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Dreamy Wednesday: Kites and Cutting Out of Class Early

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/

Today I took a nap and got a kite dream.  I remember it took me a while to see the kite at first.  A boy was flying it out from the back of his house.  Then I remember my hands being all entangled in the strings, like stuck to them.

According to the Dreamer’s Dictionary, a kite in a dream means a “recently imaged desire is now being recreated in the inner levels of subconscious mind” and “is on its way to becoming a manifested physical reality.”  Fantabulous!  New job?  Being in a band?  Many possibilities here!  And hands mean purpose, and strings are what you use to control the kite.  So, I would imagine I am getting “stuck” in trying to control this process and have some purpose with it.

Earlier this week I had a dream that one of the teachers was teaching a metaphysics lesson.  And at 8:30 all of the students were leaving class. (It normally goes until 10:30.)  I couldn’t believe they were all leaving!

I was able to directly connect this to my life.  The day before I had been trying to have purpose with the day and think positively, but at some point I had just given up and stubbornly quit, allowing myself my negative tendencies.  The lesson of the dream was to persist!  Continue on!  Learn the lesson!

What have you been dreaming about?  Has anyone else had a kite dream?  Please share below!


Teacher, Teacher

Image courtesy of photostock /

Image courtesy of photostock /

I am having MAJOR procrastination issues tonight.  I had some time to do some prep for a 10-minute talk that I’m going to give Wednesday, and I completely stalled.  I was even aware of the stalling as I was doing it — and I did it anyway.  So, in an effort to get a blog post done and do some thinking about my lesson (we’re supposed to present it as if we’re teaching it), I present to you some of the points of my assigned metaphysics lesson on friendship:

  • Give your full attention when you are interacting with another.  The more attention you give, the clearer the images will be that you present to the other, and the more easily you will be able to image what you are receiving.
  • “Begin identifying as a wise person.”  I have heard something similar said by Jeff Goins about being a writer:   Don’t fantasize about being a writer.  You are a writer!  Live like it!  The same can be said about being a wise person.  Live as if you are already enlightened, as if you are already living moment-t0-moment, as if you are already manifesting abundance and giving and receiving unconditional love.
  • Keys to friendship are honesty and openness.  They help us understand who we are, and we can share about the deeper meaning of life.
  • Expand your friendships by sharing what your discoveries about yourself and the world around you.
  • The more you share love, the more your capacity for love grows.
  • Do not let seemingly unpleasant experiences of friendship in the past ruin your opportunities and experiences of friendship in the present and future.
  • Keep your eyes open for friends of past lives!  Do not judge a book by its cover; follow your heart and stay attentive in every new interaction.  You may meet someone who you are attracted to or who you know you’ve known before/   You may also see the light of spirit in someone who is looking to grow, as you are.
  • Don’t forget the importance of developing friendship with yourself!  Dream analysis, willed concentration, and meditation are important means of connecting your conscious to your subconsious.  Take advantage!  Let your inner relationship grow!
  • Trust yourself.  (And love yourself.)
  • Be clear on your ideal and always keep it in the forefront of your mind.
  • Let your light shine — on everything!   (Don’t “keep it under a basket”, right? :-))  Make every moment count!
  • Love unconditionally, without reservation.  Love those who you feel you cannot love, especially them! They are in your life for a reason: perhaps to help you increase in your own compassion of others. . . or even of yourself!
  • Give and receive freely.  Keep the circle flowing.  And have a personal ideal and  purpose in your giving, to avoid the creation of resentment.  Resentment is poison.  (Boy, do I know this!)
  • Develop your ability to visualize.  And friendships can help with this.  (See the first note.)
  • What are your favorite affirmations?  (Which ones have you used this week?)  Be still and become aware of your thoughts.  Which ones are running your life?  Do not suppress those “negative” feelings; give yourself a healthy/safe outlet; and then objectively decide whether or not you want to continue in that direction.  When we do decide to make a change, “it produces ten times the results”!
  • Feeling uncomfortable inside?  That’s a good thing!  It’s your cue that you’re itching to do some learnin’ and growin’!
  • Thought is cause.  Prayer heals.
  • Seek first the truth and the light, seek a connection with the Source of creation, and then all will be given.  But don’t focus only on the second part of that!  We’ve all seen what happens to those who do.  Build your foundation, and the rest will come to you.

We give thanks for friendship!

Holy Ego!

"Burning Heart" courtesy of digitalart/

“Burning Heart” courtesy of digitalart/ 

I’ve been learning up a storm this week. And the overall theme is this piece from my latest metaphysics lesson: the ego is there to point out your limitations (your outdated ways of thinking) and to help you evolve.  Change can be uncomfortable; it means stepping into your fears.  If you choose to avoid the awkwardness and stay where you are, your ego doesn’t evolve.  Many times people choose what’s comfortable, choose to be static, but that is not why we are here on this Earth.  Every moment is part of our learning process.

These past few weeks I’ve learned a great many things.  Most recently I experienced the surge of emotion as my immature ego rebelled against a perceived attack.  It retreated and sizzled, wrestling with hurt, anger, frustration, and then depression.  I knew there was a lesson in the experience.  And I knew I had missed it.  Thankfully, I got the chance again; I made it right.

One of the lessons I need to learn is to express myself (in a healthy way).  When I react to something, I retreat and do not share with others.  I let my words fester in my throat, in my chest or stomach, instead of releasing them as a vibrant rainbow.   So, yesterday I shared.  It wasn’t easy, but the results were fantastic.  I’d been inspired by another classmate who had so confidently and comfortably shared her own battle with her immature ego.  Then, once I shared, I was able to make peace, to learn, and to feel safe again.  Then others began to share.  Some felt just as awkward as I did.  Others were just as confident as the first.  But as a result, I felt the closeness between us grow.  I could feel the knots of our love wind more tightly together.  This was my class now.   I belonged.  We became family.

The miraculous part of it all is that my ego had wanted to quit.  My ego had said: “I’m hurt.  I don’t like the changes.  I’m not going to do my exercises.  I’ll show them!”  And I did miss a few.  But in my head, I knew what I would do.  I knew the angels had told me to take this class, no matter what other decisions I chose in life.  I knew that I wanted this learning badly and wouldn’t be able to find the same learning structure anywhere else.  And then my wacky Wednesday morning dream turned out to be a positive dream, and I breathed a sense of relief, my doubts completely subsided, and I was at peace again.  In fact, last night was one of the best classes I’ve had.  My attention felt sharper, I knew most of the answers to the quiz, I felt comfortable with all of my classmates, and the end was pure love.

It’s time to face the fire and walk through it.  Discomfort means growth.  Fear means you’re really getting somewhere.  And in the end, the only thing to lose is your own limitations.

Smorgasbord Time!

"Abstract Radial" courtesy of Simon Howden /

“Abstract Radial” courtesy of Simon Howden /

It’s been a long time since I last posted — if I’m trying to post every day, which I am — so, this is the time when I spit out everything and attempt to make it organized, so that it doesn’t come out like (_insert disgusting analogy here__).


Yeah, I’m totally a fair-weather fan.  I don’t even attempt to hide it anymore.  And I’m fairly disgusted with certain Chicago sports. But, Go Blackhawks!  How awesome are they?  (I have no TV pretty much, except for 3 channels, but I’m getting a basic idea of what’s happening in the game from the triangle of the slow internet score updates, my neighbor’s anguished/excited cries out back, and Brian’s occasional texts.)

Hay House

I overdosed.  Yes, (raised hand) I admit it.  I knew it was crazy to try to listen to ALL of those videos, but I tried anyway.  And it all ended up blending into a crazy mish-mosh, so that if people asked me what I learned for the day, I couldn’t tell them anything with certainty.  HOWEVER, I did enjoy the videos I listening to, and I feel I internalized some great ideas, that I may or may not remember right away if you were to on-the-spot ask me about them. (But, give me time — they will likely come up in future posts.)   If nothing else, I know this: Meditation!  Self-love!  Gratitude!  Service!  And I am now trying to limit myself to two or three videos a day, instead of 9-10!  (Today I listened to two on finances.)  Tomorrow will be a little tough because 5 of them look interesting . . .

School of Metaphysics

I am really enjoying my Wednesday class.  It’s funny; I go in cycles between being really excited and being anxious.  Now I’m more excited.  Tomorrow will be interesting because we’re having a “beautify the space” day, and I’ve found that I’m tight with time and helping lately, so this is not something I’m super excited about, even though I know it will be good for me (which is funny because I’ve been looking for volunteer activities.  I suppose looking is not the same as doing.)

Coursera Art Course

I’ve been wanting to explore art for forever, but it’s been one of my blockages, which relates to letting myself “play,” as Cindy, my coach tells me.  She told me to take 2 minutes a day to play.  That was yesterday.  I still haven’t “played” yet.  Sometimes I wish I could just make myself into a 3-year-old again.  Anyway, the course is really fascinating. The audio lectures about the artists are a little long for me, but everything else is intriguing: the fantastical artists themselves, their work, the various materials one can use for art, the various lines and shades and textures and other-art-terms-that-I can’t-remember-but-was-awed-by, etc.  I’m supposed to create a couple of art projects. One is supposed to be an introduction to me.  I thought it would be fun to use some collage maybe and possibly some colored pencils.  (I’m not going to have the really awesome fancypants materials that the instructor was showing us, but I’ll make do!)  And I thought it would be neat to incorporate something having to do with dreams and my true self, since that’s what I’ve been interested in lately.  So, we’ll see.  If I get it done — I mean, WHEN I get it done — I’ll post it on here.


I am starting a new student on Monday.  It will be for 3 weeks, and it is a summer make-up Level 2 Spanish course.  I’m both excited and terrified.  I already have some ideas, but I can feel the old anxiety settling in.  Sigh.

Job Stuff

And speaking of job-related stuff. . .  yeah, I’m still thinking about where I’m headed next.  All the time.  Money and job.  Those thoughts are my constant companions.  It’s good that I’m still tutoring, so I don’t feel like I’m completely aimlessly floating.  There is aim!  Sigh.  BUT, I’m meeting with the director of the School of Metaphysics tomorrow to hopefully get some insight from her about it.  I’m really nervous all my blockaging forces will come kicking and screaming out at her in a ferocious and scary way, but it can’t hurt to see what happens! . . .  Right?

And that’s going to have to be it for now.  Blackhawks are in double overtime right now.  Yeesh. . . yawn . . . Bed time.

Wait. Wait — (for those of you who came to this page because of the “strawberry” or “gardening” search terms I threw in there) Here it is: Strawberries from your garden are the most delicious thing ever. Well, anyway, they are amazing. That is all. 😀

"Red Strawberry"  courtesy of criminalatt /

“Red Strawberry” courtesy of criminalatt /

Worth the wait, right?  

Beautiful Teacher

"Yellow Rose" courtesy of artur84 /

“Yellow Rose” courtesy of artur84 /

I would like to give a “shout out” to my beautiful, wonderful sister today.  She asked me to come visit her classroom for the last day of her school year to play some clarinet for the students and to bring the ice cream. 🙂

Being a teacher is a very difficult job, a job that is not for me.  But it is clearly for my sister.  The love and work she puts into her profession is clear if you visit her classroom or hear her talk about her day.  Her students really understand that her class is a “family”, and it was amazing to see many of the students crying today, even students that have been a challenge throughout the year.  Why are they crying?  Because they know they have experienced love.  To be in her classroom is to know love.  She loves them and shows them how to love each other. She is their protector, their comforter, their motivator, and their cheerleader.  Her students are blessed to have her.  Congratulations to my sister and her wonderful class.  I hope they continue to find happiness, success, and love for the rest of their lives.

New Yoga Class Adventure

"Silhouette People Doing Yoga" courtesy of sattva /

“Silhouette People Doing Yoga” courtesy of sattva /

If you ever think you’re in fantastic shape and want a reality check, take a new exercise class.  Seriously.   Also, if your fiancée tells you that you won’t be able to take a shower for the next day because he just re-caulked the tub, don’t sigh in relief that your exercise for the day is only yoga.

Today I went on a mini-adventure and tried out a free class at a new yoga studio.  As I entered the heated room full of 60 (yeah, 60) mats and bodies, I was filled with anticipation.  Who doesn’t like to mix things up and try something new once in a while?

And then we started the class.  Within 15 minutes I wanted out.  Within a half hour I was hoping we were almost done (we weren’t – I caught a glimpse of the cellphone my neighbor had in front of her, and my heart sank: only 12:34, and I had thought we were about done already).  But at some point the class finally wound down, and I realized I had loosened up a bit — even though I wasn’t enjoying the lack of breaks and the sweat drenching my shirt and dripping down my face.

So, overall, I’m glad I went, but I badly missed my regular yoga instructor.  Here is the rundown of what I enjoyed about the new class and what I enjoy with my regular class.

New Class: Free Strip-Mall-Yoga Class

  • Good Workout – I did feel like I went to an exercise class.  A lot of movement and good breathing.
  • Good Flexibility – I was touching my toes by the end of class!
  • Challenging Moves – The instructor added advanced modifications which looked like an interesting challenge!
  • Detox and Chakra-Talk – I have been talking lately about how I need to detox, and I’ve also been learning more about Chakras.  The instructor brought up how yoga is great for detoxing and talked about how certain poses open up particular Chakras.
  • Balancing Pose with Others – My favorite part of class was one of the balancing poses because of the bonding that resulted.  We were packed in that room like (insert cliché analogy here) such that our mats were practically touching each other.  During one particular pose – I believe the “airplane pose” – we have our back bent forward, our arms out the sides, and one leg in the air, perpendicular to our other leg.  The instructor encouraged us to hold onto our neighbors to help balance.  I have an incredibly hard time balancing, so I didn’t want to put my neighbors at risk, but I gave in and tried it, and it worked!  I was grounded and able to balance better, and I felt a sense of community with our little row of airplanes.

Regular Class: Park District Yoga

  • Not So Much Sweat – When I was done with the experimental class I felt completely disgusting.  I don’t even sweat that much with Zumba or the elliptical!  I know that part of it was the temperature and part of it was the movement.  And I get it . . .but I didn’t like it.  I barely sweat in my regular yoga class.
  • Really Feel Relaxed – In the new class we didn’t take any breaks.  In my regular class we make a gentle transition from movement to movement so that I can grab some water, retie my hair, or grab my towel for my modifications, without freaking out.  I also am able to really concentrate on my breathing, rather than on what the heck a “crescent moon” is or whether I’m going to collapse when I go from plank to lower plank to upward dog to lower dog in a matter of 30 seconds.
  • Really Feel Stretched Out and Worked Out – though the pace is slow, we hold poses for a long time, so the muscles are really strengthened.  I often struggle up the stairs after a good session.
  • Feel Confident – I’m at about the same level as everyone else in class —  a little tighter in a few areas, and more flexible in other areas – so I feel I fit right in.
  • Stretched Important Areas – My regular instructor usually starts with a gentle warm-up that loosens the back and neck and gets us thinking about our breathing.  In this class we dove right in with “Extended Child’s Pose” (which is NOT a relaxing pose if you have tight feet like I do.)  I was thinking: “Wait . . . don’t we work up to this?”  I much prefer “Embryo” . . .  Makes me feel like I’m back in the womb. . . ok creepy. . . moving on!. . .
  • Everything Explained – When my regular instructor calls out a pose, she names and then describes it, which benefits newbies AND people who forget which pose was which.  The new instructor was well-intentioned, asking us to raise our hands if we were new to yoga, but then she jumped right into class, calling out poses left-and-right, and only occasionally explaining what a pose was.  She also didn’t direct us on how to perform the pose correctly, something that my regular instructor is very particular about.  For example, for “Downward Dog”, my regular instructor insists that newbies watch her do it before they even attempt it, and then she walks over to each of them and helps them do it so that they don’t do it incorrectly and hurt their shoulders.  (“Push the floor away!”)
  • Modifications – My regular instructor is very good about suggesting modifications for those who might have joint issues, flexibility issues, etc.  For example, I need to have a towel under my bottom for the forward leg stretches because otherwise I’m stuck and can’t lean forward at all.  Also, for certain warrior/warrior-like poses, I often opt to keep my head down if my neck is not feeling up to par.  (Many years ago I took a yoga class and had a messed up neck the next day.  Coincidence?)
  • Older Crowd – You’d think I’d like a younger crowd, but I don’t.  An older crowd is more comfy.  I don’t feel as competitive and inadequate with my regular groups.  In today’s session the teacher was joking about how some students might be recovering from hangovers, and I was like “What?” and looked around and was like “Oh . . .”

As I look back, I see that my regular class is clearly more satisfying.  I wasn’t planning on taking on another class, anyway, but I thought I would see what’s what.  It’s good to see a little more of the yoga community and what else is out there.  And maybe I can up the challenge and convince my current instructor to offer her intermediate class again.  In the meantime, I have plenty to work on . . .

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