is a Master Coordinator for Shaklee and feeling very confident and successful.   I am a successful coach and “joyedian.” I speak, I dance, I sing, I heal, and I’m really funny! I am asked to speak all over the world and paid to travel and present. I have earned as much as 1 million dollars in all of this, and it symbolizes the millions I’ve touched through coaching, speaking, entertaining, and healing. I love being a partner in believing for my groups. I “turn the lights on” as individuals begin fulfilling their dreams and really believing in themselves. I’ve been interviewed on ABC, CBS, and WGN, and I’ve been on Dancing with the Stars! I’ve also written many books, some mythological and symbolic of the human journey, others are inspirational nonfiction, and still others are metaphysical stories for children. Some have even been New York Times best sellers!

I am grateful each and every morning that my eyes open once again, knowing I have more fun to experience and joy to share!

I am very grateful for this or something better. ❤

Much love, many blessings.  Remember to believe in yourself, and believe in your dreams! ❤

Wins & Weaknesses Wednesday: Celebrate Yourself


Mary Morrissey says: “We can never out-perform our self-esteem; but the good news is, we CAN change it.”

I went to a Reiki share today, and one of the participants randomly decided to draw cards between healing sessions.   The card for me was “Celebrate Yourself.”  And he told me to make sure I celebrate everything, even the small things.  It was a great reminder.

I received a wonderful outpouring of support for my first Toastmasters speech.  Part of me thought everyone was being overly generous in their comments, but another part said: “Yes!  I really did do a good job!”  All that really matters is what we think, right?  It’s amazing what a difference perspective can make.

I think about that a lot when I think of abundance and my current life situation.  It would be very easy to look at my life either way, as lacking abundance or as very abundant.  And really both can seem true.  It depends on which reality I choose.  I can look at my life as unstable and insecure or as free and bursting with opportunity.  I’ll choose the 2nd, thank you!

Everything seems to come down to having faith, being willing to take risks, and believing in oneself.  With the steps I’m taking, I’m beginning to see some results.  Since completing my first Toastmasters speech, I now really believe I’m a speaker.  Since taking the new improv class, I really believe that I’m a comedian.  Since the event Saturday, I really believe that I can share about my business and that it’s appealing to strangers. I’m also still eating fairly healthy foods, getting in some exercise each week, and blogging on schedule!

I also realized that I’m actually doing quite a lot of traveling — a very consistent dream of mine!  I traveled to Los Angeles for DreamBuilder Live in January, to the College of Metaphysics for Dream Awareness Weekend in February, to Los Angeles for Life Mastery Consultant training in March, to the College of Metaphysics for National Teacher’s Training in April, to DreamBuilder Live in Baltimore in June, and I’ll be traveling to Florida for the Shaklee conference in August, Los Angeles for followup training in September, South Carolina for a wedding in Fall, and Dallas for DreamBuilder Live in Fall, and Vegas in February with family friends.

Yippee! Celebrate!  Let’s lift ourselves up!  Remember how it goes: when we shine, we allow others to do the same!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Wins and Weaknesses Wednesday: Goodbye Perfectionism

Time to let go!

                        Time to let go!

I’ve seen a significant shift in the past week.  I’m beginning to let go of perfectionism.  (Time to release the hound!)  This has not be a quick, clean break, but I am making definite progress.  This is helping me move more freely because Perfectionism is best friends with Procrastination. Where one goes, the other follows.

I had a wonderful Vision Workshop last week, and I am making progress with my reading and spiritual journaling.  I also had a fantastic coaching session today, and I’m excited about making the “business” work of my business FUN and to clarify my vision even more so that I can fully put it on.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Truth Tuesday: One Way or Another

The messages from the inner self, God, angels, and other beings of light are all of a positive nature.  We know it is from them when the messages are supportive and loving.  Sometimes it’s still hard to receive the answers we are seeking.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to be still.  When we are stubborn or not listening, our messengers find another way!   They want us to know that they are always with us.

Today was one of my darker days.  I had a very pleasant outer day, but my insides were churning with thoughts that did not align with my vision for myself.  Those destructive thoughts began to take over.  I cried out for help, but I barely listened for a response.  I tried scrambling for what I knew best — reflecting back on my past, thinking about action steps, looking at my environment. (This didn’t help.)

Thankfully, I had FIVE very important calls today.  The first was my Rockstar phonecall with my accountability partner.  She reminded me to keep my attention on my vision and live as that future self.  Later in the day I had my Accelerator call for coaching training, where one of the discussions was about the importance of belief in what is the true reality.  Then I had a brief conversation with a friend, which reminded me of why I do what I do.  THEN, I had the Quantum Leap class call with Mary which again talked about the importance of vision and about the steps to visualization.  Finally, I had my regular Partners in Believing phonecall, where I actually shared my vision aloud with the others, so I could affirm the life that I love.

And I did get some messages when I actually did some spiritual writing today.  What is my conscious mind, what is my inner self, and what is God or angels I’m still not sure.  But really, we are all made of energy, right?  And that energy is born of love.  I hope any part of this has been helpful for you today.

7/12 Spiritual Writing

“You are love.

I’ll be with you.  I am with you.

Don’t doubt this.  You are never alone.  I am with you.  Don’t cry.   Be with me.  Stay with me.  I am here.  With you.  Always.  I am at your feet.  I sleep with you.  I stand by you.  I am by you, holding you, arms on your shoulder, hugging you.  Listen for me.  Hear me. “

I asked: “What would you like the world to know, beautiful beings?”

“You are loved.  Always this.  You are loved, beyond anything you can imagine.  It makes us weep when you do not realize this.  We are with you always, always, and we know how beautiful you are.  We see it always.  We wish you would see.  The fears, the anxiety — you have created them. 

It is ok to be happy.  It is ok to have “free time” and fun.  You do not have to work yourself so hard.

You do have a mission, but it involves taking care of yourself first.  Self-care.  Ride the ups and downs.  You will balance out.  But be gentle with yourself always.  Care for yourself.  Love yourself.

How can you love and care for others if you do not love and care for yourself?”

Much love to you all and many blessings! ❤

Wins and Weaknesses Wednesday: My Health

This past weekend I went for a bike ride.  It was the 2nd bike ride of the year.  I was pretty happy with myself.  2 years ago I was quite the frequent rider, and before that I took quite a few biking trips, including a few times in the Door County Century, multiple trips in the Canadian Rockies, and one trip in Vancouver.  (My friend convinced me it would be easy to ride in the Canadian Rockies.  He lied.  But he got me to keep coming back!)  I even did a full “century” once!  (One time was plenty.)

What was fun for me this time and last week was that I actually wanted to ride.  That sounds silly, right?  I mean, I wanted to ride for the pure enjoyment of it.  I got to be in the outdoors and also see a lot more than if I’d only been walking.  Most times when I’d been biking in the past, it had been for a reason.  I needed exercise.  I was training. I needed to go a certain number of miles that day.  Or a number of minutes. Or I needed a route with hills. But not this time.

What also came up for me this time was how grateful I am for my health.  As I was rounding a turn, my bike wheel caught in the lip in the ground between the grass and the sidewalk.  For a brief moment I imagined myself slamming into the sidewalk.  And then the broken leg.  Cancel! Delete!  I quickly erased that thought from my head, righted my bike, and became incredibly grateful for my health.

There is a lot that I want right now, and I am pushing myself very hard.  I am listening to my training calls and Quantum Leap class, I am taking in as many tutoring students as I can fit, I am setting up classes for Early Education Enrichment, and I am scheduling Vision Workshops and meeting many people.  I am reading and listening to audios on mindset, about time management, about angels.  I’m learning about money and budgeting. I am working on knowing myself better and listening to the still small voice.  I love coaching and love my coaching clients.  I love having my own coach. I love seeing my students succeed.  I’m attending DreamBuilder Live to get more ideas for my workshops. I’m learning about the many aspects of business.  I’m networking.  I’m blogging every day.

Where I’m struggling is self-care.  I’m not eating enough.  I have not yet developed my exercise habit.  (It went out the window when I switched my attention to the new blogging habit.)  I’m not allowing myself to read much.  I’m not journaling.  I stopped meditating.  I do sometimes walk barefoot when I take the dogs out in the morning to help me get grounded, and I did find an old gift certificate and went for a mini-shopping-trip to finally get some cute (passable for narrow feet) shoes.  But I still need more play.  Some spontaneity.  Some fun.

But again, I am very, very grateful for my body.  I am seeing it more as a gift his week, as a beautiful vessel that only gets one life.  I am grateful for everything that it does for me, and I resolve to love it and nurture it from now on.

Much love and many blessings to you all. ❤

Campfire Story: a Tutor/Student Collaboration

"Campfire" courtesy of franky242 /

“Campfire” courtesy of franky242 /
The original picture we used for inspiration shows people in a semi-circle around a campfire.

I’m trying to motivate one of my tutoring students who I see for writing.  We began with an image that he needed to use as inspiration to create a story.  My student is an extremely intelligent, creative young man but just does not like to write.  He especially has a hard time writing good details (and using a lot of them).  The best I’ve had from his so far is when I had him play some classical music and write stories from it.  So, I know he can do it!

Since I do like to write and am trying to get myself to do more of it, I figured we could team up and get somewhere.  I also told him that I would be posting this — his name anonymous, of course — and that I would share any comments I got back from it, so please feel free to leave comments directly to him.  You can maybe call him “Writing Student A” or something.  Also, if you have any writing ideas for us, please share!

Unfortunately, my student couldn’t stay serious and kept trying to throw in the story of the 3 Little Pigs — or a variation thereof —  through a campfire story or at the end of the story.  (In a previous lesson I had him do a variation of a common fairytale/fable, and he hooked on to the “Three Little Pigs” and hasn’t let go since!)  Then, at then at the end of the story he kept trying to kill everyone off — or at the very least, the animals — and tried to bring in AK47s and other assault weapons into the story.  Since I was also writing this story and also didn’t think it was appropriate or realistic that AK47’s would be in a camping situation — although maybe the family was aware of the bears? — I had to keep taking over or redirecting and ended up writing much of the story myself or running with anything tamer that I might catch from his lips.  (In previous lessons we’ve written stories where we go back and forth — I write a sentence and then he writes a sentence, etc — and inevitably, he keeps killing off my characters, and I’ll either introduce new ones or try to resurrect the old ones. . . . If you’re interested in any of his other pieces of work, let me know, and I’ll post those, too. (This past lesson he wrote a simple but great appreciation letter about a pizza rolls company that he’s going to send sometime in the next week.)

So here we go!  His part is underlinedparts that I wrote with ideas from him are in italics; my parts are regular type:

“Every summer our whole family gathers together in the woods behind my uncle’s house for some good old-fashioned camping and campfire storiesSometimes the stories are from my family’s past.  Sometimes they are ghost stories.  But whatever stories they are — I never want to miss a one.  I sit, leaning forward, my eyes wide open, my head cocked, straining to catch every word — until at some point I inevitably fall asleep.

Later I wake up, and everybody around me is still telling stories.  They say it’s my turn, so I start to tell the story of the time I saw a ghost hunter with the vacuum that sucks up ghosts.  Three ghosts came out of the girls’ bathroom at Edward’s hospital, and the ghost hunter killed the ghosts.

My uncles and aunts encourage me and ask me questions about my story.  But I don’t know what to talk about, so I smile sheepishly and ask them to skip my turn.  One hour later we all fall asleep, one-by-one.  

After a while, 3 black bears come out and steal all of our food!  One bear found a really, really, really, really, really, really, really (etc) big pack of bacon.  That bear accidentally dropped the bacon on another bear’s head.  Then they got into a fight because the bear who dropped the bacon thought the other bear was going to steal his food.  And then they caused so much commotion that everyone woke up.  Everyone started screaming.  Barely thinking, I found a match book, set a stick on fire, and lobbed it toward the bears; the grass caught a bit on fire.

Thankfully, the noise and fire shocked the bears who ran off with the rest of our camp food hanging from their jaws.  The shaken family had enough wits about them to stomp out the fire that had started.

Now I finally have a story to tell at our next campfire!”

Again, please share comments!  I will copy and paste this story and your comments onto a document to share with him next week.

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