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A Blog Post Every Day???


I’ve been thinking about how I want to start this blog going again, and I just watched a great interview between Seth Godin and Marie Forleo, currently two of my favorite people.

Seth Godin says to blog EVERY day.

He says that if you know you have to write a blog tomorrow (about something you’ve noticed, or a useful opinion, perspective, piece of knowledge, etc), you will open your expectations to receiving those things, to inventing and noticing those things.   This is great for you!  You can’t help but get better yourself.  AND if other people actually read it and enjoy it — so much the better!  He says his goal is not to sell,  but to be trusted. And to help make the change he seeks to have happen for the world.

Beautiful stuff.  SO, I’ll see you again tomorrow!

Much love and many blessings. ❤

I’m At THAT Point

"Young Asian Boy With Hand Sign" courtesy of arztsamui/

“Young Asian Boy With Hand Sign” courtesy of arztsamui/

You know when you haven’t done something in a while, and it keeps looking bigger and harder to you until you question if you could/should do it at all?  I’m at that point.  With quite a few things in my life actually.  And blogging is one of them.  And I know perfectionism is creeping in again, preventing me from getting anything done.  So, my goal for this week is to be “sloppy.”  Just do a sloppy job on everything, so it gets done.  Now, will it really be “sloppy”?  Probably not.  It will be just fine.  But my perfectionistic side will think it’s sloppy, and it will be satisfied that I’m labeling it as such.  Is this healthy?  I don’t know.  But at least I know it will get things done!

Things that I intend to do a satisfactory job on this week:

1. Blogging every day again.

2. Cleaning up the house. (every day)

3. Finishing up grading for report cards.

4. Updating my vlog profile on letsvlog and making another video

5. Writing (non-blog) every day.

6. Doing something job-search related/life purpose related every day.

7. Exercising every day.

Potential future posts:

1. Welcome to the School of Metaphysics

2. More Numerology!

3. Transcribing Intuitive Reports

4. Car to the Doc

5. The End of An Era

6. Dream Attack

Blog About Blogging

I made a promise to myself as an emerging writer that I would post every day on this blog. So, today I’m blogging about my blogging.


This evening I spent a good half hour to an hour throwing ideas around in my journal and looking around my e-mail and social sites to see what others are thinking about. While scanning my e-mail, I was reminded about an interesting live broadcast happening tonight, so I had my first experience attending a webinar, and it was honestly pretty awesome. I took about 6 pages of notes, so I now have some good material for a future blog post.


I’ve also been thinking about a current event that’s been circulating for a few days and how I can tie it into my experience as an educator.


I’m reading Time to Write by Kelly L. Stone, and in the chapter The Bottomless Well of Inspiration and elsewhere in the book, she talks about how every writer brings his or her own unique position to any situation – so that any situation has an infinite possibility of perspectives. Therefore, every person has the potential to be a writer. (Her book is also my inspiration for this daily commitment to the blog.)


To conclude my blog about blogging: I actually feel like a writer now. It really does make a difference making a commitment to write every day, and I don’t just mean in a journal. Journaling is a fairly free-form and blab-easy activity. Actually knowing in my mind that I’m going to come home from work, sit down with my laptop, brainstorm, write, edit and revise, and POST something, really means something. At this point in time, if I were asked what I do, I could easily answer: “I’m a writer.”

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