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Flashback from the Camino: Bed Bugs


Since I’m scheduling a bunch of posts ahead of time, it seemed a good time to do some more Camino flashbacks from last year.  I fell upon this entry from July 25, 2017.  I was in the last week of my journey and had discovered I had bed bugs.  Thankfully, the incident was pretty minor — and actually fairly convenient, all considered — plus I knew I would be heading home soon.

I’m going to give the dryer 10-15 more minutes.  Then, I’ll let them have it early.  Bed bugs today.  Pretty sure of it.  Today was a great day for humility — put all of my stuff out to spray , and everyone walked by (all the people I know), and I’ve also been walking around in shorts and a (sports) bra.  I’ve gotten pretty used to it now; actually, I kind of wanted another quiet evening, and I guess I got it, because I’ve kind of secluded myself.  I feel a bit like a leper.  I seem to be making the biggest deal of it, though.  Everyone else seems to be not as freaked about it.  Some have even had them already.  I guess I now feel like my experience is complete!  I just plan on this being the extent of it.  Tomorrow I will wash and dry everything again.  Then, I should hopefully be done.  I may do just one more wash Thursday to make Brian happy.  It will mean clean clothes for the next couple of days anyway.  So much for the romantic embrace from Brian on Monday!  He will probably NOT want to touch me, as he’s giving me my change of clothes and bagging up my backpack.  Ah well.

A Joyedian’s Tale: Living with the Remnants of Another Me

Dear angels, God, Ascended Masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Gaia (Earth) . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

Attempting to write blog posts in chunks is not so great for this Virgo, Gemini Moon, Aquarius Rising individual. This is my third time sitting down to write this post, and I find myself saying: “Oh, that was SO this morning.”   I blame the Gemini.

This is the house, the house that I live in.


Hi, Bowser!

I’ve lived in it for 10 years, most of those years with Brian, the love of my life.  When I bought this house I had just moved out of my parents’ house, was 4 years into a career, and imagined I would settle in, maybe for the rest of my life.  Soon after, Brian moved in, then 2 cats (to keep each other company) . . . then a dog (for Brian) . . . and then finally another dog because  — obviously — we are crazy.

Now, looking back, much has changed.  I left that “career” job years ago.  I’ve had at least 6 other jobs since then, and now I have absolutely no urge to “settle down.”  In fact, I’ve spent some of the best moments of my life in other states and countries.

I realized: I’m an entirely new person, living in the shell of an old me.

The good news is that Brian and I now finally have a shared dream.  We’re going to go mobile.  Today we started a shared Google Doc so that we can work on our plan whenever the mood strikes us.  (Planning can be tough with two entirely different work schedules.)   We’ve begun talking about the bare essentials we’d need to take with us and some changes we’d need to make, such as:

  • selling our home and finding someone to host us so that we’d have an actual “permanent address” for mail and the like
  • a shared crossover vehicle, instead of our 2 compact cars. (Enough to hold 4 pet carriers as well as all of our belongings!)
  • new health insurance

This is my dream — to make my life the Camino: to live every day as an adventure.  It’s time for the next adventure, and the whole family’s going this time!

Here’s to our dreams!  Much love and many blessings!

Prayin’ on a Life

"Beautiful Young Carefree Women Relaxing" courtesy of photostock /

“Beautiful Young Carefree Women Relaxing” courtesy of photostock /

“I’m alive, and I’m healthy; I’m alive, and I’m healthy; I’m alive and I’m healthy; I’m alive . . .”

That was my mantra a few hours ago.  I feel I’m being tested, and I’m afraid I’m failing.  What I need is a little faith and hope, and sometimes I have it, but most times I’m just scared.  These past years I’ve changed, little-by-little, and this past year I’ve really left my comfort zone.  I recently told someone about my changing situation, and she responded: “What an adventure!”  I was a bit stunned, but then I thought about it.

Yes, indeed!  Adventure!  Aren’t I an adventurous person?  Don’t I crave new experiences?  So, shouldn’t I be excited?  I could be excited.  I know the choice is mine.  I can wallow in self-pity and fear, imaging the world is going to come crashing down on me.  Or I can have faith that the universe has something wonderful in store for me.  Maybe not this year, but then again, maybe this year!  Why not?

If I begin to fear and despair I will remember this:  I’m alive.  I’m healthy.  I have food to eat.  I have water to drink.  Clothes on my back.  A shelter over my head.  Healthy friends and family.  People who love me.  In this moment, all is well.  And in this moment.  And in this moment.  And this moment. . . .

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