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Think About It Thursday: How Present Are You? (3 Ways to Stay Present)


Do you know where you are right now?  Mentally?  How often are you fully grounded?  How often are you in your head?  You may want to check in with yourself every so often.

I’ve discovered that unless I’m in a direct conversation with someone or working intensely on a project — I may not really be there. I may be thinking of what just happened, or what I need to do, or mulling over an idea.   I think that’s the reason I sometimes have trouble remembering things, like what I’ve done, memories from the past, etc.  I just wasn’t present.  I wasn’t really there.

The present is a present.  So, if you are like me, and you’d like to take more advantage of this gift, check in with yourself every so often.  Where am I right now?  Am I here?  Or am I in my head?

The next step is to put your attention on something that will keep you in the moment.

  1. Sometimes I take a look at one of my hands.  (This is also a great practice for increasing lucid dreaming if you then ask yourself: Am I dreaming?)
  2. I may also put my attention on one of my senses by touching something in my environment or feeling my feet in my shoes or looking at items in the room.
  3. Perhaps the easiest thing to hold your attention on is your breath.  Don’t try to change it, but notice the inflow and outflow and gently follow it.

Opportunity comes in the present moment!  Are you taking advantage?  What will you try today?

Much love and many blessings! ❤

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A Little Duality

ID-100286034I felt a little dip in energy last week, and I dipped again today.  I can recognize some factors, and I think the strongest one is my struggle with the duality of my present state of mind.  There is a discrepancy between what I know I can be and what I have been.  Change comes from a shift in perspective, and the whole of me has to catch up!  We are habitual beings with habitual ways of thinking and doing.  Awareness is just the first step — Though an important one! —  in our evolution.

So, today I find myself struggling the old struggles and frustrated with the whys.  The lesson in this?  To keep my eyes on the prize — my ideal.  And yet have patience with myself.  I can see clearly now.  It is my responsibility to act.  However, I must love myself through it.  Though, life is filled with peaks and valleys, the path leads steadily upward into the beyond.

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Memory Monday: Quickening of Soul Progression

“How has the study and application of metaphysics quickened my soul’s progression?”

The first step towards change is awareness. My experiences through the School of Metaphysics have first given me a foundation of understanding. I now know of the Akashic records and the power of thought. I know that we are not the physical body, and that we have a Creator. In know how to meditate, what if feels like to be fully present, and what it feels like not to be fully present. I understand the purpose of dreams. I know the importance of emotions.

I am more aware of myself. I am more aware of my food addictions. I recognize my discomfort with my emotions. I experience my insecurity and my desire for positive feedback and reinforcement from others. I know that I am hard on myself. I perceive how critical I am of others. I notice my tendency toward negative thinking. I know that I seek self-empowerment and to be unconditionally loving.

And I have begun to develop myself. I took on the concept of divine friendship and am overcoming my fear of talking with others. I am less attached to the physical world. I am learning not to run away, to no longer use alcohol to drown out my emotions and I’m beginning to notice when I begin to take on the victim role, seeking to complain less and take more responsibility.  I am more aware of my thoughts in general, deciding which I want to focus on and which are unproductive.  I am a more attentive listener. I find things more easily, and I am remembering more – people’s names, things people have said, etc. I am developing my leadership skills through being the Dream Awareness Coordinator, through teaching a class, and through working with other students on student weekends and in creative projects.

I am beginning to see where I am going. I have more direction and purpose in my activities. I have identified my desires and check to see how I’m making progress toward them.

I can see where I will grow. I wish to deepen my relationship with God and strengthen my, faith, hope, and positivity. I wish to always serve for the sake of the greater good. I intend to increase my openness and communication with others, sharing knowledge and anticipating miracles. I want to express more of my emotions; I wish to continue to observe the interactions of others and to learn how to always communicate with love. I intend to trust myself and strengthen my intuition. — I want to be best friends with my subconscious. I wish to forgive and love myself and others just because we are, and I wish to be secure enough in myself that I can be more present with others. I want to become a master of time, to be a manifester, a creator, and to be love incarnate.

Dream Interpretation During Dream Awareness Prep Weekend

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee /

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee /

I just went down to Windyville, Missouri for a weekend of preparing for Dream Awareness Weekend, April 25th through 27th.  Besides all the fun and growth that I have come to appreciate and expect from these experiences, I received the first 10 lessons on dream interpretation (a review of what we receive in our metaphysics courses), watched a great impromptu dream hotline skit, and started connecting and planning with my fellow dream coordinators.

This weekend I got a great review of the dream interpretation process and had the benefit of feedback from dream coaches.  Here is a dream that I had Saturday morning and interpreted during the weekend’s activities:

The dream is about the dreamer. . .

I’m taking a Pepto Bismol bead pill that I find in the school cabinet, for my stomach.  It’s from one of the doctors (PhD) of the school.  Another of the doctors comes over to look at the box and see what I’m doing.  I have a feeling she’s not thrilled that I’m taking medication.  She wants to look at the box and see if any complaints are listed on there.  I want to see what the expiration date is.  There is some sale or sell date for ’94.  So, I know it must be expired.  There may also be complaints on there.  I’ve already had one.

Symbols: (people, places, and things)

pill- dependency in mental attitude

school- place for learning

cabinet — storage

stomach — digestion of knowledge

doctor 1 — not well-known; wise; superconscious aspect of self

doctor 2 — wise; strict; superconscious aspect of self

box — storage

complaint note — feedback

expiration date/sale/sell date — no longer useful

’94 — (4) — stability


I am dependent on something to help relieve my fullness and discomfort with the knowledge I have taken in.  But I realize this dependency is expired; I should not have used it.  I have some conflict within my conscience about it.


I decided that this refers to my tendency to withdraw when I am faced with discussion or situations that activate my believed limitations.  When I feel discomfort in my emotions and recognize the limiting thoughts behind them, instead of retreating into negativity and excuses, I will instead develop a “can do” attitude and leave myself open to the possibilities for change and expansion!

What’s On Your Mind?

Image courtesy of nirots /

Image courtesy of nirots /

It is not important what you do.  It’s important who you are becoming.

You are your thoughts.

What are you thinking about today?

Are you even aware of what you are thinking?

You create your own reality.

What kind of day have you created for yourself today?

More Crazy Dreams

"Man Hand Hanging On" courtesy of olovedog /

“Man Hand Hanging On” courtesy of olovedog /

Last night I dreamt that my hair was a bit longer, and I had grabbed it in a bunch and held it in front of my face.  It was a nasty rat’s nest — so bad that I decided to just chop it off.  I took a look at the severed hair in my hand and noticed that it looked really oily with some flecks of cheese, like the veggies I had last weekend at Ted’s Montana grill.  Then suddenly they turned into green beans.


To see hair in your dream signifies sexual virility, seduction, sensuality, vanity, and health.  It is indicative of your attitudes. If your hair is knotted or tangled, then it is symbolic of uncertainty and confusion in your life. You may be unable to think straight. If you dream that you make a drastic change to your hairstyle, then it means that you are making a drastic, new approach to some issue in your waking life.

To dream that you are cutting your hair suggests that you are experiencing a loss in strength. You may feel that someone is trying to censor you. Alternatively, you may be reshaping your thinking or ambitions and eliminating unwanted thoughts/habits.

To see vegetables in your dream signify your need for spiritual nourishment. It may also indicate that you are lacking in a particular nutrient. Look up the specific vegetable for additional interpretation.

(I could not find “green beans” on the site.)

The night before I dreamt of something like a “Leaps and Bounds” — an indoor playground/obstacle course — except in this particular play area, the ramps moved around like the staircases in Harry Potter’s dorms.  Not only that, but the drop off was far —  to who knows how far — and I’ve always had a slight fear of heights. . .

It was kind of hard to describe and find what was in my dream, so this is the best I could come up with (“heights” and “high” were not in there):

Obstacle Course
To dream that you are going through an obstacle course symbolizes the hardships and difficulties that you are experiencing in your waking life. It represents the things that you must overcome in order to reach your goals. The elements in the obstacle course is analogous to the barriers and problems in your life.

To dream that you are on a playground indicates your desires to escape from your daily responsibilities. Perhaps you need to be more carefree. You need to acknowledge your talents.

To dream that you are standing at the edge of a cliff indicates that you have reached an increased level of understanding, new awareness, and a fresh point of view. You have reached a critical point in your life and cannot risk losing control. Alternatively, it suggests that you are pondering a life-altering decision.

Monkey Bars
To see or play on the monkey bars in your dream denotes the carefree nature of childhood. Alternatively, it represents your strength, competence, determination and ability to achieve your goals. Don’t give up.

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