Angel Number 818

If you've been following my blog for a while, you may have heard me mention that my car clock is a little goofy.  Sometimes the numbers become symbols.  Sometimes they show impossible times, and sometimes the digits completely disappear. Lately I've been seeing certain combinations quite a bit, most notably 818.  When I hopped in... Continue Reading →


Belated Friday Fun Day: Affirmation Poem — Who I Do & Do Not Want to Be

I want to be with people I want to know lots and lots and lots of people! I see myself laughing and conversing easily with them. I am confident.  Strong posture, open stance.  Powerful, in a comfortable, welcoming way. I care about them and remember the things that are important to them and their lives.... Continue Reading →

Some Quick Dreams: Affirmations, Coffins, Parties, and Babies

I've been gone for quite some time as I've been involved in getting ready for graduation from the first cycle of the School of Metaphysics, and I've been preparing for Dream Awareness Weekend.  I miss posting. Here is a quick summary of 3 dreams I've interpreted (with some advice) over the past month -- though... Continue Reading →

I Give Myself Permission

I give myself permission to focus on me.  I give myself permission to have my full attention.  I give myself permission to be "selfish." I give myself permission to have emotions.  I give myself permission to have both "positive" and "negative" reactions. I give myself permission to love myself.  I give myself permission to "make... Continue Reading →

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