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2 Tips for Perspective Flips


Thank you to all for another day of life.

Yesterday my coach gave me two very positive insights that I hope will benefit you as well:

Focus on “Abundance”

So much of our life experience is dependent on perspective.  Maybe “abundance” isn’t your word.  Maybe it’s “love.”  Or maybe “health.”  Or “life.”  Or “gratitude.”  Whatever it is, you have it — as soon as you can see it.  This has been an ongoing lesson for me and continues to fascinate me.  I have even watched my perspective flip 180 degrees after I am given a new piece of information.  (And even sometimes back 180 degrees again with another new thought!)

Recognize What You Have Created

Do you feel like you’re in a rut?  Do you feel like you’re not creating?  Well, you are creating — even if it looks like a big mishy-moshy rut! (And that’s ok, too.)   If you’re looking for something different, take a deep breathe.  Then, give yourself a jumpstart by reminding yourself of all of the things you’ve created in your life.  Maybe start simple with the past month or year.  Even the things you regret have taught you something (remember that perspective flip!)  So, take a good look at everything — but give some extra love and attention to those things you’re most proud of.  If there’s one that comes quickly to mind, remember what it felt like to accomplish it.  Remember the energy you experienced in both its creation and its fulfillment.  And know that you can do it again.

Much love and many blessings to you all. ❤

You Are Beautiful. I Love You

Image courtesy of Feelart /

Image courtesy of Feelart /

I had lunch with a friend the other day.  He is a beautiful soul. I don’t know if he realizes it.  We see each other a few times a year, but he is one of those who I can pick up with as if we parted only yesterday.  I open with him because we talked about compliments.  We talked about eyes, him asking if he has nice eyes — he does — and me talking about how girls love to be complimented on their eyes (I do!).  One of the best compliments I ever received was after an opening staring exercise on a  “Happening” retreat; someone told me  she looked into my eyes and had seen Jesus looking back at her.  That was 14 years ago, and I still remember.  So, anyway, this same friend has told me that I am attractive, asking if I realize it.  I said that I did — logically, but maybe didn’t fully believe it.  I pondered this and realized that even my head doubted it.

Today I read a fascinating project recreated in the book PostSecret (also a web-site).  I was blown away by the concept: strangers being asked to send in artistic postcards containing a secret that they had never told anyone.  The project was beautiful, but some postcards were downright heart-wrenching.  It reminded me of how many people are in pain and need someone to know about it.  They need someone to care.  It made me think today about how people want to hear that they are somebody, attractive, loved, and truly beautiful.  Imagine what a difference it would make if they could hear it from someone, especially if they can’t yet tell themselves.

My favorite line from my current metaphysics lesson is: “It was the desire for the expression of love which brought us into being.”  Do you know what this means?  We are an expression of love.  We ARE love.

So, why don’t you tell someone they are beautiful today.  Anyone!  If you can’t say it out loud, say it in your heart.  (Thoughts have energy!)  And if we cross paths today, my friend, know that my soul is saying it to you:

“You are beautiful.  I love you.”

Are We Uncomfortable Yet?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /".

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /”.

I grew up avoiding anything uncomfortable. As a sensitive person, I shied from conflict, from activities that seemed way too difficult. They were scary! When I became an adult, I learned that being uncomfortable was sometimes unavoidable, and when I became a student of Metaphysics, I learned that being uncomfortable meant a learning opportunity.

So now, instead of embracing my old fall-back, the good ol’  “flight” response, I’m reluctantly turning back and opening myself up to whatever the universe has rustled up for my learning pleasure.  Change means growth, insight, enlightenment!  Fear means stagnation.

This week I have been facing one of my most uncomfortable subjects: asking for money.  I’m having a Night of Dreaming fundraiser event for the School of Metaphysics (Dream Bingo, dream interpretation, general good times), and I volunteered to come along when asking for food donations.  This — to my horror — turned into me doing it all on my own the first few times.   And I’ve survived and also realized 3 important things:

#1 Telling me “What’s the worst that could happen?” is absolutely NOT helpful to me because my mind it pretty good at coming up with every single conceivable scenario to answer that question.  (I could write an encyclopedia filled with loads of worst possible scenarios with glossy graphic photos, to boot.)  So, actually, what I really need is the prompt: “What’s the best thing that could happen?”, going along with my 10 Most Wanted List goal of changing my negative thoughts to positive ones.

#2 Actually, this has been a great win-win learning experience for me.  Obvious win: they say “Yes!” and we have food for our event — Yay! Subtle win: they say “No,” and I can take pride in having the guts to actually ask, while recognizing that the world hasn’t actually collapsed upon me through this rejection.

#3 Asking for a food donation the week before the event is not the best way to go, as many places now want 30-days notice of a fundraising event, so that they can figure out if you’re actually legit and also place you in the pecking order among all the other needy food donation candidates. (Now I know!)

So, am I uncomfortable?  Yes!  Still!  But each time has gotten a little easier.  I’m gritting my teeth, but I’m loving the growth.

Next uncomfortable topi, coming soon: asking for attendance.

Shout Out to My Boss — You Made My Day!

"Blue Sky Sun Beam Over Sea" courtesy of khunaspix/

“Blue Sky Sun Beam Over Sea” courtesy of khunaspix/

Leaders, you make a difference!  I felt so much love for my principal today.  I talked over a challenge I was having with one of my classes and also talked about my resignation, and she encouraged me, advised me, and affirmed me (and all within 15 minutes!)  She gave me hope for the future and helped me not feel like such a lost loser:  “Do you know you’re a good teacher?”  I know I don’t want to be a classroom teacher anymore, but it means so much to me to know that my best effort has been noticed and appreciated by the school.  They say a teacher can make or break a child’s day — well, teachers need encouragement, too!  Thank you to my fantastic boss for clearing away my cloudy sky and letting the light shine through again.

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