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A Joyedian’s Tale: Enjoy Life

26239028_10103409097917545_7706045679406980209_nDear angels, God, Ascended Masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Gaia (Earth) . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

Trying to get back in the communication groove.  In the next few days I plan to post IT ALL: upcoming workshops, blog (this post!), youtube dream video for Teri Karl, youtube metaphysical video for WeAreValuableMedia, Facebook Live on Creating a Bug Free Mind . . . gotta get caught up, y’all!

I sank into a depression for a while yesterday.  I got dark, felt hollow, had a good cry — all that good stuff.  Now that I’ve had some time to process it, I realize it sprouted from 2 things:

  1. The often inevitable crash downward after soaring to new heights of bliss.
  2. Returning to “reality” after a glimpse of my dream life.

At the lunch reception after my wedding this past weekend, I turned to Brian in a state of complete bliss and told him: “I could die right now.”  (Not that I wanted to just yet – no worries!) I was just that happy.  The wedding went so perfectly that it all felt — and surely was — divinely guided.  My favorite birds were there at the ceremony with us (egrets), the weather was perfect (partly cloudy and 60’s), the scenery was amazing (ocean view), everyone arrived on time — actually everyone was early!, everyone’s outfits were amazingly coordinated, the presider did a fantastic job, I had 4 fantastic photographers (all immediate family members!), the food was great, the events were great, the company was great — it was all so amazing!

And then we came home.  Everyone went back to work.  And it was snowing when we arrived in Chicago.  I’ve been reflecting a lot on what my dream living situation is, and I’ve talked with Brian about it as well.  First of all, I would certainly love to spend most of my time in a climate of 50 degrees or higher. I have an uneasy peace with this Chicagoland climate.  Second, I really don’t want to stay in one place.  It is not the location that draws me (although I do feel quite at home in California).  It is the adventure that does.  Experiences like the Camino in Spain and this recent trip to California were perfect because every day was different.  I love the newness.  I love to taste.

So, I have no dream location to live in.  I have a dream lifestyle.  It’s a dream of adventure. of new sites and experiences.  This is what “enjoying life” means to me — which just happens to be my new year’s resolution for this year!  ❤ It’s something I’ve re-stepped into the last few years, and it’s something I will continue to embrace for the rest of my life.


Here’s to many more adventures for me, for you, and all the dreamers! Much love and many blessings. ❤

DreamBuilding: Wedding Edition


Last Tuesday I set aside the morning to work on setting up health insurance.  That craziness was the catalyst for my whirlwind wedding plans.  That Tuesday I decided to go on Brian’s insurance, so it was time to get married.

Within the next few days I decided I wanted to get married in California, as I’d originally visioned, and we let immediate family know.  By the end of the week we’d all booked our flights and I had an Air BnB paid for that could hold 8 people.

By the end of the 2nd week Brian and I had gotten our ring sizes and ordered our rings, and I’d ordered my dress.  My uncle helped me get an officiator, and I researched the details of getting the license. I got back in touch with the director of the site of our wedding (a beautiful ranch preserve), got the event insurance, and sent in the payment for the reservation. Mom got our tickets for Hearst castle (site-seeing), and we decided on visiting a winery and the restaurant for our lunch reception.

By the end of next week I plan on: getting back in touch with Fetch to secure pet care for our 2 cats and dogs, ordering our rental vehicle, and reserving our wine tasting and reception lunch.

By the end of weeks 4&5 Brian and I will write our vows, do any necessary clothing adjustments and purchase shoes, make a packing list, look over the marriage license forms, and tie up any loose ends.

Weeks 6 — California Wedding Bliss!

Here’s to your dreams!  Much love and many blessings. ❤

A Little Side Track


It’s been a bit of a long month!  Emotions running high and lessons being learned.  I was relieved to hear that others are experiencing their own challenges.  Perhaps it’s a little planetary push to move us along.

Movement toward the Kumano Kodo has stagnated a bit.  I’ve been walking and made copies of the crowdfunding suggestions, but that’s as far as I got.  Attention on the trip is now officially on hold because another piece of my vision has come to the forefront — wedding plans!  In a whirlwind decision, Brian and I decided to move things up and get married in early January of 2018.  I decided to keep to my vision, and we will be married in California, near where my godfather lives (with immediate family).  The place to stay and some of our flights are booked.  Next on the list is rental car, figuring out the details for getting our marriage license, and finding someone to officiate.

As far as healing, it’s been a little more casual the last couple of weeks.  I’ve done a chakra clearing on myself a few times, and tried some healing on Brian.   I’ve also done some long distance healing and imagery as well as stilling myself to allow my healing presence to come through.  I’ve been listening a lot to my last intuitive reports (a health analysis and prosperity report), and they remind me of my healing ability and of the need to recognize my authority.  And the angel numbers shower me with messages of 222s (everything is going to be alright) and continued encouragement to continue with my mission.

I’ve been having some beautiful experiences volunteering with Joliet Hospice.  I think the visits are just as important for me as they are for the patients I see!  I had my very first vigil visit last week, and I really felt my heart opening.  Whenever I lose sight of my usefulness in the world, the hospice work draws me back.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Much love and many blessings. ❤

Dreams, Scenes, and “If I Had 66 Million Dollars”

"Hand Holds Dollars" courtesy of Sujin Jetkasettakorn /

“Hand Holds Dollars” courtesy of Sujin Jetkasettakorn /


I had a few disturbing dreams early this morning.  People talk about “waking up on the wrong side of the bed,” and that could mean waking up at a weird point in one’s sleep cycle or just having whack-a-doodle dreams like the ones I sometimes have, leaving me with one of those sour “What the heck was that?” aftertastes.  In one dream my friend was criticizing things I had been doing or saying, and I completely flipped out on her, telling her she was entirely too sensitive.  Then I had a dream that I was out at some restaurant/food court/YMCA?  place, and I had left my purse by my table (maybe to check out the pool?), and unfortunately, everyone else had gotten up, too, and as I headed back, I spotted a woman going through my purse.  She ran off before I got to her, and I frantically checked through everything, but nothing seemed to be missing.


I got to see the most gorgeous room today.  No, it didn’t have fabulous decor, and it wasn’t huge and spacious.  It was the upper floor of my local library branch, and it was wonderful.  It was LIT; light was everywhere. Not only were there many overhead lights in the room (white walls, too), but the room was full of windows looking out on the various ceiling lights of the level below.  It was daytime at 8:00 at night.

So, now I have officially decided that my house feels like a black hole because it is.  Of course, not literally, but it lacks light.  If we get any sun on any given day, I run around the house, yanking the shades up from every window, and I can feel my mood begin to lift.  I think we need a light fixture in the middle of our living room.  Or else 10 more lamps.

66 Million Dollars

I’d never played the lottery before, but when I was pumping gas and saw the total for the Mega Millions was 66 million, — my magic number — I decided to go for it.  Of course, I didn’t win — didn’t match even one ball —  which is why I’m writing this portion of today’s blog instead of packing for Hawaii.  But it’s good to know that I have set plans, should the fortunate event come to pass.

Said plan: after we accounted for taxes, etc, Brian would help me figure out how much we could put away/invest so that we would be set for life (including travel desires and workshop/classes, etc).  We would quickly move to Hawaii or California — Hawaii to study with my favorite shaman Serge King, or California to be close to my uncle and Deepak Chopra.  (Or volcanoes vs. earthquakes, or beautiful scenery and weather vs. beautiful scenery and weather.)  We would then make sure our parents and grandparents were completely set up and help out our friends and family, considering need.  With the rest, we would donate it to Rolling Jubilee and the Gerson Institute and invest in Prosper or the like.

And then we would live out our days on our huge ranch with our humongous organic garden, our various fruit trees, our free range chickens, and as many homeless cats and dogs that we could comfortably fit in our house.  Brian would have his Shaklee; I would be a blissful disciple of healing — afterwards, practitioner — traveling the world and sharing my new found knowledge and ability, eternally happy until the end of our days.

2 Degrees with Windchill and the Return of the Silverfish

"Sad Woman" courtesy of graur codrin /

“Sad Woman” courtesy of graur codrin / 
Please. . . please. . .. no more snow. . .

To quote someone from Facebook: “The groundhog lied.” The damn groundhog lied. Sorry, Phil — I’m just a little tired today.

This morning the magic spell I had over Bowser apparently wore off: instead of completely ignoring me as I got ready for work and lying quiet and unperturbed in his bed to wait for Brian to rise, he ran up to me, whimpering, his tail wagging in anticipation. “Seriously?” I grunted and then figured it had been nice while it lasted. Brian needed a chance to sleep in, and I could suck it up. Sure, I’d already hit the snooze button once, and I only had a half hour to get ready, but I’d survive somehow.

I was a bit disoriented as I made my way down the stairs toward the door. The alarm had woken me in the middle of many dramatic and vivid dreams, and I was trying to make sense of them and the foul feeling I had carried with me into my waking moments. (My last dreams before waking this morning were of the I’m-at-school-and-I’m-having-a-problem-with-my-students variety.) *On days when I get to sleep in a little bit, I like to stay in bed a few extra minutes and go through the last dreams of my REM sleep. Yes, I know, I know. That’s not the only reason I stay in bed a few extra minutes.*

So anyway, I was getting Bowser’s harness on and grabbing my jacket and some toilet paper as I made my way to the door, and that’s when winter slammed me in the face.  It was cruel enough that he caught me half asleep, but what made it worse was knowing that I would be spending a whole 25 minutes in winter’s icy breath when I had to go out for morning car duty later that same morning.  (I’ve decided just now that winter must be male.  If you don’t like it, too bad.)  And then Bowser made a mess in his hind fur (not his fault – he badly needs a trim), and I spent the next 10 minutes cleaning him up.  (I don’t know how on earth I managed to finish that and pack up and make my tea and smoothie breakfast and still arrive on time, but I did!)  And yes, it was awful, awful, awful out there.  Those of you who live in much more temperate climates – you can laugh at me now.  Those of you who have it worse than me – MOVE!  For the love of all that’s good, how can you stand it??

And in other news, after a long respite, the silverfish has returned.  It’s been sighted twice in the recent past, both times gobbled up by Zelda, the good little princess.   Though I’m not fond of the wee buggers, if they mean spring will finally wake up and join us, bring on all the critters!  (Please remind me of this if I complain later.)

But the good part in all of this is that it wasn’t so bad overall.  Yes, I’m pretty darn tired right now, but I was able to laugh a little at things and keep them in perspective.  Yesterday I used “The Secret” and had a fantastic day (“It’s going to be a great day today; it’s going to. . .  no, it IS a great day today!”  And today I used it a bit to keep my day from starting off as absolutely awful. (“This is still going to be a good day!”)

So, I plan to go to bed a little early tonight and to have sweet, sweet dreams of California and the sweet baby “Angel” who visited me in my dreams sometime in my sleep.

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