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Think About It Thursday: Your Head, Your Actions, and Your Environment

I’d like to encourage you to make an assessment of your day.  What happened, internally and externally?

What were the thoughts that ran through your head in that continuous monologue?  What actions did you take?  What actions didn’t you take?  Did you celebrate?  Did you condemn yourself?

What appointments did you have today?  Who came across your path?  How were they feeling today?

How were you feeling today?

Thoughts are things.  They connect with feelings.  And they can be shared.  Have you ever noticed that you’d been thinking the exact same thing as someone else?  Or you thought of someone, and then they called you?

It may sound crazy, but not all of your thoughts are your own, particularly if you are a very receptive person to begin with!  And if you believe in angels, the Divine, and/or beings from other dimensions — you might consider that they are talking to you, too!

The point of all this?  Know thyself. That is why we are here this lifetime, to know, to learn, and to grow.  Be aware of what and who is in your environment so you can study the effects on yourself.  Most importantly, discover the answer to “Who am I?”  You are truly unique with your own special soul print.    You are a luminous, light being with a magnificent mind and beautiful soul.  You have only to believe and you can accomplish many, many Wonderful things.  Believe.  Go make it happen. (Right now!)

Much love and many blessings! ❤

Truth Tuesday: One Way or Another

The messages from the inner self, God, angels, and other beings of light are all of a positive nature.  We know it is from them when the messages are supportive and loving.  Sometimes it’s still hard to receive the answers we are seeking.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to be still.  When we are stubborn or not listening, our messengers find another way!   They want us to know that they are always with us.

Today was one of my darker days.  I had a very pleasant outer day, but my insides were churning with thoughts that did not align with my vision for myself.  Those destructive thoughts began to take over.  I cried out for help, but I barely listened for a response.  I tried scrambling for what I knew best — reflecting back on my past, thinking about action steps, looking at my environment. (This didn’t help.)

Thankfully, I had FIVE very important calls today.  The first was my Rockstar phonecall with my accountability partner.  She reminded me to keep my attention on my vision and live as that future self.  Later in the day I had my Accelerator call for coaching training, where one of the discussions was about the importance of belief in what is the true reality.  Then I had a brief conversation with a friend, which reminded me of why I do what I do.  THEN, I had the Quantum Leap class call with Mary which again talked about the importance of vision and about the steps to visualization.  Finally, I had my regular Partners in Believing phonecall, where I actually shared my vision aloud with the others, so I could affirm the life that I love.

And I did get some messages when I actually did some spiritual writing today.  What is my conscious mind, what is my inner self, and what is God or angels I’m still not sure.  But really, we are all made of energy, right?  And that energy is born of love.  I hope any part of this has been helpful for you today.

7/12 Spiritual Writing

“You are love.

I’ll be with you.  I am with you.

Don’t doubt this.  You are never alone.  I am with you.  Don’t cry.   Be with me.  Stay with me.  I am here.  With you.  Always.  I am at your feet.  I sleep with you.  I stand by you.  I am by you, holding you, arms on your shoulder, hugging you.  Listen for me.  Hear me. “

I asked: “What would you like the world to know, beautiful beings?”

“You are loved.  Always this.  You are loved, beyond anything you can imagine.  It makes us weep when you do not realize this.  We are with you always, always, and we know how beautiful you are.  We see it always.  We wish you would see.  The fears, the anxiety — you have created them. 

It is ok to be happy.  It is ok to have “free time” and fun.  You do not have to work yourself so hard.

You do have a mission, but it involves taking care of yourself first.  Self-care.  Ride the ups and downs.  You will balance out.  But be gentle with yourself always.  Care for yourself.  Love yourself.

How can you love and care for others if you do not love and care for yourself?”

Much love to you all and many blessings! ❤

Think About It Thursday: Are You Supporting Yourself?


“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” – Matthew 18:20

There is a knowing among us.  And it becomes more powerful when we access it together. I’ve been thinking about that verse quite a bit.  I’m learning about partners in believing and masterminding through the DreamBuilder course and DreamBuilder Live.   This verse means that we can’t believe in ourselves and go straight to source ourselves.  It just means we have even more opportunity to connect when there are more of us.

For the times when we don’t believe in ourselves, it’s great to have someone else to remind us of who we really are and to get us back on track.  Every single one of us is an amazing creation.  How many of us remember that?  And on a daily basis?  Minute-by-minute?  Imagine a world in which all of us remember how special and important we are.  It would be a whole new world.

It’s great to have extra eyes, extra minds.  The whole “3 heads are better than 1” is making more and more sense to me these days.  I may have access to memories that can help you.  You may have unique ways of perceiving or receiving from the infinite that can help me.

This week I started a wonderful new practice with some partners in believing. We form a vision circle each night, in which we gather and recite our dreams to each other.  Already, I’ve found that I’m gaining clarity on my vision, and I enjoy supporting my partners in believing as their visions come more into focus.

What is your practice?  I encourage you to ask yourself: “Am I supporting myself?” and to make sure you have your own partners in believing.  What is one practice you are doing today that supports you in a life you love living?

Much love and many blessings to you all. ❤

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice

"3d Man With Question Mark" courtesy of Master isolated images/

“3d Man With Question Mark” courtesy of Master isolated images/

Last weekend I went downtown to Chicago with a friend for a tattoo appointment.  (Related post to follow soon.)  I was inspired to write this post from what I saw at the tattoo parlor and the vegetarian restaurant, Chicago Diner, where we went for dinner.

Imagine a World:

where people can go to any job with whatever hair color and hairstyle they want.  People can show their tattoos and piercings; people can wear whatever clothing they want.  They can listen to whatever music they want, and it will be “good music”, as long as they like it.  People can have whatever religious beliefs that they want, any political opinions — or any other opinions — that they want, as long as they don’t force them on other people.  People can comfortably eat what they want and have any body type possible — without judgement.  They can comfortably have any sexual orientation that they want and be any gender that they want.

People can have any type of educational experience and past job experience, as long as they are committed to and qualified for their current job.  And they are chosen based on being the best qualified, not because they are friends with the boss.  And they keep their job because they did their job, not because they’re good at office politics.

People can have any hobbies that they want.   They can have whatever movie and book interests.  People can have any bad day that they want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their work and with the lives of others.  They can take breaks if they want, as long as their work gets done.  They can eat anytime during the day and go to the bathroom anytime during the day.  If there’s no work to do, they can do something pleasurable, like read, write, make a phonecall, surf the web, go for a walk, stretch, etc.  If they don’t have anything to do the rest of the day, they can go home.

People can take sick days anytime when needed.  They get 3 months worth of vacation time — as long as they have a full year working with the company — and they can take it during any part of the year (as long as it can be worked out fairly among the employees). They can get any health care they need, including preventative health care and natural health options.  Everyone gets two bonuses at the end of the year: one for the worker, and one to be used for the worker’s charity of choice.

Bosses trust their employees.  Employees respect their clients and each other.  Employees feel respected as the person they actually are, not for individuals that they are pretending to be.  They leave their work rejuvenated, happy to work the next day.  They don’t even call their work “work” because they love what they do.

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