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A Blog Post Every Day???


I’ve been thinking about how I want to start this blog going again, and I just watched a great interview between Seth Godin and Marie Forleo, currently two of my favorite people.

Seth Godin says to blog EVERY day.

He says that if you know you have to write a blog tomorrow (about something you’ve noticed, or a useful opinion, perspective, piece of knowledge, etc), you will open your expectations to receiving those things, to inventing and noticing those things.   This is great for you!  You can’t help but get better yourself.  AND if other people actually read it and enjoy it — so much the better!  He says his goal is not to sell,  but to be trusted. And to help make the change he seeks to have happen for the world.

Beautiful stuff.  SO, I’ll see you again tomorrow!

Much love and many blessings. ❤

A Joyedian’s Tale: New Year, New Me


Dear angels, God, ascended masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Earth . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

I am relieved to be leaving 2017 behind.  It was a good year, but a challenging one.  It was a year of facing some “demons” (some that I am still facing) and closing some doors, and I am ready to start fresh.

The highlight of my year was the intuitive reports I received (prosperity report, health analysis, and past life crossing with Brian), and my walk on the Camino this past summer.  They reawakened the traveler/adventurer within and helped me re-connect with my true self.

2+0+1+8= 11.  It is a master number, and in particular it is my numerological number, so I anticipate feeling at ease this year.  I ended the year with a bang, co-hosting the workshop “New Year, New You 2017” in a packed room, and I’m starting off the year with a bang, marrying my partner Brian of 10 years in my original dream location in California.

In the spirit of the workshop, I’d like to reflect back on what I’m leaving behind in 2017, and what I bring/add to the new year.

Leaving behind:

  • 3 jobs: closing down Early Education Enrichment, ending hours at the FranCenter, and leaving Prolympian
  • 4 organizations: Coopvertising Network, BNI, completing training at the Life Mastery Institute, and finishing up the year with the World of Wealth Mastermind
  • an “engaged” relationship status
  • some credit card debt
  • many e-mail subscriptions

Bringing In/With Me:

  • new relationship status: married!
  • reviving the study of a healing practice
  • reading the Akasha
  • continued work with “A Moment in Life”, Facebook Videos, and Youtube Videos
  • coaching/workshopping, tutoring, and working at the Kirk Center
  • plans for mini-vaca’s with Brian and the pets
  • a renewed meditation practice, and weekly “Autofonix” listening, wealth script affirmations, re-visiting my vision, and journaling
  • daily walks/Zumba dancing
  • homemade meals
  • date night
  • becoming trilingual with Esperanto
  • paying off credit cards
  • reinventing “Joyedian”!
  • memories of travels: San Diego, Las Vegas, the Camino (Spain and France), Atlanta, and Cleveland.

Though some challenges follow me into 2018, I welcome them for the lessons they bring me, and I am grateful for the support of others who also embark on journeys of growth as they strive for lives of their dreams.

What do you bring with you into 2018? Much love and many  blessings. ❤

46 Days ‘Til el Camino: The Valleys


There is definitely something to be said for taking decisive action.  For me it was buying that plane ticket.  I knew that cemented things for me.  And that’s so important to me now, as the honeymoon period of a brand-new, beautiful idea is petering out.  Do I still want to walk el Camino?  Absolutely.  Do I still plan to?  Definitely. But without that plane ticket, I may have been tempted to hedge a bit this week.

It was one of those weeks for me.  More easily agitated.  A little less motivated.  Thank goodness I still walked, though. I felt much better once I’d started.  I was a bit sore Monday evening and then Tuesday day after that 3-hour walk on Monday.  It’s good to know the muscles are changing.  Wednesday and today I took one-hour walks with a half-packed backpack, and this weekend I intend to walk another 3-hour walk with an even fuller backpack. (Tomorrow I swim.)

I’m changing.  Some of it feels good, and some of it doesn’t.  My self-confidence has definitely improved (although this week it dipped back down a bit).  I feel like I’m also becoming more assertive and less flexible.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  But it has meant that my resentment levels have dropped, and that definitely feels better.  I’m more focused, more directed . . .  and more stubborn. 🙂  It’s all a learning process, right?

So much I could say, but this is good for today.

Much love, many blessings. ❤

555 and . . . Unicorns?


Recently I’ve been seeing quite a few 5’s.  3 of them, to be exact: 555. I’m very into angel numbers, so I immediately looked up the significance in Doreen Virtue’s angel numbers book and got this message:

“Huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life!  To keep these changes on the highest possible course, be sure to keep your thoughts positive, and stay centered in prayer and affirmations.”

What an exciting message!  (Particularly for someone who believes in the power of transformation!)  What a great chance to play . . . what could this be?  Is this an advancement in my coaching career?  Is this spiritual progress?  Is some part of my vision coming to fruition?  (Or many parts?)  What could these changes look like?

And . . . unicorns?  Unicorns came up 3 times today — 1st Time: listening to part of one of my Vision Workshops, in which I chose “unicorn” as my animal; 2nd Time: It came up on a card in a clip on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon; 3rd Time: Doreen Virtue was riding her unicorn and used her unicorn deck today.

As I mentioned in one of my Facebook Lives, repetition — particularly in 3’s! — really gets my attention!  I’m not really sure what to do with it, though.  I’m not sure what a unicorn symbolizes.  Maybe I’ll get some insight from my dreams tonight!

What changes would you love to see in our life?  Much love, many blessings. ❤

Think About It Thursday: How Uncomfortable Are You?


I think it’s funny that certain subjects/ideas/quotes sometimes seem to come up for me around the same time of year.  I discovered I posted about this almost exactly 2 years ago:

Metaphysics Monday: Are You Uncomfortable Yet?

I’ve really been thinking about this again.  Do you feel comfortable?  REALLY comfortable?  If you do, that may not be a good sign!

Oftentimes discomfort comes from reaching the edge of our boundaries, from stretching farther than we ever have before.  It can feel pretty awkward — even painful!

But then, once we make it through that boundary, extend that wall, we have more space.  We are freer.  And this continues until we completely break through all of our walls, until we no longer have any limitations.

So, how comfortable do you feel now?  Is it time for a little stretch?  I’m telling you, it’s worth it!

Think About It Thursday: Losing Your Mind?


I was traumatized by my dream this morning.  It put me in a funk that completely threw off my morning routine.  I actually talked with my sister about it before I posted it here because it involved her.

I dreamt that my sister was killed by a train.  I saw her from above, out a 2-story window.  She looked to be a little out of it and was walking along the tracks, sometimes on the tracks, then to the side and above the tracks, and back.  I wanted to warn her, but I think I was afraid she wouldn’t hear me.  A train came by and  somehow missed her.  But then another train came by, and after it passed I saw splattering on the track and knew she was dead.

I remember feeling completely devastated in the dream, that my life had might as well be over. I no longer wanted to live.  I thought I had to tell my dad, and I remember going to talk to him.  I asked him if he was sitting down for this (though I could see him in front of me), and then I told him.  I figured he’d be very upset, but he seemed to take it in stride, even telling me that one of Brian’s aunts had predicted that my sister would be killed by a train!

The translation:

I’ve often thought of my sister as my conscious mind.  In the School of Metaphysics we say that our fiancee/husband is representative of our entire subconscious mind, so since my sister is the very closest female in my life, I’ve seen her as my entire conscious mind.  Death = change.  So, I believe my dream is telling me that my entire conscious mind is changing, and an organization (symbolized by the train) is affecting that change (perhaps the Coop or my DreamBuilder/Life Mastery training).

This makes sense to me.  I’ve been making some major shifts, particularly in my relationship with a higher power and in spiritual writing.  I’m also overcoming perfectionism and putting more attention on being positive.  These are major changes.   That a very religious/spiritual aspect of myself was the one who predicted this change makes a lot of sense.

Have you ever dreamt of the death of someone extremely close to you?  Occasionally that is a precognitive dream, but often it symbolizes a major change happening within a part of yourself.  What internal changes have you been making recently? (If there was a death in your dream, what would that signify for you right now?)

Much love and many blessings. ❤


I had a dream this morning that I was in some kind of videogame (more like live action play), and I was aware that I was now on the zombie level.  The zombies would be waking up soon, and I needed a gun.  Then I had a gun and needed to figure out how to work it.  I ran out of the house, hoping to buy myself some time.  Then they were coming at me.  I was shooting at them but missing, almost as if something inside me was making me miss.  I ended up waking myself up from the dream.

I know what the dream was about.  It’s about those monsters inside me, those aspects that should really be dead but that I’m keeping alive.  In class today we shared our inner monsters.  We’re now working on imagining how we actually do want to see ourselves.  I’ve been receiving “imagination” and “visualization” quite a bit from the universe lately.

And apparently the universe really wants my attention on this zombie thing because I had three references to zombies today after I’d had my dream: I noticed a paintball billboard for shooting zombies, I saw a sign outside a classroom that said “Zombies Ahead,” and one of my tutoring students talked about Plants vs. Zombies. I guess this is important. . .

Peace, love, and zombie-less-ness to you all. ❤

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