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Thankful Thursday: On the Flip Side

I particularly need this today.  I’m feeling a bit low.  For the things that I am struggling with, I am turning them into something to appreciate.

I am thankful for my cats, for sticking to me like glue to show me they love me.

I am thankful for forgetting things, so that I may remember to be present and grounded.

I am thankful for beginnings, so that I can  measure my growth.

I am thankful for phonecalls, to practice connecting with people.

I am thankful for large projects, to practice breaking things into steps.

I am thankful for low emotions — they trigger me to take a look at myself and my situation, step outside myself, and see the bigger picture.  They remind me that all of the drama is inside my head — my conscious mind — and thus to be aware of what is in front of me and what is deep inside me.

I am thankful that I AM.

Dreamy Wednesday: Death and Cats

Disclaimer: No cats were harmed in the making of this dream. . .

I’m super excited about this next week.  Tomorrow is our Dreamcatchers Meetup, and it looks like there will be some new attendees, some awesome regulars, and Brian! ❤ ❤ <3!

Also, my next Metaphysics lesson for 2nd cycle is all about dreams, which I’m thrilled about. One of our exercises is based on connecting our conscious life to our dream life, and I can’t wait to start tomorrow.   I put understanding and applying my dreams as one of my 10 Most Wanted, so it looks like it’s coming to fruition. 🙂  And this morning I was thinking about how frustrated I was that I couldn’t figure out a lot of my dreams.  So, I’m happy to be giving them some extra attention.

Now for my dreams from this morning.  I realize after sharing the “knight” dream that I don’t need to go all crazy trying to figure out my dreams.  Even focusing on one important symbol from the dream can be helpful.  We had the Dream Webinar today, and I asked what “knights” mean.  I figured they would be something like “police”, which is the symbol for discipline, and the dream coaches agreed with me.  She said to focus on how I’ve been feeling and perceiving discipline lately.  That made perfect sense.  I’ve been struggling and rebelling a bit with discipline these last few days.  Cats in my dream symbolize habitual ways of thinking.  Since I am afraid of them, they are habits that I find intimidating and wish to avoid (but I conquer some of them!)  There are elements of death (not seen, but talked of ) in the other dreams, which means that I am thinking about change.  Here we go. . .

Dream #1:A woman is sentenced to death.  (At one point is me?) She ascends the stairs to the place where she will be killed.  She is not surprised.  Awaiting execution, she and a close female are not sure what to do in her last moments.  I say something about touch, about being close to each  other.  They do touch (lie down next to each other? Cuddle?) And I join them.  Tears are shed.

Dream #2: Black knights, like the ones from Monty Python.  The kingish-type/lord? asks the man if they have all been killed.  The man shows all of the knights impaled in a line before them.  But then the real black knights are called forth to come kill the king.

Dream #3: Going down to the water place below.  To kill the man leading them?  There is something special about the water.  Maybe it can be set afire because of what he put in it.

There are huge cats at the entry to some place (same place?) Tigers.  I ask how you get past them.  A man tells me to embrace them head on.  I am afraid, but I do this.  I find the cats do want me.  We hug and cuddle together.  A man comes to check on me.  I say it worked, but show him that I have apparently only approached the medium-sized cats (like bobcat-size, but short-haired and pet-cat-ish).  The tigers are nearby.  He tells me that I can approach the tigers the same way.

Lovin’ Truly, Madly, Deeply

"The Wall Eyed Cat"  courtesy of njaj/

“The Wall Eyed Cat” courtesy of njaj/
Ok, this is exactly how my cat looks. Not looks appearance-wise! The adoring look. And yes, that’s what it is.

If you need to feel loved, truly loved.  Spend some time with your pet.  I wish I could procure a camera and capture the absolute adoring expression Link gives me as he leans over my lap and gazes worshipfully up at me.  Seriously.  Where else can you find unconditional love, if not for your animals?  Ok sure, sometimes it is conditional —  on food, on water, on a clean litterbox or being taken out. . .  But if you provide for all of those things and don’t kick and/or yell at your pet every time you pass – AND if your pet did not come to you with some crazy psychological baggage already, there’s a good chance you’ve found a loyal friend.

All you have to do is be there, and the pet will be with you and love you.  It doesn’t care how fat you’ve gotten or that you forgot to put make up on, or worse, that you haven’t showered or forgot your deodorant.  If your pets are creepy like my cats, they’ll even love the stinky you all the more!  (Seriously.  My cats, especially Zelda, are particularly partial to shoes, sweaty socks, and work out clothes.)

My pets won’t look down on me for leaving my previous position, and they have no judgment on how my live my life.  They don’t have any idea why I’m gone so long each day and pounce on me when I finally get back.  All my pets come to me when I call them and they are ready to snuggle at any time of day.

So, if you’re really feeling stinky, don’t grab a person – grab a quadruped!  (The more the stinky, the more the love!)

Cats vs. Dogs

I truly am a cat person and my partner is a dog person. I try to love our year-and-a-half year old puppy to the best of my ability, but inevitably he will do something stupid that will completely drive me nuts.

We have two cats and a dog. Our dog Bowser will chew – no – DESTROY anything that is left in his path. This mainly means paper. He will also eat anything, EXCEPT for his pills. (Now, I don’t blame him for not wanting to eat his pills, but he’ll eat every other fricken’ thing, including throwup and rabbit poop, so why can’t he eat the thing we most need him to eat??) Our cats, Link and Zelda, are no angels either. They go up on the kitchen counter, coffee table, and kitchen table when we aren’t around. Sometimes they knock things off shelves. We find evidence of it the next morning. But they rarely destroy anything.

The worst is when the cats and dogs gang up as co-conspirators. For example, today we came home from yoga to a mess of pieces of mint lifesavers and foil. Brian threw the yoga mat after one of the cats. “What are you throwing at him for?” I asked.

This is where we split. I don’t see the cat’s behavior as a problem. Brian isn’t bothered by what the dog does.

(He held the leftover packaging in my face.) “Do you see this? This was on the counter. The cats must have knocked it off.”

(Me:) “Oh. (Pause.) But are you at least going to say or do something with Bowser? I mean, he’s the one who chewed it to pieces!”

And it’s pretty clear how we’re split, even to the animals. Bowser goes ballistic when Brian gets home. Not so much for me. . . The cats are upstairs, ignoring Brian during the day, but they suddenly appear out of nowhere when I get home. Bowser will cry when Brian leaves, even if I’m still in the room. Zelda and I nuzzle each other, Link lets me hold him like a baby, and Bowser will curl up with Brian on the couch and on the bed.

But despite our differences, I know we both love all of our animals very much. The cats will snuggle up with Brian on the couch, too, and I know I miss Bowser because the house seems empty when he’s gone to the vet or to Brian’s parents’ for a visit.

Will I ever be a “dog person”, though? Somehow I doubt it.

The Dreams That Come

What do you dream about?

I frequently remember at least one of my dreams for the night, and they have generally fallen into one of these categories:

  1. Light nightmare: school or work-related. I am a student who a) can’t find find my locker  b) can’t open my locker c) can’t find my class or d) missed a class or important exam. Or I am a teacher who a) is late to work b) never showed up to work c) showed up to work but neglected to make any plans or d) showed up to work, had plans, but had fits of panic because the class was completely out of control.
  2. I’m pregnant. This is NOT because I want to have babies, believe me. When I’ve looked this up on-line, I’ve been told that this means something new is about to happen in my life. Something new has happened quite a few times in my life, apparently. The most amusing part of these dreams is that there usually is no father. Or I have absolutely no idea who the father is. Immaculate conception? Seems perfectly natural in the dream!
  3. I can’t see. I’ll be going about my dream, minding my own plot line, and suddenly my vision goes out, like the unfocused image in my old camera. I squint, I rub, but nothing works. My vision is kaput. (This is supposedly symbolic of feeling like I’m losing control in life.)
  4. I’m in a movie or I’m watching a movie. I may be a third person omniscient character, looking in at a drama, or I may actually be one of the characters, but I have the distinct feeling that I’m in some kind of movie. Often they are crime movies with some violence, sometimes murder. In one I was wearing a trenchcoat in the rain, running down the steps to some trailer home, hearing gunshots in the back. In another I was outside school, trying to hide two bodies my dad and I had found, and we were trying to figure out if we could stuff them into some barrels behind the building.
  5. It’s sexual. Noooot going to go into that one too much here, but I’ve had quite a variety, some intriguing, and others fairly disturbing.

Some other frequent images/symbols in my dream:

  • A tornado. I’ve had quite a few of these. This is also supposed to symbolize big change.
  • My parents’ house. Often I’ll dream I that I am in my parents’ house again, and think nothing of it. My parents’ house is supposed to be a symbol of my past. A house is also supposed to symbolize you or parts of you. I have NEVER dreamt about being in my present house. This concerns me a bit.
  • Living in another house, sometimes two! I’ve sometimes dreamt that I have multiple houses! Does that mean there are multiple “me”s? Really not sure. One house keeps returning in my dreams. It’s a fairly big multi-floored house with a large living room and multiple bedrooms on the bottom floor. I’ve also had dreams about secret passages in houses. (Would be neat if they were real!) Extra rooms are supposed to symbolize new areas of yourself or of your life that you haven’t explored yet. I’ve also had two creepy house dreams. One was supposedly a house I’d just moved into: gray with rickety siding, and a haunted upper floor. Another was a decaying house with a rotting pig and decrepit furniture. Do I need therapy?
  • Cats. When I was younger I had a few lion dreams. In one, I saw a lion on a TV screen. When I left the building, the lion was right outside the door, lying on some steps. I’ve had to walk past sleeping lions in forests. And I’ve had frequent dreams that I have tons of cats. Like, my family must have adopted a dozen strays without me knowing or the cats found their own secret passage inside the house, or they miraculously multiplied, like my own immaculate conception?? (Cats are supposed to symbolize femininity or sexuality, by the way.)

And finally, I’d like to close with two of my most bizarre dreams, my apocalyptic dreams. In one there is an alien spaceship coming down, and I know it’s the end of the world. I am determined to gather up all the surrounding farm animals, especially pigs, into my car. Analyze that.In the other, the moon is slowly coming closer and closer to the Earth. I know that I will be crushed, as the moon fills up more and more of my view. . .

What dreams do you have?

Image: digitalart / (dream door)

Image: nuttakit / (lion)

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