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I have a book.  It is not complete.  But it is here.   I don’t know the theme yet.  It is a compilation of many, many “moments in life.”  There is a lot in my head, in my heart, transmitted — daily, and I share it with you. This is my playground, my life, my journey.  Stop by for a bit, stay for a while, revisit as often as you like.  Inspiration, insight, joy, and laughter are yours for the taking, and I’m grateful to learn from you as well.

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Days 1 & 2 on the Road to Happiness

"Clipboard With Check Box Tick" courtesy of Stuart Miles/

“Clipboard With Check Box Tick” courtesy of Stuart Miles/

1. Health — I am eating pretty well.  Michael’s had a special 30% off deal for their 30 year anniversary, so Brian and I shared a spinach, artichoke, and garlic pizza.  It was very yummy.  I ended up pulling off the artichokes and eating them separately and dipping the pizza slices in our Trader Joe’s marinara sauce (since this specialty pizza did not use marinara).  I’ve been having  Shaklee protein shakes for breakfast and odds-and-ends for lunch (like hummus, avocado, cheese, and carrots).  I may have overeaten on the sherbet dessert, though.  I’m still a bit dehydrated and am still gulping down the water.

I was quite wiped out today.  I’m not sure if it was because I lost sleep earlier in the week or if my muscles were recovering from biking for the first time this year.  The bike ride yesterday was great.  My legs felt good, like I could’ve ridden even a bit farther than those 9 miles.  (I plan to ride 100 miles in one day in the Door County Century in September.)  Today I didn’t exercise, and I can feel it.  My body’s aching to move around a bit, but it’s late.  I may try to squeeze some Zumba in tomorrow between tutoring and Easter stuff.

2. Creative time/me time — I read the first few chapters of my new library book club book today: Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven by Fannie Flagg.  I don’t know if it’s my type of book, but it looks like it’ll be an interesting enough read.  I’m also still listening to Roots in the car.

I pulled a tray table and my blue camping chair outside for a bit and enjoyed the fresh air for 20 minutes or so, getting in a few lines of writing.  I had Bowser with me, and it was a bit chilly. So, between the cold and Bowser shoving his bottom into my chest, I didn’t get very much done.  Beyond that, I cut some words out of the circulars to use for a writing activity.  I’m planning on trying them on my writing tutor student tomorrow first.

3. People — I really enjoyed visiting my friend in the hospital yesterday.  I was a little freaked out about driving up to Chicago, but everything worked out just fine.  She just had twin boys, and they are strong-looking, cute little babies. (I even got all scrubbed up and got to stick my hand in the incubatorish box and hold one of their tiny hands!  Or more like my finger touching the palm of his hand!) I bonded a bit with mom and dad and was glad that I had gotten a chance to be out of the house and on a mini-adventure with them.

I feel like I would have liked to have visited with some people today.  I did have my tutoring student this morning, and we had a great tutoring session today.  He’s focusing worlds better than when I first started working with him — before I was pretty close to pulling my hair out!  It’s truly amazing how people and situations can change.

4. Being in the Moment — I still find it nearly impossible to meditate and nearly as hard to stay present as I’m moving around.  That seems my best bet, though — being present as I flitter about.  I am forever amazed by the firm grasp my thoughts have on my mind, but at least I am becoming more and more aware.

5. Life Purpose — I did some research into professions today.  On-line data entry doesn’t look as promising as I’d originally imagined.  I may still want to talk to my friend’s mom who does it, though, to find out more.  I checked out a couple of magazines that my life purpose coach recommended to me, and I found a lot of information in The Monthly Aspectarian.  I’ve e-mailed them to register for a few events.  Finally, I’ve made an appointment to see an intuitive energy healer, and I’m really looking forward to that next week.

Kunta Kinte

"Africa Safari" courtesy of nixxphotography/

“Africa Safari” courtesy of nixxphotography/ 

Many years ago I picked up Roots and marveled at the size of the book.  I knew it was supposed to be a great story, so I thought I would give it a try.  I didn’t last a page.

Just recently I thought about it again as I was reading Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul — the one Chicken Soup book that I couldn’t get myself to part with at the library book auction donation last summer. The author Alex Haley came up a few times in the book and was lauded for his master storytelling and mesmerizing speeches, so I thought about giving Roots another try.

I knew I couldn’t handle the book, but I thought I might be able to handle a book on CD, especially if I just played it while I drove.  I was excited when I found it on my library’s web-site, and I immediately put it on hold.  When I picked the set up a few days later, I wasn’t surprised by the 22 CDs and 30 hours of reading.  I knew it was a massive undertaking, but maybe I could at least get through some of it.

At first when I popped it in, I missed a lot.  I’m not much of an auditory person, and I had very little knowledge of African history and culture.  My restless mind tended to wander to my concerns of the day, and I had to keep redirecting it to the story.

But as time went on, I succumbed to the storyteller’s spell.  I became very interested in the young Kinte’s story.  Though my mind still wandered, I hoped I was catching most of the tale and began thinking that I might even listen to it again someday.  I became fascinated by all of the foreshadowing in the book as the topic of slavery was introduced to Kinte and and then repeated over and over to the curious Kinte and his even more inquisitive younger brother; they learned more and more tidbits and tales from their father and the other villagers about the disappearances brought on by the strange white men with their many great canoes with the long poles and white sheets. * I wondered: Would Kinte be sold into slavery?   Or have to sell himself during another severe famine?  Be kidnapped, maybe?  Then I became anxious, half for Kinte and half for myself, not wanting to be surprised by Kinte’s sudden uprooting from his village. I worried for Kinte — wondering with each of his little adventures if that day would be his last – and sometimes wanting him to be captured already, just to end the suspense.** (Don’t do it, Kinte, don’t go!)

And that is where I’ve left off, on CD #3 and at the beginning of one of Kinte’s more serious adventures, journeying with Kinte, a young boy of 8, as he makes a walking trip of “many moons” with his father — an unprecedented event for someone his age.  I’m contemplating bringing the CD in from the car, so that I don’t have to wait to hear a little more . . .

*I would have loved to type in the names of Kinte’s brother and father and the particular term used for the mysterious white slave traders (I think it started with a  “T”), but I’m going off of what I hear from the audio, and when I try googling it, I’m hit by some spoilers, and so I’m done with that.  PLEASE don’t tell me anything.  I realize the book has been around forever already, but hey, so, I’m a little behind.  So what?

**(A quick peek at the back of the CD case summary, relieves some of my anxiety: some quick mental subtraction between the Kinte’s capture date and the beginning date of the story reveals that Kinte has more time yet . . .)


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