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Release Time


What are you currently focusing on?

I feel like I’ve been hitting some big walls lately.  The biggest is my frustration with not moving “fast enough.”  The message I keep receiving (from intuition, from my environment, etc) is to let go of the concept of time.  It doesn’t even really exist.  It’s a manmade construct.  As I was walking back to the house today, I really noticed the trees in front of me in a new way.  I realized that though they seem static to me, they are also growing, moving and thriving.  Do the trees complain about not growing “fast enough”?  Not likely.  They understand the universal flow.

Perhaps this is what my intuitive report meant by growing close to God through nature.  Nature innately understands what I sometimes miss.  It was good to soak up some of that good sun today.  I barely even noticed the cold.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Manifestation Soon

My mom, sister, and I love to watch Doreen Virtue.  We’re very into angels and angel readings.  Doreen says that October is a month of manifestation.  I’m looking forward to this!  I just got a phonecall about something on my 10 Most Wanted list and later found out my neighbor just today received a service that matched another item on my list.  Could it be that things are starting to line up?

I realized that I am a part of 3 organizations that I believe in very much that all could use a boost in growth: Early Education Enrichment, the School of Metaphysics, and BNI.  It’s kind of funny how pattern-like our lives can be!  I keep feeling like I need to flip some switch. If I find it, all three will shoot off to the stars.  But the switch is within me.  Meanwhile, I continue to take consistent activity and expand my mind, peeling away limited thinking.

Speaking of thinking, I’ve been thinking about money a lot lately.  It has a couple of slots on my 1o Most Wanted list.  Things that I’m reading and messages I’m receiving from angels and Ascended Masters seem to be telling me not to worry about it, that my physical needs are taken care of.  But, God helps those who help themselves, right?  How do I have faith and also be responsible?  I suppose I need to focus more on my life purpose and less on the actual counting up of funds.  Align with the universe, and the universe aligns with you.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, everyone!  Blessings. ❤

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